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I'm ok with being alone most of the time, but once in a while it would be nice to have someone to hold at night. At least I have my dog.

So one of my friends started to sit with my group of friends during lunchtime. My friends aren't particularly fond of her and want her to leave us alone. But i don't have the heart to tell her so, because she has no other friends and has some kind of anxiety issues. I feel like its my responsibility to look after her, otherwise she'll get more depressed. But sometimes it gets too frustrating to deal with her, she's quite... read more

look, i believe in aliens, but don't try to shove that image of a green little buddy with a huge head down my throat because NO. that's not how they look like. leave me alone or fight me

I literally have no f***ing friends left, everyone uses me or makes fun of me behind my back and expects to be the naive, gullible person I always am and when I stick up for myself, I'm the bad guy. I have no idea what im supposed to do when school starts back, everyone hated my guts and im going to be alone.

I want to make out with a bottle of vodka. Working on book number two. It might not be as good as my best... But I promised myself one book, per year, for the rest of my life. Well, my year's almost up. Oh. f***ing. Well. There goes another shattered dream.
I kind of think I need to dump my boyfriend because I know I might not love him the way he does me. I feel like I'm using him just because I'm afraid to be alone. It'... read more

I don't know if I can do this anymore. She is off all weekend while I work 6 days a week. She never helps around the house, ever. I do the dishes, laundry, take out the trash, change litter, clean floors/bathrooms/lawn, and she never lifts a finger.

We also don't have sex, and if we do it's 95% me initiating. I miss intimacy. We don't cuddle, and if we do it never lasts long.

I've tried to fix myself and try harder but I'm realizing that it isn't me. I'm going to come home ... read more

I'm so f***ing sick of my good mood getting sh** on by my family.. I just want the people around me to just leave me the f*** alone.

I don't know what to do. I have to rant about this to someone because it's driving me crazy. I need to say that I am one of those people who is good at manipulating others. I know that makes me sound like a bad person, but it's the truth and I just sort of learned it over time. Besides in every social circle I'm in I have to do this so people like me. I also need to say that I don't show any "weak" emotions (i.e. sadness, whatever you feel when you have a crush, etc) to peopl... read more

I'm going to f***ing die. my on and off again guy I've been talking too that i now hate has all his classes with me this year. I just went to a club/organization deal where we helped set up stuff and he started flirting with me! I mentally cannot do it all over again. That's the first time we have made eye contact or talked in two months. We have made out twice and done... other things. Now every time he looks at me i feel like hes looking at me naked in his head. But he is i... read more

I love the fact that I can be by myself and be perfectly fine when I'm alone I'm happy not stressed I find it funny that everything I said to all of you you ignored it and called me crazy but it was true I just brung it to light even though I wasn't suppose to but I'm ok now I'm ok with being alone

i'm sitting alone in my brothers house watching youtube videos.
my boyfriend is at a college party, hanging out with friends he'd rather spend time with.
we have no food, and he promised me he'd buy me pizza.
he just called me and told me itd have to wait til tomorrow.
i havent eaten today and its 11 pm.

I try to do my journal for my English class and I realized it said no summaries. Are you kidding me? It's due on the first day and I'm nowhere near started, let alone done. Every time I go to do it I find something wrongg with it.

Im just gonna share the story of my first crush. I am bored, and hurt. Im assuming it is like any other one, so don't keep reading. I didn't know I was crushing until November, at a dance. Before that, seeing him and his wonderful sarcasm <3 made me excited, but I didn't notice. (I was in 8th grade. I had a late first crush lol) But anyways, back to November. I was at my first dance, ever, and I knew I liked him when he asked my BEST friend to dance with him. At the moment I ... read more

I feel very alone and pissed off, my mom continues to talk to my sister and hang out with her when she verbally abused both of us said done terrible things never apologized also I let my sister know I was pregnant months ago, she didn't even bother to respond no congratulations no response anything, she uses u them throws u away like trash, she treats all her boyfriends abusively nAsty, she is truly a disgusting human be... read more

You ask me why I'm so closed off and unaffectionate it's because you put everything above our relationship. You tell me to plan dates for us and then you blow me off. I'm so fed up with being your second priority. Work is always more important. Like today was supposed to be our date day and you planned this 2weeks in advance. I distinctly remember you saying "honey that day will be about you! I've told everyone not to call so I can spend the whole day with you." And here it i... read more

I've seen many things and i must say, this place is stinking of negative
Please instead of hating the situation just live, go through it and look at it through different perspectives, we've had enough of "i am alone and absolutely everything is sh** in my life" because that's not true, you can still enjoy the marvels of the sky, the smell after rain, of soaked wood, of fresh grass, admiring insects and other small animal... read more

So my cousin does nothing but complain on facebook about how she wants a man, a perfect husband, blah blah, but then turns around and jokes about being an alcoholic b**** with a mental disorder that will probably die alone. This girl is 21. As someone with an actual mental illness, and a boyfriend who's family is suffering because of alcohol addiction, I find her so INCREDIBLY offensive. Maybe if she stopped complaining ... read more

The person I really like isn't close to me anymore...I won't be where she is for another couple of weeks. Actually I'm seeing her again in 10 days. But still, it really makes me wonder how people make long distance work. Because all I can think about right now at night is how much I want to be next to her, how much I want to hold her, how much I want her to kiss me....ugh her kisses are so addictive. It's like drinking some kind of magical healing water that fills up somethin... read more

I have to leave him alone for weeks at a time so he doesn't have an attitude with me. He doesn't text me at all when I leave him alone and it kind of hurts because I'm ALWAYS the one to text him first. I just wonder how long we could go without him ever saying anything to me? Maybe he doesn't want to talk to me anymore..

I am female, and when I was 7 to 8 years old I was sexually assaulted (orally) by a family memeber at least twice a month. My family always trusted this man, and left me alone with him a lot. For about a year of this going on, he told me that everyone did this, even my family. However, when I was 8, I asked if I could borrow a pencil, and he told me if he could play with me again. I asked why he didn't do this to my sist... read more