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So much to do at once, I can't get the time to sleep no matter how badly I want it...what a nightmare.

i want to get into UT Austin but i feel like i'm not intelligent enough. but if i don't get in i'll disappoint my parents because my older sister is like the perfect child. she's beautiful, outgoing, friendly, and she's a genius. compared to her i'm such a fail. i hate my life and sometimes i just wish i could end it.

Class should be beneficial. Productive.
I am stuck with two digital classes, back to back. They're both studio classes which means two things: 1) they're working classes 2) they're 2 hours and 40min long.
And herein lies the real problem, I have the same teacher...for both. So I have the joy of spending 5 hours with her every other day.
She's a nice person, but, my god, she never shuts up. Every class she wastes hours showing us "inspiration" or wants us to g... read more

I'm wearing a "to Write Love On Her Arms" t-shirt and my guidance counselor saw it and he came over and wrote on my arms. Ha ha, win!

I'm so confused right now. I have no ideia what I want to do when I finish high school, I have no ideia which kind of people I like and get along with, I don't seem to fit in any specific demographic, and although I don't like splitting everything in groups, I'm still afraid that I don't belong in any.
I'd like to travel and know the world before I go to university, but I'm not rich and I'm pretty sure that isnt gonna be possible.

I wish I had some good frie... read more

Why must exams be scheduled on Friday?!

Ha. I love being at school and reading the posts on Muttr. Best part of the day. <3

Felt like an idiot today in class. Was shaking uncontrollably in front of the teacher when I normally don't. I think it's the teacher that's making me nervous cause' he is always trying to find something bad about me to embarrass me in front of class. Had to present some stupid song in front of everybody with my pitch out of control. :( Lol - that's OK. REVENGE IS COMING BACK TEACHER :P

MATH UNIT TEST 1 tomorrow --- hmmmmmm, should I study or not? Our unit review are crazy hard and those are "previous IB SL and HL questions, to train you for IB next year" (math teacher) "I personally think that IB are great, these questions are edited by IB people, like myself..." blah, blah, blah. :P

I'm standing here blow-drying my homework like an idiot because I know my teacher will not accept the excuse, "My laptop peed on my homework." Why the heck was there water under my laptop anyway!?

I'm tired of always having stuff to and school, then work and school, and work and school some more. I can't remember the last time I had a vacation. But then, what's the point? I'll just have to do more work and school after that.

f*** i can't believe i slept through my alarm this morning and missed my class and makeup class. this quarter was awful because my boyfriend and i broke up and i could barely deal. i hope i don't have to repeat it again.

There is a program we do in school called A+LS. It suppose to teach us good writing skills. However, I think we have to do it just because our teacher is kind of lazy to teach it to us herself. Do not get me wrong, I like our teacher, she is cool. I just really hate the program. Heck! with my computer skills I could elliminate the program but I won't. .. I am just so mad that I keep failing the test after each lesson all because I do not understand it!!

FINALS-F*** I Never Actually Learned this sh**, hasn't meant more to me than it does this semester.

Wow...I've been putting so much stuff off. I have stuff due on Monday, and some more stuff due on Wednesday...It's Sunday and I really haven't gotten anything done since it was assigned 2 weeks ago. I hate my habits.

We are going into finals and the teachers are still dropping a ton of homework on us!!! I am not all to upset about it, however, I am primarily upset about something we have to do called Reading Plus. Reading Plus is a speed reading program, I really hate it!!! I was so close to the next level when they started asking me stupid questions that cannot be answered!!! So now I am behind again :(

Why can't I be more like regular teenagers! I feel like too many people are telling me that I'm so mature for my age! I wanna have fun and live out these last few months of high school!!!!! I just don't know how!!!

I hate Pikes fraternity in my school. Are they big rude Chicagoans or what? They are bunch of neo-conservative fascists who bash anyone who is different from them! Bunch of rude homophobic and racist a**h*** ! Apparently they wear red t-shirts. If Eric Cartman saw them he would describe them as Ginger Pikes in his speech because they wear red greek t-shirts and they have no soul!

So i just moved away from my family..pretty much across the country. I decided to continue college and earn my BBA. Well, it's going to cost 3,000 a semester for two classes...which is fine because its pretty much the only option I have. I told my parents I'm enrolling and will start taking classes in a month. Their response wasn't positive. Not only were they mad I was going back to college but they asked how Im going to pay for it. They pay for my sisters college and all he... read more

So we had campus lock-down because of an armed robber on campus. Now apparently classes are resuming at 2pm (they haven't caught the guy). Who honestly wants to go to class right now, with half the day off and with an armed robber out there??