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Australia's Anglican church gets 1,115 child abuse complaints -

and the World Wide Child Abuse Organization is still going strong !!!

Wake up you religious kunts. You're putting your own children at risk, and for what???

A seat at the imaginary table with the Big Guy when you die???

I want to be a good muslim, I do. But I have no one to guide me. I don't even know how to pray properly or own a quran. It seems I can't do anything under my mother's roof. #islam

the invisible God makes me schizophrenic I did not create The Church-I was just a parishioner-it is not my fault-kill the messenger

It's your doing, right, God? Like, how else.
I know I've been watching that kind of shows and skipping my prayers and other responsibilities.

no place to go no way to get there-I would be in church today if it was open and somebody would drive me-but nobody is going to drive me to church around this "community"-Sodom and Gomorrah

Don't any of my Christian brothers give a damn that I have a life outside of church?!!!!!!!!

Dear Muttr Community,

Thank you for not attacking me because I'm openly Christian and asking for prayers.

Most of all, thank you for the prayers! ♥ Even the ones that aren't to the God of David...Or whatever that guy's name is.

#Love #author #Thankyou #Prayers

I'm praying for a lot of you with love!

Oh my God you take the biscuit
Treating me this way
Expecting me to treat you well
No matter what you say
How can I turn the other cheek
It's black and bruised and torn
I've been waiting
Since the day that I was born


Drag queens won't bother you. Worry about priests.

When I met her, she was a homosexual destined for eternal damnation.

All three leaders of the religious Alabama boot camp Saving Youth Foundation for troubled teens

were given 20 year prison sentences for their role in the child abuse incurred on children under their care.

Now it's their turn !!!

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The writer of the blog ladybibliophile(DOT)blogspot(DOT)com is so STUPID!!! >:( Lady bibliophile has written a whole series of posts about fantasy. She is something. She whites out offensive bits of books and can't write a proper review (gives away the entire plot) but nonetheless sees herself as some sort of very religious guide to other people, even people older than herself!

Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great,

When a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.....

Let the heathens spill theirs on the stony ground,

God will make them pay for each sperm that can’t be found!

Life begins at erection. You can't climb to heaven with your hands full of penis and jizz.

Jerking off is murder unless you donate your Sperm. But don't worry we don't even go after rapists so keep on f***ing off.