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For years now I've had some sort of eating problems, but ever since July of 2016 I've started having a minor case of anorexia. I know this is a huge problem, but I really can't help it. My parents don't understand, most of my friends don't understand, and my boyfriend has almost no clue. I know that it's not bad, in fact I force myself to eat sometimes so this doesn't have a major effect on me. Turns out that it already had. I want help but I'm afraid and I don't know who to ... read more

Having a long distance best friend is one of the hardest things ever. I love her to death and I am so thankful for her, but I just wish I could see her more. Plus every time I get a snap from her of her and another one of her friends, or see her post a picture on Instagram of her and another friend I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy wishing that was me. It doesn't matter how many times she's told me she can't and w... read more

You know, I want to believe in love and crap. I really do. But it's almost as if the world itself picked me out from the crowd an said, "You! You don't deserve this. I won't let you have it". All my friends say they couldn't ever imagine me in a relationship. They suggest that I'm asexual. I don't blame them, they're only human. But I've had crushes. I still get them. I doubt anyone has a crush on me. I'm pretty decent looking. I do look tired, but I'm not ugly. People seem t... read more

Im just gonna share the story of my first crush. I am bored, and hurt. Im assuming it is like any other one, so don't keep reading. I didn't know I was crushing until November, at a dance. Before that, seeing him and his wonderful sarcasm <3 made me excited, but I didn't notice. (I was in 8th grade. I had a late first crush lol) But anyways, back to November. I was at my first dance, ever, and I knew I liked him when he asked my best friends with the guy I like. What do

Ok so I'm really f***ing sick of teachers expecting special treatment just for doing the job they wanted to do.. you shouldn't be forced or expected to feel sorry for these teachers no one asked you to become one you chose it.. if it's too hard don't do it.. leave it to the people who do enjoy it and want to.. I read this list from our first grade teacher and I don't disagree with all of it but are you f***ing kidding me don't be a b**** the first day and people won't dislike... read more

I think my best friend has lost interest in me, I usually have to start the conversation.
And when they message me first it's usually about their idol basically.
I'm trying to detach myself from them but whoops, I can't seem to be able to that.
They just matter so much to me, I've been homeschooled instead of public school, and this friend was my first real friend. I've only been friends with them for a year.
And I've ma... read more

I miss my Facebook
When I'm frustrated or angry or disappointed or just want to bullshitting, I can't. I just can't, since you (my 'best' friend) criticized me. I mean, THAT'S MY OWN FB, MIND YOUR f***ING OWN BUSINESS & DON'T INVOLVED WITH MINE.


I am female, and when I was 7 to 8 years old I was sexually assaulted (orally) by a family memeber at least twice a month. My family always trusted this man, and left me alone with him a lot. For about a year of this going on, he told me that everyone did this, even my family. However, when I was 8, I asked if I could borrow a pencil, and he told me if he could play with me again. I asked why he didn't do this to my sister, and he told me it was because she would tell people.... read more

This one chick was a total a** to my best friend, and they both know it. They dont talk anymore. Me and my best friend found out that this girl might have a brain tumor, and now she feels bad for her and wants to apologize.
I wish cancer would just go away altogether. But hobeatly idk how to feel so I'll let them figure it out.

I need opinions, please.
I posted a few months ago about my friend who I'd like to punch, (I'll call her K) and I'd like to know if she actually is my friend anymore. She talks to my other friends (because we have this group of 5 or so,) just fine and is best friends with another person in my group. K has been friends with her for a year or 2 now, which is just fine but I feel like K doesn't even like me. We had some bee... read more

what happened to you? why did you change in a snap. why are you being more disrespectful, putting your feet right up my face, threatening to kick me in my face. why do you need to act like such a 'bad a**' when you are around boys. why do you keep calling out for boy's attention. why are you being such a hypocrite. you were ranting bout how much you hate her and the next thing, you're best friends?

i miss the old nice y... read more

My best friend has asked me to be his girlfriend 8 years in a row now and I just don't like him like that and I feel it has made me view him differently cause he keeps putting me in this awkward position where I end up hurting him (not on purpose) and I have told him multiple times how I feel, to his face.

I had a massive crush on one of my best friends for like 2 years, and in that space of time he dated at least 4 people (that I know of), including one of my other closest friends. I never told anyone. And now I'm seeing less and less of him, and I honestly don't even know if we're really still friends anymore, and that makes me sad because he's and chill person, and I may have gotten over how I felt about him because I'v... read more

my boyfriend is manipulative and emotionally abusive - extremely toxic and unhealthy relationship. but he was my first and i love him. it is a very double sided relationship, i lost all of my friends because of him and feel as though i can't even go to the grocery store without him getting mad. he lives and hour and a half away and so he says that makes his jealousy worse. he can hang with his friends and go to he mall and keep social media (where girls flirt with him) but i ... read more

My boyfriend, who is still friends with his ex, tells her stuff about me and i dont appreciate it. I just dont want to mention it because I dont wanna come off as a psycho girlfriend whos bothered by everything. Also im still best friends with one of my exes so it just wouldnt be fair.

I may not have the most dysfunctional family in the world, but I sure as hell have something that isn't normal. My parents have been divorced for 4 years, and it never really affected me, I'm not the child who cries because I wish Mommy and Daddy would love each other again, I was the one who kinda just went with it and it happened without me being super devastated or anything. Since then, both my father & my mother, brother, and I have moved around the past few years, and as... read more

So there is a girl 3 years younger than me, I am 27 now.
We met 3 years ago, she showed a real and genuine interest in me and my thoughts. She is an attractive girl and I am not that much.
She always said she wants me to be in her life as her friend. In the first years we talked a lot, we used to talk daily on phone and we occasionaly used to meet as well. I developed an attraction towards her in first 9-10 months and I expressed that to her as well.

She rejected me by sayin... read more

My nerves are beginning to get to me, in a few weeks I'll be going to a new school and I'm supposed to be moving in with my boyfriend (the plan was made before we started dating). I've known him for 9 years or so, we started as really good friends and started dating 4 months ago but 3 months have been LD. He lives with his best friend and we all get along but have our differences, like for me I couldn't live without a do... read more

So I have this friend who I have known for 10 years we met a while a go and I can't even remember those years I lived without him because they were so early in my life. Lately, he's been getting really jealous and pissed off at me for not calling him and texting him 24/7. I try to call and text him every day but I moved away from each other a while ago and still remained best friends. We talk for probably an average of 5... read more