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Dear 20 somethings in college, you do not have to feel pressured to drink and if your circle of friends is small, that is ok!

Feeling down and defeated. Being told to "step it up" by someone who is suppose to be a mentor is really sh**y.

i just wanna feel good about myself. i feel like sh*t :(

You just got to keep going. I know life is f***ed up and it seems like the world is against you, and honestly yeah it probably is the universe is probably just tired of dealing with you. But your here! Your still breathing, your still petty damn good! So even if the problem is so big it could change your life or so small I shouldn't worry you. It was still enough to matter to you, but you have to still keep going don't stop, don't look back, don't take time to slow down! Just... read more

GET REVENGE, it feels better than an apology ever will and they won't expect it

@ muttr troll - why are you taking your anger out on me? I'm sorry you hate your job or situation. Can we be civilized human beings and quit calling people dullards?

It will get better they said.....
It will be worth it they said....
You will thank us when you graduate they. said. ...
It is what is best for you they said....
You will be happy that you stuck with it they said....
Everyone has to do it they said....

Well, did they ever think to listen to what u said?....
Do they even care to try and understand what I am feeling?....
Do they have the time to actually see what makes me happy?....
Did they selfishly make these remarks simply ... read more

deadass im afraid ill be declared a cheater in my class. he says we can use notes at the beginning, but then i panicked thinking "... wait did he say notes or no notes?" so i kept glancing to my sides to see if they were using their notes. i made sure to not look at their papers because i am not a cheater. i just wanted to make sure i wasnt doing something bad... even tho i ended up doing something bad in the end.
im so anxious... im sorry... i just wanted to make sure so... read more

😒 One can not change sex even with medical intervention. Surgery changes one’s appearance, but not one’s sex. One’s chromosomes remain male, even with SRS. The appearance of the thing, is not the thing.

My school is trash..... just sayin

Ive made so many mistakes and im sick of making them im moving on from them but people wont let me they keep bringing up my most embarrassing moments And I cant take it 😭😭😭😭 I dont know what to do help me plz someone

ding dong smoke a bong

Currently annoyed because I have to write a paper on a topic that doesn't have enough information for the certain thing I'm looking for. I would change it but if I did it would waist time and the person who told me to do the topic would be butt hurt. I'm currently freaking out and getting stressed because the articles are crap

I'm kind of tired of how my life has been going. can schools like not give us assignments everyday?

I am almost 17 years old and I have been homeschooled since kindergarten — that was a huge mistake. My (unemployed) mom never had enough money to do so, so the education was always lacking somewhat. My parents divorced which ultimately made the situation over a hundred times worse. My mom claimed that she felt homeschooling me and my siblings was what she was supposed to do. It kills me to say it, but that "gut feeling" of hers screwed us over. Fast foreword years later, no... read more

I wish I never met you I know im suppose to say something good like I forgive you because you only made me stronger but guess what you didnt your ruined me!!!! You think I can control how I am well I CANT! I wish I wasnt around either but you know what thats not going to happen I hate you so much self why do you have to be so hard on me

I wish I could go back in time and fix all my mistakes, change who I am, not be such a failer.

I wish I wasn't so shy so I could actually make friends :/

I try my hardest to fit in Some people are mean to me but I probaby deserve it. But theres one person who hates me so much they want me to die. Here are some things they said about me

1. No one likes you
2. Why are you even alive
3. Shut up and be normal
4.why dont you just end it all
5. You dont have friends they just pretend to be your friends

That person is me

Ugghhhh... ok so I just cannot take it anymore... I love knowledge and learning but hate school. Being a straight A student all of my life should make me happy or a complete brainiac and it is just expected of me now... I have school and my parents don't seem to care and wont let me try out any other options such as online school ughhhh... I don't know where this is going or really what I said but ugh I'm venting