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I have a small crush on this boy because I know he likes me and he's kinda good looking but my friends think he's not *perfect* enough. I know he's a good person and we're kinda compatible but I'm the type to worry about what others think. What do I do?

and I can't tell anybody

I have a crush on my si leader- his smile is contagious and it just makes me happy lol but idk if he like me back or not. We only really talk when Icome early to the session. I can't tell if he's just being friendly, maybe I'm just delusional and he just like me as his 'student'.. This is cringe af but, he's the only reason why I look forward to Monday. Anyways, I shouldn't get distracted by guys when it final weeks

I have a crush on this kid and i feel really bad for him cause like 3/4 of the school hates him and i hope this doesn't turn into like 13 reasons why or something

So this girl and I have been friends ever since we were kids. I always had a crush on her and all that stereotypical stuff, but I didn't think she liked me that way. Eventually she dated this guy and he had to travel a lot. She ended up cheating on him with me (I know I shouldn't have done that). She knew how I felt about her at this point, but after he found out she threw me aside and acted like I was nothing, even thou... read more

Heavy f***ing board crushes my foot and the b**** just glares at me. And you're gonna wonder why I'm done working with you for the night.

i'm a girl & i might have a crush on some other girl. i'm not sure whether i genuinely like her or if I just find her pretty.. . ughhhh

So there's this girl who I really like. (Not a crush I mean I like her as a person.) And I really want to become her friend. I go to ballet with her but I don't know how to ge a conversation started where I ask her if she wants to hang out. Advice please?

I have a crush on one of my friends. But they're dating someone and I kinda helped them get together. In my opinion i think she's want to be with this guy just for the chase of it. And they're all lovey-dovey now it's gross or do I find it gross because I'm jealous I don't now. And I hate myself for letting it happen and how it happened. He's a virgin and she's not. He is more conservative than she is and I hate the fact... read more

Honestly, I don't know what to do. I just don't know what the h**l is going on right now. To be perfectly forward, I'm trying to cope with my always present, but newly named social anxiety as a bisexual girl who has a fu****g crush on her best friend, who has a crush on her ex-guy-best-friend. I'm always worried about what people say and think of me, and I'm so drea... read more

OKAY so i've had a crush on this guy since like November (BTW I'm a boy too) and like... we're friends but like... it's weird because we both act super awkward around each other until he breaks the ice (one of the things I like about him) and he does it awkwardly. Usually awkward gestures, like we were both getting hand sanitizer and he wiped it on my elbow. And this other time he sang the whole passing period between 5t... read more

I can't help but ask "Is it bad that I'm thirteen and I just got my first ever crush on a boy that I talked to about fighting depression?" #If it is I don't care

My boyfriend is way too good for a creature like me.
I've never met someone so genuinely sweet before.
When he was crushing on me, I told him about this game I really liked, so he bought it and played it so he would be able to talk to me about it.
Another time, I was over his house and had a panic attack because he did something that reminded me of when I was fondled as a child. He stopped what he was doing, and tried re... read more

Why do I antagonise myself so much? Am I seriously that self-obsessed? Can someone be so self-obsessed and hate it at the same time yet do nothing about it except wish for it to stop? Only to further question myself and wonder, do I really want that? Or am I just a self-centred f***ing b****?

It doesn't... please me? To interrogate and talk about myself when I get in those moods. So am I a masochist for wanting to f***ing hurt myself emotionally? I just want to crush on this guy and wants to talk to him but she can't walk up to him without feelin' super worried. What can she or I do to help with this problem? I really wanna hook them up!

I've had this huge crush on this guy for a couple of years now, but we've never talked. I don't know, I just get nervous when I'm around him. It's just that he seems to perfect in every way. I love his voice, the way he dresses, his face; he's basically my dream guy. Oh, he also has a girlfriend, which is wonderful. Today I walked past them in the hallways while I was on my way up the stairs. It was like a scene in a rom... read more

hush hush hush
blush blush blush
you are now my big fat crush!!!!!
im single as i can be
your single perfect for me
im gonna give you a bunch of reasons why you should date me!
reason number one-im super hot
reason number two-shes super not
reason number three- im all you got and all you got is someone hot!!
boy check my resume you want a background check?okay!
first name hot and last name b**** you wanna get with me? no... read more

Why is it that I'm attracted to other people who aren't my boyfriend when I'm in a committed relationship? Is there something wrong with me that I'm I don't know.
For some odd reason being attracted to another person feels like cheating. Which I'd never do. I'm too loyal. So maybe that's why attraction feels like cheating to me...
There's this new guy at school I helped him today cause our Spanish teacher is a b**** and doesn't care to see what you do and don't know as a tran... read more

i'm so numb i can't even cry anymore. and no, no one broke me, i did. you never expect it when you break, all you know is that heavy feeling of falling, and that soul crushing shatter that follows. it's like when you hear someone drop a glass, it scares you because you weren't expecting it, then it scares you because you're worried it could hurt whoever tries to pick up the pieces, even if it's yourself.

I like this guy. We are good friends but he doesn't like me and hear this the girl he , she likes his best friend and my crush knows. h wont stop falling for her and i am hear trying got gov whim my heart but he can't see that . We talked 3 night ago and he told me he liked me and he said so stuff. But the next day at school he told everyone that he didn't like me and called me ugly. then he said that he didn't mean it w... read more