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If no one told you they love you today, just remember I do. I may not know you personally, but we are all souls going through this life together. And life gets hard, and it can feel hopeless and meaningless at times. During those times, remember you are not alone, I love you, and you will make it through.

I think i'm conditioned to be sad around the people i'm close to. i feel like they just need me to feel like they have someone that cares and listens but then no one cares about me. i'm not allowed to be selfish because i have to care for everyone else and if i dont im lazy or mean or whatever. this is why i like being alone. whenever a am alone i feel like i can br... read more

Im so upset with my husband . He goes to work , 8am -5pm... smokes with his friends after work and plays the game, had the nerve to bring them over today around 7 or 8 , thought they were just gonna hang out for a bit then he cme home but no.... Im pregnant, we have a 3 yr old together and she is the busiest thing ive ever dealt with and ive been very frustrated latley . And he just gets to go to his cool f***ing job , smoke and play games had the nerve to ask me did i wanna ... read more

My group of friends want to make a youtube channel and we're planning a skit but we need the 'leader' 's approval on the skit.

Thing is though the leader is going through a heavy breakup, even if the two sides hated each other- the whole thing is still pretty 'bad feeling'. I'm not fully aware of the idea of love so maybe i'm wrong on this though.

two of my friends are in a relationship [and they're stereotypical couple- they cuddle 24/4 , have tickle fights or playful figh... read more

I hate my job, I worked so hard to get here gave up everything just get a foot in the door (and it's f***ing hell).

1. I only have a job there because half the people quit and no one else wanted it!

2. I am the newest so everyone tells me what to do, and they all want me to do it their way. K says do it this was, T says do it this was,I says do it this was but ask t or K first..... And since one of the people who quit wa the supervisor there are floats who come up from anot... read more

I think it's funny when people use "nobody likes you!" as an insult.
Thanks for pointing out I don't give a sh** if you like me or not. And I'd rather be alone than a desperate b**** that'll cling to the first a**h*** that pays attention to you and ruin your whole life, thank you very much Kali. :D

my best friend left me for her crush and when their thing ended she came back to me and acted like it never happen like she never left me crying bc of a family situation and i cant f***ing deal anymore i cant pretend that it never happened but i cant end my friendship with her bc shes my only real friend ive ever had and im not good at making new friends at all so shes all i have and i cant do this anymore i have no clue what to do shes going to a different school next year a... read more

If anyone had told me that my whole life would fall apart one piece at a time, I would never have gotten on that plane back to NY. If relinquishing my citizenship for my sanity was evident to me, I wouldn't have blinked twice. Now he's parading off partying and not being serious about the fact that we are getting married soon. I'm tired of being home all day looking for jobs. And even worse, I'm exhausted and traumatized from all the rejections I've gotten from every job I ap... read more

Everyday at a certain point in the day, my heart sinks and I realise I'm not fulfilling any goals, I'm not working towards a greater good, I'm not helping people around me, I'm not playing fun games with my kids, I'm not learning new skills, I'm not daydreaming with interior magazines anymore, I'm not considering cheating on my man, I'm not buying clothes that make me feel good, I'm not throwing hysterical fits or fighting the powers that be, I'm not turning into a person wit... read more

The most annoying people just won't leave me alone and the people I love act like they hardly even care about me. I'm exhausted.

Here's one reason why I don't trust guys and want to be forever alone. It not like I'm a man-hater, I'm fine being friends with them, and I have crushes it just I can't let anyone get close to me. My female relatives' relationship with their husbands or ex haven't been great. This is the first time I'm admitting it but my dad cheated on my mom when I was young. He was brazen about it too, I was a dumb 4 years old and did... read more

I have no friends. I only have acquaintances. I have no one to do stuff with, no one that I want to tell everything. In my family there is only one person I consider to be a "best friend" but she has other friends and I'm just a sister to her. And sometimes I feel like she is just tolerating me.
The worst is that I know this will not change because I am a stubborn person who will insist that everything is fine even though loneliness is just tearing me apart inside. Every day ... read more

ex-boyfriend who i was with for 5 yrs broke up with and stopped talking to me completely 3 months ago, because he 'needed time alone' and to be 'away from people' which is f***ing insulting because that only applied to me, the only thing i asked was to be told the truth and he wouldn't even do that. 5 f***ing years and now he's with someone else after almost no time at all. feel like our relationship wasn't important to ... read more

I never gave myself time to get over girl A because I didn't want to be alone. Now I have girl B and she's amazing, she's damn near perfect, but I can't give her my whole heart the way I want to because some of it is still with girl A

What a f***ing piece of sh** Jay Ladin is. He just can’t leave her alone, can he? He has to relentlessly stalk her online, leaving his snide comments everywhere. What an a**h*** . A truly misogynistic, egotistical bully who can’t accept that his wife didn’t put aside her own needs when he decided to play dress up. His behavior is 100% male. God, he repulses me.

Patience is key
All of you f***ers will die one day and I can be left alone

Ive finally come to terms with the fact that I'm a hideously ugly human being that no one could ever love and I'm never going to get a girlfriend or anyone that could love me and I'm going to lead a painful boring existence and die sad and alone with no one.

im so sad and alone. everyday is just more negativity that im forced to face. i have noone to talk to it about, thats why im here. i have such a hateful family, and absolutly no good relationship with them. they dont know how to express love. we argue over nothing. we stress over nothing. no supporting each other ever. theres always criticism. the thing is i try so hard, i love them and their a huge part of my motivation... read more

Sounds like pedophilia maybe just leave the kids alone and harasses adults at least

I don't understand why some people think it's okay to distract a dog when they're obviously a service/working dog ? I've had so many people tell me sh** like "he's a dog, so i should be able to pet it if i want to." ... NO ????
First things first, he's MY dog, I alone am his owner and he will only take orders from me. Because he respects me and I respect him. Because we're partners.
Secondly, as part of the security staf... read more