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Of course the guy I am most physically attracted to at the moment doesnt answer me ever and probably doesnt give a sh** about me as usual. This is giving me flashbacks of my other crushes... Even though guys find me attractive, why do things never seem to work out? :(

My roommates boyfriend thinks that it is really cool that I am studying to be an artist when my roommate and him are studying medical. He also has a crush on me because I have heard him say that he found me attractive. But does that mean artists are more appealing? Or is he just curious? Either way I kind of have the feeling that they have boring sex, at least that is what I can imagine. My roommate is so logical it is u... read more

the person i might have feelings for is leaving for "a long time" now (maybe around 3 weeks, she'll be coming back sometime in april). i just feel really confused about whether i should tell her or not because i think she's straight and we're both girls and i'm bi and??????? i asked my friends what i should do and they say she tipped off their gaydar. i really want to trust their judgement on this, but i'm so scared i'll lose her anD IT'S CLICHE AND I MIGHT LOOK BACK AT MYSEL... read more

Old feelings of isolation coming back up. I can’t succumb to feeling sorry for myself again I need to keep positive and I know my friends like me and support me I think i need to be less talkative about myself and let them come to me. I know I have friends that support me. I just need to reassure myself. But I see so much of it everywhere. Everyone has a friend that sticks by their side. Maybe I expect too much of people. Yeah, thats probably it. I expect everyone to be tex... read more

He's so infuriating. He complained that HE is the only one who holds our conversation? Like wtf. Literally tonight all I did was get bulls*** responses and held the whole f***ing conversation basically with myself. And I'm head over heels for him, no matter what, and he's crushing on another girl still, or at least halfway crushing. And that hurts me. But I can't sa... read more

lol never mind hahaha..... gotta stop tryna figure him out or whatever. I mean its called a crush cus it hurts.

I think I have a crush on a friend but I don't want to be a lesbian

You have other hearts to break and dreams to crush
I have people to take care of and what little you haven't taken yet to live

A lot of my crushes do not work out, which isn;t good because I barely get crushes as it is. Anyways, I have been thinking about my first love at first sight. I know that it is all just chemicals and hormones and genes, but it felt like nothing I have ever felt before. It was also a time where I was really inspired to draw and for the most part happy with things. I ... read more

On your left you have a baby. On your right you have a vial with an embryo in it. At the end of 60 seconds, one of them will be randomly crushed by the terminator (hasta la vista baby!)....unless you make a choice of which to save.
So which is it? The living breathing baby or the vial of cells that have a high chance of miscarriage and menstration? Bonus question: what should be done to women who don't submit to religiou... read more

I'm infatuated with my friend and I think at this point it's gone from crush to could have been fwb to now possibly irrelevant

A few months ago I finally told my best friend that I liked her. Unexpectedly, she told me she liked me back but she also liked someone else. She also told me that if we were ever together that she would be scared we would break up on bad terms and she didn't want to lose me. She also told me that if in March I still loved her the way I do then we could try to be together. I like a fool trusted her with my heart. She crushread more

for like two years i had the biggest crush on this straight girl, lets call her katie. I'm pretty sure she knew i liked her too. I was pretty obviously flirting with her, and she seemed to be reciprocating. She would tease me and hold my hand in the halls, she would cuddle with me when she slept over, we would talk all the time. I was head over heels. I'm 18, i should know by now that straight girls are not worth the str... read more


i'm a 15 year old girl and for my entire life, my parents have been super overprotective and strict. i'm not just some tween who thinks her parents are "THE WORST PARENTS EVAR!!!! DX" bc they won't let her date or drink or something. my situation is truly terrible and life-damaging.
the thing is, my parents have homeschooled me for all my life and my dad took it a step further and decided i NEVER need to leave the... read more

theres a girl i like (we're both girls) and shes annoyed by everyone's love and crushes n sh**, so my crush is stupid. i really wanna tell her that it's her but i'm trying to wait until i can tell her in person. (We live in different states, i moved away from there) but im scared she'll reject me because she's straight haha im stressing out lol

This is gonna sound made-up. It's gonna sound like someone seeking attention or fishing for compliments, and I'm sorry about that, but this is true. My life is pretty jacked-up right now.
I'd turn to my friends, family, or teachers, but I just want to talk about it. I don't want anything done about it. I don't want therapy. I most certainly do not want any major attention (hence why I'm leaving this anonymous). I just need to put this out there and clear my head.
Okay, so her... read more

I was in love with this awesome girl. We were crazy about each other, doing fun sh** and just loving life and each other. One day she tells me she is lesbian, I was crushed. I wanted to die etc. I still have feelings for her. This was 2 weeks ago, is this normal?

I thought I was in love with someone or something but it was just a serious crush. I'm glad I didn't pursue the feelings and instead just kept them to myself and observed how she was at first. We were friends and talk a lot so it wasn't difficult to learn about her personality. I soon realized that she had a horrible personality. She's manipulative to people, ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, and seems to have had her as... read more

Can't stop thinking about my crush. He doesn't even know that when he's near me i want to grab him and kiss him and just go at it with him. My crush on him has only gotten stronger because he's so nerdy sexy and nice. Ughhhhhhhh i want him so bad at this point. Idk what to do anymore but i need to get over it.

I'm a married woman age 25-34 and I've been married for ten years now... just realized that came off a little 12 step-ish. (No offense to those trying to better themselves...) My marriage has definitely had it's ups but lately it's been kinda down in the dumps. Long story short, I simply am torn between keeping my family whole or tearing it apart. This has been festering in my mind since the beginning of this year and I try to ignore it and focus more energy into my marriage,... read more