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I just got a lot off my chest to my best friend and I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do.
I ended up telling her how my ex had cheated on me, how he watched porn when he told me he didn't, and how he had pictures of her on his phone that were on his phone long before we started dating but he never deleted them

It's funny how the most consistent people in my life have been exes. We might not have worked out, but both of these guys still are there for me, no matter what. Despite our differences, we've stayed friends and it's the best thing to know that these guys are always here for me.

I hate you. I hope I never see you again. Thanks for irritating me to the point that I hate you even though we're supposed to be best friends. But that's fine. You don't even consider me your best friend so I don't care anymore. Even after you broke my heart and annoyed the sh** out of me I came back hoping to fix this. But if you want to be a hateful a** b**** then... read more

Been in relationship for 3 years, I had my own place,he had his ,he sold his place moved in with me ,we was even talking about getting married. It was the best relationship I've ever been in we never argued got along super always laughed was that all just a put on on his part Well three weeks ago his best friend died a week after they buried him he just moved out and moved in with his friend's wife the one that passed aw... read more

I have a lot of mixed feelings that I don't know how to deal with. My best friend was a man named Dave, he was 63 when I met him at the ripe age of 14. We were closer than me and my grandfather and we quickly adopted each other in out hearts and minds, not legally. As time went on we would open up little bits and pieces to each other and I learned a little about his daughter. I met quite a bit of his family and friends a... read more

I miss my brother. I had to leave him in an abusive home where my parents force him to do hard labor in the Southern US heat because my mom manipulated him into staying. We were best friends. We only had each other in our isolated world.
He probably thinks I abandoned him. I'd been sexually abused and suicidal then, so leaving him this way was my only other option.
I miss who he was before my parents' cult warped his min... read more

Ok so it's taken me some time but I've realised I'm pissed off. I am the type of perso who will ALWAYS be there for somebody else and I made a group of like 3 other 4 closest friends who became my "girls" at the beginning of sixth form. I love them all so much but it's obvious we are each growing apart and they don't even seem to give a f***. It was kind of a creeping feeling when one of them decided to tell me and my BFF about their boyfriend like 3 months into their relatio... read more

i literally just cussed you out YESTERDAY because you told me that you got feelings for me and then the next day you are dating my best friend. well, KARMA IS A b****. cuz after ONE WEEK, she could not handle your suicidal depressed a** anymore and she left you. it hurts, doesn't it? thinking you could replace me? i love how you claim "i miss you, i love you, i want to be with one has ever loved me as much as ... read more

I need a best friend f*** living life alone

Every time I've reached out for help, it's bitten me in the a**.

I make a friend who sets herself up as someone who won't judge me? The second I do something she dislikes, she judges the hell out of me and reminds me at every turn that I f***ed up.

I go to sites like 7 Cups of Tea to try and find someone who'll listen to me when I feel like I'm three steps from swallowing a bottle of pills? I wind up talking to a bot for 30 minutes, and getting matched with a listener who's... read more

I need a best friend! Actually i just need a friend because i have none. Maybe i should go back to regular school

4yrs ago i met a girl online and we began to chat every single day. As time passed i learned more and more about this person one of the bigger things was her being an actual psychopath. However everything came to an end 4 days ago where i discovered her pen name, she was/is a gore anime artist, and i then confronted her about it. After that she blocked me completely from her life however i got in contact with her where she said something similar to: "you never ment anything t... read more

I miss him so much, but I don't know if we can ever get back together or if it will even work. Okay this may be a bit long cause there's a long history here but I need to get this off my chest cause it's frustrating. My best friend, I love him, I really do. When I was in year 9 (grade 8?) he asked me out cause we both had a crush on each other after being friends and ofc I said yes. We dated for a few months but then it ... read more

Dear boy I might have feelings for,
I don't know what to do. At all. It's over a year since I've liked someone(January 28th is the exact day I stopped) and truly regret that one person. I never tend to process my feelings quickly, I like to wait it out. I wait to see if it's just interest that'll last a couple months. You. You. You have almost last a little more than half the school year and I don't know what to do. You always catch my attention and it's so odd. When you're i... read more

My mother abuses me. She yells at me, she curses at me, and she hits me. I am never good enough no matter how hard I try. In my opinion, my grades are pretty ok. I have all A's and one 102 in math. She always compares me to other people and makes me feel bad about myself. I don't have depression nor am I suicidal. I believe I have a purpose in the world, but I'm afraid that this might interfere with it. Two of my close friends have depression and one recently called a number ... read more

Am I a horrible person? I feel as such. I'm sixteen years old and today I was forced to put down my best friend Copper. Copper was my basset hound. He's been in my life since I was four years old and I can tell you stories of me and him as if I were downtown with my girls and laugh until I cried. Right now however I cry for a different reason. Copper had been battling cancer for four months and the doctor said the fluids... read more

me and my best friend haven't talked for a few weeks now. it's because i don't support her decision on continuously hooking up with her ex. he broke up with her months ago because he didn't want to have a girlfriend in college, which he's starting in august. but, he still hangs out with her and f***s her.. literally they act like they are dating without the commitment. all of her friends, including me, have told her to d... read more

I'm sick of being overweight.
I'm doing my best to eat less but stress, PMS, loneliness, life makes me forget I shouldn't go eat at the fast food restaurant.
I did ok today.
But it's frickin hard.
Being a nurse and a caregiver for an elderly snobbish woman seven hours a day REALLY takes everything out of me.
My adult daughter is a dipshit. I want the best for her but she just first have it all together and I am sad, frustrated, mad, pissed, irritated and I would like to learn... read more

We're staying with my husband's friend/coworker while we're getting ready to move. We're supposed to leave tomorrow but my husband keeps trying to talk me into staying because apparently his friend is bbqing tomorrow. It wouldn't be that big a deal but our poor dogs are stuck in their kennels all day because these people have small children... One of which will not leave me alone. Any chance he gets he screams in my ear, pulls on my hair and hits me in the head with any objec... read more

I have a friend and i love her a lot and she loves me but i feel like shes starting to push me out of her life and like what she says to me is all lies like she doesnt love me and she doesnt care about me and she never did. Ive known her for like 6 years and she means a lot to me and i dont want to lose her as a friend but i dont know what to do she always talks about one of her friends (who is my enemy) about how she loves her a lot and shes her only

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    I wouldn't want a friend who keeps company like th...
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    Yer welxome
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