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Im so upset with my husband . He goes to work , 8am -5pm... smokes with his friends after work and plays the game, had the nerve to bring them over today around 7 or 8 , thought they were just gonna hang out for a bit then he cme home but no.... Im pregnant, we have a 3 yr old together and she is the busiest thing ive ever dealt with and ive been very frustrated latley . And he just gets to go to his cool f***ing job , smoke and play games had the nerve to ask me did i wanna ... read more

I thought that friendship is stronger than many things than happen. Guess I was wrong. My best friend developed kind of a crush on a boy from her class in primary school (we're in 3rd year of high school) when he called her out once during our previous high school years. They went out, he wanted to kiss her, but she was the one who stopped him. Some time passed and she went out with her other friend and got drunk and she... read more

I Am a 14 y/o female and I have serious body issues. I'm not blind, I know what i see, I know what others see and it's not exactly pretty. I have too much pudge on my thighs, my gut sticks out a little further than my breasts and that bugs me, my hair is frizzy and curly, going a little further than my shoulder blades and is frustrating even though it is easy to deal with and straighten. I have a few zits on my face and even some on my thighs. My nose is probably my best feat... read more

My group of friends want to make a youtube channel and we're planning a skit but we need the 'leader' 's approval on the skit.

Thing is though the leader is going through a heavy breakup, even if the two sides hated each other- the whole thing is still pretty 'bad feeling'. I'm not fully aware of the idea of love so maybe i'm wrong on this though.

two of my friends are in a relationship [and they're stereotypical couple- they cuddle 24/4 , have tickle fights or playful figh... read more

my best friend left me for her crush and when their thing ended she came back to me and acted like it never happen like she never left me crying bc of a family situation and i cant f***ing deal anymore i cant pretend that it never happened but i cant end my friendship with her bc shes my only real friend ive ever had and im not good at making new friends at all so shes all i have and i cant do this anymore i have no clue... read more

Maybe the reason i think my family are terrible cooks is because they all fall perfectly into the "white people don't use seasoning" and "white people think water is too spicy" jokes and stereotypes...

My brother's hate all spices and hardly every eat sauce, not even with fries. My brother's best friend f***ing wipes the sauce off the food before eating it and my mom won't even put mustard in a sandwich because "it's to... read more

I'm in love with my best friend but he's in love with a girl who I know has said she hates but when he texts him she says otherwise meanwhile I'm catfishing her using an ex I dated pics cause he's good looking and tell him she's in love with him and wants his dick and how my friend scares her cause he threaten her... That's a lie... She has been a problem for about a month cause he told me he's gonna date her but even my... read more

I have no friends. I only have acquaintances. I have no one to do stuff with, no one that I want to tell everything. In my family there is only one person I consider to be a "best friend" but she has other friends and I'm just a sister to her. And sometimes I feel like she is just tolerating me.
The worst is that I know this will not change because I am a stubborn person who will insist that everything is fine even thoug... read more

Anyone want an internet best friend? Taking applications._.

my best friend just showed me my older sisters porno because I didn't wanna know or believe him when he said she's a "well known" pornstar 😂 I'm so weirded out and disgusted 😣😣😣 I wish I could put my head in a blender ✌️✌️

okay so my best friend is talking to this guy alright and they're kinda on and off but they've never dated okay. so they've been flirting or whatever since November and then yesterday he added me on snapchat and he's been flirting a lot with me and he asked me to trade nudes with him... and when I told him 'aren't you talking to my best friend?' he said it would be ... read more

you know, you sit here and get angry at me, for small things. you are upset when I forget things, I understand. but how can I remember anything about someone who never calls, never visits, never texts, never talks. The moment when an opportunity arises for conversation, it's never about the important. it's never about what we used to have, how long we've been together, never about things with meaning. How do I call you my best ... read more

I am so heartbroken. It was really good to see your face and hear your voice on that night, then again when we video chatted. I'm still in too much pain to stick around at shows to listen to your set. You pierced my freaking heart when you said that you still think about me, even when I don't randomly pop up in your life and that you talk about me to your therapist a lot, that she knows my name. I want to hug you and bury my face in your dress shirt and to feel the vibration ... read more

I love kids on youtube.
kid: "I'm not going to argue with you ;)" me: "whatever kiddo" kid: *proceeds to throw tantrum about how i'm disrespectful and they're obviously not a "kid"*

kid: "i like this song by the way i'm 9"

kid: "i'm 12 and i listen to -famous old songs here- not the sh** other kids my age listen to."

Obvious little kid under avril lavigne's "girlfriend": "lol i stole my best friend's bf with that song... read more

You claim to like someone as your best friend, but yet you talk sh** about them all the time, calling them annoying and whatnot? ight.

well my puppy is at the vet over night because of me... I was doing some work moving things from a room outside to the garage, so I locked the puppies inside so I could open the side gate. After I finished working I let the dogs back out. Later me, my mum and my little sister where about to go to the shop and noticed blood on the floor. At first we thought it was the small puppy, a 8 month old Spoodle named Bear, but Bear was fine. The Hugo the other puppy, a 7 month old Bord... read more

Not a day goes by that I don't think of my ex. My best friend... Well, back in the day. It will be a year since we said our fiery goodbyes, the civility cold and even but underneath still waters run deep. It's funny, there will always be a part of me that will love him. But at the same time if he appeared on my front lawn I'd shoot him with a BB gun. Bullets to wound and not kill.
Sometimes I miss him. But I never want h... read more

You know ever since 2015 when I graduated I keep learning things like my friends all had babies as soon as we got out of high school and then Iv been in a abusive relationship and the cost of me going to jail when she was the one starting fights and f***ing around. now single and now my birthdays in September so its around the corner, my best friend whos a female has a bf but she gets super comfortable talking about her ... read more

In March I went to Costa Rica with my friends on a school trip. We were paired together and put into homestays, where we stayed with families in the villages of Costa Rica who were kind enough to take us in.
Me and my friend were paired together as homestay buddies, which at first I was excited about. One problem is that this friend is a little bit spoiled and can be very dramatic at times. She also has a tendency to get homesick, but I didn't think about that too much.
When ... read more

I just want to love and marry the man I love with all of by being without it being questioned or doubted. I want him to love me without question. I want to be able to talk to him like he is my best friend. I want to understand myself so that he can understand me better. I just want us to be happy.