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10 reasons why I want to drop my college roommate on her neck

1)she eats up al my sh**. EX)I buy a 12 carton of eggs, she tells me she used a couple , I go look in the fridge and theres only four left .___.

2)shes a tagalong EX) im on the phone with my bff from high school and shes making plans to come visit me , roommate chimes in and ask who im speaking to, when I tell her its my bff she gets over excited because she thinks I'm going to invite her too.

3)Everyone w... read more

Sacrificing my precious beauty sleep just for school assignments. f*** school. This is ridiculous. I'll probably pass away from all this stress that's caused from school affiliated things.

I will need coffee to survive tomorrow. Sleep deprivation at its finest, with dark circles and all.

So I have anxiety usually in situations were I'm in class & I just feel so tense & uncomfortable were I feel my body twitch. I tried breathing slowly but that doesn't help. I don't know why I'm so nervous/jittery & this is one of my favorite classes too...

you are so f***ed in the head. spending the last year and a half telling me i am a child that i need to go back to school and finish my degree, convincing me i would be a life looser without one. telling me you see yourself spending the rest of your life with me - if- i got a what do i do? back in school. oh wait- im not taking over 12 credit hours so im still considered lazy, right? because you set the f***ing bar. sh** dude, i totally forgot. oh wait, what? you... read more

I have set myself up for 8-10 years of impossible mental labor in order to become a Veterinarian. Ten years of never having a dime to my name, ten years of never being able to wake up in the same bed as my significant other, ten years just to remain unemployed or working at a penniless shelter. $400,000 of debt, and for what? A decade of misery, a decade without him.

And all for the same happiness I'd get out of working in an office cube wasting half my time on facebook. ... read more

Do teachers really don't realize there are more subjects than theirs? I've been working all damn afternoon and only 1/5 of my homework is done!

OMG my period leaked through my skirt and the whole class saw a u
Huge red splotch :'( i think im just going to hide at home forever :'(

I miss home ;c
I cry when i think of my city, I want to go back. It sucks being so far away.. I want to move out of this sh** university as soon as this year ends..

I am definitely regret pulling an all nighter doing my homework.. Shame on me.
sh**, i am already falling asleep but no use for trying to rest since my class starts at 8 and i have to leave at least by 7:30 and i have to wait up by at least 7 to get ready and its already 5:27, so 1 hour and a half of sleep, im not gonna wanna wake up at all in the morning to i might as well stay awake, right?

I feel so dumb. I really want to be smart, (I'm 15...) I try to teach myself things outside of school and I keep a vocab list for myself and I want to be more observant and just...I don't want to feel dumb anymore. I'm tired of not knowing what's going on in class even though I've been paying attention. I'm tired of being confused about things that we're learning. I'm tired of having to give up on my homework because I can't get the f***ing answer. No ones ever said I was dum... read more

I might have lost my scholarship but they haven't notified of such. If this is the case I can't afford the school I am at and will have to drop out.

As awful as that seams I want to happen. I hate my current major and there wasn't a way to change it without spending another 3 plus years at school.

If I have to drop out I will get to go to a school back home where I can major in something I'm interested in.

But at the same time I don't want to find out I've failed ... read more

150 pages of reading in a weekend is seriously not that bad, so I feel really guilty for being sick and terrified about it. If it was a novel I could do twice that, three times that, but it's a bunch of long articles and I just really hate myself for having so much trouble getting my work done.

You don't have f***ing right to make me feel so bad about myself. You honestly don't know a single thing about me. I came home bawling my eyes out until i couldnt breathe because of your worthless comment. I wanted to die because I felt so useless and started to hate myself again. I self harmed again. Go f*** yourself, and I hope, dear god I hope, that karma f***ing kicks you in the a**. I dare you to say something to me again.


I just want to give up. I am so stressed and I just can't. I can't find my motivation. I can't focus. I don't even feel the drive to finish my degree. I need someone to remind me that I can do this

There's this guy who's a cutie and I like the little things he does...
He sits at a table right next to the one I sit at during lunch. His locker number is either 834 or 835. But the only thing I don't know yet, is his name :(

Ugh I hate people and I consistently feel inadequate and I always feel like I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I want to believe in hope but I'm having a really hard time believing in hope.

The social anxiety I have is to the point where I can't sleep because I'll start thinking about school the next day and my heart will start beating so fast that I can't sleep. I really hope the administration will change my schedule, I really can't handle all the stress it's giving me.

I just auditioned for a college orchestra, and I'm in high school. The audition piece was hard and I worked to learn it in 3 days. I was pretty decent on it because I practiced hard. But I screwed up. Badly. I\'m not amazing at technical stuff, so I worked on it the most. Screwed that up so bad. I\'m good at tone and phrasing and pitch. I screwed that portion up horribly. Now this wouldn\'t matter to me EXCEPT for the fact that another oboe in highschool auditioned. I know hi... read more