Okay, so like I think I hacked another reason why American public education is sh**. The only people that value education are motivated, decent parents that push there kids to be absolutely perfect in nearly everything. Maybe 5% of students value education, cause even with cheerleading parents- grades are everything and good grades can be achieved without actually learning anything. So parents put pressure on their kid, kid only cares about their numbers, and the rest of society doesn't support, value, or provid enough resources for public education. Teachers don't care, students only care when their parents care and even then they only worry about tests and homework grades, and the parents far and few between that put passion into their kid getting a piece of paper with a sh**y schools name on it, only stress the f*** out of their student and put insane amounts of pressure on them. This insane pressure leads to cheating, depression, anxiety, drug abuse/addiction, bullying, suicide etc., which as time progresses only makes learning harder and less desirable