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its no f***ing wonder !!! i want to stay off school all the time !! its f***ing sh** !!!
lets call this first person lion. lion is mentally ill. they supposedly have hallucinations, cant sleep, are depressed, and wont eat. lion is so f***ing sweet and everybody loves them !!!!!!!!! they have blue bleached all over hair and everybody loves them even more for that. i buy them food out of my own f***ing pocket for them. they ask me for a cookie from the cafeteria, i say yes beca... read more

So I have to write an essay. A 7 page essay. It's supposed to be about my favorite place/destination, and it's supposed to be "immersive" so I would have to use a lot of imagery. The problem is that it's 7 pages. Why? Why does it have to be THAT long? It's so unnecessary. I feel like the professor just made it that long just for the sake of being long. It really hurts creativity because that would mean I would do a whole lot of rambling...there's really no place that I can ra... read more

I hope you get into crack after I crack your head from whooping your a**, Cassandra

So there's this really quiet boy in my online class at school and i'm really attracted to him. Idk if i just have a weird "thing" for quiet guys or what but hes so cute to me. I've never heard him talk because he always has his headphones in , but i always find myself thinking about him. i would talk to him but the problem is i have antisocial and Avoidant personality disorder. I suck at small talk and even when i FORCE myself to talk to anyone i just have to get out of there... read more

Teaching is the only profession where workers

steal office supplies from home

to take to work.

I feel like a f***ing idiot.

I've been trying to get a hold of this professor to audition for the pep band at my school. He emails me back at first, detailing the requirements for a digital submission.

I send the submission in? No response. I follow up? Nothing.

I continue to follow up every week or so and I still get nothing.

The music department of my school is so disorganized that the page with the audition FORMS on it was hidden from the general search engine. I had t... read more

Jfkdkieidbdhdkdkfbd nsehuekdjdhsjka hcjdirksjendndndndndbdjwkeksj Aaaawwwhwhhhh. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memorized the whole FREAKEN CH 5,6,&7 for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Studied my a** off day and night for 7 days straight to get a f***EN 80% which is 8% less from the first test. Which is funny because I still did less studing for the 1st one compared to this one!! WHY GIVE A f***EN STUDY GUIDE WHEN INLY 2% of the srudy guides ar on the test. Why make mormized all these app... read more

Cassandra I swear to god the highlight always looks like sh**. You overdo it. It's almost like you can be kinda pretty but you f*** up it even worse?

I can't understand why people are blaming me for failing grades (and not graduating because of that). What am I, a fairy? A magician? Those don't even exist in my novels. C'mon, face it dudes. You brought that on yourselves. Stop blaming your fault on me because I'm friggin tired of it. I had enough of you. One more and I'll block you. Seriously, like, I'll pretend that you've never been a part of my crappy college life.

Hi.i dont know what am i feeling. i am feeling mix emotions right now. i feel fat, worthless, stupid, not good enough. whenever i try it just feels its not good enough. people are cruel and the world is a cruel place. people pick on you for no reason not considering your feelings.

I wish my English teacher would see me as something more than "that autistic girl". I have high functioning autism. When grading me, she doesn't really look at my work, she just gives me a grade. My "normal" classmates have gotten higher grades for lower quality work. Last year, I got a 95 in English, but now I have an 84. Other special needs students, also suffer a similar fate. She speaks to me in a patronizing voice. My past English teachers have noticed that I have good w... read more

lmao why are my parents yelling at me for "only having a 4.0" when there are kids failing every other class smh

I didn't know Cassandra was a s*** babe, im sorry. I thought I could trust your friend.

Cassandra keeps begging me to let her give me head and I pretended to like her, but now it's really awkward 😕

Ugh I kept falling asleep in my first few classes and I drooled all over my backpack, good think it drys quickly

I've missed out on what's suppose to be the best years of my life. I've been bullied for 6 years now. I'm no longer ok with myself anymore. I'm scared that even though I'm graduating in a few months I'll keep those same insecurities and hate for myself. Its been really hard lately and I feel alone. I wish I could change what's so wrong with me so people can leave me alone but I can't figure out what it is.

Jean-Paul Sartre, you are such a sh**y writer. It's like your mind just vomits onto the page. How am I suppose to write a stupid paper on your writing when you take 2 pages to write one thought with your verbal masturbation.

Im just so stupid I have adhd And I cant do anything right why cant I just be someone diffrerent No one could ever love such a stupid child like me

So every school in my city is on spring break this week. MY SPRING BREAK IS IN 3 WEEKS

Nothing like receiving your acceptance letter to college an hour after finding out you cant afford to go.