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Did you know that God isn't real, there's an explanation for everything, and that you can't keep blaming things on your imaginary friends?

I am tired of the hot weather

HEY Mormon b****!

Tell me about the magic underpants! And the reason why you have 899 children before you're 25

Transgenders slap God in the face?? Really?
I'm going to share how I feel about this from an LDS standpoint (I am mormon) And explain why it is totally not okay. Please dont confuse my feelings as resentment toward anyone, I just believe that post is AGAINST GOD IN ITS OWN FORM.
(Mormons often refer to God as Heavenly Father, just so theres no confusion if I say that. God=Heavenly Father)
God crreated two beings: a man and a women. God created two beings s... read more

If you are a transgender you just slapped god in the face

My dick inside out help?

My lawn brings all the sheep to the yard 😏

Yo, I'm actually really interested in you. I just have no self confidence and it f***ing sucks. Like if I ask to hang out with you, I know you'd say yes. I'm just a scared little b****. You're super cute and idk, I play all these ideas inside my head about how things might go, but yet I'm so insecure that they'll never happen. LOL f*** me, I'm so weird.

Aight so I don't believe in god and say "jesus christ" a lot. Sometimes these f***in christian a**h*** just say "why do you say that it means nothing to you" and I don't know how to respond because I think they're right in my mind. But I just came to a conclusion; the word f*** means nothing to me, the word a** means nothing to me, the word sh** means nothing to me. Why can I say those but not specifically jesus christ. None of those mean anything to me, and it shouldn't mat... read more

I am an athiest. I am proud.

I'm not religious, but I think my favorite dumb argument against Christianity is "The Bible doesn't have any math in it. If God wanted people to believe in him, he should have used math."

I feel more in tune with being Wiccan but my family is very conservative, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but they won't let me explain because they say "God says that's satanic" and that's the end of the discussion.
Oh well, maybe someday when I can move out.

It’s been a couple thousand years now, and despite the capacity to use the mind in way-better ways, still, the Jewish/Islamic/Christian Thunderous One remains the world’s most popular deity.

According to the Christian Godstory, God forces a woman into pregnancy. But he’s not rapey just any-ole-way… Thoughtful, he sends a Pregnancy Alert by Angel, — before kidnapping the woman’s uterus and making it make a babyboy (in his own image). (The male messaging the female... read more

Not only did females evolve the godpower of generation, the godpower of generating Life, when defining “female” as a living thing which can self-replicate, we can see that the first Life on Earth was female, – that Females are the Origin of Life. – And so: Females are not for males. (Even in our recent Homo sapien time, women have been made to forget the women who were not for males. – The women who were for themselves and other women, – the spinsters, the hermits... read more

"Virgin Birth" Seen in Wild Snakes, Even When Males Are Available
Who needs males? Even with potential fathers afoot—er, a-slither—vipers reproduce asexually, and surprisingly Frequently. 🐍🐍

mihceal jaks for present wouldve had ben better

I Can Predict Deaths. Ask Me Anything.

Why should I accept a religion that opresses women and breeds terrorists?

well at least God leave the comments enabled?