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You told me half the time I talk it sounds like I'm complaining so I gave you just about an entire car ride silence. All of a sudden that's not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough. I give you what you want and it's not good enough.
I think it's me. I put way to much love into relationships but I never get that much love back. I love too hard and it's too much for some people to handle. I wish I could take a step back but I can't. Once I'm in, I'm in. But my luck me lovin... read more

What's wrong with me? I've never had a relationship in my life and I'm in my mid twenties. I feel like I'm gonna end up all alone in life.

I've tried being distant,being aggresive,being soft and letting my guard down,being passionate and caring,keeping a balance between all 4 and yet i'm still alone as ever.Maybe i should just give up trying altogether.....

I need to come to terms with the fact that i'm all alone and i'm never going to find someone who truly cares about me

i feel like i am going to die alone...

I just don't want to be alone anymore....

I have depression and nobody cares about me. It took me 3 and a half years to pluck up the courage and tell someone that something was wrong. And what did they do? They spat it back in my face, they said I was ungrateful and moody, they used to make little side comments that ripped me into pieces, they expected me to apologise. I have no friends and my family ignores me. I'm comepletely alone in this big world and I don'... read more

There was an anti racism PSA for a while, i remember it, you've probably seen it too, that pissed the hell out of me.
The thing is, it was actually really good, it got the message across, it was clear, it showed the struggle that dark skinned man face every days and the blatant racism and since it was kinda made to live the day from his point of view it really made you feel for the guy.
Until the last seconds. Where he's just in an elevator, alone before.

Ins't it weird how tastes work ? I mean i hate scrambled eggs alone, I don't like herbs all that much and i hate feta cheese alone. But if i mix all of that up i love it.

I keep dreaming about books??? I don't even like books, leave me alone

I'm jealous of one of my best mates' happiness, and I hate myself for it.

He married his high-school sweetheart, they sticked together through those 5-years of college (same city, different universities), and now they are living together. They own a flat, they now own a used car, and they are planning to have a baby soon. And I'm... I'm alone, I'm paying rent, I have hardly anything near the end of each month, and I'm s... read more

When I first had my mental breakdown I couldn't talk to anybody I just wanted to be alone. Later I got out of it and told this friend of mine but instead of comforting me lashed out saying I don't get to pick when and when not to be friends with her. Recently I had another mental breakdown and during that period she called me and I didn't pick up because I didn't want to talk to anybody. But she sent me a text that sound... read more

Sometimes I really love living alone. But other times, it's super lonely.

depressed, broke, terminally ill and in pain. married to a sober alcoholic who refuses to admit to ever being am alcoholic.
he drove his truck head on into a tree one night ( swearing he was run off the road ) i told him 'dry out or i am out' and he he still takes me for granted, just tells his friends that i 'won't let him drink'.

we travel 3 weekends a year for business meetings that are held in various locations. i look forward to these weekends because in the o... read more

I got really sick one summer. I left my house twice. Agoraphobia. People learned not to ask me to hang out with them because it made me feel worthless at the time. But once I got better, people still didn't ask me to hang out. I thought I would be used to being left out by now. I thought I'd learn to enjoy my own company, but sometimes being alone feels lonely. Sometimes it feels good, but right now I feel really read more

i really like privacy, especially when it comes to family. i'm on vacation and came to visit them since i haven't seen them for like seven years and all they want to do is talk to me, which i understand because they missed me, but i just want to be alone. i don't like talking much and i don't like being in a crowded room. but there is no room where i could stay aloneread more

I remember that time you left me waiting after school, to pick me up and you never came. You did that to me in elementary school and when I was in middle school as well. You never came to any of my school events. You never encouraged me or gave me any sort of emotional support. You just hid in your office working or at my grandmothers house all the time. Away from us. You left me and my mom alone all the freaking time. I... read more

my uncle is a f***ing snake and idk how my mom lets him in the house let alone let him come near us with him not showering for weeks at a time
like that dog f***er stole more than 40 bucks from me in a span of 3 days bc my little sister was crying about being alone at 3 in the morning
also he lies about checking up on us even though i know he only comes to our house... read more

I am the only person in this house who does the shopping and the cooking and washing the damn dishes. There are four grown a** adults and two children here. I control my diabetes by diet alone. I make awesome food and I still accommodate all the others in the house who are not diabetic and don't give a sh** what they shove it in their face hole. I can't even eat the dinner that I just made because of all the big a** whin... read more