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    I understand. School has been a terrible experience for me as well starting from High school, It felt terrible out of the blue. My freshmen year GPA is terrible, it also affected my academic performance really badly. The SAT showed me how poor my academics were and it was not very pleasing. The experience opened my eyes to see why its so important. I didn't really value my education at the time but I do now. Maybe its hard for you to see but if we aren't educated, we'll all be like those goofballs that voted for Trump and blaming it on immigrants for taking their jobs. School is made to make you feel like sh**, but it'll be over soon. Hopefully life will be better after high school for the both of us. School will have a end, sadly it would already have stolen away many of our joyful years.

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      I think highly of education, I really do, I squeeze in a lot on my time while holding a 3.8 - just saying grades don't mean sh** and all they do is damage the ethics of school. I love learning, hate memorizing to pass a stupid state test (which is all my teachers really do, even in college level courses at my school)