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I'm worried about my moirail (like a best friend, but closer). She hasn't been replying to my messages, and when she does it's when i'm offline. I told her I was worried about her, but she says that she's been having gf and school problems, but i feel like it's something more. I'm constantly thinking about her and worried about her, but it may be nothing, but i'm still quite apprehensive about her. I'm quite the protecti... read more

I have 1 best friend and my best friend has about 5. I always seem to put people first even when they don't do the same for me.

You re so clueless of exactly how much I hate you. I feel bad for feeling this way but it feels like I can't stand you and its tearing me apart inside. You were supposed to be my right hand. Be my ride or die. My best friend and I still call you that but ever since you lied to me about wanting to be with me I can't stand you. I can't stand your new boyfriend. I can't stand seeing you too together. I saw you kiss him for ... read more

I'm lonely. Very lonely. I started dating this guy. He was great. A fellow nerd. We played games. We talked. We watched movies. We slept together. Literally. Just slept. Only had sex a couple times. Just held eachother most of the time. Everything was great. Then one day he just f***ing ghosted me. No warning. Used work as an excuse. As far as I can tell he is into my best friend. Story of my life. I'm just never pretty ... read more

So basically I'm in love with a guy that I've known for 12 years. We met as kids and I was best friends with his sister. When I was about 10 and he was 12 his family moved to Australia (I'm in the US) and we lost touch. About a year ago he and I started talking again and I started to have feelings for him. In September I told him I had feelings for him and while he was extremely kind about it he said "maybe we'd be datin... read more

so i went out today with 6 guys and my best friend who is a girl but these guys are really close with us we have been friends for a long time but my mom hasent personally met them anyway we went to one of my guy friends house and i told my mom we were somewhere else anywhere but there and i feel so guilty for lying to her but im afraid to tell her

so basically this friend of mine (that I thought was really nice) was actually talking sh** behind my back and other people in our friend group as well. basically, she talked to my other good friend, saying that me, this other girl, and THIS REALLY NICE GIRL WHO IS SO PURE AND DOES NOT DESERVE US WHATSOEVER are all 'ugly' or 'bad looking'. so yeah, she rated her best friend to be really pretty, but the girl she rated the... read more

I've tried to hard make things work with this girl. She's in my major, which only has 20 freshmen students. We like the same games, same shows, same music. I told her months ago I liked her and she even told me it back. We tried to be a thing back in December but she broke it off after just days because she was confused. We were best friends and now it's like we're just friends in passing. I want to at least get my read more

He's right there every day. He hangs out with my best friend every lunch period. Right. There.
"Hi, I'm Sophia. I've seen you around school. What's your name?"
It used to be so easy to go up to someone and say that. What happened? What made me this shy, this socially awkward around my peers? He's only a guy. What can he do that's so bad?
It's eating me up. I want to love on him. He doesn't even know I exist except for th... read more

A few months ago I finally told my best friend that I liked her. Unexpectedly, she told me she liked me back but she also liked someone else. She also told me that if we were ever together that she would be scared we would break up on bad terms and she didn't want to lose me. She also told me that if in March I still loved her the way I do then we could try to be together. I like a fool trusted her with my heart. She cru... read more

Don't you just love it when someone who is suppose to be your best friend stabs you in the back over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again?

This is gonna sound made-up. It's gonna sound like someone seeking attention or fishing for compliments, and I'm sorry about that, but this is true. My life is pretty jacked-up right now.
I'd turn to my friends, family, or teachers, but I just want to talk about it. I don't want anything done about it. I don't want therapy. I most certainly do not want any major attention (hence why I'm leaving this anonymous). I just need to put this out there and clear my head.
Okay, so her... read more

I feel like I'm going crazy. I'll always be at an extreme. I'll either eat nothing for a few days or binge eat everything for a week. I'll either feel so happy I could explode or so depressed I'll be close to suicide or self harm relapse. I'll either have self esteem so low I want to kill myself or I'll be extremely narcissistic. I'll either appreciate everyone who I hang out with or be angry at everyone and want to hurt people. I'm afraid of being with people but I'm afraid ... read more

I thought I was in love with someone or something but it was just a serious crush. I'm glad I didn't pursue the feelings and instead just kept them to myself and observed how she was at first. We were friends and talk a lot so it wasn't difficult to learn about her personality. I soon realized that she had a horrible personality. She's manipulative to people, ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, and seems to have had her a** kissed by everyone she's talked to, especially the guy... read more

I feel tired of helping others. I can't remember the last time I ever needed or asked for help from someone else. Yet I feel like most of my stress in life comes from other people leaning on me for support with their problems. My brother has financial troubles and his GF has got cancer and he's struggling. My Dad narrowly survived a burst aortic aneurysm last year and has been slowly recovering and learning to walk again ever since, and he needs lots of support; financially, ... read more

Feel so lonely and sad recently. My best friend pushed me away and I don't even know why. I cared so much about her and in the end, after all the effort I put into our friendship, she still cast me out. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this point since this isn't the first time a good friend has cast me aside, but I guess I put too much faith in others.


Just because I want to go to prom with my friend does not mean I'm lesbian for her. It means I don't want to go with a date that you f***ing pick out without telling me like you did last year. I want to feel COMFORTABLE at this event. Not dragging around a guy that barely even knows me and is even more awkward than I am.

Just because my best friend and I spend a lot of ... read more

Six or seven months ago we used to talk, flirt and joke around with each other a lot. I was getting the sense that he liked me. And I liked him, so I couldn't wait to get closer. But he disappeared for almost half a year. (The reason was understandable, but I'm THAT paranoid that he'll see this somehow so I don't wanna tell all the details.) When he came back, it seemed he could barely look at me. I see him nearly everyday but we hardly talk. I have no idea why he isn't talki... read more

I hate it when people are like "Umm, there are too many women/[insert minority] characters in this piece of media" like my guy have you actually gone outside or have you spent your entire life ranting about how Tracer being a lesbian ruined Overwatch for you while splurting your gurt to splatoon r34 while watching LoveLive and saying that Studio Gainax is the best studio out and disowning your family for not knowing what anime is and arguing about which anime girl has the bes... read more

I've suffered with anxiety and depression for so long now.. I'm so tired of it.. I hate waking up and out of nowhere, just wanting to die or be someone else. I wanna talk to a psychologist but I can't afford it and I'm afraid they're just gonna prescribe me something that I get addicted to, or that makes me even worse than what I already am. I feel like I have nobody because I can't trust anyone, not even my best friend ... read more