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I want a serious relationship, she wants to be with me,"mentally" but sleep with other guys.
Im crushed every time it happens but the only way for her to stop is for me to end it but,i still love her so much

My phone was broken for a month, and when I got it repaired; I checked my messages and saw that my crush has texted me multiple times, with along the lines of "I really missed you so mutch" and a bunch of photos and sentimental stuff. I said "I missed you guys too." And now he's ignoring me, he didn't even say hi after NOT HEARING ABOUT EACH OTHER FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS. wHAT THE F DUDE, make up your f***ing mind

this dude has a crush on hillary clinton. he makes his keyboard sticky during google images search for her naked.

facebook dot c0m/jerry.gibson.31924

One of my coworkers said to me and my crush(my other coworker) that he is staring at me. And she said it twice. It was so embarrassing. I like him. I hate that she put me on blast like that. I responded and said "I dont care." to save face. And it seemed like it really hurt him. Because he mimicked those words in another conversation 10 minutes later- "i don't care." and was silent for a few minutes. I literally went in ... read more

Don't crushes just suck? I can't sleep because apparently it's impossible for me to not think about him for a couple of freaking hours. It's not like he likes me either; he either doesn't like me, or he doesn't care about me because i'm too much of a coward to talk to him. I just want to stop obsessing over someone who just doesn't matter too much... and sleep. I want sleep.

The other day Me and friend1 were throwing a surprise party for friend2. Friend2s brother happens to be my crush. We invited friend2s whole family but I wasnt expecting her older brother (my crush) to come. So without anyone telling me they were in the backyard i run through the backyard yelling "FRIEND1 WE LOST THE CAKE" without knowing he was there. Then i ran bac... read more

My husband is an ugly abusive monster. I want to stab/crush/poison/bash 9 0and incinerate him

Oh god, I like my crush so much I can't even talk to him. I can hardly even look at him. I think I have deep issues ir something

I'm going into my freshman year of high school this year, and my brother is going into his junior year. He's got some social issues (nothing major/diagnosable) and is a general outcast, so he only has one friend. It's hard to tell if the friend still talks to him out of pity or not, because he's nothing like my brother...but I've had a crush on this friend for about a year now, on and off, and I'm not sure what to do now... read more

I have a crush on this lady at my job, so I got my shift changed so she won't catch me blushing.

No point in trying to win her over, when avoidence can reduce anxiety.

Yo! I must be tripping. I'm having a little crush thing on my cousins step brother. That's kinda low even for me. Not that there's anything wrong with him. But just saying.

Well I sent a text to my "crush" I guess about 12 Hours ago about my feelings and whatnot and have not gotten a response yet I feel so stupid. Ready to kill myself good thing I have been drinking the pain will feel numb at least 🤗

I can't f***ing cope.
Every day, I barely have the motivation to eat. All my hobbies are all f***ing dead except running, and that just takes more energy out of me. But I can't stop because I literally have no other coping methods. I'm diagnosed with MDD (dubbed chronic depression) and I'm seeing my therapist for a session tomorrow.
I have this dumbass friend who constantly talks about 'her depression'. She wants to be like f***ing Dylan Klebold, she's even got her hair cut l... read more

I got wasted with my friends and my crush made a move on me. The next day, he texted me saying he had some whiskey left from yesterday. I know he wants the booty but nah bro, i don't wantchu now.

This is about mental health, actually. I feel like there's a fire inside me, and I think it's going to kill me. It's like the feeling of being right next to someone you have a crush, but in a bad way. I feel unstable and like I'm going to flip out and hurt myself or someone else. I don't want that to happen... anybody have any tips on what I should do...?

this boy, THIS BOY...
ive had a crush on him for the past 3 years. 3 years trying to deny myself anyone would ever like me (bc ive been thru bullying/self-loathing that makes me wanna stay away from crushes/boyfriends/whatever). 3 years hoping he'd somehow like me back anyway. 3 years wasted.

anyway, after all the stupid texting back and f... read more

I know you've always considered yourself a rebel. I get it, I really do. But how the F*CK could you POSSIBLY think that dating a twenty year old man would be a good idea. We're 14! He's almost the legal drinking age! WHAT THE F*CK?! And I understand that you loved him and I accepted that. However what I cannot accept is that you and him HAD F*CKING SEX! I get that it was "just contact" but does that make it okay? F*CK NO! You were at his house getting freaky and YOU DIDNT EVE... read more

HOLY f***

So there’s an app called tbh and you put in your school and it has like most likely to do stuff and you choose between your friends. Well it is anonymous. Well you add ppl as ur friends and they’ll appear on the polls more. Once u answer something about someone it sends that person a notification that an anonymous person answered a question about you. Well... I answered a question about my crush and it was... read more

I have a crush on my guy friend online, He respects me better then any guy I have met and we have an amazing connection. Everytime we talk we always laugh a lot and flirt on occasion. He is also the most consistent guy I have ever met and usually talks to me ever week without fail. WE have gotten really person and deep without feeling awkward, which is saying a lot. My problem is that I have never met him in person and t... read more

I hate hate hate myself for this. I'm almost too ashamed to say it. But I think it's about time that I just let it out. I have really bad depression and I'm bullied a lot at school for being quit and ugly. I cry and cry so much. I hug my stuffed animals and pretend they are my crush, just so I can feel like I have someone to rely on for romantic emotional support. But, I've moved on from that. And I'm doing something muc... read more