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My best friend is gay, and I can't be happier for her. However her girlfriend, our mutual friend, is a clingy and possessive b****. Not to mention, her girlfriend is straight and is just being bi for attention. I want her girlfriend to burn in hell. Also the gf has done drugs before, and we're only 13.

Are you f***ing kidding me? So this site had been taken over by some asian spammer and nobody gives a f***? That's great. Also, I'm quitting weed and I hate the entire world right now. I've succesfully numbed myself to just how f***ing retarded the world is for the last decade. Now I'm waking up and I realize that everything is a billion times more retarded than it was before. Seriously? You elected Trump? MY f***ING MOTHER LIKES TRUMP. I seriously just want to get right back... read more

I miss you. I hope I'll see you after class today. You don't yet know how much you mean to me. How much I care about you. How much I want you to know that you are the most beautiful person, inside and out, that I've ever met. How much you've helped me through hard times without knowing you did. How much I love you. My best friend ❤. #crush #iloveyou #bestfriend #imissyou

(I have no one to talk to about this, not my sister, not my mom, not my best friend, and i've just been holding it in for months so I 'll vent here)
TL;DR- Boyfriend impatient with virgin trepidations towards sex, get's frustrated/bored, it ends, time to own my own body.

My sex life... nonexistent. I used to watch porn once in a blue moon(women, men, whatever) but never masturbated, never felt the need to or how to and ... read more

I have a very close platonic relationship with my best friend. When his boyfriend leaves for work, I sometimes crawl into bed with him. I sleep better next to him for some reason. We casually kiss each other on the head, we hug a lot and he lets me use him as a foot rest when we're sitting next to each other on the couch. He tickles me a lot because I'm super ticklish everywhere.

I'm sure that to the general public, our... read more

Help. Please.

I'm a girl. My best friend is a boy. I love him and he knows. But he turned me down. That's ok... it's ok it happened three months ago. I'm over it... but is he... he keeps ignoring me when I vent to him about things... it's been three months. Why is he torturing me like this. He's the only person I can't read. I love him but I don't wanna lose my best frien... read more

My best friend in the world - my person - is currently out on a date with a girl he's been seeing. I am in love with him and have been for three years. He knows that. We started out dating, in fact, but it just kept falling apart because he couldn't push past his commitment fears to let me in. By the time he has addressed then, I was like family to him. I didn't have his fears and now I'm stuck watching him date other wo... read more

I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now and it's the first time any of my relationships have lasted longer than 6 months, and I was super excited and proud. Then I started bonding with his best friend and now I have a crush on him instead, but I know for a fact he is not interested in me even a little bit. I don't think it's worth ruining my relationship over, but at the same time it doesn't seem fair to continue da... read more

I am 49 years old I have taken care of my ex and her son since I was 19 years old. Years ago my ex After 15 years left me with two daughters, I since raised them on my own the best I could for the past 12 years. After many years of being on my own I decided to open my world to dating and met someone. Been dating for 4 years. I find out My girl friend has cancer. So many ways to take this. A good man has only one option. #whatelseyouwantofmelord

Having a crush on this guy is hard. Not only is he my best friend's older brother, but I'm 14 and he's 19. He shows signs of liking me back, but I know a relationship is probably out of the question. I don't know what to do!

My boyfriend and I have been dating going on three years. He's my best friend.

Lately, I've been unintentionally putting him down. I don't know why I do it or how to motivate him or teach him without being a total jack***.

Today, after I worked 9 hours in 90+ degree weather, he decided to make me dinner. I'm the cook between the two of us. His parents never really taught him how other than boiling water, grilled cheese... read more

I introduced my mom to her husband of 4 years, they have been together for 6. I thought i did something right for once when I got my mother and my step dad together, everything was perfect in the beginning until they got married and then everything went downhill... My step dad has 2 kids of his own, one who is 13, and the other one is 11, my mom has my older brother who is 18 and me who 16. Well my step dads oldest son is a narcissistic sociopath, he has terrorized my mom in ... read more

When everyone says that no matter what you do or what stage you are at its okay because you are just trying your best I always feel left out. I am not trying my best and because of that I feel like I'm failing school, my parents, my friends, and myself. I know I can do better and try harder and I can stop procrastinating and just not doing work but I just don't. I don't and everything I don't do, from texting back to not doing any work on that huge 15% of our mark Geography a... read more

It's a happy occasion for me and I just wish I could've got an congratulations from you or something we haven't talked in close to a month 😔I just want to text you but idk if I should we didn't end our friendship in the best way 😕& I doubt you even want to talk to me I been just trying to deal with it and not give in idk what to do should I text him

I'm sorry. We're just friends now. Please leave it at that. Don't try to be my friend and then try to guilt trip me into my decisions or try to change my mind. You said you're okay with being just friends, then lets do that. I understand where you're coming from and I don't want to be unfair. But PLEASE back off if you're going to complain about it to me, or just create distance if you need it, I don't need stress and complications from this. I can be the read more

I'm an 18 year old guy, just a few weeks out of high school. Life is hard prior to now, and now that I'm supposed to be a responsible individual life only gets worse. I don't live with family because they're just broken beyond repair. I just left my foster home for 2 weeks to spend time with my actual mom. We go out into the country to get away from everything. And that sounds just like what someone who is dealing with hard things in life needs. Everyone is happy getting drun... read more

Why does my boyfriend think a lot of guys check me out and want to be with me? Like I'm pretty sure no guys are thinking that. I have a decently nice figure and I've been told that I'm pretty but I've never gotten blatantly hit on like my best friend does literally all the time. Maybe like twice I have, but hardly ever. I don't understand what my bf means by that or why he thinks that.

You say you like me and act like you do and I know how petty it is but I feel like you and your ex would be cute together and it hurts that she is best friends with your sister and you still talk with her because I feel like you don't actually like me and I'm just a rebound. I know I shouldn't like you because in the long run it will only hurt me and I am tired of being hurt for the same reason. Why can't you just be hon... read more

I graduated two weeks ago, and none of my friends have intiated conversations with me. It makes me really pissed off and it makes me want to cut all ties with them and give them a big "f*** you" because I have always had to support all of them and be there for them and remain unbias when they fight. I gave up a lot for them, and now they're all ditching me basically. I know I should let it go, but I have tried really hard to keep in touch with them and none of them are trying... read more