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Apparently you don't even trust me anymore, so don't you dare call me you "best friend" you b****.

My sister and my best friend got drunk and slept together. They don't really even like each other. Now it's just awkward when they're both around because they try to avoid each other but it's not really possible in a one bedroom apartment.

I want to keep being best friends but it's so painful to constantly be reminded that's all it's ever gonna be. And you don't even know. If I can't talk to you about it who the hell do I talk to?

My co-worker is always a b**** to me for no reason. She thinks she's the boss just because she's best friends with our manager. She repeats stuff I already know, blames me for situations that were absolutely out of my control and she insults me on my weight and hairstyle. Nobody has fired her yet even though she hardly ever shows up to work, smokes at work even though she's a minor, and is just the worst person to work w... read more

I feel.. empty. Not the sad kind of empty, it's like the feeling I'm forgetting something or something's missing. I guess it would be considered closer to loneliness but not quite. It's hard to describe. I mean at first I thought I was plain lonely, as in I needed to find a boyfriend after all these years of being alone, so I tried to hang out with my best friend. He has a girlfriend but we're together all the time, when... read more

I think my heart just lose its best friend...

Aku maafin omongan kasar mu, aku berusaha untuk tidak kecewa karna kamu teman baik ku tapi ntah kenapa justru juga karna kamu teman baikku rasanya keinginan mempertahankan kedekatan kita seperti dulu, sudah hilang....

I really wish you never do that to me, but its kinda sad that the reality was actually sadder. I don't want to cut string with you but on the same time I don'... read more

No one knows how sad I really am. Everyone just thinks I'm as happy as ever, but I'm not. Inside the anxiety is slowly eating away at my soul. I feel my friends and my family don't trust me enough to tell me anything happening with their life, and it's not fun knowing they trust complete strangers more than their best friend. I want to scream that I'm not happy but I know even if I did, no one would hear me. Every day I ... read more

Has anyone on here ever fallen in love with an anime character? My best friend of many years recently recommended me to watch Sword Art Online. I started watching Friday night and just finished the second season today. I noticed when I wasn't watching Sao I was constantly thinking about Asuna. I'm not sexually attracted to her but the way she acts seemed so perfect, she was funny and loving and seemed like she would do a... read more

I'm scared of another person at my school. He doesn't do anything bad anymore, he's just a very intimidating person and I know what he's capable of. I'm pretty short for my age and he's nearly a foot taller than me. He's best friends with my boyfriend and my boyfriend has never understood why I'm scared of him. Well, I knew a person who used to be my friend, we'll call him James. James was my read more

Oh my god you really have no idea, do you?
I'm in love with you, and you're completely oblivious. I know we're best friends, and I know you don't date guys, but I just wish I could kiss you. I wish I could hold onto you when I have trouble sleeping, or when I'm cold. I wish I could call you mine.
But you're already hers, and that's what hurts the most.

this week has been a disaster for all aspects of my life.
i hadnt been getting the grades i wanted for my summer class, even though i studied. work has been a complete mess; filled with customers yelling at me, issues that i didnt have the power or knowledge to resolve without manager approval, covering for my managers shifts, unfortunately bringing out the wrong shoes to some ppl by accident, and working with only new hires during my shifts-- where i have to try my best to s... read more

it is really endearing when people talk about being harassed at work and someone always chimes in, "go to HR!"

first of all, HR works on behalf of the company's best interests, not the employee's.

second, you know that rule about tattling? and snitching? well guess what. snitches get stitches, even in a corporate office.

i mean i wish the world were a nice friendly place where people could feel protected and safe from harassment at work, but that's just not the case. and i... read more

Sometimes I just feel really unmotivated and kinda sad like there's no light in me. I always thought i fit in with my friend group which is kind of a lie. I got along well with some of the people but sometimes I just didn't have that connection with them that allowed us, if i was only with one other person in the group at that time, to have fun, I get really scared that i'm boring them and I think that's why everyone kinda just chooses everyone else over me as selfish and sel... read more

I have never had sex with a guy, never had a boyfriend, never even kissed another guy. And it's starting to just really bother me. I personally never wanted to be a big whore or anything like that and am proud of the independence ive gained for seeing my self worth. But...still I get dressed in my best clothes and wear my best colognes and everything when I go out with friends and no one ever even gives me a second glance. It just really makes you feel ugly I guess. Even thou... read more

Today is my birthday and a year ago my friend got me a puppy as a gift because I asked for one. l knew nothing of the real reason behind it... But after a month my puppy started to get sick. She wouldn't eat, less energetic, etc etc. she pretty much was dying in my hands slowly for a week. I remember clearly the day she did die. This friend and I were at a park with a mutual friend who knew the dog was sick, but also couldn't put their finger on why. An extreme amount of crow... read more

I feel so much hurt towards one person and i know its not healthy. I spent so much money on this girl, when she didn't have snack money. Sometimes I would do without for her! I have bought her food even when she's had money to take her others friend to restraunts and get make up for them! I have given her money on a trip we went on together and let her use my phone almost the entire time! I have even done her homework! I tried to cover for her when she skipped classes, I have... read more

I do not know what to do anymore. Me and my girlfriend broke up 3 months ago because I cheated. Yes it was a horrible f***ing mistake to hurt the one girl I have ever loved. Love doesn't do that to someone. But a little over a month after we broke up we started talking again n hanging out n it was great. We were building the trust up again but then she started work. (I am 18 she's is 19) we both live with our parents still. N she had to move with her grandma for the summer to... read more

Really sick of feeling led on? Like don't text me all the time at all hours of the day. Don't send me things you know I'll find funny and constantly remind me of the thousands of inside jokes we've made over the years. Don't open up exclusively to me about stuff you can't talk to anyone else about (apparently). Don't stay up till 4 am just talking to me. Don't tell me about how compatible we are. Don't tell me how pretty I am, how worthless he was, how jealous you were, just ... read more

Sorry in advance for the long rant.
I've always been a passive person and lately, I've been trying very hard to change that. Except, there's this one friend who won't take no for an answer! On top of that, she only talks to me when she needs something and it pisses me off. I know, I sound like an idiot, right? Just stand up for yourself, distance yourself, just tell her off! It's so so hard when I've been in my shell since forever, and I'm in that uncomfortable moment when sh... read more