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i was at the pool with 2 other friends (i am a girl and they are girls too) so long story short we all went to the hot tube and ,the girl and i end up kissing under water and 2 more times when we were all walking home together. on elf the other girls said that the girl i kiss said i ws a good kisser but that she had a crush on me and idk what to do i am straight and she likes girls . we only kiss because we were dare. I ... read more

So I'm gay, I like a guy who I'm pretty sure is gay. He led me on pretty hard during a period of time where I wasn't happy with myself and being gay, and now that I'm ready to see where he and I would go, he seems to have gone further into the closet. He never officially came out, but the way he treated me were huge pointers that he was gay. I don't know what to do, I don't usually romantically fall for people, I'm 19 and I've only fallen for 2 people, a tiny crush okay so a while ago we were doing this exercise involving a yoga mat and this big-a** roller (like,,, a cylinder which you can use for rolling to it and sh**) and i was secretly watching him roll his body and f*** HE HONESTLY LOOKED SEXY I WAS INTERNALLY SCREAMING and when we were supposed to roll a knee on it, he was like f***ing someone and it turned me on ASJFKLSD and when our class ended i... read more

I have this major crush on the prince of dubai n i need to calm down. I knew about him long time ago n yes i do have a slight crush on him. I found out about him when i googled most handsome prince. I was THAT bored. I never really fangirl about him untill now ofc. Before, when I saw his post on ig, i would be like "oh it's the prince". But now, i would be like "ASG... read more

i really feel uncomfortable when i become attached..? attracted? close? to somebody. is it a crush? i don't know.

i don't really believe in love and romance and having to feel close to a certain somebody. it's nice to and i understand it's scientifically proven to make me happier to be held and touched and emotionally and mentally engaged by other people, but i don't like feeling jealous or confused of myself or just.. ... read more

When I was age 15,
I met who I thought was going to be the man I married. (Y'all will hear about him a few times this will just be the over all of what happened and why we broke up.)
I loved him because he was there for me when I needed someone to hold, someone to cry to. We loved eachother for the first two years and then at 18... he lost his job and so I got him in with me and working together I started realizing that he would have his "best friend" over all the time I didn... read more

I fall for people too easily. I have a boyfriend, and I have a small crush on someone at the same time. This is the second time, and I feel so bad but I try to stay off so the crush will fade off. idk i just feel guilty.

So I met this guy last year an I thought he was cute but its not like I was crushing on him especially after I found out he has a gf, we talked but then it stopped, months later he texts me out of the blue about something totally random and we talk a little bit but he takes hours to text me back and doesn't seem interested so I'm wondering why he texted me in the first place, so I asked him straight up why he messaged me... read more

Why can't i crush on someone who likes me as well??

Im a chronic blusher.

No, I don't have a crush on everyone I meet.

Yes, I am stabbing my cheeks to stop the blushing.

I'll be fine.

Dear self,

You can't ignore your crush from three days ago because he rejected you. Don't be an a**h*** .

#HotLibrarian #TakeOffTheFedora #Friendzoned

I have two friends. A boy we'll call Lucas and a girl we'll call Jillian. Lucas, Jillian, and I used to always hang out together mostly during our shared p.e class and lunch (Im a freshman in highschool). Lucas asked me out nearly a month ago (on the 20th but it's 4/15/17 today) and we've been dating for quite a while now. While our relationship has been thriving our relationship with Jillian
however has been getting worse. Like I said, we hung out a lot but whenever we told ... read more

While they haven't said anything I'm %99 sure a friend has a crush on me and I %100 don't feel this way about them.
We went to an event together this weekend and anytime I tried to get some alone time or do something on my own they invited them selves. I know I should of been honest with them and told them I needed my space but I felt guilty saying anything. They were also really touchy and over baring. Wanting to pet my... read more

I miss having a crush, I hate not being interested in anyone it's so boring.

I'm so naive. I've done a complete 180 on a friend of mine I thought I had a crush on.

That guy who has a crush on ted... is his sister.

I think I'm above averagely pretty but I feel like everyone else doesn't think that. Girls never call me pretty and I've never really had a bunch of guys give me attention or a particular guy even ask me out. Sure I've had like two or three guys have a crush on me at school but nothing serious. Is it possible that I think I'm pretty when I'm actually not?


I hate finding out people had a crush on me or have a crush one me. I hate myself and I can't help but hate them a little too. I don't get it but it makes me angry. If you ever like me don't tell me. I just can't. Deal with being my friend, you'll find someone worthy of your attention.

So i guess it's safe to say my crush doesn't actually like me . I think he's just the flirty type with all females. I'm bummed but its ok at least i know.