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We literally have 20 bibles in this house and my mom wont let me take the smallest one for little girls to try book folding. no one uses that bible, no one has in almost 10 years and no one will ever again so what's the f***ing problem?

why does Jesus loves us, we're a bunch of idiots

I hate religious people. Some self righteous c***is going to be in the comments telling me why I'm wrong, but they're just deluded and fed insanity their whole lives to the point where they justify the most heinous acts because of their mass insanity. The world would be better without religion.

I couldnt worship someone who would make my mom suffer and die from cancer.

ay just found out that demons are real af. i'm probably not sleeping for the next 5 years but that's cool tho. anybody wanna pray for me lol

**** If your sexual preference is kids ... join the church. ****
Female teacher, 42, at all-girls Catholic School had a sexual relationship with a student.
Graphic texts were uncovered by the girl's parents.
She was arrested in Alhambra, California on Wednesday.
She had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student; Ramona Convent Secondary School.
The sexual contact took place on the school's campus in a car.

One of the things I hold onto from my Christian unbringing is "treat others as you would have them treat you." An interesting aspect of that is if I ever harmed a child, I'd want someone to bring me to justice. If I were being an a**h*** I'd want someone to tell me so.

Imam al-Mahdi (ra) likely to appear by 13 Dhu al-Hijjah, 1438 (~Sept 5, 2017).

I don't see how you can call yourself christian if you preach hate.

My mom wants me to go to church with her.
But she's leaving my dad for the pastor.
That isn't very motivating to attend.
I know church is supposed to be about God but I'm kind of uncomfortable.

Nothing has tested my faith quite like going to church and, trust me, I have been through some sh**. I understand why people stop going.

I think the whole Muslim ban thing is really dumb . If someone said something about banning all Jews or Christians everyone would be upset and not agree , but lets take this one religion group and just ban them even though we have freedom of religion.

Friendly reminder: If you think it is okay to pick on religious people because they are religious, you are a bigot. Your bigotry is not any less disgusting because it is directed at adherents to a belief system instead of an ethnicity.

From Stephen Hawking to Alan Turing, many of the most intelligent people in the world are Atheists.


Pen wasn't f***ing working so I broke it and now it works even f***ing less. I'm tired of my f***ing life and I'm going to f***ing kill myself tonight. I f***ing swear to Jesus if another f***ing pen breaks while I'm f***ing using it I'll do a f***ing school shooting. Also I'm just trying to play some f***ing Minecraft but this one player keeps kicking my a**. ALSO, I'm trying to answer a questionnaire and I've failed 25+ f***ing times and I'm really angry and I can't go thro... read more

Why is it that most Christians preach the word of God yet act the complete opposite

Pope Francis acknowledges, at least, 2,000 Clerical Sex Abuse Cases on backlog.

It makes me sick that the Vatican has their own Police Force!
If someone alleges Sexual Abuse - which is a Crime - it should be reported to the Police.
It doesn't matter whether its a Doctor, Politician, Teacher, Social Worker, or Priest - it must go to the Police.

im in love with someone who treats me awful

Kushroom. ❤️

There might be plenty of movies about homosexuality, but "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is one that made Christians look bad!