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My dad has been telling me about his crush because he is excited about it. It has been a LONG time since he has been interested in someone and I guess he just wants to know if he is doing the right thing. Even though I do not want to hear about his crush, it got me thinking about why my dad does not like Mexican women. My dad is half Mexican and visited Mexico when ... read more

I am questioning my sexuality.I don't know if i am straight or bi.I have taken several tests concerning sexuality and most of the results turn up as BI.Ofc you can never really trust such tests but...Ok there is this girl from school,i had a huge crush on her.I would think about her 24/7.At first i thought i only wanted to be her friend but as days went by i began to understand that i liked her.The thought scared me caus... read more

I'm so f***ing mad. My crush is just playing with me by now and are being the biggest b**** I've ever seen. I still like him and he is acting like he doesn't care. What should I do about this?

TL/DR: I fessed up my feelings for my best friend while she was drunk.

I don't really drink since I have a low alcohol tolerance, my crush (a close friend of mine) on the other hand drinks a lot. We went to this little social gathering last night, I was busy doing a little chit-chat and getting some food while she was drinking... a lot. It wasn't long until she got drunk, at around 12:45 am she was all over the place. S... read more

I hate not liking anybody at the moment. I need a crush. It's so boring to not have someone to pursue.

While my dad is trying to get his crush to like him, I realize that if a guy was acting the same way towards me that I would reject him. Normally, if I guy stopped texting me or seemingly stop "trying" then I would just move on. He is acting like a player, which my dad USED to be anyways........

I'm so f***ing confused with my sexuality. I was pretty sure that I was straight for sometime but then I have a crush on a trans man

i have a crush on these two kids and I think they like me back ummm now what

Been crushing on a dude who won't end up liking me back, because that's what always happens when I start liking a guy 🙃

Just had another crazy night with the barista. First he kept me waiting until 1:40 am because he went to the bar with his colleague without even mentioning that to I sat there waiting patiently, PATIENTLY with my phone on my chest. I was anxious. I was so anxious that I got diarrhea. That's a f***ing problem. I took 3 showers because I wanted my hair to be a certain level of moisture when I would see him. I spent so much time readying myself to look like a 10/10, I sh... read more

Why is it so crushing to lose someone you love? Why can't I push him out of my head? I don't want to feel like this anymore!

I can't believe I've become the girl who people have a crush on, like multiple people??? How low are people's standards?????

I hate having crushes it always brings a sheen of angst into my life and takes over everything that goes on in my mind. What I hate even more is when you feel that moment of heartbreak when you see them talk to someone much prettier than you and them being overall happier than when they are with you.

so lately i've been feeling?? jealous i think??? my boyfriend told me recently about his friend having a crush on him, and i'm a little worried that he might take him from me. i don't think i have the right to be upset about this, since im very sure my bf loves me, he tries to show me everyday (he's just not good w affection. at all) but i cant help but feel a. burning and bad feeling in my gut when his friend tells him ... read more

Last summer at the end of the school year (9th grade) I got a crush on my best friend and he got a crush on me. Since it was the end of the year, we texted each other over the summer. It never turned into a relationship really. Then when it was time for school in the fall and we were going into high school he stopped being my friend and started being friends with th... read more

i remember vividly the night that i confessed to you. on a cool autumn night we smoked on my friend’s back porch in the swing, and we talked for hours, just you and me. we got really high, decided to go inside, and that’s when i told you in the most indirect way possible that i have feelings for you. those were good days, back then. you kept your distance all this time, respecting my wishes, respecting my path, and now there’s this uneasiness lingering in the air around... read more

I feel like such a f***ing a**.
My parents were going to take me and my sister with them to a drive in movie.
I was under the impression that my sister would bring her boyfriend and they'd go in a separate car. So I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come.
I forgot that my sister's bf works Saturday's, so he can't go. So all 3 of us have to cram into the back seat. My boyfriend and my sister are not small people by any means, and while I'm much smaller, I still have hips and ... read more

found out my crush is only 1yr older than me instead of 2yrs. thank god. her city's only a 1hr trip from mine. i already know she likes girls too. i'm just. happy this finally looks like it's working out. #lgbt #lesbian

Can't sleep. All I want is spouse to take parenting classes & addiction therapy. He had screencover of nude image on phone that his small kids can easily see. Why doesn't his brain realize not to do things like that. There's way more he's done in front of kids that I don't feel like explaining. Can't this be mandated without having to call police. He crushed my hand when I gave him phone to change the pic. He didn't even... read more

Im 17 and all my life ive pushed people away and protected myself from having feelings for someone. Untill recently when i got my first crush, on a guy. The wirst part is that he is straight and i know theres nothing i can do about it. Ive been listening to love songs and feeling sad for 2 weeks now and i know that i'll probably be alone forever. All i want is someone to love and to love me back. But my family is antihom... read more