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im just tired of this, tired of the same old same old sh**. i've been depressed for as long as i can f***ing remember, hell, i was on meds for a while but my parents dont think i need them. my parents dont give a flying f*** really, honestly, i think if i were to blow my head off right now they'd shed a little tear and then collect the money and move on. im f***in empty, the last good thing i had was someone that ended up cheating on me with every f***in guy down the block, i... read more

I'm starting high school tomorrow. Every time I think about walking through those doors I get really bad anxiety. And that's just thinking about it! At the age of 6 I started going to school and that school happened to be a private school. My mom works there as an infant teacher there so she didn't have to pay for me to go there. I was at this private school for 7 years. The only school I've ever been in. My classroom aloneread more

I'm so sick of being forgotten, betrayed and/or rejected. I spent several years trying to get what I want. The only things I got were letdowns and unrequited feelings.

Why do I get nothing when I can see others that are so happy with their friendships and love life? Why do I always end up alone and suffering?

There's only so much I can take, so many emotional scars I can have.

... f*** love.

Really, school? You're gonna download an app in our phones just so it keeps beeping with a notification of a new exercise that we must complete? C'mon! It's gonna show what time we opened the app, if we ignored it, if we made it, if we got it wrong, if we skipped a question, SIMUTANEOSLY? MY PARENTS DON'T CARE WHAT TIME I DO MY HOMEWORK, GEEZ THEY JUST WANT ME TO DO IT!

Where the f*** is my privacy you pieces of sh**? My phone is not for school it's for me to have fun so I w... read more

Don't send me prayer sh** on FB messenger when you know full well I'm against the man made religious views you ascribe to. Don't. I don't send you athiest articles about how f***ing ridiculous religious beliefs actually are and I don't send you reports of the ridiculous contradictory sh** in that book you obsess over, that men wrote to control other men, aka the Bible, so just leave me the f*** alone.

You have hopes and dreams, but on a daily basis you think of all you wish for, and in your brain the message of you don't have the money is being drilled in over and over. Still you don't lose sight, but you are broke. You eat crap food you don't like. You would rather have a decent sandwich here at work, but you can't afford that. Daily sausage sticks and soup it is. You felt good on your vacation, but you come back to work and you feel almost like you are going to have an e... read more

It's been 2 years and I still hate you. I'm doing better now, I graduated from my outpatient program, I'm weight restored, I'm dating, I'm happy. My life is better without you in it. But I still wish I'd never met you. I still wish you never came into my life and f***ed me up for an impossible 2 years. You made me lose my whole sense of self and sanity -- your addiction, your gaslighting, your abuse, your reckless disregard for any life other than your own -- when I think abo... read more

I knew this would happen. Stupid me for actually believing your bulls*** lies. What a moron I was. Now here I am, alone & you've already moved on.

I wish I could go back in time to the days when I was with you. A time when I was actually happy and thought my days of being alone were over.

I love being alone I can be weird with no judgement

You said you're done with me. Be done and leave me alone. I wasted 2ys for you. It was nothing but false hope and lies. Just remember tables will always turn.

I have no purpose in life. Does anyone? Am I selfish for saying that out loud? I'm tired of not being able to support myself. It is my last year in highschool and I want to drop out. I want to die but am to scared of dissapointment from "loved ones" to off myself. My "bestfriend" was using me to get close to my boyfriend and his friends. Yeah.. teen problems right. There is no difference between me and everybody else in this world. I am not special.. I have no hobbies.. I wan... read more

I am always used by people, not a single person has ever wanted me just for me. Every single relationship, every single friend even my own family. All I want is for someone to want to be around me, not for what I can do for them. I've attempted suicide twice because of this and I feel a third time coming soon because I got someone now that claims they want me, but yet never wants to show any type of affection. Even when we're in the car alone, but i cant bring myself to pick up my phone and type out any words. i haven't moved out of this chair si... read more

I'm alone. I want to end it. I just don't know anymore. No one will read this either. I just want to leave


Ok, so most of the time i feel like a sh** because my father in law REALLY bugs the hell out of me. I know i need to keep in mind we live in his house now. But we are here because he can't live alone any more. I get that he is set in his ways but someone should cut me some slack. I moved to a new state with no job, no friends, and no family expect for my husband and his family. Had to give up our pets because we cant hav... read more

solitude is addicting yet poisonous at the same time, and it's killing me yet all i want to do is being alone

Actually our founding fore fathers set it up this way to keep congress from doing any real damage,
so continue fighting among yourselves and leave us alone

I hate evrything right now. I feel off balance. I feel out of wack. Everything seems off. Im sad and im angry and im confused. Im worried. Im feeling so insecure and i feel like it makes everything so much f***ing worse. My heart hurts. And im alone. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to f***ing hug or even just to tell then that im having a bad day. Im so f***ing lonely. I wish i had friends. I wish i had someone c... read more