So a couple weeks ago there was this “scandal” about cheating in my English class. I have never cheated on any academic test (I did google something during a gym test freshmen year and I have copied homework graded for completion but wouldn’t count that). There are around 5 kids in my class that all of the students know are cheaters, but the teachers didn’t know or didn’t care. My teacher had gotten word of some cheating and she was encouraging us all to come forward. Apparently, someone sent a really rude anonymous email that said the names of all the kids known for cheating and basically called the teacher stupid for not noticing. She told the students, and everyone assumed it was me who sent the email. I can understand why people think it was me because I am kind of a teacher’s pet. I participate a lot because that is how I learn, and my teacher announced in front of the entire class that I was the only student to get 100% on the final. I DIDN’T DO IT AND EVEN SOME OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS DON’T BELIEVE ME. Meanwhile, whoever sent remains anonymous. Today, my teacher asked me to stay after class. I was quite stressed because next period I was set to have the longest math test of the year, and I told her that I had a huge math test and asked if I could talk about it during homeroom tomorrow. She asked me to sit down, and personally showed me the email and asked if I sent it. I promised her that I didn’t do it and even she didn’t believe me. She said, “you know you can tell me if it was you.” I am trying to forget about it but it has gotten between some of my close friends and me, and a lot of kids who I don’t really know hate me for “snitching” when I didn’t. What should I do? #FML