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Met a piece of my boyfriends past, his best friend who is actually fairly cool. Now he (my boyfriend) sleeps in the bed too which is pretty cool. I think I love him actually.. But I'm mostly confused about it only because we were friends for so long and now the dynamic has changed. Which is still okay, just different. I like it though, it's new and exciting and we already have a good base for our relationship so it works... read more

I miss my best friend and I love her so much but she treated me like sh** someone help WHAT DO I DO?!:(

i'm just so tired. both mentally and physically.

i don't really have the strength to have many friends or a romantic partner even if i want to. i know that people will just say "oh, you're introverted. it's okay to take a break" but it really isn't. people loose interest in me and forget about me so quickly if i don't keep up constant contact every 2nd day. that's just how socializing goes. they also assume i don't want to be friends with them if i don't talk to them all the... read more

My best friend's dad, who has bowel cancer, has just been told he's also developing dementia. My friend said he half knew already because he came home once and his dad went "who are you?" and told him to get out of the house.

Still, you think cancer is bad enough. Finding out he's got dementia is like being shot and then someone coming over to kick you in the gut. Honestly heart broken.

This for the guy who made me realize that I'm capable of love, the guy who promised to never hurt me/ never lie to me, to the guy who was so unreachable. To the guy who asked me for dating advice and to the guy who always seems to haunt my memories.

I miss you, i hate that i do but i have to accept that I do. I know you're still mad at me for cutting you off but at that time, it was for the best if I do. Our friendship was special to me and it was so dumb and stupid of me to... read more

I would be surprised if i can get at least one person to read this. I always find it hard to talk about these things with anyone. Even some of my closest friends. (Not like I have many anyway)

I'm only 16 yet I already feeling that I'm unable to do anything and I'm just wasting away with my life. When I was around the age of 12 my parents had split up and this caused a lot of emotional toil on myself. I lost all of my confidence in school and wasn't able to make friends as e... read more

TeenTalks Storytime: Am I Not Pretty Enough? by Miss.Anonymous
I looked at myself in the mirror. I smoothed down my hair and reapplied my lipstick, never taking my eyes off my face. I had almost done it. I tucked my lipstick back into my pocket and began to walk away when I saw it: my body. I quickly looked away. I was so ashamed. I was so fat and ugly. Nobody would like me no matter how much makeup I wore, but it was worth a try. Every year the makeup multiplied. By 7th grad... read more

I told my girlfriend that I was suicidal, she is now reconsidering if "she is in love with me, or just loves me." I told my best friend that I was suicidal, she tried to fix me, even when I asked her not to. Do you now see why I was so hesitant to say anything? But finally, I told you, and you have me exactly what I needed. Maybe once my girlfriend dumps me, we can be together. I think that would be best for both of us.

So my best friend of many years is a lesbian and we've been friends for a long time. A few weekends ago she arrived in town and was going to stay at my place for the weekend. We've always had an extremely close friendship to the point that even while we're dating other people we've made each other's significant others uncomfortable. This particular weekend I was single and she was just broken up with her girlfriend so we... read more

I wish my friends weren't so relationship minded. I guess it's the age that we're all at. But I barely get to see my supposed best friend. My other friends are on dating apps and they are looking to find something. I just wish that relationships could be a footnote in our lives again, like it was in high school. Now it's the whole story and I'm the footnote.

Walking the streets of downtown Vancouver last night, gave me a very ego-death-like moment. Was feeling down, so I decided to leave the friends and go home. But walking down the middle of Granville I decided to meditate as I continued on. Not long after, I was completely lost in the moment and in everything going on around me. Without letting my mind attach to anything that was going on, I just openly observed my self, and everything around me. Then, I suddenly felt connected... read more

I do not understand the thrill of clubs. If it's a party club, it's young people out to f***... So its fake, it isn't valuable interaction most of the time. Classy clubs, like a jazz club or something, you get fake pretentious attitudes and judgments... So more of what I have no intention to be around. I know we're best friends and your buddies dragged you there as well, but at least you can enjoy it for the entire night... read more

Yesterday at work, (work at a theater) i was selling tickets.
everything was fine the day was fine, going to work was fine. I actually thought for once i had a great day and i wasnt stress until...
I had this customer two old women and a young girl. she spoke in Spanish and im not great with speaking Spanish since my mom raised me with English mostly.
so she asked for two tickets one for the girl one for her but in spanglish, she then handed me these two free passes. I asked ... read more

ok so I'm fiercely loyal and a friend of mine rants on and on to me about how some of the people she hangs out with treat her badly so I of course try to cheer her up everytime and do my best to make her feel better but then she goes and ignores me to hang out with them!? it's great if they change and they realize their mistakes but they don't and she keeps coming back to me complaining! I've tried asking to spend time with her us she rejects me to go spend time with those je... read more

I'm so alone.

Not physically. I have a Mum who does her best. A little sister who is the most perfect person I know. Loving grandparents. 6 really good friends.

Yet I feel so lonely.

not found a suitable place to vent this but love.....yeah who would fake a overdose and put their partner through hell just to have their own way....disgusting .best bit is she sits there lapping up the attention from her mum and sisters,even though ive told her mum she faked it even my doctor agreed with me. so what evidence do i have....the paper towels she used to clean up her vomit ,the same vomit she said she vomited "loads" of pills up in. very strange ive looked threw ... read more

Don't know what is wrong, everything is starting to look good, my dad is an alcoholic who was in a bad way for the last 3-4 years (as far as drinking goes, he seemed kind of "off" a while before that) but for nearly 5 months now he has been completely sober and genuinely happy, I don't think I'm sad or depressed because I should be happy, however I don't know if i'm that either. Sometimes I get worried things will get bad again and I will see my dad sneaking off out of the ho... read more

so my no good fake best friend is one s**tty b*tch. I can not explain how much i hate the girl. Example 1: I went out to the shops with her and my bro invited his friend and i invited her, i was looking at the phone cases and my bro was in the toilet so the no good wh*re walked off leaving me in the shops so she can try and get ins with a boy with a girlfriend. example 2: she makes me wait in a sh**y shop just so she ca... read more

you tried to turn my best friend against me, i wish i could go back in time and stay the hell away from you. everyone knows you're just a pathetic attention seeker who will do whatever it takes to get all eyes on you. it's so sad to watch, thank god im just gonna leave. you're trying so hard to be like a reality star, thank god i never liked junk tv anyways you backstabbing b*tch. at least you won't be around to copy and... read more

I think I'm falling in love with my best friend, and I'm not sure what to do. I'm afraid that if we cross that line it'll ruin our friendship if it ends bad, but I'm also afraid that I'm beginning to act differently around her. The other problem is that she's also intrested in someone else and has been for a while and I don't want to screw that up for her, and I don't know what to do about my feelings for her.