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I still don't have a best friend.
I know my bf was my best friend, but I feel like he can't do both for me. He can either have romantic love for me or friendship love.
No hybrid of the two and that's really what I need.

you're my best friend but i hate that you always manage to pressure me into going on nights out, this time i'm gonna put on a g**d*** face mask and watch a movie

go get drunk on your own im tired

i'm in middle school. i get all a's, i've been on the dean's list for 3 quarters straight, i'm in the challenge language arts and math class, i'm part of the school's advanced choir, i'm in the musical (which i was told i had the best expression), i was given an award for my outstanding projects, i was chosen as a student to represent my school, and in the parcc test i got in the top two percentile for my grade and state. yet i have not once been rewarded by my family. i got ... read more

ugh okay i don't even know how to say this. i honestly can't. okay so my friend was having like a small kinda party at her house and there was going to be all my friends i guess but i kinda had drama with a girl that was going there and that girl was best friends with the girl throwing the party. i fell like the girl i had drama with told her not to invite me. i fixed my drama with that girl so we are friends. anyways th... read more

I'm so happy! It's always the best feeling when you meet an old friend after so long and they haven't changed...much. She was much more confident, no longer that shy girl who hides behind books.I'm just so glad we found each other again.

I am a father of one, husband for 5 years, 27 years old and I have undiagnosed illness which causes neuropathy, muscle weakness, balance problems, chronic exhaustion, chronic pain, etc. (Just to name a few of the major symptoms). I was working full-time as a store manager when my health declined in OCT of 2014 and I haven't returned to the work force yet.

Now that you know where I'm coming from here's what I've come to vent.

I hate my life, what it's become and turned into ... read more

One day, I swear, I will marry the smartest, most charming and most handsome man. I don't care how many people laugh at me for this declaration, but I swear, I am so sick of people telling me that the guys I like are out of my league. Guys can like Angelina Jolie and expect she will run after them without them even turning a hair. But if girls like Brad Pitt, then they're made fun of - "OMG, you actually think he will like you? He's so out of your league! Wtf is wrong with yo... read more

Had to use my life experience to illustrate why you should let you s/o go if they "still have some growing up to do." Unfortunately the dude I had to do it for is 17 and looks up to my ex. "But my ex girlfriend was a silly little freshman. Your ex is a grown man. We could work it out!"
Mmmmkay bro. Mkay. My mom nick-named him Peter Pan and my best friend favors that nick name too but age has everything to do with maturit... read more

I block one of my oldest friends through FB because he got into a BS political argument with my Sis, then proceeded to gay bash her on a string of comments in public view on her page. I post on my page "that's effed up a very old friend would say those things about my sibling. Who attacks a best friend's sister for being queer just because you have an unrelated disagreement?!" Nothing hateful in my comment at all. Was ju... read more

Why do I always feel like sh**?
My life is not bad. Never knew my mom since she didn't give a sh** about me so my dad left her and took me with him. My dad's the best. I have good friends, online and offline. I have an artistic hobby. My dog loves me. My family loves me.

Why do I always feel so tired of being around? Others have so much more reason to feel like this. People have abusive parents, abusive siblings, etc. They're confused about their sexuality, or are being pres... read more

Look, I know this is selfish, and I know she's a great person and it was really unfortunate that she moved away. I know she was a great person and everyone misses her. I get it. I know she lives in a different state and that a visit from her will be amazing. But our prom? When it's supposed to be about you and me, she'll be there. And I KNOW it's crazy that she got to come back for prom! It's great! Everyone will get to see her and it will be great. Fine. But you know what th... read more

Someone I just met: you should go out more... come with me for walks
Brain: don't be f***ing weird
Me: ok

If you really loved a person, but they showed no signs at all that they liked you anything more than a friend, would you still try your best to woo them; i.e. spend time and energy you wouldn't ordinarily, on looking your best, and caring for them and being there for them more than you would with a normal friend? Or would you accept your fate, save yourself the energy, and just treat them as a normal friend?

I'm wondering whether I should starting working out and spending mo... read more

My best friend keeps choosing to be friends with my bullies. In the beggining i was okay with it. But now were in a group with them. I dont know what to do. Anyone can help

I'm a guy and I'm in love with my best friend (who is gay too). We've been in a friendship with benefits for more than 7 years now... I realized my feelings about 2 years ago
I confessed a few months back and he told me he would never be interested in me in that way... and we continued on as if nothing happened; we would kiss, flirt, f***, sleep hugging each other, the same as before... and I love every single moment I'm... read more

I don't understand.

Why is it I loose against other people in video games, when I am doing my best, and when I do win, why don't they like me rubbing it in their face, any victory against someone else is always a big deal because I don't win a lot, it makes me sad and depressed because I cannot celebrate my wins, in my way.

And on top of that why won't other people let me win, I mean I have lost so many times in video games, I want to put a permanent end to it, I'm sick and... read more

Hey guys. You know, girls hate text based relationships. The best thing is to just ask them to hang out, it'll make them happy. I think I'm gonna try this soon with a friend of mine, I think she'd like that. I truly like her a lot and I think it's key to show her that I love her. I don't mean "love" as true love, but as love for our friendship. Hope all goes well.

Dear Self,
Know that i see you doing your best with things tjrown at you. You'rebeen so brave to keep moving forward despite what you're currently going through with your health... a partner who is only empathetic when convenient or when remembered... or when they end up being the hero of your story. I also see how it breaks your heart everytine they side with others instead of with you. I still remember when you were tossed in front of the bus to save their arse.... or that ... read more

I'm such a momma's girl. I'm a 32 year old momma's girl. My momma is my best friend. We do everything together.

i never thought that my funny pretty confident best friend would be jealous of me. and i never thought that i would ever be more liked than her. of course that doesn't matter in the long run but I'm sincerely surprised