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This is going to be long, but I need to get all of this off my chest somehow, without worrying about filtering anything out. I just need some insight into my situation. So I've been with this guy since I was 15, I'll be 19 next month. Our relationship started out good, of course, most relationships are good in the beginning. Well, about 2 years in, a couple days after my 17th birthday, he told me I had to move out of my mom's house or we were done. Well, I convinced my mother... read more

II think my crush likes me back which is a little not-good cause we're both not allowed to date haha
So it's just gonna be two dorks occasionally casually flirting and joking but not saying anything about it directly

sh** sh** sh** sh**
i miss you so much andyou don't even know. I deactivated my Twitter in hopes of getting away from you, but every couple hours you come into my thoughts and I remember you're too busy with your boyfriend for your "best friend" you were the best thing in my life. but now you're the worst. i hate you, but I want to fall into your arms and cry. we didn't even date! but I loved you so much my heart ached and tears welled in my eyes. you dated different guys. my... read more

I have my first crush? Maybe? I don't know...We only went to the same primary school and I feel so light when I'm near him. Don't get me started when he looks at me. I mean, who could blame him? I stare at him whenever we meet! He's so good looking too... He won't ever be with someone like me because I'm not his type. I can tell. Is it shallow only to like someone because of their looks? Probably. My mind is a mess. All ... read more

My dad told me about his crush that he has at church. He told me all the things he has tried to do to get her and I was shocked. I am really naive to the dating world and didnt realize that guys do try a lot and are more sneaky then I thought. He told me that he has purposely sat at the other side of the room and is now ignoring her to get her attention. It made me realize that one of the guys I am talking to might be do... read more

When you stalk your crush on facebook and find out he shares a WHOLE lot of pseudoscience videos.... #goddamnityouweresocute TT-TT


I keep on meeting guys that treat me like I am nothing. It hurts me a lot. Like are there any good honest men anymore? I am f***ing 22 and have never dated because all the guys I have liked are terrible people. Now, I have gotten to the point where I rarely get crushes and havent felt that spark in years. My life just seems so damn dull.

ugh i feel like i'm unloyal. i am in a relationship and i have a slight crush on someone else, but i love my partner. i read an article saying that even when you love someone, you get attracted to others but the thing about attraction is that it always ends. many people related to it but i still feel like i'm unloyal for it and i f***ing hate it.

The more I try to get to know other guys, the more I like my crush. This whole, "trying to get over him" thing doesn't seem to be working. #Imhopeless

I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years since last month and recently I met one of his friends who I used to be awkward friends with. I say awkward friends because I'm super awkward around everyone like my only response is a nervous laugh all the freaking time. I don't even talk it's just a chuckle and move on. But anyways, now that dude that I met is actually really good friends with me. Well, one of my friends made this assumption when I first actually got to know him (ab... read more

So I need to vent. I met this guy in the middle of October. We hung out once and had sex but honestly I wasn't feeling the vibes. I guess he was... you'll see why. So I had sex with someone else and I couldn't get wet. I felt guilty and was thinking about him the entire time so I kicked this other guy out. 2 weeks later, me and this boy are getting more and more serious and I started feeling more and more guilty. I decided to tell him. The 100% honest truth. He was read more

so theres this guy by my locker. i used to have a tiny crush on him and it's the last month of school and we got kinda close. he always hugs me and keeps his arm around me when we walk and it's the sweetest. i don't know if he likes me but few days ago his friend came by and was like 'yall still talking? just ask her out already, f*** talking' but i thought he was just joking to embarrass him but then another girl by our... read more

So I gave my little crush a compliment and he didn't even say anything back like ok ..... rude
I give up

Theirs a boy in class he is super nice but he's really shy. I used to go to elementary school with him but we never talked. (Were in high school) I like him a lot now and recently we have been getting close quite fast last month I asked for his number and he gave it to me we text a couple times a week but we talk way more in real life. I find on text it's way easier for me to talk to him but I'm always the one who starts the conversation I've tried waiting a couple days but h... read more

I blame them for who I became but blame myself for not being strong enough to change that .
1. My mother showed me how to be manipulative , untrusting , watching her go crazy and become such a toxic person she pushed everyone away that loved her...last I heard of her she's somewhere in Mexico ?
2. My father showed me that love trumps family . Forgetting about the family he raised I watched him love and care for another family.
3. My sister showed me how to become a robot. read more

Having a big heart can be so f***ing hard sometimes.. Sure when most people hear about a 21 year old and 38 year old dating they're shocked, maybe disgusted, and doubtful it will work. But he told me the age difference didn't bother him, he lead me to believe he wanted this too, told me he loved me.. the whole time he had a f***ing girlfriend. Then my stupid a** tries to be his friend after all this. He's an alcoholic, now a month sober, and I wanted to be there for him if he... read more

(disclaimer: firstly, bad words. secondly, sexual themes, thirdly, just to prevent criticism, i use the word "love" in this story in places that may make you cringe considering i'm a high schooler. i don't care if i make you cringe. you chose to read this.)

okay, well... this is going to be a long a** drawn out story about how i (bismuth for the purpose of anonymity) have a bitchy friend i clearly trusted a little too much. uranium (my bitchy friend) is a very emotional huma... read more

i have a tiny crush on this guy i work with, and i don't know how to feel,, im in a relationship but i'm not happy. my bf always gets upset if like we don't see each other for a while (which is hard to do because i work so much, and am doing online school, and he goes to public school and usually i work weekends except saturdays because i have driving school saturday's) and i told him i was going to start counseling soon... read more

I have the biggest crush on Romine but they don't like me back. I really really just want to date them.