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So, i'm in middle school. We're doing final exams and I'm in this "smart" kids program that's sort of exclusive to my school. It's basically taking all the smart kids and giving them almost all the same classes and limited options for electives, but apparently it's because they don't want us to be bored or something. I overheard some kid saying that if your final grade in one of your Academic Scholars/AS (tha'ts the name for it) is a D or lower then you get kicked out of the ... read more

I don't know what I expected I just thought he would feel the same

I just can't take it anymore every time I go to these dances I just never fit in and I just want to start crying

So a couple weeks ago there was this “scandal” about cheating in my English class. I have never cheated on any academic test (I did google something during a gym test freshmen year and I have copied homework graded for completion but wouldn’t count that). There are around 5 kids in my class that all of the students know are cheaters, but the teachers didn’t know or didn’t care. My teacher had gotten word of some cheating and she was encouraging us all to come forwar... read more

Supposed to be a little break from school, but my teachers have given us a sh**on of homework. f*** you all. My anxiety attacks alwats happen because of you dickbags. My mental health is crappy enough, so go suck your sticks.

I gotta make it through finals and then I'm MCFREAKIN freeeeeeee

I didn't get into any of the universities I applied to. I have 90% in all of my maths and sciences and I didn't get into a single engineering program I wanted. I'm so upset. I'm so mad. What the f*** am I supposed to do with my life now?

this is an assignment for my class, how does it even make sense?

"In January, there was a pair of owls on each of the four farms except the Reizorc farm. The goats there had climbed into the loft and created so much disturbance that the owls moved to West Virginia. However, by the time egg laying began in February, a new pair had moved in from Pennsylvania.

The vole population in January, was still large, due to a late fall with lots of food and a high reproductive rate. Th... read more

so yesterday in my grade, a bunch of girls got sent home for simply wearing skirts- knee high skirts. so my friends and i were talking about it and decided to start a protest. my friend put a snap on her story saying girls wear skirts and guys wear skirts/shorts tomorrow and it eventually went all over. bunch of people were reposting it etc. so today lots of people came wearing skirts and shorts and wanna know what the school did? they didn't even let us in. so obviously, our... read more


There is this really annoying boy in my class named Alec. I think he thinks I'm stupid. I have ADHD and can being really impulsive sometimes. He's always really rude about it. I always want to insult him, but I know I shouldn't.

Man, doing this collage of our interests is so good, since it's one of the ways i'm going to come out as a pansexual trans man to people. I have hope. <3

Shut my eyes and count to ten. It goes in one ear out the other- oh- one ear out the other

I am stressed out as f***. I don't know what the f*** i am doing. I don't know what the f*** i'm doing and if i should keep doing... whatever i am f***ing doing. I am in high school, and i knew it would be hard, but i didn't expect it to be whatever the f*** it is right f***ing now. All through the year, i expected something hard, something where i would realize "sh** i need to get my act together" It never came, ever. then, at the end of the year it happened, all at once. Ev... read more

I am stuck in detention because I skipped health class too much because I'm in health as a f***ing senior and I hate it!

i want to cut myself so badly everything itches and i suck at everything
no one thinks im valid and no one thinks im havin issues bc i manage to go to school, even though school is the only thing keeping me from literally sleepin all day and never talk to enyone or eat ever again. I hate myself bc i cant even be depressed in the right way

Can anyone suggest a good website to help with geometry 1-2 work?

I'm so tired. I have homework I don't want to do but I have to. g**d***....

Someone asks: "what's your favorite Pink Floyd album?"
My band director: "I don't do acid!"

what the f**k type of teacher give a student thats been sick for a month 2 days to make up a months amount of work like wtf is that s**t. where do they get off doing that mess. ugh it just gets under my skin and it pisses me off so much