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Charging one group of people 3 times the price of another solely based on where they are from IS discrimination. Out of state tuition is ruining my life.

Whyyyyyyyy am I such a procrastinator?

School. What a load of sh**. Homework? On f***ing WEEKENDS???? Don't they know that i actually have a LIFE? Being in middle school is hard, especially because sometime you have to write a five paragraph essay in one weekend! Who the f*** invwnted school, anyway!? If i ever find out WHO, i will sh** on that person's grave and laugh. Go suck a dick.

I do not know what to do. I did all I could to survive in this sh**y world but I do not feel I can anymore.

I saw people that did nothing except enjoying their time, working on nothing succeeding in their life. And here I am, I worked my days in and out, trying to make something out of my life. But NOTHING.

Every time I keep getting rejected from everywhere.

First I worked on trying to get into a get engineering college. I ruined myself, my h... read more

I love snow days but I hate my college. MY school had a snow day the first week of school last thursday.

The second week of school (this week) The WHOLE ENTIRE CAMPUS was in ICE. It was hailing and raining, worse than the day school was canceled, but school wasn't canceled!

I feel down !!

Then I fell onto the umbrella I was holding and BENT IT!

Fortunately enough I was able to bend it back and then the for the rest of the day c... read more

I hate some middle school kids. They f***in suck! Im talking about the kids that f***in lie, cheat, and steal. The ones that basically have a psychopathic profile in the making. Just wanna slap em!

The semester is coming to an end and that means these next 2 weeks are going to be really busy and stressful. I finally finished my Human Paleontology paper and it wasn't as lovely as I had hoped because I have to worry about so many other things. Term papers, analysis papers, article reviews, studying for finals.
I don't know what it is about this particular semester, but it seems like it was non-stop work. I haven't even really procrastinated! I just need my break alre... read more

We got into our groups today (College anthropology) to discuss what we were each going to do for our group project. Somehow we got off topic and the girls in my group started talking about tanning salons and the likes. For some reason, one of them said her worst experience was when a bee managed to get in the tanning booth with her in it. Then she said, "So there I was lying naked and vulnerable." The other girl in our group chuckled while I just smirked and turned around. I ... read more

damn... right now I'm having a test which we have each half year here in Norway... and I'm stuck... it's pretty much the same as the exam... we're allowed to have candy and soda and stuff with us... and I'm stuck...

the positive thing is that the teachers forgot to turn of the internett, so I am playing games now :P lmao!

I chewed out my brother for having 3 F's this semester. He says, "grades dont mean anything." @*@(#!(^ LIKE HELL! Good luck finding a job after failing out of high school you f***in dumb sh**!

Dear college,

If you were a person i'd kick your a**.


Hater For Life <3

I'm a student in high school and I HATE IT. I'm labeled as gifted and was stuffed into advanced honors classes. I can't take the assignments, the stress, the pressure! My mom is a b**** and my dad isnt in my life. I just want to drop out, live freely, and express myself! And I can't even legitimately vent to anyone because they think im simply playing the overused part of an angry teenager working to get justice in the adult world. This sh** ends now!

So much to do at once, I can't get the time to sleep no matter how badly I want it...what a nightmare.

i want to get into UT Austin but i feel like i'm not intelligent enough. but if i don't get in i'll disappoint my parents because my older sister is like the perfect child. she's beautiful, outgoing, friendly, and she's a genius. compared to her i'm such a fail. i hate my life and sometimes i just wish i could end it.

Class should be beneficial. Productive.
I am stuck with two digital classes, back to back. They're both studio classes which means two things: 1) they're working classes 2) they're 2 hours and 40min long.
And herein lies the real problem, I have the same teacher...for both. So I have the joy of spending 5 hours with her every other day.
She's a nice person, but, my god, she never shuts up. Every class she wastes hours showing us "inspiration" or wants us to g... read more

I'm wearing a "to Write Love On Her Arms" t-shirt and my guidance counselor saw it and he came over and wrote on my arms. Ha ha, win!

I'm so confused right now. I have no ideia what I want to do when I finish high school, I have no ideia which kind of people I like and get along with, I don't seem to fit in any specific demographic, and although I don't like splitting everything in groups, I'm still afraid that I don't belong in any.
I'd like to travel and know the world before I go to university, but I'm not rich and I'm pretty sure that isnt gonna be possible.

I wish I had some good frie... read more

Why must exams be scheduled on Friday?!

Ha. I love being at school and reading the posts on Muttr. Best part of the day. <3

Felt like an idiot today in class. Was shaking uncontrollably in front of the teacher when I normally don't. I think it's the teacher that's making me nervous cause' he is always trying to find something bad about me to embarrass me in front of class. Had to present some stupid song in front of everybody with my pitch out of control. :( Lol - that's OK. REVENGE IS COMING BACK TEACHER :P