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My backpack is always way too full with binders and notebooks and it gets super heavy. Because of that, I have to carry a binder and textbook in my hands, and on somedays I have to carry a soccer bag. I hate having to carry so much stuff! It gets awkward and bulky and hard for me to get stuff out of my backpack, like my phone. Because it was hard for me to get my phone, I missed several calls today. And because of that, I have to carry even more stuff home! I need to find a m... read more

i dont really have any friends to vent to so i guess this is my best option. sometimes i feel really insecure and i try to hide my feelings by trying to be the easy going one. also, my piers think im weird because i act more like a six year old than my age (which is older) because of my Disney addiction.

I don't imagine me going to college and studying for pharmacy. I don't know what I want to do but I know I don't want to do that.. doesnt matter. My dad would have a heart attack if I were to change my major and seek a different career plan. To him its all about the money :\

I hate college so much. I never even wanted to go to college. I'm only here because society says I have to get a college degree and get a job after high school. Well I don't want that. I have never had a "dream career" in life at all. My only true dream and passion in life is to be a wife and a mother. I've felt so much pressure to choose a career that I'm trying to turn a meaningless hobby into a career path. I don't think it's going to work out so well either beca... read more

I waited for my class to begin again and the wait felt like an eternity as always. While I was waiting I tried doing some unfinished homework but I couldn't concentrate. I kept thinking about negative thoughts, and my eyes felt like they were getting watery, so instead I got up and went to the restroom. I'm in class now. *sigh*

I did terrible in class today compared to everyone else.I feel like a loser.

f*** everything f*** life f*** you all just leave me alone let me manage my own life. im f***ing 17 almost 18 LET ME TAKE CARE OF MY OWN LIFE!!! i have got As in everything but Math so WHY THE f*** DO YOU JUST YELL AT ME FOR GETTING A d IN MATH!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm don't understand how to do this chemistry homework BECAUSE YOU NEVER f***ING TAUGHT US HOW. I'm sorry, but you're a TERRIBLE teacher.

How the hell do you become an outcast at an Artschool!!

I'm grinning like an idiot because we played Jeopardy in class today and some girl was about to win, and she did, and she got all cute and "Oh it was nothing" "I did study though" "lucky me!" then one of her answers were wrong after 5 minutes so I officially won, and she literally threw her pencil case at the wall and screamed "NO!"

Some people hate school because it consumes their day. Others hate it for work. Others hate it for the teachers. And some hate it because of being bullied to tears every day, anxiety of homework, parents jumping on you to do your best, even though one grade isn't going to hurt your college chances, and plain bad friends.

You know dad, maybe I don't want to be in Choir.

Only lilly was kind. She's the only kind one I know.

So at school we did a skit for Language Arts, and right as my lines come up, bus comes. Wow. I'm not angry about that, but what I did to do it. I was bullied during practice to tears just because I wasn't exactly focused. I did a damn better performance than them and well now, all those tears and stress didn't pay off. And my teacher siad "sorry, but you were good during practice". You never saw me. I only practiced twice, both when you weren't there. I was at all p... read more

I had a dance audition today. I didn't get picked for any pieces. I'm a dance major so this is very hardening on my heart. Should I even be dancing? I'm not good at anything else, so I thought that I would be good at dancing, but I guess I'm not even good at that either. I don't know what to do. What major am I suppose to do now? I pretty much suck at everything. I wish people could see me for my passion, not my weight or height.
Ugh. I wish I was more well liked by other ch... read more

Why the f*** did it take my baby writing in her diary about killing someone before you took any action to stop her from being bullied. And now she's the one in the wrong? GTFOH with that bulls***!! I could see if she hadn't reported it, but she not only told multiple teachers, she told the counselor, and the assistant principal. A hit list? Really?! I see her diary as a place for her to vent without consequences....who told you to read it? She could have acted on her feelings... read more

Does anyone else feel like the "four cores" in school are useless by high school? (Long post ahead) In history class, we're learning about ancient civilizations. In math, well y'know, it's Algebra II stuff. In science, we're looking at molecules and atoms and things. In English, we're just reading books and then analyzing every little line the author writes until the idea's changed completely.

If I could choose, these classes would end at middle school, maybe ear... read more

At school waiting as usual, it's cold outside. Looks like it might rain. Hopefully it doesn't.

I snuck out during 4th hour to go and get high. Now I'm sitting in English and I don't know what's going on.

My school decided to make a huge deal about a basketball game today, closing down half of the already very small parking lot so that people had places to park for the game and so they could bring in food trucks. This made getting picked up after school really dangerous and annoying. They also didn't let students walk past the gym which is on the main hallway of a small school, meaning students had to walk around the outside of the school in the snow just to get somewhere 50 f... read more