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So we had campus lock-down because of an armed robber on campus. Now apparently classes are resuming at 2pm (they haven't caught the guy). Who honestly wants to go to class right now, with half the day off and with an armed robber out there??

i f***ing hate you sooo much like seriously you fuking think your cool and you hang out w."cool" kids when relly you just a dumb a**!!and i f***ing hate the way you awlays make stupid comments about EVERYTHING!!!! in class. like STFU becaue no one cares what you say!!!!

I hate waking up and going to college so today i just didnt

I really wish all of my papers would write themselves! I have 6 papers to write that all have to be over 10 pages long and I have to write field notes over spring break. I have no idea what I am going to do. I think I really screwed up by choosing a major that is so heavily reliant on research. HELP ME!!!!!

Yesterday I accepted an hour lift home from someone i had met in class only moments earlier.

why must high school students be so immature?

today in tech draw (which is basically architecture) we displayed our houses. i was extremely happy with my floor plans that i decided to display it to the class first. so, my teacher hacks into my computer and displays the entire house (including side view,front view, and bird eye view) to every computer in the class. unfortunately for me the class is predominantly sophomores (about 20 people in all).

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So I wonder what I'm doing with my life. College is almost over and the more I learn, the less I feel prepared. My work is decent but in the big scheme of things, I'm about as significant as a fruit fly.

I finish my work in like 5 mins, and my teacher never lets me read or do other HW. Wat the heck am I sposed to do?!?!?!

I only get to have sex or jerk off in my dorm room when my roommate isnt here. and he's almost always here! we're friends, and we get along great...but i wanna bring girls in here to f***....c'mon!

school is the most annoying thing ever, and honestly whats the point?

Classes should so be canceled for the Olympics!!! At least they're online so we can watch them while we're in class. :)

Jeez. I hate it when people decide to stand right by your work station and hold an hour long conversation.

We never have time to work in the class to begin with, and now you disrupt everything with needless chatter! Yes, we know its raining outside...go sit down.

I hate this professor. I hate this professor. I hate this professor. Ok, maybe I should pay attention now??

Government should pay for higher education (college and university). If they are going to benefit from my future tax dollars, they should be willing to carry the burden of my education. A twenty year old does not have the psyche to carry the burden of $60,000 in loans. I think the current system is bulls***.

I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page research paper that I swear I did not make any changes to.

okay people time for another HELP ME WITH MY PAPER muttr.

This paper is on how the Inquisitor once said that you follow the rules we tell you to follow because we tell you too.

my point is how i find that to be completely true i need some reasons to back it up... WHATEVER help you can give me will work =)

Exam schedules seem to be designed to keep me here as long as possible...I could be home by Thursday but no! Our grad. student professor wants us to come talk for our final project rather than e-mail him our written proposals....

I hate how there is one week left in school and i have more work than ever to do!

I love how professors insist on giving us a crap load of work for the last 2 weeks of the semester. Not including finals, mind you. Yay for 3 weeks of hell, which started about 3 hours ago, and for hardly any sleep. :/

Our prison system, correction, education system is flawed because when we're teaching before the child has asked the question -- "How does that work? Why is it like that? What's happening here?" -- they are not aligned with hearing the answer.

And so, the words go in one ear, and right out the other one. The information doesn't have any place to stick.

The answer has to come after the question. And when the question is asked, the teacher will show up. ... read more