Okay so, my girlfriend of two years has recently been removed from her online schooling. You see, my girlfriend has extreme social anxiety and depression disorder, all if this occasionally builds up to her feeling useless and a failure. Before I moved in with her (I'm 18 she's just turned 17 but will have to repeat her Jr year because of her expulsion) she was under a ton of stress which caused her to get very very far behind in school where she eventually went under truancy. A few months down the road her school tries to work with her but her mother a day the Deen of the online school had a slight argument on the phone which led to the school being rather harsh on her then they sent the police and a truancy officer and things were sorted out the policy said she'd have exactly 3 months to escape truancy otherwise she'd be expelled and would have to pay a small fine. About 4 1/2 weeks later she's unable to log Into he school after catching up nearly which led her to call the school and ask them what has happened which they explained that they expelled her. Any online schools in our area refused to accept her until next fall. She doesn't know what to do about the end if semester tests because she missed last semester and this semesters end of course tests and she's terrified her mother and herself will get in trouble. She cannot attend public school because she's mentally unable she's also scared she might have to go to a juvenile detention center I doubt she will but can anyone give me any advice on what to do and what could happen?