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We have a deadline to make junk for a potential job. This is the kind of motivation she asked for. Now she's just sitting around and procrastinating and being unrealistic again, like us working as a team, even tho she's the one always bitching she cant work with me because she works better alone or whatever. If I ask her to get working, it'll be like all the other previous times, she'll still do nothing but cry how I'm h... read more

I honestly need to not relapss im so pissed at myself. Im seriously so angry. And i can't just rerelapse to deal with it i have to just keep going and try to be fixed moving forward. Absolutley stupid.
I swear i need to get into meditating or something because im so tired of getting overwhelmed.
But like i feel so alone too and thats how i learned to deal with it.

I'm going to be alone forever just a well known fact no one wants to date me I'm a garbage bag full of mental illness

Props to all of you people who work your a**es off in school. Honestly. I envy that type of work ethic.

But please, don't think that just because your mark is higher than someone else's, you're smarter than they are.

The amount of your life you waste alone in your room studying is not directly proportional to your level of intelligence. Granted, I realize that work ethic is much more valuable than intelligence in most ... read more

I hate it when ppl be like "your not alone" or "your feelings are valid :)". b**** IDGF HELP ME g**d*** IT.

I really wish other humans would just leave me the f*** alone.

I really hate waiting for women, that's probably why I'm still alone at 28 years of age.

Yes there is a limit. Now leave me alone.
I lie to you all the time about loving u. I don't love you like that.

U caused our marriage to be this way because you want to spy on my phone. I feel like prisoner in this marriage and that hurts me everyday but u only care about your own happiness.

I will never treat you like a queen because u don't trust me. U don't deserve that. You have ur chance. I would have forgave you.... read more

I've had intense agoraphobia for years and on top of that I have a hard time explaining that to people. Everyone just thinks I'm a crazy reclusive b****. Sometimes I think I prefer it that way though, they leave me alone and I can work safely. The consequence is that I get my socializing from doing things like this.

It’s been almost 3 years and yet my heart aches as if it happened yesterday. When I hear your name mentioned the entire world just stops for that moment, because I remember that small eternity I got to have with you, however fleeting it was. I remember those beautiful eyes that lured me in and stared up at me as we did so many things together. I remember what it was like to receive affection from someone I’ve chased after for the first time, and I cherished it every day t... read more

I need to be left alone. I am an absolute worst anything. I literally cannot funtion. Stupid.
Please can a lightning bolt fry my heart. Please?

so im a horny person not sure why, not sure if its because of my ex's or just who i am.
school didnt teach us much about HIV or anything really if they did its like they were confused themselves and just said "go to these websites"

anyways, because of me touching myself i think i gave myself hiv or something. i dont have symptons of AIDS but mostly hiv.
I get itchy once in awhile i feel tiny bumps down there whenever i please myself. i feel them freak out and stop now and i ... read more

I feel so alone when I'm not with him, but nervous when I am. People say I can do better, but i'm just worse. My girl lives miles away and she is perfect, but my parents have been trying to keep us apart since the beginning of time. I love her, and I can't lose her. But part of me wants him. She's right, I'm just like my father

I have a friend who is always being a b**** to me but at the same time she's really cool but just a dipshit to me and my other good friend the only thing she talks about is school and that's it even when we have sleepovers it's all about school and the one friend I was previously talking about never makes plans with me I'm always the one making them and I always feel like a seconed option to everyone in life like I'm never good enough to pretty enough Yano like everyone treat... read more

Hey. I just don't want to be alone. Message me back maybe. We can listen to beach house and drive around.

Screw you. I got nothing to say to you, stay the he'll out of my life i dont need your time or help. Your not welcome at my house. My life is no longer your concern. Just please leave me alone. I'm done with you.

Oh come on can i just not get depressed and suicidal for 5 minutes. I feel like crying. Honestly i have no where to go. Honestly if im going to be sad and alone can i at least have some bomb kush like damn if im not geting any love i just need to be alone and high and then just study and if im alone here i just... read more

is there ever going to be a time it doesn't hurt to be alone like this? some day where i can just be happy by myself? like there isn't this icy pit of disgust and self hatred in my heart that i can only cover up when i'm around others but never get rid of. why can't i just stay home sick one day without feeling like there's no one else in the world, like i'm stranded. am i that desperate for companionship?

Yeah so I love someone but then I sort of gave up on them but now they're showing interest but at the same time we're both awkward and boring only around each other idk idk it's like suddenly I'm weird and I can't socialize well it's very frustrating and also I'm more than slightly aggravated because I know they know how to make conversation but they just don't and we're awkwardly alone a lot (I mean I don't feel that aw... read more

So I'd like to start off by saying no one needs to bother reading this or let alone commenting, I'm just here to vent because my family won't listen and friends won't either so I've come to the internet like most people do! Anyway, the topic is 'work', my manager, who was more of a friend than a boss but if she had to be stern than she would be, is leaving. She got a better offer somewhere else, more money, closer to her... read more