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For two years I have told my dad that we need a plan for high school. He always told me I don't need to worry and that he'll take care of it. Now, next month is August, the time to start school, and I'm not enrolled to a single school. I told my dad in may that he needed to enroll me before all the good high schools are filledup, and he dididn't listen to me. Now, I've tried to enter 3 different high schools and they're all full. The recent one, PHS, has just about ten spots ... read more

It's f***ing stupid that when we're in typing class and have finished our assignment, that the teacher says we can play games on the computer, but we can't play anything other than this ridiculous site called cool math which has games that look like they were made for six year old kids because of our schools f***ed up web filter. It lists anything other than cool math as a gaming site. Seriously, just go to cool math com. It isn't educational. Or at least, most of the games a... read more

I hate summer. No school = Nothing to do, I don't have that many close friends, no one to hang out with. At least at school I could see people everyday. Also, it means it's hot and I hate hot weather and my body does NOT look good in any summer clothes

I'm trying to read an entire college textbook on biology. It's around one foot long and eight inches wide, and has about 800 pages. About how long do you think that'll take? Am I crazy? What's an isotope?

Yeah, it sucks you got that bad grade. Let's study together next time I say; but whenever I come over to your house you aren't serious. Let's watch a video or do something else first, you say. Stop postponing everything. I came here, woke up early for your sake, to help you study, but now you just want to do other things. That's not what I came here to do. Do you even appreciate my effort in trying to help? If you're not going to put any effort in or try, how can you expect t... read more

They told me to call again next week... -_-

I was looking at my 8th grade yrbook and trying to hold down my lunch :X everyone was so unnattractive and tryhard, and theres unnecessary scribbles all over. And my old friends are douchebags now, so why am I even keeping this book. I should just toss it and the rest of the mistakes into a garbage dump. Better yet, a shredder.

I'm going into High School. Any tips? Im nervous b/c i am really shy and taking all honors classes and I heard they're really hard

I know this is out of school year, but I need some advice on something. I want to watch a video with my Geometry teacher from last year. It is a video like of Miss USA and other people sped up, slowed down, and reversed. I know I did not always try my hardest in her class, and I did not pay attention some of the time. She sometimes yelled alot . I still really wanted to ask her if I could watch one or two of them with her, I'm afraid to ask her because I don't want to get int... read more

i hate my school so much. even during the summer i hate it. i hate it i hate it i hate it

parents signed me up for this class that apparently preps u for this big test in the winter. i have a sh**load of hw to do and i dont have time xx i want to quit but like my parents will be dissapointed and shiz my head hurts x.x
ps im asian

My intermediate school teachers(grades three to five) were such pricks. 3rd grade: The year of the insane over emotional teacher. Yelled and claimed we were the worst class she had ever had. Seems like all teachers say that. Went berzerk over a line that was just slightly crooked.
4th grade: Ok, this one actually wasn't a prick. All the other teachers? Complete pricks.
5th grade: Had a nice teacher. Actually, most teachers were a bit less prickish. There was this one teacher ... read more

I like Summer because I can learn what I want to learn.
I don't like school because the homework takes so much time that I can't pursue my own interests. :

Maybe it just takes time.. to get use to change... last I checked, I'm not a robot.. I'll be fine :)

im fine now elated even. I just have to take the initiative over my own life.

I'm just a little slow. Don't lench me E:

if math were easy,

I'd have an A

Okay so im a cosmetologist since 2012. I have not worked in a salon since my internship. I have no profile because of some bad luck...idk what to do, im a little rusty and no one will hire me. An you're probably like "we'll duh, you dont have a profile". Yes, good point but i can never get that far into an interview to show them. I never get a call back even if they're hiring(welcome to snobsville, where they stare at you and whisper). I just want to do hair and bui... read more

I've had enough!!! All I wanted was to chase my dreams!! And because of the stupid teacher, I wasn't allowed to leave the band and pursue acting! I wasn't even cut out for music anyway! I can barely read sheets! And once everyone found out I tried to leave them, they started to shut me out! I thought that you guys in percussion used to say that we were friends. Hell, one of them whO is my best friend for years, is the first one to turn her back on me. AND BACKSTABBED ME. I ca... read more

I don't really have a problem with chemistry but sig figs give me a headache. The concept is pretty simple but I get kind of confused and unsure if I am doing it right.. orz