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When your left eye tries to float away while you are trying to have a conversation with your crush. Thanks fever dreams! :D

#Literallyjusthappened #Iknowitsnotreal #IWasActuallyTextinghimthough #Author #DontworryMyGlassescaughtmyeye #Bedtime

I wish I still loved you as much as the day we met. But I feel cold, and for the most part apathetic. Today I couldn't even pull off a decent smile when you told me you didn't think we would never seperate. The worst part is that I probably have a crush on this one girl. It's an unrealistic love, but holy f***, I can't stop thinking about her. She's so great and active, successful and funny. But... It's unrealistic and a... read more

So this crush on my coworker just went up. Not good... I thought i was over it because it's not ever going to happen but then he showed me something and helped me out. He's soo freaking nice. And cute. And has manners. And sexy. I just ...f***! Now since then I've been thinking about him a lot more and i can't because it won't happen... But he's such a sweet and helpful and genuinely nice person plus he's such a cutie i ... read more

(before we start, may i mention that i am a pansexual female) so recently, the guy i like has started messaging me privately, outside of the group chat we are in with our other friends. anyways he found out that i followed several hentai accounts. his reaction was basically "yooo im into the same sh** you are" so we have literally been sending each other hentai for the last few days. none of our other friends know. anyways, last night in the group chat we are in with the othe... read more

I know other people's lives are so much worse but I just want my crush to see me how I see her so we can cuddle though the weekend and not have a care in the world

I've never had anger issues in my entire life, nor have I ever harmed myself out of anger- at least not in normal ways that scar or seriously hurt me. However lately I pull at my hair until it falls out, drag my nails against my skin until red bumpy marks are visible from my ankle to my thigh or sometimes against my face, and clench my jaw without being able to relax it. I haven't done any of this behavior before but my family situation has been the same. It feels like my par... read more

I hate talking about myself like this, because I don't deserve to complain, and I probably sound like a b****. I don't really have anything to complain about, and people have gone through the same situations as me, and ended up fine. There's nothing wrong with me, and I doubt there ever will be. I am, and will always be average. Lately I lost a lot of motivation to keep my grades up in school. Not that big of a deal, it's not even that bad. But I just know I can do better if ... read more

So I'm in Uni, and was friends with this girl. I had a crush on her since last semester, and finally worked up the courage this semester to talk to her. We hit it off well at first. We even started studying together... Then, as we started texting more and more, I asked her if she wanted to get to know each other even more outside of the university. I wanted to take her out for dinner at a nice restaurant. She politely sa... read more

I am so f***ing ugly it actually makes me cry and wish I didn't exist. I'm fat, disgusting, lonely, depressed, stressed, angry, sad, and of course, UGLY. My crush would never love someone like me. I never talk to anyone because I have bad social anxiety, so I'm always in the shadows, never being noticed. I guess my only option is to hurt myself more until I've truly had enough and I leave everyone.

Back in July, I went on an eventful "DATE" with a guy I'd known for some time. He was super easy to talk to. Kind, understanding and all that other fab stuff we like about our crushes (; We had a great time, we truly did but we unsuspectingly got a little intimate. In the cab on the way home he texts me about his three daughters and wife.

I didn't deliberately go out of my way to fool around with a married man as I didn... read more

Dear World,

Here's me venting anonymously about how I will not get over my giant crush on this one guy. How long has it been going on? If you consider the moment when I was transfixed by his impossibly blue eyes as I came here for the first time, then it's been 2 yrs. To be honest that's cheating a little bit, because I went for months without thinking much about him. However, of course I'm later assigned to the same pr... read more

I think you're about to make a huge mistake. I know that you aren't going to give me a fair chance because you're scared. I know that you have issues and maybe if you let me I'd be able to help you. I saw you today. I saw the way that you reacted. I'm not blind or stupid. You hate when I talk to other guys; so tell me if you get that jealous why wont you make a claim? Why wont you just let me love you? It would be so much easier. So much better. I can't stress how much you're... read more

So there's this girl I see every day going to school and coming back, and I've always had the biggest crush on her but only since recently has since I started riding the bus she seemed interested, I doubt she'll ever go on this website so I'm posting this. I've developed real feelings for her and she seemed to back pedal I just found out that she thinks I'm annoying and such. Idk what to do really I just need someway to ... read more

So I have a boy friend. I liked this other kid for about 7 months. And well.. I told him I had a crush on him (when I wasn't dating my boyfriend) I have NEVER talked to him. But he always looks for me and when he finds me he runs. So at school I want to cry. But my boyfriend doesn't know. But I love him, and I'm trying to forget about the "crush"

I'm a very short gay guy...4'7" to be exact...and I'm thin. I can't stand being in crowds or at uni. I'm picked on constantly. Some days I finish my lectures and make sure to basically sprint to my car so I can drive home or to my friends. I've always been uncomfortable with my height. So...there is still guy who likes me a lot, but I don't know if it's weird or not. He's very very tall..7 feet to be exact and basically the size of a steroid fuelled bull. I'm uncomfortable ar... read more

my class went to watch a movie in the school theater. i kept on looking at my crush bc i sat on his front right hand side, but i should've realised that he will never look in my way bc i'm so ugly and horrible :/

How do you break up with a girl you've been dating and in love with for 4 years? I can't stand the fact of crushing her but I don't think I can be in this relationship.

So the girl I liked who was my friend, turned me down, which was fine. I didn't feel to broken up about it and was able to carry on as normal. It was just a crush. But here's my problem. She told me she didn't want to go out with anyone because she doesn't have an interest in dating or anything. Now it's like 2 weeks from that time and she dating someone. My problem her isn't that she found someone to be happy with, it's... read more

Had to catagorize this in the life muttrs because it's a lot
-Eat 5 vegan cookies with tons of fiber (you can guess what my consequence is)
-1 week of work left at retail store
-1 week left to see either high school crush and get one more chance to make up
-1 week left to say goobye to the only friends I made last year (coworkers)

And I'm crying to les mis. God im a mess lol

My friend keeps showing off her relationship on social media and I can't help but feel jealous about it. I used to have a crush on the guy she's with so I feel so weird seeing it. It was just a small crush but combined with my own single status and her flaunting her relationship I get such a feeling of disgust whenever I see it. It sucks to feel this way but my god ... read more