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im in love with my best friend i cant tell her that she will leave me i love her so much it isnt fair my depression is coming back i cant tell anyone i just want someone to listen im alone nobody cares about me i tried to move on with a girl but my friend said not to so the other night she made me tell her it was her fault her dad beat her and thats why she has to live with her mom i love my best friend im losing her aga... read more

I'm 20 years old and my life is f***ed. I had a baby at 16, she's 4 now and I think I'm a horrible mother. I keep forgetting my promises and I don't pay enough attention to her or her scho I feel like I'm the only one in this world who has no clue how anything in this life really works. I never managed to get a job, I am dumb, I'm ugly and I've got several health problems. Don't have any friends or any hobbies. I don't even know why my daughter's father is still with me. I'd ... read more

I'm so annoyed with my boyfriend at the moment. He never seems to want to do anything that I like/enjoy. We only ever seem to do what he likes.
When I mention doing new things, as a way to explore stuff to do together he shrugs it off and says "I dont know what I want to do".
He's so solitary about some things and I just want to be more involved in his life and be treated like a girlfriend. It's gotten so bad that he'll go off on holidays and adventures without me and it hurt... read more

I loved you. But something's missing now. I lost you. It was my fault. My love faded away. We're apart now and I feel so alone. My heart aches and I try to hide it. My soul yearns but I'm letting you go. 3 years and I can't even talk to you right now. You helped me through everything and pulled me from my shadows. But I repaid you with heartbreak. The truth is: I'm still a boy and I don't know what I want. I know you pro... read more

I'm currently living out one of my worst fears being alone while pregnant and becoming a single mother. I don't mean to be offensive, I know a lot of amazing single moms out there. I'm 8, almost 9 weeks pregnant and feeling so hurt, ashamed, guilty and just awful. The man I thought I would marry and raise children with has betrayed our family. It hurts so bad, I am sad about this situation because I had so much hope for ... read more

Man, i am so g**d*** sick of sad and alone. f*** imma do some f***ing hobby work. So sick of people trying to order me around because they think i dont listen or dont care. I feel happy at work and i've just rediscoverd one of my favourite places. I will not let you sad f***s drag me down. Everyone has a bad day and its selfishness that makes you forget that. So please continue telling me about your thoughts, your sh**y... read more

How do you deal with people who are a**holes. So I go to a school with a tradition and since i'm a freshman I didn't know. So I went and walk where it was suppose to be "couples only" then a group of a**holes started clapping and yelling at me all in all just making fun of me saying I'll be alone forever and be alienated from friends. I liked my school so far but dang some people who are superstitious are such a**h*** . ... read more

f*** MY BOYFRIEND! Everything was good in our relationship for the first 4 months and then he got a console and got obsessed with gaming right? and he would ignore me to play his f***ing games. about 6 months into the relationship i got out of a toxic environment and he is there for me for a bit but then its right back to the games. i happen to be over when one of his whores on ps4 messages him and they call him my pet name! its my petname for him and i thought it was special... read more

Why am I alone?

What's even the point of staying sober. I worked my a** off for 4 months thinking I'd have something to show for it. Sure I'm generally a little happier but lately it's constant cravings and a bunch of awful depresssing sh** going on. My best friends dad is in the hospital again with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (she's 15 and so am I), my crack head dad is a lying piece of sh** making promises he doesn't keep, all of my honors and AP classes are ridiculously hard cause test seas... read more

I love my stepdaughter. She stays at our place every weekend. Problem I have is that I've started feeling that there's no time for my relationship with her dad ever. We don't go out together or have any alone time other than bed time. I'm feeling neglected. Is it wrong for me to want a weekend once a month without her?

its no f***ing wonder !!! i want to stay off school all the time !! its f***ing sh** !!!
lets call this first person lion. lion is mentally ill. they supposedly have hallucinations, cant sleep, are depressed, and wont eat. lion is so f***ing sweet and everybody loves them !!!!!!!!! they have blue bleached all over hair and everybody loves them even more for that. i buy them food out of my own f***ing pocket for them. they ask me for a cookie from the cafeteria, i say yes beca... read more

I get sad because I am 21 and no guys like me and I have never had a boyfriend before as a girl, never asked out or dated. ): I feel like I am forever alone. Even the other day, a girl in front of me got cold approached by a guy and this guy was asking for her number. Yet, this never happens to me; I have never had a guy approach me, let alone ask for my number.

Isn't it hard when you're so upset with life and the only person you want to tell has gotten so affected by your own negativity, you feel like you've burdened him/her, and maybe it's better to be alone?

Dear man I used to love,
I hate you.
I hate how you left me alone, and let the hate fill me up.
I hate how you make my heart burn and sing with the songs of an olden time.
I hate how you flirt with her, and left me to dust.
I know, this was my fault.
You told me to smile by your side,
and my jealousy turned against you.
I am sorry that I was never the best,
but I am broken.
Yet, you are broken as well, you just turn off ... read more

I was born with a mild form of Epidermolysis Bullosa. It not only affects my skin but also my immune system and probably much more as it isn't well known. Ever since I was 13 i live with depression and anxiety, then by 14 I struggled with an eating disorder. My tenth grade year, between summer and first quarter I tried to kill my self 3 times. No one cared. No one ever cares at all about anything. Of course the only person who knows I attempted suicide was my best friend and ... read more

I'm never gonna have that "perfect life" with tons of friends and good times I've been alone all my f***ing life and everything is so bleak i really f***ing cant.. I honestly just exist and I really dont want to anymore

He keeps saying I'm cute and he won't leave me alone but I don't like him

I feel so selfish. My friend who was also overweight and I bonded over our weight issues. He lost the extra weight, and I didn't. I am happy for him, don't get me wrong, but I feel so alone now. I wish we were still in the same situation so we could relate to one another. I am happy for him, I just feel really alone.

In January of 2016, I began my study abroad trip in Spain. I am a really shy girl and in a steady relationship of 3 years, so it was not easy leaving everything comfortable to me behind. I knew I needed an adventure, though, and always had been fascinated by travelers and their ambition -- that's who I glorified.

My trip opened a lot of doors for me. I was able to get a better grasp on who I am as a person and feel that it shaped me overall into a better being. That is until... read more