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So today I tried to confess to my crush in I guess a subtle way. We were walking after school and there we saw a bench that said "advertise here" and I said to her, "I would advertise my love for you" yet she just said a small "aww" and continued with the regular conversation we were having. After that it got me thinking, what if she actually doesn't even like me as a friend? Like later on that day we were talking about ... read more

I got drunk and made out with a chick who I have a huge crush on but she was drunk too so idk if she even gives a sh** about me

Good guys exist. A big thanks and cheers to that guy ... the one who didn't make a move on me when I was so drunk. I'm in a good place now emotionally/mentally so I can think to my past and realize what was going on. I had such low self esteem, I tried to get guys' attention by being the fun chick who hangs out and does all the stuff guys like. I did like it too, but I LOVED the attention most. It would always end up with me drunk or stoned to hide the fact that I wished I co... read more

Save yourself from a lot of disappointment and sadness and self-hatred

Don't have a crush on someone

I'm in college and have never been in a real relationship. I don't if it's my shyness combined with my introverted personality or what. I recently developed a crush on a girl and have no idea how to go about it. We are friends, and one of my friends (who has a girlfriend) already tried to get with her. She said no and things were awkward between the three of us. She studied abroad last semester and kinda got with one guy... read more

I just can't take it anymore. I'm an 18 year old boy. So this girl that I've been friends with for a couple years now asked me to prom. I said yes, of course, and it was super casual, not like a date or anything. We were gonna go with a group anyway. Then this girl that I've had a huge crush on asked me to prom, totally unexpectedly. Obviously, I wanted to go with this girl, so I stated my case to my friend that I wanted... read more

Things I dislike about the guy I'm seeing:
He is real obsessed with his facebook likes on a certain picture, like he'll bring it up like once or twice whenever I see him or if someone new likes or comments on it. Like... wtf?
He doesn't like spending money and is very vocal about it. Idk, I would never vocalize my dissatisfaction with the price or movies or food in front of a date. (I pay for my own stuff btw, or we'll "You get the next one." it)
He's real pushy about sex stu... read more

I'm in 8th grade and have a crush on my best friend who's going to a different high school in the area. Should I tell him I like him or will i ruin everything? :(

So, my crush saw me shirtless today and she's been way more flirty than she ever has been (which is normally, like, not flirty at all). I know I should stop being a little b**** and just be happy that the girl I've been obsessing over for like 6 months is finally reciprocating feelings. But the fact that she only started showing interest after seeing my abs kinda freaks me out.

Like if she's gonna like me back, I kinda ... read more

I rubbed it in your face and I'm sorry. I didn't understand what you felt for me. id fallen in love with him so fast. I was so blind. and then when he left he was all I thought of. and you were there. youd sit next to me and id rant a little and you just listened. you were so so nice to me. and then I yelled out "I'm asking out my crush" and you unlocked your phone and seemed to hope. to wait. and I should have know it t... read more

I've liked him for awhile now.... he always flirts with me and other girls 🙄 He's a f***boy but I have a crush on him. Today he told me he would rather date medusa. Any tips on how to get over him and make him wish he would've kept me #desperate #pleasecomment

I am so mad at myself. I do not know why it is so hard for me to be myself. Even when I am in class I seem to fidget uncomfortably. Ever since I moved here I feel like I have taken one step forward and two steps back. I did some things I was afraid of like take an elevator, but now am afraid of everything else. I feel like I lost myself and don't know who I am. I cannot draw and do my art and have no motivation. My roommate is SUPER smart and I feel even more like an idiot. I... read more

i started falling in love with this guy and we were best friends. we had dated before but it didn't work out. after it didn't work out we became super close and started liking eachother. we never started dating again because while we were not dating guys were super "touchy" with me. i let it happen and lost his trust. he didn't want to date again because he didn't trust me. things just went downhill from there. he started to not talk to me or hang out with me as much. he told... read more

Just stalked one of my crushes because I was thinking about him today. Found out he already has a girl. Looks like he is quiet the ladies man for being the nerd he is. I am honestly, really upset now........

One of my friends has a crush on me, but I don't like him back.

How do I confront him about this? And what do I say when he confronts me??? What's a polite way to reject someone?????!

I have a crush on my guy friend but he ain't got time for me, but I really wanna tell him...

It sucks. I want to talk to #HotLibrarian but I'm a pissed off individual who ain't changin' for no one no how and I know I won't be a ray of sunshine in his life... This #author now comes complete with a toothache. *Sigh*

Plus, if I talk to him he might be different from my dreams of him! I'm in love with an idea! Happily!

#Author #Hotlibrarian #Toothache #crush

I am a 24 year old guy, who just no longer sees the point of being alive anymore. All the things in life that give me any sort of sense of belonging always come to a soul crushing end. I have minimal family who cant help me, no matter how light or bad the situation is. I was raised very poor, my father was abusive both physically and mentally. I've been dealt crappy cards all my life and it doesn't seem to let up in the ... read more

So there's this guy and he kinda has a crush on me and I kinda like him back but he's my best friend's ex and he kinda told her we just wanted to be friends but I don't and it's depressing. It doesn't help that I cut and am depressed enough already. It doesn't help that I'm slowly going insane and he promised to help me get through it and we've been friends since they broke up the first time and honestly I can't tell the... read more

As a borderline needy person, nothing is more soul-crushing than that God forsaken f***ing hollow triangle on Snapchat.