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I've always had a slight crush on this guy because he's so kind and funny and cute since the beginning of college, now I'm on my second year and imagine my surprise when I found out that this guy has actually liked me too for some time? Suddenly, he just started talking to me more and moved on to blatantly flirting with me. He's not the flirty type at all so this came to me as a real surprise, turns out he'd been paying ... read more

My coworker might have a slight crush on me or is just young and horny. Once, I mentioned how I got a massage for my back ache and that he should to. And he asked if I had to take off my shirt and I was like "DUH". And he just stared at my chest 😂 I was trying so hard not to laugh. I wonder if he's a virgin. It would explain alot

I f***ing hate myself for thinking that my crush would ever look at me the way i look at him. f*** you bryan you're not even that cute why the f*** are you driving me nuts you like basketball too much it's the only thing i can hear from your mouth and f*** you for making me always check on you

okay how about this. alyssa is gone in the summer but returns a couple days before school starts. we are going to try to go to the park, because it's her favorite place to celebrate her birthday. if nothing's happened by then, i'll tell her that i love her that night

or i make a rash decision and tell her tonight even though she isn't responding and knows that i've just gotten over someone else, and she has a crush on s... read more

She's been a week away visiting with and having fun with her girlfriend, during which I've been working full time, taking care of our two small children, and still finding time to thoroughly clean up much of a house that was left in shambles. Only took about half an hour after picking her up at the airport to have my spirits crushed by her comments.

I feel so stupid.
I can't fall in love..literally
I used to have crushes before,but as time passes 'crushing' becomes more and more rare for me.Even though I really want to find someone to love (and even though I've never really had experience with dating) I feel like I just can't change my situation.
People around me are really annoying..toxic in general..

I don't know where to start why I'm here or anything just want someone to hear. It was 5th grade and I started to like this girl, let's call her T, she liked me back and it was cool, we dated for a few months, it was just a elementary school relationship or so I thought. She broke up with me through her friend and I thought that was it, sixth grade comes around and we try again and again a few more month. This time I was sure that I wasn't going to be the one who got left. I ... read more

Here's a sex story for yourl to enjoy.
She stood there in the pouring rain outside her school no shelter around and no one else around either. She held her book over her head to try to protect her dark black hair from becoming soaked with water. Her transport was suppose to be there to pick her up an hour ago but he didn't show up. Her white cotton shirt was soaked with rain water which made it transperant her white lace bra concealing her 34B cups was so visible through her ... read more

Okay but like why do i never get crushes, I only ever have crushes on famous people.

And my friends are always like "oooo who do you like?" and i'm always like no one and they NEVER believe me wtf

I wasnt aware that I liked Filipino guys, but apparently I do. I had a crush on a guy that was from the Philippines and now I have found the CUTEST guy online who is also Filipino! I am so happy and probably a bit to excited! I hope things actually work out with this guy because wow he is just SO CUTE!!

Someone help me.. I am 15 and I have a crush on my 23 year old bus driver. He's cute and funny..Ik it's wrong, he doesn't like me anyways but still...

I turned 27 last month. I have a crush on my 22 year old friend. Is it normal to have a crush on someone that young?

crush just asked me "voulez- vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"
I don't know if he didn't know what it meant or was just making a really out of nowhere song reference but I've never blushed harder in my life lol

One day, I swear, I will marry the smartest, most charming and most handsome man. I don't care how many people laugh at me for this declaration, but I swear, I am so sick of people telling me that the guys I like are out of my league. Guys can like Angelina Jolie and expect she will run after them without them even turning a hair. But if girls like Brad Pitt, then they're made fun of - "OMG, you actually think he will like you? He's so out of your league! Wtf is wrong with yo... read more

I have a crush on my ex-boyfriend and he likes me back
this might seem fine, you know we can just get back together
(the breakup wasn't bad it's a long distance relationship so he broke up with me coz he was stressed and he thought he'd never be able to see me again, since he's in America and I'm in south Australia.)
but he's broken my heart a ton even after we broke up.
he got together with another girl and told me (pro... read more


I had crush on you in high school.



I had this really big crush on this guy last semester. I never got to talk to him because we were on opposite sides of the room in two classes, but I just got that feeling that we would have really gotten along. I also thought he was really cute and I was really interested in him. I liked his sense of humor and he had an accent that I did not recognize, which drove me nuts trying to figure it out. I think he liked me to,... read more

So, I'm a girl.
I'm 17.
Hi 👋🏼
Since I'm in the category of love, I might as well share my love issue, right? Here goes..
In December, I realized I had a crush on this girl in my history class. BUT, this was my first *real* crush on another girl. There were instances before where I found myself crush... read more

Damn, talent and passion is so sexy!! I have had this HUGE internet crush on this Asian dancer Anthony Lee for a while, I am just so attracted to everything about him. He is PASSIONATE about dancing, has made a career out of it, got famous from it, and is still so humble, positive and chill person. He always makes me laugh and his smile is amazing. It is just so rare to find those people who are excited about what they a... read more

So the person from work that I have had a low key crush on has been thirsting after my work friend who I love dearly. I am trying not to go into the usual frustration, and thoughts that my anxiety disorder will bring about. It's so depressingly cute when my friend encourages me to tell him that I think he's cute and all. Yet he's been as responsive as a wall when I've sent a handful (like 3) over facebook. It's to the po... read more