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Why haven't you got a divorce?

For me I am afraid to lose everything. I am afraid I will be alone. I am already alone, I struggle with making connection with others and feel unwanted. But then to be completely alone. I feel the misery living with a spouse who doesn't want to put much effort into being team in ... read more

Why do people care so much if I'm saying "Please! Advice!" I personally think it gets the attention of people. Just leave me alone. Yes I deal with a lot of sh**, so I vent&why care about my grammar? Bigger issues than that. Anyways, Is it bad if I just want to met my mother. My dad& "mom" never talk about her, they don't even know her tbh. Maybe my dad but he has never talked about her. No pictures no nothing. I just do... read more

so my family is the only one from our entire family to move to america (not refugee or anything, just wanted to leave) and i haven't gone to visit my family in eight years. i started messing it cuz i saw a picture of my favorite cousin all grown up so i wanted to go. now we're here and i now i remember why i hated it. i especially hate how i have no privacy. i don't like talking much and all my cousin wants to do is talk. i was able to stay alone but I hate it. Being alone in a big, new city makes me feel so lonely, makes me feel so jealous of couples, makes me wish there was someone who would explore this exciting place with me and make some sides of it more accessible.

Does anyone in Berlin want to dance with me? I have one night left here, and I ache to go dancing. I wish I had the... read more

I am hated and alone

How just how can you prove someone is cheating with absolutely no proof? I swear I feel it in my bones, my soul, my gut!! I just have no solid proof and it sucks to kee wondering every single day. He takes such good care of me and our boys but something has to give just because we are well taken care of doesn't make cheating right at all. I just wish it was a way I can know for sure or is it that I'm just way to insecure.... I just don't know what to do anymore I'm afraid if ... read more

About a year ago, I had a falling out with two of my best friends. The three of us had just moved in together and it was supposed to be this fantastic adventure. One of my friends was my dorm roommate our freshman year of college, and now we would be finishing our senior year living together again. We got along great freshman year, so I thought living together again would be fine.

Both of my friends had not-so-great roommate experiences the prior year. One friend (we'll call... read more

i have autism. aspergers specifically. my whole childhood i've been constantly ignored and misunderstood by my mom. i was homeschooled so i didn't have a lot of friends. all my siblings are much older than me and moved out before i really got to know them. i've been isolated besides some internet access. so my knowledge of the world of socializing has been horrible. since my social interactions with my mom have also always been awful, the rumor that autistic kids will never b... read more

Really need advice or tips on how to not feel so 'alone' per say. A lot of times if my boyfriend isn't talking to me, I find myself just continuously scrolling through social media back and forth until I get antsy and then pester him and get angry when he doesn't answer and I basically sabotage myself. I don't know if I need a hobby or something? My best friend moved to Arizona so I don't really have people to hang out w... read more

I feel so alone in this world like nobody cares about me . I know people do like family and such but I don't know I just want to feel like they really care. I feel like I have no friends and nobody to talk to. I just feel alone and empty.

My boyfriend has been working a lot and he had to work yesterday to get caught up. I wanted to spend the day with him today, not necessarily doing anything but just being together, and he just informed me he wants to go hang out at his friend's house. I barely got to see him this last week and now I probably won't get to see him much at all today. I hate being alone all the time.

You told me i was uncapable of anything, you told me i didn't know anything, i have accepted that, but instead of teaching me, you just leave me alone home, as always, whenever i get out for a walk you call and tell me to go back home, why, its not like anyone bothers reaching depths in conversation with me, then you expect me to find a stable job, you didnt even let me finish the studies which are another psychological ... read more

My head hurts. I just threw up on the family couch blanket. I feel more alone than ever.

i am so lonely and so confused and i dont know what i have done in life to have come to a point where i am so pathetically sad and inept at doing anything, everyone keeps saying my time will come but honestly i dont think it will, i got sent through to the interview stage of a job i really wanted, it got sent to a dead email address and sat there for a month so i missed it, i have spent nearly a grand trying to survive long enough to get a job without having to go back to fuc... read more

Life is just too much for me to handle anymore. I wish someone understood but they don't. I am alone with everything.

I need a friend. I'm tired of going through life alone, except for my dog, who I love. But I need a person to share it with too.

To all males on this site and everywhere else,
I am a woman who's been living in America for a while, and I want to take this time to say... I'm sorry. Sorry about this crazy world we have now, where numerous women are now the most manipulative, whiny people on Earth.

Feminism doesn't mean anything important anymore, it's just an excuse to whine about how we're ALL victims and that you humans with dicks are the worst things imaginable...

As if America had rape culture... Yo... read more

well. first time ever ranting in a website. let alone even search an anonymous rant website haha.

here goes. not like i'm ever going to visit this site ever again.

i'm a 13 year old girl who has a really, boring life.

this rant is pretty depressing, and you don't have to waste precious seconds of your life reading this lmao.


every single day that passes by, i keep feeling useless and pathetic.

i have no on... read more

My husband decided to take a week off from marriage. He went to the old batches hung out in before we met. He hung out with a girl half my age. He is back home but mentally still very gone. The thought of being alone is too much to handle. So I lose either way. This is abusive.

My husband decided to take a week off from marriage. He went to the old batches hung out in before we met. He hung out with a girl half my age. He is back home but mentally still very gone. The thought of being alone is too much to handle. So I lose either way. This is abusive