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I wish i was hot/attractive
So that i could crush a lot of guys' hearts
I need to make someone cry
I need to make someone else suffer just like i did
I need to make them feel the pain i felt
Welp too bad I'm ugly
Ugly people don't break a lot hearts
Their hearts get broken instead

damn I'm gay, I really like guys, and for a while I thought I might be trans because I don't really fully feel like a dude, but I realized I wouldn't want to be a girl in a relationship either.... I'm not a flamboyant gay guy, I'm pretty chill and most people are somewhat surprised when I come out, but I'm not super masculine. I plan on working out and having a nicer body, but I'm never going to be a "macho guy who expels confidence". I'm fine with myself, I get a little down... read more

I saw a video which was basically saying that you should go after your crush and don't be scared and all that crap so I looked at the comments and everyone was tagging their crush and then their crush would reply and be like 'oh I have a crush on you too' ... read more

Tmw when you have anxiety and your crush pins a thing on Pinterest about "how to date someone with anxiety" so you have an anxiety attack

Comment the name of your crush and something you wish he would say to you but probably never will.

So I had this sociology project. No big deal professor tells us to write out 10 letters to people who mean a lot to us in the event that we died or were in a coma. So after getting through nine of them I started drinking a little bit. College courses can be rough on a guy. On the tenth letter I was probably more drunk than I should've been but I thought for a minute and then started to write. Long story short I wrote the last letter to the girl I was crush might actually write something on here

Lmao I'm single af

Ok, big rant coming, my apologies.
I've had some strong, long - standing, very well hidden feelings for one of my best friends forever now (I mean years). It started when we reconnected after not seeing each other in person in years (I moved away when we were both in our GROSS teenage years; we always kept in touch via emails and texting and Instagram and stuff, though, and then I moved back and suddenly we weren't little kids anymore). At the time I pushed that down (I'd had... read more

Schools starting soon, so that anxiety is seriously kicking the f*** in. The other day i went to this meet the teacher thing, and i panicked the whole time. I saw this guy i had a crush on the previous year, and i could ve been compared to an anime school girl. He barely glanced at me, too. i dont know. i also happen to have orchestra - im not good at any instruments other than piano. And then theres chorus and im soo fr... read more

So I'm currently sitting in my apartment with a shotgun next to me. I've had enough of this f***ing place and I'd rather die right here tonight than live another day in this soul crushing existence.

Infatuation is silly as f*** but it's fun. Just hope I don't let myself get crushed.

I go play dnd at a game shop every friday and I have a MASSIVE crush on one of the guys i play w there suddenly??
Like he smiles at me all shy and stuff and im not sure if hes being polite or if he might actually like me back?? im just worried he'll fall for my best friend (which most guys do??? im usually a second/last choice) but also?? my best friend likes me romantically and is a lesbian so im just so so worried this... read more

My crush and i were texting and he was being super sweet, then there was a moment that was the perfect time to say "thats why i love you". I ended up thinking about it for like 3 minutes before he asked if i was here. Damn low self esteem 😭

So usually when I ever have a crush on somebody I tend to turn around, walk away, and ignore it till I forget all about it (even though I never really forget). This time I decided hey, why not just try sending a message to the guy I like? We talk on and off every now and then and he's really nice. I figure we'll never be in a relationship, I don't even know if he's into dating guys, for starters, and nobody would want to... read more

I dare you to read this.

So theres this guy- I'll call him Kyle. I really liked him. I liked him so much that I thought I was in love with him. He liked me back, but nothing ever happened. Then one day he moved and we havent talked since. I keep having this lingering feeling like maybe i still have a chance with him, that maybe I still love him.
I recently met this guy Ill call Sam. Super attractive, funny, kind. Hes a year older than me, but I think he might like me. Everyt... read more

a question i wanna ask here since i dont know where else to:
im writing a story and i need to know if the following scenario is assault or not:

so there's 2 characters (guy and girl) the guy has a dark secret and the girl finds out. She's had a crush on the guy for a while but never acted on it. Upon finding out his secret, she uses it to her advantage. She confronts him and tells him that he either has sex with her or ... read more

here i am dating a guy who keeps me a secret from his friends, never brags about me, never even texts me while i'm crushing on a guy who's now mad at me because i got a boyfriend who treats me like sh** but stay with.

This love thing sucks and i feel like im just gonna give up. i thought to myself that if i stayed "loyal" and only kept my eyes on one girl that i would seem determained to be this girls boyfriend. I took the first step to ask her out when she was walking to the school bus i explained i wanted her to think about on the ride home and to school plus i didnt want her to think about it during school this was my freshman year and she said NO! i should've backed off then it would s... read more

I desperately need advice.

So I've had a crush on this guy for a little over 2 months. We're pretty good friends and I feel like I could have a relationship with him. However, my best friend told me that she had recently developed a crush on him as well. I pretended that I didn't have a crush on him and encour... read more

I kinda maybe have a crush on one of my can I give him subtle hints while working? We work around food.