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My dad just dropped the bomb on me that he is getting remarried this year, which took me off guard since I was in the middle of telling him that I had just booked my Sweet 16. Right away the tears started flowing because in the back of my head, I had the slight hope that my parents would make up, even though I know damn well they hate eachother. It hurts because I had that hope for so long, and now all hope left has been crush<... read more

Id never admit this to my best friend but we had a great time with her best friend. I have a crush on him now and id totally be with both of them if that were on the table. ..bc i love her and i think i might also love him now too

And when we were leaving his place the other day he was like, can i just marry both of yall?

And he was being silly but i would never say this ever but id do it if they asked me to

Sigh... I'm so tired of my friends. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I... don't care for my friends anymore. I've stopped talking to them altogether. Being friendless feels better than having friends who cheat you, to be honest.

Wanna know why? Here you go. I'll try not to make huge stories out of my friends.

Friend #1: Normal-ish friend. That super funny girl you'd sit by at lunch and laugh your a**es off with each other. Video gamer. Pretty much my... read more

None of those f***ing wishes I've made on anything have come true. Not one. My grades still suck, my crush still doesn't like me back, and my parents are still complete homophobes.

Here's a lesson for anyone here who's in high school: don't get your hopes up for prom. Don't get your hopes up in general. But don't get your hopes up for prom. Don't think that just because she asked you to prom she'll actually want to spend time with you at prom. Don't think that she'll want to dance with you. If you follow my advice, you won't end up a f***ing heartbroken mess like me. Unlike me, you won't be spending the rest of prom night sleeping in your car and hating... read more

Weirded out by people who send insane messages after not hearing from them for years. Woke up this morning to a message from someone who was a bit of a crush that I had some feelings for. We ended up as friends while occasionally messing around while drunk. As time went on she and I lost contact since we both deleted our old MySpace accounts. She fell off the face of the earth and I had no way of getting in contact with ... read more

i need help about my newly ex. we broke up after 2 years of a relationship on march 7th. he dates this ugly girl now and he had no problem moving on after me as he got with her not even 30 mins after we broke up. I have this crush and i dont think he likes me back ive told him and he said nothing. im too scared to talk to any other guy and have no idea how or who to talk to. on top of that my mother controls everything i... read more

such a f***ing mess. idk what i'm doing in life. like what's my purpose. i dropped out of uni and really can't find real friends. maybe if i tried more? idk. i suck being single. getting rejected still sucks the 17th time. bruh what the f*** am i doing. like i have a good day and when i go to sleep there's like nobody beside me to talk to or cuddle. i need to get myself out there but i'm super shy. i really wanna do good in this world. like f*** suicide, it don't mean nothing... read more

So I have liked this guy for two years now. I know I should get over him as he (and no other guy ever) doesn't like me back. Well my best friend knows this, and it kills me to talk about him, so I haven't for a few months. She then decided that she is going to tell me that she likes him, as if one week ago and I have to play along like I don't cause I don't want to feel bad. So I'm on the other end of snapchat crying my eyes out because every guy she has liked, likes her back... read more

it's such a cliche, and you hated cliches, but i don't know how to pick myself up after you shattered me. i have no clue. i'm just so hurt and lost right now. i need you, and you really had me thinking you needed me. i guess not, i doubt you even think of me anymore. in a way that's better than you feeling as crushed as i do right now, i can't bear the thought of you in pain.

i think i'm falling for my fwb.. he says all the rights things at exactly the right time, the sex is amaaaazinnnngggg.. he is smart, sweet, makes me feel so good about myself. He takes care of me, very nurturing.. the last time we had sex i feel like we connected on a completely different level and i've never felt that before, even when i was married. I think he acts like he does with me because he is a gentleman, not because he loves me. It took all i had in me not to say 'I... read more

i had a dream that we kissed and now i've developed a crush on my friend. i can absolutely not under no circumstances tell this guy that i have feelings for him. he's so freaking cute and he has this smooth voice i hate this im gonna kick myself in the a**

So, today I found out this girl I had a lesbian crush on, isn't a virgin. Frankly, I'm surprised and pissed off, yet at the same time I wasn't, for I had a feeling someone would do this at some point. Let me give some background on her first, since I'm pretty sure it's a very common name, I'm gonna throw it out there. But I'm gonna spell it wrong by one letter. Her name was Cori, she's a cheerleader in my high school, we... read more

aww my crush is back, i'm glad because i kept trying to message them and they ignore me. i have a dildo up my rectum and it's blocking my flow of fecal material. i will die of sepsis soon, if everyone's lucky. reminds me of when i would video monkeys masturbating until they flung their crap at me at the zoo where i'd steal peanuts from the lions. i love watching my neighbors dog eat my puke after i've given the cat head ... read more

People don't care about important things. They're too f***ing self absorbed. They'd rather focus their attention on whether or not Tim from accounting has a crush on them than get up and worry about the fact that population pressure will collapse our infrastructure if we don't innovate in our agricultural sectors. Among you know, thousands of other important issues that people are just ignoring because it's "too hard" fo... read more

im gonna feel so dumb for writing this. i think im starting to fall in love. not just a crush because someone looks attractive. but actual love. actual falling-in-love. with their personality. their humour. i don't feel nervous like with crushes. i don't feel self-conscious or anxious. i just feel comfortable and warm and giggly. like sitting in soft cozy chair by a... read more

My girlfriend says she loves me but has a crush on a guy her whole life any advice?

There's this boy I like, but he definitely doesn't like me, or just doesn't show interest in anyone... I mean it's not like I'm popular or skinny or anything. I'm a nerd, and I'm, not FAT but I'm definitely over weight. I've always been chubby. I've never been able to wear a bikini without slinking back in shame or wear like ANYTHING my older sister wears because she's basically a F**** MODEL and looks good in anything I've ever seen her try on. She's an awesome athlete, I'm ... read more

when ppl touch their crush and say that electrical pulses go up their arm and everyone thinks its bulls***? THAT sh** IS TRUE, AND IT FEELS f***ING AMAZING

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now. We have a friend who we recently found out is gay and they've been texting which I was okay with because I trusted both of them. But today I read some of their texts, after my boyfriend said I could, and saw that they were practically flirting with each other. Our friend told my boyfriend that he has a crush on him and they talked about things like how they wanted to cuddl... read more