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I hate my body and won't let anyone touch me. I have a coworker who will occasionally touch my shoulder or my arm and it make me cringe thinking how gross I must feel. I wish I knew how to get over it, because I don't really want to be alone forever.

people need to stay away. Im not in a good place and i never will be.
Seriously i think i have to be alone. My parents were right i am a monster. I may have been afraid but now im different and i think i may have unintentionally f***ed up my brain to cope my brain has done something.
I need to shut up. Go mia
And i need to be alone for my life.
A catharsis of seeing... read more

My depression has been getting worse. I don't want to be alive anymore.. I don't want to kill myself either, I just don't want to be alive. I have such a great life. I have a job, I'm engaged, have a family who loves me, I have friends... but nobody knows and I'm so scared to reach out and tell anyone. It is so easy for me to pretend to be okay, and my family would never guess that I feel this way. I just absolutely hate myself and feel so alone, it's just a pain that we need some companionship...

No one has time for me anymore, so I wish they would let me slip off to die alone somewhere.

Please help! I'm desperate :-( My sister is a sociopath. I know that only a doctor or therapist can diagnose disorders but she went to a therapist before when she was 17 and he said that she's a very sweet and normal girl. She's definitely NOT normal - she is a liar, a con artist, violent, lacks empathy, has set frogs on fire in the yard with gasoline and matches, and she's obsessed with serial killers. She's said and done terrible things since she was a kid and now she's 35 ... read more

I will never understand how "Leave me alone!" and "Go Away!" turned into "Go ahead! Stalk my blog obsessively until my social anxiety forces me to delete it or go on hiatus."

Male entitlement
In real life, and as mirrored in media images, being male is the only thing one needs to gain access to the good things in life, including gainful employment, physical safety and comfort, and sexual access to women. Even oafish or “beta” males are entitled to have a woman as a domestic, sexual and reproductive slave and we see this portrayal often such as in television shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” or VH-1’s reality series “The Pickup Artist... read more

I would be surprised if i can get at least one person to read this. I always find it hard to talk about these things with anyone. Even some of my closest friends. (Not like I have many anyway)

I'm only 16 yet I already feeling that I'm unable to do anything and I'm just wasting away with my life. When I was around the age of 12 my parents had split up and this caused a lot of emotional toil on myself. I lost all of my confidence in school and wasn't able to make friends as e... read more

She is honestly a coward. I remember one night at like midnight she unlocked the door for a total stranger for some reason and literally bolted to upstairs and left me, a 13 year old girl, to deal with a drunken male adult all alone. She cried later that she was scared. Right. What a f***in b****.

I don't know if I'm depressed or not. See it seems that every time I think I've found the person for me we date for at least a year or 2 and they end up moving. It's like I'm always putting my all into my relationship and they are always one sided. I can't eat I feel sick every time I try, I'm continuously crying, and I just want to be alone and sleep. But today I just want to up and move and start over I feel like it wi... read more

Kids been making a mess all day with just me cleaning and paying attention to them. I thought I could do the patience thing but I just cant. Theyre just a bunch of g**d*** parasitic inconvienent idiots. I'm gonna miss living alone.

Im sick of being emotionally/psychologically abused. My dad seems to do it whenever he is in a bad mood with his fantasy sports, or in a bad mood in general. I am so sick of feeling like nothing; and like a piece of garbage almost every day of my life. Usually there is one person I can confide in; but hasnt talked/said anything to me in 3 days straight. If people wonder why I may have depression and social anxiety; they can thank him for that; by calling me a loser, useless b... read more

So. I don't even know how to start this. Uhmmm.....I have a daughter. Her father and I seperated in September. It was 2 days after her first birthday.
Today he is currently married and his wife is about 6 months pregnant. They got married on my brother's birthday. She's been pregnant since November and I just recently got confirmation that he was cheating on me with her, which was known. I've been okay. It's just I wish I could understand why. My head tells me that it's not m... read more

One of the most important people in my life committed suicide. He was one of my only friends. Now the world feels cheap and pointless. I may as well yank the steering wheel into oncoming traffic next time I'm driving on the freeway. Maybe I should take a swim in a frigid river and allow the current to gently slip me under, fill my lungs, make me heavy. Why go through the motions of life anymore? It's all a facade. We put on mask after mask. And when we're truly alone

I feel like such a freak. I overanalyze past things I've said and then I literally say to myself how much I hate myself. For instance, today, I meant to say something and I forgot. I was so angry at myself for forgetting I spent the entire afternoon telling myself how much I hate myself. This happens with a lot of memories where I screwed up, sometimes they're recent and sometimes they're a few days ago or a long time ago. Not just internally but out loud most of the time whe... read more

We're all alone, waiting for one more show

President Trump did not understand that the US cannot negotiate a trade deal with Germany alone
and must deal with the European Union as a bloc, a senior German official told The Times of London.

"TEN times Trump asked German chancellor Angela Merkel if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany.
Every time she replied, 'You can’t do a trade deal with Germany, only the EU,'" the official said.

They continued: "On t... read more

I'm so alone.

Not physically. I have a Mum who does her best. A little sister who is the most perfect person I know. Loving grandparents. 6 really good friends.

Yet I feel so lonely.