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And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more. -- Ezekiel 34:29

"The Lord said unto me, 'I will take my rest and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs.' " -- Isaiah 18:4-5

why does the pope condemn that what Jesus used to heal the sick - Kannehbos - aka CANNABIS

Why would anyone condemn immortality from the healing effects of the wonderful plant repairing mutated cells, preventing effects of ageing of any kind

seems the pope then is against the legalization of people right to use marijuana, even though Jesus was said to use kanehbos to heal people, according to the ancientg Jewish Septuagint, so what is wrong with the pope? is his lack of appreciation, his failure to see the positive effects of cannabis that Jesus saw, the popes failure is supposed to be a disguising light? No. His message is for war. So he is a sap. The ancient people were said to use it to live for hundreds of ye... read more

The Pope was heard saying the other day something like a door opened to heaven, Jesus would not shut it. Who dares close the door to heaven via kanehbos also known as cannabis?

Please God, I need some help. I know it is said you won't give me more than I can handle, please don't give me any more. I am sorry I feel like I am at my limit. I don't want to disappoint you or anyone but I can't take much more. Please forgive me, I feel you around me I am just struggling to get through each day. And thank you so much for all you have done for my mom, and please continue to be with her.

you get me closer to god

My ear wax tastes so good, even Gordon Ramsay would approve 👅👅👂🏼

Ok, I just finished dinner at a nice Italian place, and it was a miracle I was able to stomach it at all! That's because I recently heard of "Pastafarianism" and the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" and it made me too sick to eat pasta. It's not because I still believe in monsters (which I don't), but because It absolutely SICKENS me that people would establish such a RIDICULOUS cult!!!!! It's bad enough that we have so many other cults leading people astray. May God ... read more

i gave up hoes & fake friends for lent

Pope Francis signals he's open to married Catholic men becoming priests.

The lack of Catholic priests was an "enormous problem" for the Church, and indicated he would be open to a change in the rules governing eligibility for the priesthood.

But single men who are already priests would not be allowed to marry,


I'm coming to you in my time of need. Please do not wake up that child from my spoon incident. My aunt will brutally murder me and put my remains in a ditch. Please please please.

Schuyler McConkey, your book reviews are so STUPID!!!

So i grew up in a satanist family where we worship Lucifer. And one day as my parents were about to rape this little girl and sacrifice her to the devil, a great white light came and shook the whole house and the young girl was loosed and she ran away. So my father chased behind her but this average sized black man with a bible in his hand told my dad that God was not pleased with our actions. So my mom started casting spells while my dad was getting ready to pull out his kni... read more

I had a very nice time at Bible study today. I had a bad experience confiding in other Christians online and the bible study group I attended acknowledged there is a problem with trying to look good and happy.
Honesty should be an important thing and can lead to growth. And this was the second time I was open about straying from God and they were very supportive. The topic turned to which seed we identified with in Jesus' parable. Some said the thorns and that's when I told t... read more

Wow. I didn't even ask you for it and you gave them the thing they wanted. How could you? You are truly baseless in all endeavors you partake in. Thanks a lot. You've now given me one more reason to be a sandwich for us. Thanks again.

I'm going to join Islam so my wife has to wear a turban and only I can see her. Plus I can have multiple wives

I said "God's job is to judge. Your job is to love" on facebook and there's actually some debate... I just so sick of watching the church hurt people.

i hate this world where children die for no reason
i hate this world where people die violently and painfully
sometimes i wish i were a god so i could attack the forces responsible
it's really silly so you can laugh at this if you're feeling mean

Read the bible, you sinners!!

love to the nifty folk - toke :-)