I'm shocked that believing in a "cruel" god, not a loving God, is not a more popular way of thinking. It's definitely far more honest. Ever lost a kid to cancer? A brutal car accident? Murder? Do you know how many kids get raped daily in the sex trade?
And yet God is ~so good~ because some people live comfortable lives and decide to credit Him with it.

Yet I can't deny that a God exists. Science says that everything has to start somewhere. If you take comfort in the idea of a loving God I don't blame you, go ahead. But for me I can't justify being on good terms with him. He's been bad enough to me but I look and see my brother in those hurting children. I can't love my "father" even when he seems to treat me well, because he is either abusing my brother or letting him suffer. Depending on your theological opinion. It's all equally bad to me.