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Please God, hear me.
I'm lost. In my own thoughts, in religion, in life.
I'm so confused. Everyone tells me what you are like, but some things I disagree with. Why can't I find a religion that's true to my heart?
I need you. Although I'm not sure yet what God is to me, I know I need you. I need your guidance in this cruel and misleading world.
I don't want to go to church. I want to be with my famly in the comfort of my own home on a Sunday. Do I have to go to church to be fa... read more

I'm literally so pathetic that I've been on muttr for the past 30 minutes when I should be studying.


"Poppy, our morning star,
Oh, Poppy, our morning star,
Splendor of light eternal,
Shining with the glory of the rainbow
Come and waken us from the greyness of our apathy
And renew in us your gift of hope
An excerpt from the Gospel of Poppy.

Why are black churches so dramatic?

Is that a book by her

Just got the Gospel of Poppy.
Hail Poppy.
She loves you.
I love you.

i was in tescos when i farted, and when looked down, i had poo running down me leg. i had crapped myself! i almost died of embarrassment. like what if i shart myself again?
i am also paranoid that a bit of it might have sprayed onto someone else's face. Finally, i think i must have got some on the broccoli in my basket, what a lovely dinner i served TO MY FAMILY!
i only thought of that once we'd all eaten our dinner. i shudder thinking about it...
#toiletproblems #help #shart

Nun, 42, is arrested for helping five priests sexually abuse hundreds of deaf children at Argentinian Catholic school.
She has also been accused of abusing the children at the Catholic school.

If your sexual preference is kids ... join the church.

What most people don't seem to understand is that Lucifer already won; a long, long, long time ago.
Your life and the world would make so much more sense if you accept this fact.
It would, also, allow you to protect you and the people close to you.
The Church is (openly a known fact) just a front for the largest child abuse ring in the world.
Lucifer -IS- in charge ... wrap your mind around that.

My faith tells me not to wear tank tops, but I see no harm in doing so. Is it wrong of me to question my faith?

Its amazing how little of a sh** i give about so many things

I don't understand Sunday school. Why teach kids that barely know the laws of the universe that there is some guy in the sky making sure you believe in him and do good by others or you're sent to hell. Not to mention the other crazy things in the bible. I realize it's more of a guideline but why teach kids that have barely been through school that impossible things could happen. I know why. Because that installs a false foundation where real facts will pile up until someone w... read more

I don't like Islam or Muhammad very much, but I like Muslim people. Am I an Islamophobe?

How can some atheists be so horrid to the religious and still think of themselves as good people?

Religious people are f***ing insane. It blows my mind how someone can convince themselves of something so thoroughly repugnant. Sheep.

I want to spend my visa on a vape pen and cbd oil :(

I decided to quit masturbating when I was around 19. It's been about 15 years and I still don't feel I've conquered this battle. The longest I've managed without wanking is about 20 months. Most of the time I have phases of a few clean months, then I slip up for a few days, followed by a few more clean months again, etc. The last couple of years I've probably averaged about 2 wanks a month, which can hardly be called abstinence. Maybe to some it is, but it's not good enough f... read more

A long time ago,

in a Galilea,

far, far away......

It's a bad thing when people do other people's work for them right? Like their homework, or job work? Right? So why do we let God off the hook for having us do his work for him? Shouldn't he be the one spreading the word etc.? I feel like as almighty as he is portrayed to be, it'd be as easy as breathing for him to do. Yet he leaves it to us? Okay... Sure... God "works" in mysterious ways.