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Attention. New school in the making. I need students. And faculty. To my friends amber Konkler go fund me fund art ion.

Hate rules? Need freedom?
In 3 and a half years we will build our academy. Our art cadets. Now data needs your help. And it won't cost but a dime. Bring back the moral to society. Stop giving art away for free until they learn to fix theirselves. Only take help after you earned it andoesn't no more than ten percent
#bring back
#savetheteddybear... read more

My teacher gives us literally no time to work on our slideshows. I am so going to f***ing fail this project...

My teacher is a b**** honestly. Just because you take up all of the entire f***ing class to explain a paper, doesn't mean it is well explained at all. Hell, taking up that much of class just makes it more confusing...

is it still competitive pricing if I charge a lower price for my products compared to my competitors or do I have to charge the same amount for it to be competitive pricing strategy?

Well that's one way to ruin graduation ceremonies, have the brainless dead heads from Washington show up. First Ditsy devo, and now Mike pence, .......SERIOUSLY? WTF! Congratulations on ruining commencement ceremonies for students all over. Man if that had happened at my fiaincee ceremony I would have walked out too. Why not get Steve Bannon to speak at one, that'll be one hell of a day.

so many assignments, so little time.

Is 21 years old too old to sign up for college?

.....should I hide my age (except for official papers for registration, of course. I don't want to be sued) from my friends until we are closer? Or should I register for the class that is mainly attended by older and working people (I kinda think 21 is pretty young tho)?

College is going to be like this all the time?
Then I'd never finish. I'd wind up dead.
Either from a stressed-induced heart attack, or by my own f***ing hand.

Sometimes I wish I could just swap roles for the day at high school. I wish the popular kids could live a day as a non popular kid. They may have their struggles but sometimes, well at least to all the popular kids I know) they have never gone through some of the sh** that my friends and I have. No one f***ing gets it, especially the popular kids. They either bring religion into it or just go on talking about themselves... It's so f***ing ridiculous!

It's so f***ing unbelievable how the popular girls think that their status in high school is the most important thing in the world. How is it going to literally matter? Like for real, whats the whole point?! I would hate to be one of those girls! Granted they aren't all stupid but they are almost always mean and petty. They don't care about anyone but themselves and how they look to others. I'd hate to waste all my energy trying to be perfect to please others. I am who I am a... read more

It was my graduation today and it was awful. I had told them how to pronounce my name, my middle name is a bit weird. It sounds weird because it was what my uncle used to call me. I told them a day in advanced and at the ceremony as I was about to walk across the stage she said "I'm going to say it the right way" then said it completely the wrong way. I cried, I wanted to die. I had to sit surrounded by people I barely knew trying not to sob. It was what my entire School life... read more

All these people I know are saying, "HOLY f*** YES I FINISHED MY FINALS SUMMER BREAK IS HERE!" But since it wasn't summer break yet for me, I checked on a how-many-days-until-school-ends countdown clock that counted according to MY country's school days, and it said '31 days'. Excited, I converted 31 days into weeks. 31 days is about 4 weeks. 4 weeks is a f***ing month. All hope was drained from my soul. W H Y Y Y

Community college is so underrated. Everyone has their #(insert university name here2021) on their twitter or whatever and I'm sitting here feeling like a failure for not getting accepted. sh**. I work an under the table part -time job, I'm in 2 ap classes, in the honor society, on a sports team, outgoing, mediocre grades, and I couldn't afford a sat prep class so I half-assed it.

Am I the only one not graduating from college on time? Class of 2015 in high school, supposed to be class of 2019 but I think I'll be graduating in 2020 because they keep on adding 2-3 required courses for all majors. Ugh! Also, I'm in community college (a good investment) and I plan on transferring next year.

Everyone wants to be famous but the famous just want a normal life (at least the ones who have had enough of it). Kids want to be Hollywood stars instead of doctors or lawyers. We need more tv documentaries that show the "dark" side of fame so these children can understand.

I just want to vent about the worst district for teachers to work in. Dallas Independent School District. If you are considering teaching do not work with them. They are low life void of professionalism. The worst f***ing place to work. If you want a career where you are treated like a professional do not work with them. It seems they look for low life persons to be their principals in charge of their school. It is a f***ing disaster and should be shut down. Look at the idiot... read more

okay i live in australia and that means i go to a school which follows the australian curriculum. once year 4 came by and we started learning about aboriginal history and yeah it was cool learning about it but each year after that all we learnt about is aboriginal history.its so f***ing annoying now ugh like i could write a whole ten pages on the first fleet thanks to aussie schools. history is supposed to be the study of the past, so why cant we learn about ancient egypt or ... read more

Will I ever be the polyglot I wish to be??

I blew 2 guys behind my high school. The only reason we didn't go all the way was because they were both too big to fit inside me.

So yeah I'm a middle schooler. I get good grades, I have amazing friends and family. Then why is this my life?

I'm a normal student. It makes me feel like I'm so stupid when my friend (let's call her s) talks about how "she didn't want to go but got in." S is bratty. Why am I her friend. Why can't I let her go. She's caused me so much pain and sorrow I just want to leave her. But she seams so sorry I forgive her. But I'm not as nice as you'd think

I'm mean. I'm mean to my f... read more