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Faith is power
Worshipping is being exploited
I'm done believing

Some f** that likes to wrap his mouth around little boy's penis's was "triggered" in the Religion Section because the Vatican was just busted in a GAY ORGY.

Vatican Police break up GAY ORGY at home of Secretary of Pope Francis's key advisers
Occupant of flat is Secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio
Coccopalmerio heads Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and is a key adviser to the Pope

My aunt and grandma just tried to guilt me into being a Jehovah's Witness again.... I'm an Atheist who honestly wouldn't give on about religion. Like... Everyhting about being a JW (or being in a religion in general) seems impractical to me so i see no point in being a JW. And even if i did become a JW again I would get disfellowship almost IMMEDIATELY for the following reasons(Also this is if they actually do dis fellowship for 17 year olds lol):

1: I have a boyfriend and a... read more

We're both Christians and I stress grace while she stresses the law. And when it comes to homosexuality, whoa. Well, you can imagine the hate we recieve regardless of the message. :D

Видео - От этих неизлечимых медициной болезней я избавился благодаря Ламинину

The more I read about non-theistic Satanism, the more I like it...

Has like a kazillion Bibles and she barely reads one. :/
The kicker is she still wants more too.


There are people who believe in God.

There. Should be enough to trigger the anti-religion troll.

"Appropriating elements from minority religions is hurtful and writers need to stop doing it!"

Writers can't even stop appropriating from mainstream religions, what makes you think they'd stop appropriating from minority religions?

I'm tired of being told what I believe in is wrong. I'm ashamed to know that our current president loathes what I believe in. It feels horrible to know that the most looked up to person in America hates who I am. Hearing all these things happening to people like me, it's horrifying.


Come back cherry and flowers I like playing with trolls till they run away!
And flowers your bio claims you are the queen of trolls! I think not!!! hahahaha

Religious Cab Driver: Are you a Catholic Ma'am?
Me: Uh...I'm a baptised roman catholic, but I chose to become an atheist.

**a few exchanges after, mostly about his religiosity and turning to god**

Me: I respect people and their beliefs, (or rather, I don't give a flying f***) just don't shove it in my face.
Religious Cab Driver: Not to offend you and not trying to shove it in your face ma'am, but I'll pray for the time when you grow old and eventually turn to God.
Me: (I'm ... read more

They have dinner then afterwards, there's a commotion, and then Jesus comes out. It's a performance, he visits with each woman there. Once again there are so many ways than walk to Emmaus to lead people to christ, not sure if the walk is the way to go. Plus it's all for show, they're recruiting like a cult. Seriously f***ed up, at least I can see the real truth.

All my money goes towards my student loan, credit card payments, and other miscellaneous things. Although I can't spend much money on myself, I'm so thankful that we don't need to worry about food or additional expenses. THANK YOU GOD.


You and the people of your church call yourselves Christians but you act like Muslims!!! May God have mercy on your souls.

Sincerely, Anonymous

My wife is going to have ultrasound scan today to determine if we're going to have a son or daughter. But if it's a daughter then would encourage her to abort the baby. Don't get me wrong, but it's really hard to raise a daughter up because one day you'll never know what your daughter will become, a s***, a prostitute, a pornstar and getting raped at the red light district. I'm just going to hope it's son, and it's nervous moment for both of us and just hope our first baby is... read more

Religion isn't evil as a whole. It helps some and stresses others. Please, stop with the claims that it makes everyone feel worthless. If anything, blame a good chunk religious people. They're the ones that target others and make them feel like sh**. They're the ones that take "the word" too far -- in *all* religions. Just don't approach someone and sh** on something that they believe in.