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how does she do it? people abandon me to sit with her, talk to her, and just leave me sitting me alone. She's so perfect to the world, but no, once she drops you from the honored position as her 'friend', you're nothing to her. It's disgusting, how people like her can do whatever they want without their worshippers criticizing them. Normal, everyday people like me? We make one fvcking small mistake, and everyone turns against us.

I used to be her friend, you know? That frien... read more

Forgive me
I'm pissed so I may not word this the best way possible. I won't go into specifics, but long story short this new "friend" or now ex friend and I had some heated words through text and on the phone. I thought I would take the high road and tell him to f*** off and block him. That's what I did.
Well I just got high and instead of having a cooler head I'm even more pissed. I think I'm going to have to fight him. I don't need any legal trouble or to get the cops calle... read more

Roommates ignore me for 2 days, then eat the pizza I bought for myself for tonight. One of them was my best friend, but his girlfriend tries to act like she cares but is really just a selfish b****. I set this all up to see if they would eat it. It's not about the money, it's about the principle. If they would have simply asked, I would have no problem with it. I have very few friends in a new place, not looking to make ... read more

So I'm homeschooled, sadly, and I don't have the best attention span. I often have trouble remembering things, though that's due to a short-term memory loss problem that I won't get into right now. Right now, I'm about a half year/grade behind in math, everything else I'm mostly fine. So, as I mentioned the math thing, I'm going into high school this year, but to go into high school I need to get to a certain level for math, so I have to do summer school which is really a bum... read more

So I'm a bisexual female (more lesbian) and I am 18 going to university in September. On my university forums and chats I met this girl that I will call Cutie. Cutie is a mormon, has a boyfriend and her family and religion is AGAINST homosexuality. Like sh**... I have no chance. BUT, she told me she has done sexual acts with a friend who is a girl and also said if she's drunk we will probably end up doing stuff. Also her boyfriend isn't coming with her to university and she s... read more

My life is in a bad spot right now. *I initially felt Muttr wasn't a very good idea, meaning there'd be nobody who'd care, but it's my best option.* That said, I guess I'll start venting the sh** out of myself. My parents never really understand me, and my older brother is obviously their favorite child. I say this, because when them and my brother are having a conversation, and I'll add something, they won't listen. Pretend that I don't exist when he's around. He doesn't see... read more

i need help. my ex that i broke up with is suddenly coming back into my life. Hes making it hard for me to move on . he kept reminding of our good memories that we had together. and i always look back at our messages reminiscing the old times. but everytime that happens, i had to remember back to why i broke up with him in the first place. i was not happy and i didnt love my self. I was mentally abuse by his words and actions. I couldnt live like that anymore , i couldnt kept... read more

oh my GOD f*** i hate how much i love being with you and how you make me laugh and the way you hold me at random times

but youre my best friend oh f*** i'm falling in love with my best friend how stupid
its so stupid but i cant help it
youre so f***ing wonderful its infuriating

and the way you look at me sometimes and seek me out

i want to think you like me too, ... read more

Hey, I was thinking about you again I'm sorry for what I said I didn't mean to come off that way and If I had knew I was going to lose you from it maybe I wouldn't have said anything. But that's the thing I got tired of you taking me on an emotional roller coaster. I clearly cannot be just your friend because I have all these emotions I couldn't get rid of and I couldn't pretend anymore like sh** didn't bother me like when you mention another girl . BUT other than that you kn... read more

If you are happy, or you've hit a high time in your life, or even if you go to the beat of your own drum and enjoy it - you have to always be especially careful and always sleep with one eye open, watching other people. Don't ever think that someone has your best interest at heart. Not everybody is a friend, even those you think that are. Someone may be kind to you one day, but that doesn't mean they will be the next. People don't necessarily like to see other people having a... read more

You want to know why I hate SJWs? Let me tell you a story.

I discovered the SJW way of thinking when I began to drift away from my abusive parents, parents who would punish me for daring to disagree with their opinions, no matter how trivial. I started looking up all the information I could, and one way or another, I stumbled across Tumblr.

For a while, it seemed to be the best thing that had happened to me. I'd spend hours scrolling through the #abuse tags, reading everyth... read more

Saying "Jeff, John, and Billy are my three best friends in the whole world! I love all my friends, but I love my best friends most!" on Fakebook is a great way to make your "other" friends feel like garbage.

And if you're 39 years old and pulling this "best friend" f.u.c.k.ery, you really need to grow the hell... read more

so it's kind of a long story but i'll try to make it as short as possible. so my ex best friend and i used to like each other. they were thinking about asking me out but i technically just rejected them so we stayed friends for a while. i still don't understand what all exactly happened so idrk why exactly our firnedship ended on their part. we used to be really close and they were the only person who i could trust and w... read more

A part of me will always hate my mom for what she did.
How would u feel if ur mom had a secret relationship with ur "best friend"
Then she calls me selfish for bulls***.
Im tired of this sh**.
It's suppose to be a new year and here I'am feeling as if nothing has changed

Hi, I'm anonymous. To start this love story off I've been in a relationship with Jane more on than off for 6 years. Our roots go down to '05-'06 which is 5th and 6th grade. The first time i REALLY noticed her was Valentines Day of '06. She gave me a teddy bear and chocolates, and her best friend Sally gave the same to my identical twin. I later found as as a joke that they mixed up the gifts and just went with it because... read more

I feel like if a man was to insult a womens food, it is like insulting his profession. I know that sounds extreme, but a lot of women take pride in their food and want to be able to provide for their man in that way. I realize one of the things that I like about my guy friend is that he is really excited to try my food. He gets a big smile on his face and his chest puffs up a little. That is also why I feel bad for my mom. She is the BEST cook I have ever met and is the reaso... read more

If you're lonely and need a friend, I've got two tips (that totally works!)

1 - Jesus.
He is not judgmental, he cares about you, he likes it when you're happy, he wants to help you, and he actually loves you.
Seriously, he is the best friend anyone could have. He's more chill than old people make him look like (no offense.)

They are just like Jesus, except you gotta clean their poo. And they don't talk back.... read more

My mom and my dog don't get along. At all. The dog loves my mom to death, but mom just yells at her for coughing, puking, and peeing (the dog has no set place for doing these things, even if it's an emergency situation), and said dog has been my best friend ever since preschool. Doesn't help that I have depression. I don't feel very happy at all at home anymore, no matter how much I tell my mom that the dog is a family m... read more

Dear J**,

Take those plans and shove them up your a**. No one gives a flying f*** about you. Stop crying to get attention. Stop thinking I'm stupid, I see right through you, you sh**y a** ugly wish-you-could-be-a motherf***er. People just tiptoe around you because you're weak. People don't actually like you. You're not popular and you're sure as hell not cool. Screw off!

Signed your best friend,

Me <3

Everyone I have ever loved, and who returned that love back, has moved on from me. They've all fallen in love with other people; gotten married or are getting married. Somehow I became a work-a-holic, plus an asshole - and so I also lost all of my friends. So I'm seeing everyone happy and in love and here I am totally miserable. I put one-foot-in-front-of-the-other and am making due, but every day a new challenge staggers me and drops me to my knees. Today it was my read more