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I bet dinosaurs were like dogs.

The big ones were dopey and chill.

It's the tiny ones who were snappy little b****es.

f***, my school finally blocked the website I go onto everyday because it won't let me on it on the school wifi

Springbreak is only a week? Wtf??? I go back to school tomorrow, but when I was younger it felt SO much longer! I'm a junior and the days have been going by so fast, I'm scared. It feels like I'm growing up too fast, I still feel like I'm sixteen, but I'm seventeen and I still haven't gotten my druver's license or a job yet. I feel like I'm in purgatory.

In Scriptures class, my group had to create an infographic about Mary. I was really unclear about what exactly the subject was, but everyone blew me off. I'm the at prezi stuff, so I offered to make the actual infographic itself, but of course my classmates left me to get all the info for it, too. THEY spent the entire class period writing bible parodies and rap. We had the weekend to work on the project, but they left me to do everything (still not knowing exactly what the s... read more

Spring break was not nearly long enough for me. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about going back to school. So much that it's giving me a headache right now. Why can't I just truly relax?!

College was the worst experience of my life. I didn't learn anything, I was raped, I made no new friends, my dog and grandfather died, and I got sucked into religion in a downtown setting with a vast amount of homeless people. I eventually ended up having to give away most of my things and I am just unhappy with what occurred. People say college is the best time of your life, and it was absolutely the worst time of my life. I even dropped out because I was sick of sitting in ... read more

This is why boys and girls should be told about sexual harassment. My middle school PE teacher used to always find ways to touch me. Put his arm around me, on my bra clasp that hid underneath my shirt, and VERY low on my back. Multiple occasions did he put his arms entirely around me, during a golf unit. Myself and one other girl the unfortunate victims of that. No one else-we had the best stroke, farthest hit. We were athletically inclined, more than anyone else, and fully d... read more

WOWWW I was your friend until all these people showed me some sh**. See you on the flip side, C, I'm out.

Cassandra, stop cheating off of me in class during quizzes.

School does not let students choose prom dates; instead, dates are assigned randomly.

Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois has the boys draw names. Then each boy has to think of a creative skit to use to ask their date to the dance.

School officials say it's a good way to make sure everyone feels included.

Cass you're curious for girls. Just admit it and stop talking sh** as if you're and angel above the laws of karma. Everything is coming back to you full force.

Hey Cassandra the little high school b****, nobody likes your a**. You're terrible at makeup and sorry but you're NOT special for hanging out with Special Needs as part of some after school curricular. Eat sh** you conceited ugly little rotten limp noodle looking b****. I swear if you weren't ugly, it wouldn't matter since your personality is. Nobody likes you and we all laugh at how you think we don't see your two faced sh**. I hope that if there's a time we cross paths agai... read more

Pep band: Why die marching when you can have the fun of stand tunes? :D

i don;t know what to do anymore,,, i have so much homework that i have no idea how to complete and ugh i just feel really stupid right now

Sometimes I feel so embarrassed that I feel sick. This is one of those times. This event happened yesterday and it makes me feel horrid. I'm overreacting and I hate myself but I don't f***ing care.

I was really, really rude without meaning to be. I corrected a teacher without thinking properly about how to word it and I feel like such a f***ing a**h*** and I want to choke myself and throw up and punch myself in the stomach. It's stupid, I know.

I said it so f***ing stupidly... read more

Is this girl a little ignorant? The professor asks us why it is important to receive class. I say "To strengthen our critical thinking skills, learn to rationalize, and become analytical". This chick just says "Oh is it to learn how to sit through a lecture?" What are you doing in college?

There is no way I can do 50 lessons in one weekend when I could barely do 3 in the last week. I'm pathetic, I'll never be able to do all this, especially when I get new ones every day. How will I ever be able to handle life outside of school when I can't even manage anything in it? How will I ever be able to go to college and be successful? I'm not. I'll never be able to do what I want to do with my life, so why not just give up now? It's not like anyone would miss me. It's n... read more

More than Half of College Football Athletes Have Inadequate Levels of Vitamin D - Deficiency Linked to Muscle Injuries

Sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin,' it is produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight. Sun avoidance and the use of sunscreen may in part account for low vitamin D levels in the population.

Milk and fortified foods, including orange juice and some cereals, can also provide vitamin D, but one would need to consume a large amount of these foods. When i... read more

College life is so tiring. Why is there college anyways? Can't we just skip this part and go immediately to work?

In school I have a PE teacher who is more chummy with me than the other students and I should be happy about that, but I don't. Everyone in my class calls me simply by my last name now, even people who are my friends. Everyone thinks I can't do anything and when I actually do something they act like it's some big accomplishment and it just makes me feel worse about myself. One person who's supposed to be my friend kept bragging that I made a touchdown like it was some sort of... read more