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So there's this guy I know from school. We're friends, and I've been crushing on him for a few months now. I have another friend of mine who has implied that he might be interested, and still another friend who thinks so as well. The problem is, the girls he's surrounded himself with- his friends, his sisters, previous girlfriends, etc.- are extremely beautiful in a conventional, popular way (blond hair, athletic physiqu... read more

I have, rather unfortunately, caught feelings for a close friend and confidant. Because we're rather close, however, she's confided in me that she likes someone else(a mutual friend on ours). I cannot shake feelings easily, so I'm stuck crushing on her while I watch her crush on someone else.
Even worse, she knows I have a crush that i "sorta like him" and he avoids telling me either he doesnt or does like me... I know he probably doesnt like me. But what he doesnt know is I dont just like him... I'm head over heals in love with him... hes scared to go into a relationship though because his last gf lost intrest... she never treated him the way he deserved to be treated...

Well, I just asked the girl I have a crush on out and now I feel like a second option... It's probably my fault but I don't really know what to do now.

Is it weird that when my crush called me "Silly goose" my heart skipped a beat? No one really ever calls me sweet nicknames...

Any ideas for cute nickname for me to call him? He loves dogs so should i call him pup or would it be too cheesy or should i call him wisker IDK UGH HELP

Well sorry I'm boring sorry I'm shy sorry that I'm socially awkward! Sorry I'm not as pretty as those other b****es sorry I'm not as smart as my sister Sorry that people upgrade from a goalie to a field hockey player. Sorry that I'm alive. Sorry I'm not straight sorry that my hair looks like charlie in the chocolate factory sorry I'm not photogenic Sorry I'm childish and irritating!!! DO you know how much that hurts me and plus I got friendzoned by my read more

Sticks and stones will break your bones. Words will never cease the pain felt as your mangled body is crushed against the sharp ravine.

Whenever i talk to my crush i say stupid things very very stupid things

i don't know who else to talk to about this or where to post it so here i am. i'm not trying to explain anything super detailed for anyone i'm literally just here to vent. around the time i met my current boyfriend about 2 years ago i also met a male co worker at the job i was at who i really hit it off with friendship wise. my bf has always been super cool about me having male friends and for a while me and this co worker, patrick, were just friends. one night he came over a... read more

My friend asked me he has a crush on this girl, and used me to talk to her saying my friend likes you, it's like as if I'm hitting on her and then later he'll try to deny it what I said to her was true, making me look like an idiot, what kind of a friend does that anyway?

I stayed up until 6am last night fixing something my crush was working on, because I didn't want to see 6 hours of his work wasted.
This morning he texted me, inviting me over tonight. I just hope I can stay awake to reap my reward. 😂

I had a crush on this nice boy from class. I became his friend not knowing that he is a freak. He asked me to talk about our kinks last night and I was sorta uncomfortable I should have never said yes. He told me he liked to be shoved in a cage a whipped. I told him some stuff I like aswell like dominant and submissive. I don't have a crush on him anymore and I'm sc... read more

Alright guys... this is going to be a long one... but please read if you're willing to give out advice. I guess I'll start a little about me. I'm currently 18 and graduated high school this year. I have severe depression and anxiety. I started taking medications around 15 and went to counseling for two years. I wasn't allowed to date anyone until I was 16. But you know how young people are. I "dated" a few people. I use the quotation marks because I had never kissed anyone or... read more

I'm 15 year old girl and I have a crush on a older character in a show who's probably 45-50 is that normal or am I weird?

Aaaand he keeps avoiding the fact that i like him
Now hes not responding
I have a good feeling i know he doesnt like me back...

Got a crush on someone who doesn't give a f*** about meee.

I have this really good friend who is really sweet to me and always cheers me up when im down. They like to take part in my interests and I feel like they really get me. I have really strong feelings for this friend but haven't told them (i was planning on confessing them) but, looks like i wont do that anymore since it looks like my friend really doesn't like me! I dont know what has got into them to be honest, i been crying and im feeling really angry..

Me and my friend ar... read more

Having a crush on you is so much harder than I thought it would be.. I know we can never be together, at least not in a true, romantic relationship. You make me so happy, you're someone I would follow to the end of the world... and I know you value me as a close friend too, but... that's it. We're just friends.
Even if you did feel the same way as I did, there's still too much that would get between us that could make it... read more

I was so drunk, I tried to say no, but I couldn't. Nothing was coming out. THE RAPIST took my clothes off, anyway. I used to have a crush on him BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO BE RAPED. I tried to tell him no, BUT HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HURTING ME. He RAPED me, then he left. I've practically lived in the shower for the last two days. I know STUPID HEARTLESS people will blame me. I need to find a way to MAKE HIM SUFFER AND NOW I KNOW... read more