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I just sucked my best friend's boyfriend's dick, and it's not the firs time. So tired of my girlfriend whining about her boyfriend complaining. It is just easier to take care of the problem myself, and it's really not a problem. He's a nice guy, she is just too stuck on herself and doesn't know how to take care of a man, so it's me to the rescue once again.

I don't know if I loved him or anything like that but I did have strong feelings for him. I met him in high school, my sophomore year. At first, I wasn't really into him but he started a conversation with me about everyday. He sat right next to me in English class and we talked about everything then I started to like him. At that point, I was about to ask him out when I found out he had a girlfriend. I was heartbroken. I just felt so lead on and that my time was wasted but we... read more

i have a "crush" i think on someone but they keep talking about other people and i am always supportive i have been their friend for years and years but i dont know anymore. They are my best friend and i dont want to ruin that my telling them but i also dont want them to forget about me when they find someone hA im so selfish i should be happy for them everytime they get into a relationship but im not and i hate it

I don't understand how people can feel suffocated from a relationship.When i meet someone i try to be as kind as possible.I do my best to make time for them even at times when i'm busy.I feel empty when everyone i know is suddenly busy."you are suffocating me"...whe exactly does that mean? I'd do anything for a person who'd be willing to care about me as much as i care about them...I've been nothing but kind to my friends...How can they take it for granded and even worse make... read more

Okay you see, I met this guy on the internet one day. And I just got really close with him, we would tell each other everything. We would spend the whole day texting each other. He wasn't you're average best friend. He was always sarcastic about everything. Sometime around the year, I found out that I liked him; my friends told me that I talked about him too much. So I jokingly texted him that I loved him and surprisingl... read more

Wth. Whenever I talk about people who hurt me and or have done me wrong and I tell you about it but all you have to say is "Oh forgive them" or "I should learn how to move past that" but your always talking mad sh** about your ex best friend who acted weird around you supposedly for the past five years and how they called you fake but the sh** my own family members did to me is somehow not that bad? I was almost put in j... read more

Im going to meet my internet best friend for the first time, and I can't stop thinking how ugly and fat I am. I know they wont think I am, but its just so hard to stop feeling this way. I wish I was just excited and not worrying about how I look. They always see my face and everything ALL THE TIME but what if I look worse in person to them?
I have to stop thinking like this !

I honestly hate myself. I broke up with the only thing in the world that I truly cared about and loved over 8 months ago. We've been okay and we're still friends. I've trying getting back with him, but he said if he were to, I would have to improve on who I am. I've been a mess for a while. My problem now is my only female best friend and him are all over each other all the time when I'm with them. I wasn't certain if th... read more



My best friend has been dating this guy for barely a month, but now she loooooves him, and never lets anyone else forget it. It's just constant blah blah blah about how cute he is, how talented he is, how nice he is, blaaaaaah f***in blah.

Ohhh boy oh boy he has a two year degree in car refurbishing! Better point out every somewhat old car you see on the road now to prove your superior knowledge in the subject. Like she... read more

What twisted f***ed up fate I have. I recently just found out that my husband is talking to my best friend's sister in law (now ex sister in law because she divorced her husband just recently too) and is talking to my husband. She left her husband just to talk to another person who is married?? I even looked at his texts which either he's dumb enough to leave it there or forgot about it and she's been asking him if he's ... read more

About a month ago, I got hired by a fast food chain. I won't say which one for confidential reasons. I desperately needed a job and they hired me, so I was excited. They were hesitant at first because I'm so young (15 so not that young when it comes to hiring someone). Once they hired me I thought they were on board with me. They were telling me that I was young but I showed an excessive amount of maturity so they had high hopes for me. It's been a month and they still haven'... read more

He's my best friend but I want him I like him a lot I just hope in the future this turns into some cliche sh** and you end up falling for me lol

When I was about 4 my mom took off and left me and my brother with my dad. He was an alcoholic and we lived in our grandpas house with my aunt, uncle and two cousins and my dad would leave me to watch my 1 year old brother every night while he was out getting drunk and doing pot. Later on we moved and my dad got a girlfriend so she moved in. I went to a public school and had many friends, they would come over my house and we would have huge sleepovers and we would drink my da... read more

even though i am a teen, i really want someone to love, someone who has the same interests as me, someone who is like my best-friend, someone who makes my heart flutter, by doing the cheesiest things, but will always make me laugh. i want someone who doesn't judge a book by its cover. everyday, i more tired, each second, just waiting. we live in a world full of HATE, JEALOUSY, COMPETITION. why hate each other, when you can just be quiet? anyways, I just want someone.. to love... read more

This one person in my friend group annoys me so much; they have this "teehee I'm so edgy and cool!" attitude that makes me want to impale myself. They're also really self-centered, to the point if you try to talk about something about yourself for longer than five seconds, they'll almost always interrupt to talk about themselves more, and it's super annoying.

The most annoying thing they do is that they think they're the best writer ever and will bash the hell out of anyone ... read more

I thought that friendship is stronger than many things than happen. Guess I was wrong. My best friend developed kind of a crush on a boy from her class in primary school (we're in 3rd year of high school) when he called her out once during our previous high school years. They went out, he wanted to kiss her, but she was the one who stopped him. Some time passed and she went out with her other friend and got drunk and she... read more

So lonnng story short.. I was in Europe with a tour group with people my age. There was this guy, let's call him Jimmy. Anyways, Him and i as well as a bunch of other people from our group went out to a bunch of bars. I drank a lot, this was the most drunk i got all trip. At the end of the night Jimmy tried to kiss me. I rejected him because i had a boyfriend. I texted my bf the next morning about it. And ever since then he has hated Jimmy before getting to know him

Fast for... read more

I know people have it worse but I just feel extremely stressed out. This girl and I, we have been friends for so long... basically our whole lives. I have to move though.. I though we would still talk and be best friends and everthing. At first we did, but than we started to "drift" away? Than al the sudden she stopped answering me... Not saying anything. No replys.. So I thought maybe she actually lost her phone? After ... read more

So I happen to like this guy (im a 14 y/o female) and I have liked him for a long time now. I know he may not like me back, and really just considers me as a friend but I still hope. I don't know why but I still like him after all this time. But I have a new problem now. My best friend has dated multiple guys while I have daten absolutely none. Every guy she has liked, likes her back, and I have had none. Well she knows ... read more