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I am so effing irritated that the same day I find out that if I finish this semester with a 4.0 I will graduate Summa Cum Laude, I also find out that I am barely pulling a B in a class I should be acing! How in the hell did I do worse on my second exam when I studied for it more? I feel f***ing sick to my stomach.

I don't know if I can make it past this term in college and I'm only a freshman. I'm at the point where I'm so overwhelmed I'm about to give up on everything. I stay up really late at night trying to compensate, but it just doesn't work. I'm not getting much sleep and it's killing my academics and social life. I'm sick of all my obligations and I just want to run away. I don't want to do this anymore. But it's not like I have a choice, so I'll just go slave away some more now... read more

I f***ing hate high school lol

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What the f*** am I doing!!!!!!!

I get two bad grades and suddenly I'm incapable of doing anything right and I get the "I told you so" blah blah blah speech. It's ridiculous. I work so hard, take everything so seriously and now that I slipped up, I get treated like I'm a freakin failure that should know better. what even. I can't deal with my mom anymore, because once I voice my opinion she gets all high and mighty and gets mad at me!! I KNOW i messed up, shouldn't she be a little apathetic to that... read more

Anyone able to offer some school advice?
Some background, kinda long, but you can skim:
I've spent freshman year feeling so bored in all of my classes. I'm taking the highest levels my school allows Freshman to take and all of my classes are honors. I thought my procrastination would be over by now because I'd get challenged, but I'm still able to finish all my work during the day it's due. (I have an hour and forty-five minutes of free time every school day). I don't feel ... read more

School is kicking my a**. Metaphorically, all this homework makes me feel like I'm stocking up for a hurricane... if it were food I'd be fully stocked... yeah, I dunno. I'm just tired and pissed.

I'm waiting for graduate school acceptance letters and I just got denied to one of the schools. What if I don't get into any? What on earth would I tell people.

Im tired of you trying to keep me in this small town full of meth heads, theifs and idiots that are so judgmental of every move i make. Im done with knowing everyone and everyone knowing or telling lies about my business. I want to move away an go to school for FREE because its a great opportunity to get a free education start somewhere that nobody knows me! I refuse to live here the rest of my life. Iv asked you to go but you will never leave this place. You always put doub... read more

I'm sitting in class at university, right now, and the strangest... most depressing thing is happening.
I'm looking around the room at the people around me. THese classmates. I can see all of them in lives five, or ten, or twenty years from now. I can see them married, or divorced, happy/sad, with a wonderful job/career, with a sh**y job, with families, or with nobody at all...
I can see all of this until I look at myself. I look at myself and see nothing. I don't see a fu... read more

im so bloody pathetic. i cut because of school i mean who does that. i keep beating myself up because of one class and i just want to kill myself sometimes. i keep looking into the past and thinking of how hard i worked and that absolutely nothing comes out of it. ive been working my a** off for all this school work and have literally no life out of school. i want to make my parents proud but all i do is manage to f*** up. and my teacher doesn't even care sometimes. i just fe... read more

My science/social studies teacher decides to give us three 20 question assignments, a test on 19th and the make it worse these are the classes i do the worst in

I'm not going to make it into my pharmacy program... I'm going to fail out b/c i'm a failure in life and i'm going to disappoint my mom and i'm going to be soo behind my friends in school and life. i am a complete and utter failure. what am i going to do when i don't make it in the program?

whats even worse is i hear all my old friends walking past my apartment laughing and having fun. and im always alone. always.

i honestly am starting to break down. Im a freshman in college and i honestly have one true friend... i had a bunch when i started out, but everyone pretty much cut me off when i got in an argument about moving in with someone... i feel like i have noone... all i want is a group of people who care about me as much as i care about them.. i didnt mean to push anyone away...

...You wanna know why? Because f*** you!

School is stressing me out so much. I'm a freshman, and I can't handle it all. I've got so much to do, I should be doing it now, but I need a break. Before high school, I only got A's. I currently have 2 D's, and my GPA is only 2.889.I've been thinking about not even going to college. I want to be a journalist, but if this is too much, what is college gonna be like? I'm just tired, and I need a really long break and a lot of sleep.

Great my button to my jeans just fell off while i was in the restroom ughhh i start class in 2 mins

The guy in my math class does seem to want to be my friend. To me it's weird though. Like, I have trust issues. I don't know if I can trust him or not. I mean, he seems friendly, but I'm not very social, and he's 20, I'm 18. Being quiet sucks sometimes. I get anxious quite easily too. He still talks to those other two girls though. I think one of them hates me though, because today the two girls sat in the back row where I sit. Except that, when one of the girls walked in a l... read more

I was sick for an entire week and missed out on a ton of work. I've been working like crazy to get it all done and caught up, I've had to make up several tests and over a dozen pages of notes on my own, and today, just when I finally thought I was out of the woods, I found out that an essay was assigned while I was gone and I was never told about it. It's due tomorrow, it's already getting late, and I'm panicking. I just wish I knew what I was doing or could have more time to... read more