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The only damn good thing I'm good at is art and my school's art program sucks. My teacher is a professional artist who came to get my school recognized for art, but they won't even recognize their own students and instead focus on the sports teams, listing every last person on the team. He says we're the only school in the county, maybe even state, that has a separate academy photoshop and fine arts so we can't learn both. They're practically setting us up for failure. They w... read more

I don't know how to tell my family that I honestly just cannot study. I don't hate books or anything but it's honestly no point in me opening a book to study because no matter how hard I try, nothing goes in. I can read something for over 1 - 2 hours and it's like I only gain 10 minutes worth of studying and I feel like I just can't cope. For the past few weeks, I've only been getting about 3 hours of sleep each night and I really think that isn't healthy but I can't sleep an... read more

I'm stressed out because these tests determine what college I get into, whether or not I'll be able to pay bills, and whether or not I have food and shelter and clothes. Not because your stupid class is hard. I'm only child whose parents expect the best out of them, not failure. It's a lot of pressure having it constantly drilled into you that you better do well or you can forget having a nice life.

Like anyone gives a sh** about my home life or what's going on in my head. I would focus on one f***ing final if all of them combined didn't determine my whole f***ing future. Thanks for laughing at me, I already know I'm a raging b****, I don't need you reaffirming it.

f*** cheerleaders
Look, I know you are trying to support your school and crap👩, and that's fine. But please, STOP wearing skimpy cheerleading outfits and twerking in the middle of the football field in a desperate attempt to support your school. That is where stupidity and idiocy at its peak. Now excuse me, please get the hell off the football field because the f***ing marching band THAT I AM IN needs to perform their show.

TL;DR: f*** cheerleaders.

anything inspiring some people could say to get me going on my schoolwork?? doesnt have to be anything professional just the thought that counts,, yknow how depression can be when colliding with schoolwork, im going to get professional help soon and just the thought of that kinda helps me think sometimes that i CAN do this, i set up a whole plan to steer my grades all the way up, its just the sheer amount of work ill have to do...

*walks into school* FIDgEt sP11N3Rs EVERYwHerE
(99.09% of students as far as I know, don't have any problems focusing or remaining calm, and all assume that these spinners are toys)
*girl walks into biology class with spinner*
girl: hi guyz I got a spinner
Random guy:why do you have one of those?
girl: I have H D D
Random guy:....
Me, but internally screaming on the inside: b**** WHAT THE FUC-
Random guy and girl: You.....mean....ADHD..........................right?
Everyone ... read more

My mom and company have come to my out of state university to help me move out since I have so much stuff and it's my first year... One is an old man, and since they had nowhere to stay he had to sleep on my bed; this makes me uncomfortable to be honest. I regret choosing this university all together; its move out policies suck. I'm going to be staying in the SAME room for goodness sake, but I still need to move everything out.

I know this isn't a vent, but i really need to know. Go ahead and ignore this if yal want.

If there was a population of anteaters (50% with short snouts and 50% with long snouts) and the ground in their environment got softer, allowing ants to dig deeper. Would the ones with short snouts die, or would the population change so that there's more long snouted anteaters.

#science #notavent

i've left it too late to get a Summer internship for the second year in a row, so now i'm too far into uni to be given an internship cos everyone else has more experience. and i've f***ed up my exams so i won't be getting into the masters course. can't get a job with a 2:2 bachelors. 4 years wasted. it's slowly dawning on me. want to cry.

Ever since I have moved to my new school, I feel like the most stupid person alive. I suck, yet at my old school I was amazing. I had a great GPA, and received awards for how awesome I was doing, but then I moved to a f***ing small town, where I see myself as a failure. The teachers look at me with a sad face. My math teacher even called me out today, she knew I did not have the answer because I bombed all my tests and quizzes I have taken with her, but she wanted to obviousl... read more

Give me some lines to say to my teacher crush (that are appropriate enough for school lmao)

My science teacher is so annoying. The other day we got let out 15 minutes late, so I then had to rush to my music club with no lunch that day. Then, she told us we have to revise everything we have done for every topic all year, of which there are many, and I was playing with a spinner that actually helped me concentrate, and I was furthest through the practice test and she told my to stop! 😡

I've been skipping so many days of school and just spending more and more time in bed doing nothing. I wish I had the motivation to get up and do well in my exams but I just feel like I can't

For graduation we're singing "I'll Always Remember You" by Hannah Montana and I honestly know I'm going to be bawling throughout the ceremony and I'm about to now. So many memories that I've made and I'm leaving it all behind...holy sh**

God, I really want finals to be over so I can kick back and relax a bit before I go apply for a job

why dont i get any attention from guys? im not ugly id at least say 8/10. theres this girl in my class who HAS BAGS UNDER HER EYES AND SHE HAS NO EDGES but she gets most of the attention from them all because she has a big butt. i dont have a big a** but it fits my body. Friends from my old school told me that i looked kindof rude and mean but its literally just my face. My mom says the same thing. what can i do to get attention starting next school year

I'm just screaming about oddly specific issues here so I feel like there's no consequence to my venting. Pay no attention I couldn't care less if you read.

Ok. OK I AM DONE WITH THIS. Surrreee. Drop the course and everything will go away they said. It'll be easy they said. I WAS THE HAPPIEST I HAD FELT IN MONTHS WHEN I DROPPED THE COURSE SO WHY THE HELL CANT THE ADMINISTRATION JUST LEAVE ME IN PEACE. Apparently I'm eligible o apply for cancelling out the penalty involved in ... read more

A girl is accusing me of spreading rumors about her and keeps trying to say that I'm trying to ruin her rep when I haven't done anything to her. She keeps trying to fight me and keeps harassing me. One of my friends reported her, but the girl is playing the victim and it really scares me.
She falls into the stereotypical bullied kid group, (Smallish, smart, well dressed, ect.) But I look the total opposite. I think the principal may lean more toward her side of the story simp... read more

School is supposed to mildly stressful but still fun, right? Not for me.
I probably shouldn't be complaining about college because at least I have this great opportunity to create something great for my future but I honestly don't think I will ever graduate college. I messed up my last two years of college and now my grades need improvement and I'm just at a loss as to what to do. This isn't just another college student stressing about finals ( that's totally fine because I'm... read more