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I got a passing grade on my 1 point perspective homework!:D But man, do I suck at inking! D:

I'm online schooled and I went to go take my test. We go to a building to take this yearly test (you other high schoolers will know what I'm talking about). I was feeling sick yesterday when I went and touched it out. My mom who took me saw me take a Tums out of the thing and she figured something was wrong and asked if I wanted to go back home. I said no and that I'll tough it out. I thought I could because I had worse pain before, like falling off my horse I was paraly... read more

I hate this dumb b**** in my chemistry class. She's always talking and being so f***ing sassy. Like the teacher was going over a problem and she's just talking and laughing and he was like can you please stop talking and then she has the nerve to say we weren't even talking, but YOU'RE WELCOME. Like I get it if it's a mean unfair teacher, but it's not in this case. Then she starts getting lost and asking for help very loudly. Like b**** if you shut up for 2 seconds maybe you'... read more

I hate school, the teachers are so stupid and they say i know you and blah blah blah , but now the freak they dont know me. they know nothing about me besides im a girl and that they're my teachers, gosh i wish i could just quit, !! FML!!

Remember the anixiety going from 6th to 7th grade ? For me it was a different school called jr. high , then another school for 4 more years.
Every school had the same sh** , coming in at the low end & getting all the pecking order bulls*** , then leaving at the high end only to start the cycle over again. If you couldn't hold your own , your were destined for a bad time through all 12 grades.
That sucked !!

I heard these kids talking on the bus and they were complaining about how lesbians always fall for straight girls. Then they just went on about how lesbians are stupid for doing that and how they should just get back to guys.
Seriously? f*** you. It's not like humans actually have 100% accurate gaydars. It's not like lesbians just walk about everyday saying, "Oh, yeah, I'm a lesbian." I'm pretty sure if you idiots took a moment to think, you'd realize that it would... read more

I feel like I'm the only person in my class that doesn't get it. I study constantly and am always in the bottom third of test grades. I wouldn't feel so badly about it if I wasn't expected to start seeing patients soon, but I find myself lying awake wondering how I'll ever become good at this when I'm so overwhelmed by the 18 hours of coursework and multiple papers a week that I can't even keep my head above water.

Here's a very insignificant vent but...:

Two back to back tests tomorrow... Wish me luck!

School is so stressful it makes me wanna cry! I get daily nosebleeds now because of the stress! yay! Not to mention overloading the children with homework, it causes me to lose sleep, and forget to drink water. I feel like the next time a teacher assigns a big project im going to have a mental break down. Hopefully ill get sometime of school. I will cry in the middle of class. Hopefully ill get sometime of school if that happens. god that will never happen. stupid american sc... read more

i have an essay to do and a sh** ton of flash cards to write and i cant f***ing fOCUS.
well at least it's still quite early. i hope i dont completely screw up and have to stay up all night

I like a guy at school, but we're both so quiet that we don't talk much (I'm more quiet than him, however) though I know we have a lot of common interests. The girl we sit next to is rather talkative though and gets us both talking more than usual (and I'm friends with her, she's nice and pretty cool). I do try to start conversations with him on my own, but he sounds so bored and barely says anything, yet when my friend talks to him, he seems pretty happy. I think he likes he... read more

Hi I'm a 19 year old male and I'm black. I graduated high school with 1.6 GPA last year , I've never , I mean never , got in trouble in high school and my teachers all liked me . I don't even know how my grades were low because I'm not stupid or anything just lazy . Well the main thing I want to vent about is that my life sucks so much right now . None of the colleges I applied to accepted me and I can't find a job . I have a gf and she has to pay for everything since I don't... read more

I hate all of these high expectations set on me. Sure, I'm "above average" in a lot of things, but people keep thinking I'm an effing genius.

I have 99 math problems to do since I've been putting off several days of homework aside. :(

hah "I got 99 problems but a b**** ain't 1." e.e

Damn, I get distracted easily. ._.

Stressful exams hgfghvffghbvff

Grr argh never in my life of 48 years have I resorted to physical violence, but lately I feel like I could strangle the next dumb a** that knows nothing, but has an opinion on everything. Is our education system really this bad?

I remember when I was at school having a relaxing pee in the restroom, someone rushed in and sat in the stall next to mine. After a few seconds I was holding my breathe cause they obviously were getting rid of their beans. Then these lame loud a** sophmores came in and heard her last dunk. I was zipping up already, ready to leave the stall, when I noticed the situation. If I opened my stall, theyd think it was me who dropped the deuce . If I stayed, I would have had an asthma... read more

Ugh. Have to take notes on a whole section...
Okay, I have thirty minutes to get ready. I can do this.
I have about an hour and a half of free periods at school before I reach time for that class anyway.


oh my god i f***ing hate my school. i am honestly so done with all those dumbass f***ers. gosh like at my school out of 1000 students im part of like the 10 black people everyone else is white (and god i know wht some of you may think but this place is for me to vent so deal with it) okay and so, if you are like me a black girl how struggles with the natural black hair well you might understand. my motherf***ing principal told me at the beginning of the year that my hair were... read more