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❤💤 He's always on my mind, oh my gosh.
I can't ever express it, he's so amazing. I'm lucky to have my boyfriend. There are those times where I just.. REALLY feel like I love him. Not that I don't, it just intensifies. I wish to be with him forever.

.. But. There's this chic that he went to a dance with in middle school, and she's //now// trying to get his attention. Recently. He said, she's turned psychotic.. the example being she wants a specific guy to blow up their s... read more

i wannt to run and cry and panic any time i hear loud voices even if its positive if theres an argument such as some silly sibling sh** theyll scream so i can hear them as i walk away and they accuse me of walking away to avoid the situation or being 'proved' of something when its something such as taking sh** even if i didnt do it just LEAVE ME alone ILL TAKE THE BLAME STOP SCREAMING STOP RAISING YOUR VOICE YOU COULD AC... read more

I was stupid to think that I had a chance to participate with your group. Hyped myself up and gave it my all in applying for nothing. I waited so very patiently for many weeks while you played with the others. And in the end you forgot about me, and left me to hope for nothing. You tried to make things right by adding me to the final group but by then there was no longer any interest to form a final group and you were already moving onto the next thing. I accepted the fact th... read more

I keep getting super drunk at home to avoid my family not being able to cope with my stress otherwise before moving halfway across the US for my first week of college in a week. They don't like helping me with signatures and forms I've been pressing them to do for a few months, and tonight my mom screamed at me because I said "sorry" over having to redo a form. I really want out, but I can't do it alone and how am I goin... read more

Leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeee

I still wonder why you have to go. Why you'd rather do all of those things alone and leave me behind. You said you miss me. You want to come home. But you're the only one stopping yourself.
I wonder why you put us through this.
Sometimes I hope you say you'll never come back
So I won't wake up tomorrow and wait for you

I don't even want to have sex anymore with you nope! Just forget it you're the last person I should f*** let alone lose my virginity to.

Wish someone took my suicidal thoughts serious and noticed why I'm always so angry or extremely sad or isolating myself and sleeping all day long literally. But no one does I feel alone. I feel like a joke. I'm tired of people saying just fight it it's hard to fight it I'm trying everyday just sometimes some actual comfort would be nice instead of the occasional sweep it under the rug

I'm listening to an online radio right now and every song it plays is super on point it's kind of spooky. For example I was thinking about how much I want to kill myself and a song about suicide came on, and I started thinking about how I'm so alone and a song about being alone came on.

Why the f*** did you leave me all alone. You were the only one I thought understood. But you didn't. Why the f*** do I have to be so f***ing alone. I'm still alone. YOu didn't even talk to me about it you just elft what am I suppose to do. f*** you Chris.

Can someone please tell me why I sit through the pain of living a meaningless devoid of purpose life in which I slave day till night and sleep. Not that Im depressed maybe Im cynical, but why is life repetitive suffering? I just want to be left alone but everyone in the world thinks I have a special purpose in a few years all of us will be completly forgoten and history will be irrelevant. What imoact will any of our use... read more

I want to go back to my childhood. I miss the days when I could wake up feeling energized and looking forward to living life. I miss the times when I actually felt like my parents cared for me and I didn't feel alone all the time because I felt so loved. I want to feel joy from the simple things in life again. Simple things such as the warmth I used to feel from a stomach full of mashed potatoes or even the happiness and... read more

I spent nearly $60 on delivery this week alone... and it's only Tuesday.

Yes, we're friends, kind of.

Now leave me alone.

I just want to be alone to get my mind right so this annoyed feeling will go away like everyone just stay out of my face and stop talking to me

Work is so much harder now that she's gone. It's so much harder now that I can't talk to her to make it go by faster. It's so much harder knowing that I'm going straight home after work to be sad and alone instead of going over to her house to cuddle and watch movies. Ive never been as happy as I was when I was with her.

How does someone just lose feelings for someone they've been with for a year? I treated her so well.... read more

i recently met a nice gal, who told me she worked at a company who discriminates against cannabis users by doing a urinalysis at the start of employment. She told me she didn't use cannabis for 30 days, then after she got her job, she started using again. A lot of people that i have talked too told me the same thing. I question that kind of thought though.
She said they only test again the employers if they make any mistake and get hurt, and i wonder if that is moral what she... read more

My son kept crying in the store because I wouldn't buy him a certain kind of ice cream, since he's allergic to strawberries. This lady starts bothering me saying "Get him the strawberry, he really wants it. I'll buy it for him. Get it for him, don't be a selfish mother." Like b**** leave us alone... mind your f***ing business... and shove that strawberry ice cream up your a** since you clearly want it so g**d*** bad.

I've never been attracted to anyone either romantically or sexually. When I was growing up, everyone around me was crushing, falling in love, having sex, etc. I never had that experience. I looked at boys, I looked at girls, but I felt nothing. I felt unhuman. That, and the addition of bullying at school made me depressed and suicidal at a very young age. I didn't have any friends to talk to. In fact, I don't recall ever having a true friend, not even to this day. When I firs... read more

Had a boyfriend i loved very much from when i was a teenager for about a year. Broke up and saw him move on from me fairly quickly, left me heartbroken, moved out of the country at 18 in hopes to escape. Went back for holidays 3 yrs later and went on a date with him, lost my virginity to him, he said what we had was special, taxi cab from twenty one pilots was playing (completely unintended but it was on loop on my phone for some reason) . After that evening he never called a... read more