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There's this girl that I like, my "best friend". I say that with a grain of salt because I'm not sure about what we are anymore; something got between us not too long ago and it's made things different and difficult ever since. She liked me before but I wasn't ready for that yet because she was in a relationship with a friend of mine and I didn't know until something between us finally blew up. Things between us got so b... read more

People act like smartphones make us anti-social, but it's completely the opposite.

I've talked to so many people through social media that I wouldn't have the courage to talk to face to face, and they turned into some of my nearest and dearest friends.
There was one guy I'd had a couple of conversations with in passing, but nothing serious. Added him on Facebook, felt more relaxed behind a screen and talked more, and now we've been together for eight months. One of the absol... read more

I grew up as a tomboy. We all feel our best on how we portray ourselves. Mine just happened to be t-shirts, boy jeans and tennis shoes. Muscles are cool too. I always went to the beat of my own drum, it would be silly to label me as anything really, but that's what human nature is. Never been into make up. As I grew up nothing really deviated much from that. Funny thing is, I am not a lesbian. I am not even bi! But I know people will assume that. I feel in this day in age the... read more

I was told by half of my teachers that I won't pass and I failed. I have 0 support from anyone, the only thing I'm told is that I should've tried and learn something but every time I try to study I can't remember sh**. My mother does not support me about it and as well as my best friend (F). I don't want to study the whole summer without going out at least once and study all the time. I'm just so depressed right now and ... read more

I lost my dad on December 5th, 2016. I was out of school for a week. Nobody but my fake friends even pretended to care. I have no true friends, no "best friend" where I can cry and vent and they would actually care. On the outside I'm a loud, funny person who is never sad. But in reality, I bundle my all my feelings up, my anger, sadness, insecurities, everything. My mom trys to comfort me, but no one understands. Someti... read more

A guy and I dropped our dogs off at day care then followed each other to Starbucks and got the same drink. I think I have a new best friend

This is going to be long.. and I'm so sorry but I just don't know what to do. It's complicated, so please bare with me. Me and this guy, let's call him Q, have liked each other since summer of eighth grade (we're now sophomores) and we're basically dating, except it isn't official. The reason it isn't is because our parents want us to wait a while. But we're just like any other couple. Well.. Q has always been very feminine, many people believe he's gay when they first meet h... read more

I have, well had, this friend. She used to be trustworthy but she isn't anymore. She leaked all of the secrets I had told her and when I confront her about it, she cries in the corridor and she tells everyone I was twisting her words and that I lied. She told me that her Dad died but then the next week it changed to her Grandad and her Dad as still alive. But then about a week after she told me her Grandad died she bragged about her going to his house and him giving her £25.... read more

I just realized that I have no seriousness for anything except my parents and my career. I am a student and I don't care about friends, a relationship, good college memories or anything. I just want to sit in a corner, study hard and become super-successful. Least of all, I want social interaction. And it's strange. I've always been social and I love talking to people, meeting them and hanging out with them. But now, all that I want is to just work hard. And I don't even mind... read more

My girlfriend for 5year decided to leave me for another man. We meet at college and was the best of friends at the time. We stead two hrs away from one another and it wasn't a big deal. I had lost my job and she knew I depress and I told her I was going to go see her and stay with her for a day or two. Then the morning of me heading out she told me she cheated on me. I said let work this out we been together for 5 years , she said I'm going to do me. I thought I knew her but ... read more

I feel like my rant is not as big of a problem compared to everybody else's but I just needed to get it off my chest. My best (?) friend-let's call her H-got mad at my friend (B) because B told H to do what our professor was telling us to do. I didn't realize it would be that much of an issue so the following lesson I proceeded to chat with B and H got mad at me, ignoring me and telling me that we were not friends anymore. I don't really know how to deal with this situation, ... read more

My best friend told me that she likes the person I used to have a "thing" with. Okay fair enough and I don't blame her. At first I tried supporting her, I told her that everything is fine, she deserves to be happy and all. I thought I meant it. But now I feel bad because I saw them talking and hugging each other and I was laughing. Although I guess that I was fake laughing. When I saw them, I felt a pang of sadness. I re... read more

Ugh. So. Story time. I have this friend. Let's call him George. George has been my friend for over a year now. He lives in a different state. We've talked everyday for over a year. I can tell that lately he's been really depressed. He has had emotional problems before, but now he's attempting suicide. Me, I never had a friend who's been like this. I try and try and try to help in the best way I can, but sometimes I feel like I am just not enough. I know he thinks differently ... read more

Last summer at the end of the school year (9th grade) I got a crush on my best friend and he got a crush on me. Since it was the end of the year, we texted each other over the summer. It never turned into a relationship really. Then when it was time for school in the fall and we were going into high school he stopped being my friend and started being friends with these 2 other girls. I became sorta jealous and texted him... read more

I found out my ex best friend is sleeping with my ex boyfriend. They are both ex's so it really shouldn't bother me, but it kind of does. It makes me wonder if they had something going on years ago when we were all friends.

When the friend you usually vent to is ignoring you because of a stupid f***ing argument and the group you'd go to next is having issues that you want to help with but can't because you don't want to take sides and are really sick so you're not in the best mindset to mediate, I guess muttr is the best place to go

its weird how normal lying about being okay is to me now. ive done it for years and i probably will until i eventually break enough to kill myself.
its also strange how every f***ing aspect of your life can fall apart and f***ing disintegrate before your eyes.

my friends: they all have someone they prefer and the person i thought was my best friend doesnt give a sh** about me anymore.

my love life: i had it so f***ing ... read more

So I have a major problem with trusting and over protectiveness. Its causing my boyfriend to get annoyed with me. All my life I have seen heartbreak, divorces, cheating, and etc. Between my mom and dad. I'm also bi-polar. I'm not really sure how to control my trust issues or over protectiveness. I don't like him talking to other females and I don't talk to other guys. I feel like if you are in a serious relationship it should be just you and that person. I don't deal with fri... read more

My family is broken.My dad died when i was only 2 and so that just leaves us with my mum.She has struggled to provide for me and my two siblings. Sometimes i wonder how different my life would have been if my dad was alive.Since she's all alone we(my siblings and I) haven't had some things that some other people have had the privilege to have.I have heard this phrase "I don't have money" waay too many times and nowadays i've learned not to ask for things.It always makes me sa... read more

How do I not-awkwardly tell one of my best friends that if we're both not married/seeing anyone by 30 that I want to get married