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Okay. So I'm pretty young. But my ex crush is SUCH a dick! (I'm gonna name him Tom)

-The story-

My mom and my grandma had cooked some fish that my grandma's friends had caught. They didn't like the taste of the fish, so I decided to try it. I was really hungry, so I didn't really care for ... read more

it's been 4 minutes since someone posted about needing someone. they were offered help. they didn't respond.

i guess that's what you guys want. it had nothing to do with spam, #POS or #FORGIVENESS LOL.

dw, soon you guys can go back to crying about boyfriends, ex's, crushes, boyfriends and school work or w/e.

congratulations xoxoxo

People love playing the victim, I see. Huge egos who are evidently scheduling when they'll post so that their >vents< aren't drowned out by what someone else has to say.

News flash - this is a site for VENTING. GETTING THINGS OFF YOUR MIND. NOT THERAPY??? If you're in the USA, join a forum or 7cups for a professional free solution to your first world problem(s).

Sorry to all those who genuinely have something to get off their mind. If it's about your ex/
they know who they are and they're worse than any mobile user. no, it isn't me.

they're worse than any rapist, woman beater, abuser, terrorist, extremist, abortion doctor.

sorry for them.

i'm a computer abuser who's the EPILADY of gooey. oh ex oh ex oh! i'm soo cool with myself i'm a hipster trash whore.
i know who i am.. do you know what you are? i am so great and i think i know everything i have a crushes not noticing them.

The only reason you have a crush is because you notice how good looking they are.

You don't know them. But of course we've all been there so w/e.


my dick is still blue from f***ing gerbils in soup. as i lay on their carcasses all the windows have been cracked open. the breeze is from my farts to try and ease out more turds the hallway is now saturated with my feces.
the doorways leak of sh** flavored bliss. i'm not avoiding the gerbils piling up as we speak, i just can't breathe with all the death and farting. he doesn't feel the pain in his cockual muscles, he doesn't care the scent of sperm is creeping up his nostril... read more

My skin is still pink from my bath, as I lay on the bed. All the windows are open in the house, there's a cool, damp breeze running through the hallway. The doorways creak, the blinds shuffle. It's started getting much darker the past 2 hours, the rain will be here soon. I lay in bed, uncovered smelling the spring rain. He's in the living room, I'm not avoiding him, it's just nice to lay here undisturbed. I'm much closer to earth than him, he doesn't feel the rain in his bone... read more

When I grow up you'll find a way to feel good about myself without making fun of others. It gets better. I'm a sociopath with issues, hoarding everything for myself, like I did as a child.
here I am, an grown adult, incapable of maturity, sitting in my crushing under my weight office chair which is burrowed deep in front of the fridge.
Porking away my life, the sh** that's left, everyone left me to wallow in my self indu... read more

Doesn't it suck when your crush is in love with someone that ISN'T you?
sh** hurts like hell.

masturbates to my crush i wonder if he masturbates to me? or even masturbates at all..
that sounds kinda silly but he's pure hearted for the most heart so i can't really picture him doing something like that. in fact, when he makes a vulgar joke i stare at him for a bit.

Before I begin, this isn't really a vent post per se, just a post I'm making to get all this out there bc I'd feel weird spilling this all to any of my friends. I'm entirely over all of this, moved on, all that other stuff. Also, this isn't mean-spirited, there's no personal information, etc! :)
- I used to have this one guy who I was in World History and Study Hall with last year when we were both freshmen, and even though he wasn't conventionally attractive at all (which is... read more

Okay so I have a really big crush on this guy. I gave him my number and said to text me but he never did. He knows who I am and he always acts weird around me. He never texted me and I don't know what to do. Please help.

You know having a crush has given me good motivation. I've joined a gym and i am working out. I'm doing more of my hobbies. I'm budgeting . Feelin good

crushing on my crush is such terrible timing. I am still healing, yet still developing feeeeelings. Ugh make it go away, make it stop!!

So I got a crush on this girl. Don't know her name, or if she's seeing anyone. Every week for the past month she's sat a few seats away from me in church. She seems nice, always polite to everyone around her and smiling. I feel so awkward when I start thinking of breaking the ice, what to say, how to say it, when to say it etc.. not to mention she's way out of my league, like super gorgeous, and me...well i dont think im... read more

You know i have helped thousands of people and the thing of that is my huge heart is heretic and it runs in my dads side but really i wish the problems i keep having and bad past was my enemy so i can crush and go rage like the damn god of war and walk around not giving a living damn about people

Just had the most awkward convo over text with my crush. Was all going well until I stupidly told him a cringy nana joke (I know, kill me now) and he replied 'ok...' after a long, VERY long awkward silence, he said he had to go, and I quietly died.#joshkillmenow

Debating whether I should join a forum. This site is great for getting something off your mind or ranting about something totally meaningless like your opinion on a brand or your H.S crush not noticing you - but it's the last place for useful advice in most cases.

After a year of infrequently using Muttr, I notice a huge amount of people coming here to put down other people/negatively comment on someones post as a way o... read more

Me and my crush have been neighbors since we were both 5. I've had a crush on him ON AND OFF since we were 8. We're both 19 now and since then I've had both boyfriends and girlfriends and he's been with goodness know what. Thing is, being this close to him feels really weird.

What makes things even more disturbing is that his girlfriend of 3 years has been living w... read more

I hate how I want to talk to my crush until I’m talking to my crush. We can only connect on facebook… (Kind of hate facebook) And I’m so into him. But he lives on the other side of the state and we’ll probably never see each other again. Advice? Thoughts?