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Hey, rememember that time you said 'She can have another one' when my sister had a miscarriage or the time you got annoyed at a girl for telling me my sister was crying after her childhood best friend died? Your toxic. Why do you do this to me? Stop being so f***ing selfish.

HOLY f***

So thereโ€™s an app called tbh and you put in your school and it has like most likely to do stuff and you choose between your friends. Well it is anonymous. Well you add ppl as ur friends and theyโ€™ll appear on the polls more. Once u answer something about someone it sends that person a notification that an anonymous person answered a question about you. Well... I answered a question about my crush and it was like โ€œperson I think about mostโ€. The poll was betw... read more

My best friend is depressed asf and we make jokes about it but it still worries me. She's already tried killing herself a couple times. This was all before her and i were friends but she has cut during our friendship, which kills me inside. I feel like i couldve helped her, but also im terrible at helping people. especially people dealing with depression, like i just never know what to say. Which also sucks because i kno... read more

My best friend left Christianity and became an atheist. And now her family is treating her like complete sh** for it, they've threatened to kick her out multiple times because of her decision. It makes me so sad yet so grateful to have open minded parents. My parents are Muslims and as a kid they never forced religion onto me. They never even mentioned the hijab (head scarf) to me. I recently asked my mom why she & my da... read more

I don't know what to do. 4 months ago, my best friend and I fell out of friendship. I don't know if it was an intentional thing, we just stopped suddenly for no good reason. She didn't give me a solid reason, instead she started hanging out with different people other than me, acted distant to me and our mutual friends. We didn't talk for 4 months and it was like our friendship never happened. Then we went to a school tr... read more

My c***ex-best friend texted me out of boredom and I'm not replying because she is backstabbing c***and I don't want her in my life ever again

I work with one of my best friends but she honestly sucks at her job. I got her hired and she mentally and physically cannot do the tasks she's asked to do . I work with her later tonight and I don't know if I should push through and let her continue to suck, or if I should let her know how the rest of our colleagues and I feel?

I'm soooooo sick of seeing posts and pics saying I love my sister, my sisters the best blah blah blah, I have two abusive sisters who are best friends with each other but treat me like sh**! I put up with years of verbal mental physical abuse! Nobody understands even my friend s don't want to get out involved or stick up 4 me when they talk trash on social media! It's disgusting ! I wish they would both jump off a bridge... read more

When someone breaks ur best friends heart :^)
I get you were unhappy with the relationship, but you didn't have to be a pos about it to her.

- [ ] Okay ima start allll the way from the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‚ so me and this boy named Jaden have been on and off for 7 going on 8 months and weโ€™ve beeen through sh** so first I had a best friend named Daishaun and me and Jaden would be on Skype and like the call would fail or like his phone would die and like I would try to call him back but I didnโ€™t because he would get mad at me like whyโ€™d u hang tf up ... read more

I get why people kill themselves. I have severe depression and I want to talk someone about my problems almost everyday, but what's the point at this stage? I want this person to be my best friend and they won't judge me or give up on me. I just want someone to text me everyday and ask me how I am or let me explain what's going wrong that day. But I get it now. Even hotlines don't help. It just feels like a stranger tryi... read more


My best friend had a traumatic experience yesterday and now his life is shook to the core. He walked in on his mother giving head to a man. He wasn't her husband either. She's single and recently divorced.

He came home and was looking for the Chips Ahoy cookies in the pantry. He couldn't find them. He walks upstairs and and walks in on her deep throating a cock and she was sucking it really loud... read more

My best friend just got a new boyfriend 2 weeks ago. In order for them to meet, my friend gave him $160 for a taxi because he lives far away. First time they ever met he ended up staying at her house for six days, having showers and eating her food. He had no money because he doesn't have a job. My friend took him out for meals and clothes shopping and spent so much money on him. This has now happened three times already... read more

TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING SUICIDE TONIGHT: I was in your place last night. I sat on my bedroom floor and cut my leg all to pieces and I got on this website and talked about how I wanted to die and I seriously wanted to end it all last night. But I didn't. And today I had one of the best days I've had in a long time. School was calm, my friends texted me and called me just because, I felt so loved and wanted. It gets better. If I died last night, I would have never expe... read more

I don't know where to turn at this point, I don't have anyone, few family members and almost no friends. Never in a million years have I ever felt like I've been crying out for help and no a single person can hear me.

I am a college student, I just took my MCAT exam last Friday, I've always worked hard, I've always spent most of the day in the library and have made deans list every semester. I've invested $1,500 in MCAT, primary applications for medical school, tuition and h... read more

These two girls don't like me (they dropped me as a friend for some imaginary reason) and we have the same Pilates class. I was really late to this class because I couldn't find it. It was meant to be because when I walked in, they were shook asf. Thank goodness my best friend is there. The class is going to be so much fun with her.

I feel like I'm nothing I feel like I have no one that is there for me my mom says I'm worthless and a b**** almost every day my brother sides with her and he beats me every once in a while but it's not like oh broker and sister fighting he chokes me a a fearfully chases after me to push me I can't live with my dad or see my dad bc my mom won't let me she won't even let me when I'm supposed 2 which is whenever bc it's joint custody I don't know if I should even see my my dad ... read more

I was nothing but a good friend to you for the four years I've known you. We had a rocky friendship but I didn't care because I would've done anything for you. Year one, you stopped being my friend because I was raped and you thought I was just trying to get attention. Year two, someone spreaded a rumor saying I was holding hands and making out with your first baby daddy on the bus, when he was talking to me about you. He thought I could tell him why you treated him like sh**... read more

When you said you had a crush on someone in our friend group, someone who had beautiful black hair and amazing brown eyes and gorgeous brown skin. i was excited, i thought it was me, and i loved you. but no. it wasn't me. it was her, another girl, Nancy. she looked like me except a bit different. she didn't believe you, she said she's not gay and she thought you were lying, she thought that it was actually me and you just didn't want to admit, god, i wish that was true. Pleas... read more


Please remember, i was there when no one else was. and so were you. i love you.
Why cant i just accept it though?

Kate, ill miss you. i hope you wont forget me.