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So im here to vent since i want this out of my head.

I had a gf long ago for 10 years we been together (im 21 btw)
In the beginning we talked and tried to get to know each other ya know and then we had so much in common like we both loved watching anime and we both love doing alot of things together and we even talked till we went to bed every night we laughed we joked around we face timed alot. I was so in love with her and i gave her nick names and thought maybe in the fut... read more

I have major depression disorder and I am aware of the effects and so are my friends and they try their best to help but sometimes I can't help shake the negative thoughts away like "I don't deserve friends", "you don't deserve anyone", why would anybody want to help Simone as pathetic as you?" I know it's all in my head but it weighs me down and you'd think I could go to my parents for support but my mom has 4 other kids to worry about and I don't need to be another burden i... read more

This will probably be very long. I have a lot to say. You don't have to read it, but it would mean a lot. Sorry.

I thought I'd get this off my chest. At the beginning of this school year, I noticed a strange behaviour change in one of my best friends. I kept a close eye on her.
I met her when I first started high school, when I was only 11 years old. I'd never been extremely close with her, but we both liked each other,... read more

my roommate makes constant posts on facebook about how great she is for getting an education, acting all holier than thou and sh**. and about how great of a student athlete she is.

this b**** got suspended from the basketball team because she's been to class like 5 times this year. she's practically being forced out of uni because she doesn't do any work- just brags on facebook, shoots hoops with her friends, and blasts her music/tv when i study and sleep.

how do i know thi... read more

I want to be bad, and be mean, and snap at people without feeling guilty. I'd like to tell them to "SHUT UP!" (to person A), "Stop asking quesations that's non of your business" to person B, and also, to person C, who already pisses me off because he's just SO f***ING SLOW, I'd like to tell him: "DON'T TOUCH ME! I don't care if that's a 'friendly' grandpa touch, waist or shoulder or sh** - DON'T." I'm not your granddaughter, I'm not your niece or sh**, I don't care how you gr... read more

Honestly, I don't know what to do. I just don't know what the h**l is going on right now. To be perfectly forward, I'm trying to cope with my always present, but newly named social anxiety as a bisexual girl who has a fu****g crush on her best friend, who has a crush on her ex-guy-best-friend. I'm always worried about what people say and think of me, and I'm so dreadfully paranoid that I'm gonna screw up and get judged s... read more

so I made a clay figurine today, a little elephant bowl - I was very excited and showed it to my friends. I put the figure on the counter since it was close to the living room, where we were setting up for the night. Now of course, someone knocks it over by accident and it shatters. This is no one's fault, just that the other party didn't notice the elephant there when they shoved their giant coffee machine onto the counter.
One of my friends is already saying things that are... read more

I could go on and on ranting about all the nonsense running through my brain, but I'm just going to say how I feel rn.
My head hurts and I feel tired mentally and physically, but not like I want to sleep, I'm just exhausted. My eyes are droopy but I want to stay awake.
I feel like today was a long day and everyone I love I end up hurting. I feel like all the important relationships I've had have literally crumbled at my fingertips.
My best friend is suicidal and all i want to do is help her but i dont know how. Ive gone weeks without eating so much as an apple each day and i hate it but i cant stop. When i try to throw ... read more

i wish my boyfriend could be happy with me, but i either let him go and fall into a depressed state or keep him and watch him get more and more disloyal. i know there's really only one option here but i'm scared of being alone. he's not even a great boyfriend -- he ignores me for weeks, talks about me behind my back, threatened to kill one of my best friends.. i'm just so scared of being without him. he's been everything... read more

Hello! So recently I had made a 420 joke, bc that's just who I am, and it was April 20th so why not, I thought it would just be all funny and sh**. Well, I posted on snapchat saying "happy weed smoking f***ers, it's 4/20/17" And somebody decided "hey, she most likely smokes weed, I better turn this into the school counselor!!" So somebody took a screenshot and sent it to the counselor, who understood that it was just a harmless joke, and just told me to think about what I pos... read more

So i have this best friend. We've known each other for a year, i know it's not that long but we've been pretty good friends and we're inseparable. Then, sh** happened.

She started going through depression, and i understood that. She didn't wanna tell me what's wrong and that's perfectly fine for me, as I know it could be hard for her. But now, I just can't take it anymore.

She acts way too distant sometimes, and she ma... read more

Okay, need some reassurance here Muttr friends. My boyfriend and I are fairly new to our relationship even though we've been friends almost 6 years now. He moved to Florida two years ago and moved back here and in with me 10 months ago. His best friend from Florida is coming up to visit us, well him, and will be here tomorrow. I'm a little worried of what this guy's going to think of me. I know that my boyfriends a good ... read more

I think I'm falling in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do. I don't want to ruin our friendship, and she's interested in someone right now.

Things I tell myself:
"Start being hard on yourself or the world will"
"You're doing okay."
"You're f***ing crazy."
"Buck up, buttercup!"
"What do you tell your friends with ACTUAL [diagnosed] depression? Wake up and keep on fighting. And what are you doing. Not fighting hard enough!"
"My god, you've gotten fat..."
"Count your blessings you're so lucky!"
"You have a date tomorrow. Why aren't you excited?"
"You ARE enough (Yeah right...)"
"Look at the beautiful day!"
"Stop usi... read more

my "best friend" and I just sort of broke up. We have been friends for 11 years and have grown apart and changed. We realized that putting the pressure of the whole "bff, omg best franz 43ver" trope on one another was not doing anything for our friendship and that we were idealizing our friendship because of it and we began to force a connection that was no longer there. We both mutually agreed that this is true and we r... read more

I'm literally in computer class doing this. I'm a freshman, 15 years old. I really just need to type, or write, or text, just get things out. In fact, all last hour I was just doing some poetry, but like I need to vent. So basically I have this guy, and yeah I get it "puppy love" or "young love" or "you don't know what love is," even if I don't know what love is, it doesn't mean this doesn't hurt. A friend of mine (who can be a frequent liar) keeps telling me all these things... read more

I'm sorry but I will NEVER date my best friend. Not because he's my friend but because he keeps on trying to force me to date him. He feels entitled to date me just because my last boyfriend was an a**. He just doesn't care about the fact that I show NO amount of interest in him. He tries to force it constantly, always saying he loves me and wants me to be his girl and all that sort of crap. I just wish he would get a gi... read more

Theres this gurl. She was my best friend. I need her. She is the yin to my yang. If you don't know what I mean then I'm sorry you've never had a true friend before. Anyway, a year ago I went through a really tough time, and took it all out on her without realizing it. I was a total jerk. I got mad at her for nothing, I would ignore her because I fet she didn't understand me, I would tell h... read more

So let me get this straight you were my best friend hung out every single day couldn't be without each other so then when you go off to basic you send me all these love letters just to come home and decide to make me hate you because you decided it would be easier for you to deploy then once you're gone you decide that you love me again and need to be best friends t... read more