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There is a limit to a persons pain threshold, and I feel like I've met mine. I can't take it anymore. It all started at the end of March, when on my way to see my boyfriend, I see the worst car accident I have ever seen. The woman who had been driving was ejected from the drivers side window, and her body was in pieces on the free way. I still have nightmares, thinking about this womans family, her kids. I looked into he... read more

Growing up I was the youngest of 6 girls. Everyone always say I don't know why u hate life because you're so spoiled.. they don't know how I feel. I can't fight so I never speak up and when I do I'm wrong. I was raped But I don't think y family believes me. I try to be nice and outgoing but someone always piss me off or put me down. I hate the way I Look. I'm gay but it's like I force myself to like guys because of my... read more

On the road a thousand miles from home at her family's ... Tossed out by drunks the day after her mothers funeral. Not housed. Not fed. Not safe with y'all. Thanks jean. Thanks Nina. And then y'all blame my sweetie because she never comes home ... Six years and I'm still pissed. We hosted y'all. You fail.

I find myself easily annoyed lately and am not sure why. It doesn't take much to set me off but there are a few specific triggers that really push me to my limit. Namely, my mother-in-law (MIL) and sister-in-law (SIL). They are both just too nice. I was raised in a much more practical and less naive household where you're nice but you can still be honest even if it's going to hurt someone's feelings a bit. They never say anything mean in fear of hurting feelings. With my in-l... read more

My father passed away 5 years ago. About 5 months after he died, my mother began dating his cousin. He is a nightmare, a lunatic who claims that God speaks to him and that he's seen a Bigfoot face-to-face. Over the years, she has become less and less of the woman who raised my siblings and I and more and more a clone of her new husband. She called me about a month ago to inform me that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. On the 4th of July, my boyfriend and I went to the local fi... read more

Now I don't know what to think. I thought he left early because she was bugging him to leave, at least that's what he said. But then I find out from Mom that she didn't seem anxious to leave and when he got to Mom's he visited for a while longer with her. Now I find out that before they left town they stopped and took a walk. So it seems that he just didn't want to hang out with me anymore, and we only spent a little over half an hour together. I guess all his offers of ... read more

So saying no to adding someone on facebook who asks but you do not know is now considered harsh? I am 19 and i don't understand? my facebook is personal for me for my family and close friends. Are people just stupid?

For the first time in 2 years I can breathe normally. I can speak freely. I can be me. And it's only gonna last for a little less than a week. I'm terrified of the day I have to go home. I won't see my best friend for at least another year. I miss home. I wanna go home. I wanna go back with her and her family. I'm tearing up. Life is infinitely better with a best friend or even just a real friend around. I've been comple... read more

I am currently in a strictly platonic relationship with an escort. We go out on dates, we've slept together a few times as well, and I enjoy her company very much however we do not have sex. We very much have a intimate, affectionate, and non-sexual relationship. I love her to death and I want her to be my forever but it's been difficult for me to understand why she does what she does. She has a daughter, whom she loves dearly and wants to take care of. She says she does... read more

I moved out here to be with my family, but now even they don't want to be around me. And who can blame them; I've been so sick and depressed for so long even I can't stand me. I think they would probably be better off without me, I know I would. I just want to sleep, forever.

I signed divorce papers. I didn't want too, but it was cheaper for her if I did. I had refused to have any part in HER divorce. I can't get over her. My friends and family say let her go but I am stuck with this desire to have her was her decision. She wouldn't go to counselling, she wouldn't try to repair it. She said she had second thoughts when we got married. Its been over for a long time and I just cannot le... read more

Since I can remember, I always have this reoccurring dream where my mother trys to commit suicide by sitting in her car while the garage door is shut. In the dream, I run towards the garage and when it opens, I find my mother in the passenger seat. I hug her tightly and watch my aunt do the rest.

I just turned 18 and my family and I went to Dominican Republic. One day, my aunt and I were in our hotel room and we got o... read more

f*** you Bailey, f*** your face, f*** your mouth, f*** your nose, f*** your hair, f*** your ears, f*** your house, f*** your cat, f*** your dog, f*** your family, f*** your Ipad, f*** your bed, f*** your room, f*** your neighborhood, f*** your friends, f*** you.

I just want to vent. I don't want anyone to reply. Starting a month and a half ago I was engaged to a guy who's for 3 years said he's going to get a job. He didn't. Every time his family needed him he left me. He went to a wedding in WDC that I paid for and left me at home to take care of his alzheimers aunt. My daughter is disabled. The night they got home from the wedding, his dad died. Then his a**h*** brother told my... read more

Posting here because I can't talk to be people about this. I've tried but it makes me too emotional, like you know that feeling in your gut when you know you're going to cry? Yeah that kind of emotional, so instead I crack a joke or play it off like 'meh, over it'.

It's hard to find guys that are actually happy to seriously date someone who is closeted. Imagine if when you met your girl/boy you couldn't bring her/him home to meet your read more

Losing my education,
Losing my friends,
Losing my family,
Lost my love,
And frankly,
Feeling quite Lost.

I am so tired of how I'm being treated by my parents. I have to get another job bc my mom is out on medical leave from June- September. So it's up to my dad & I to carry the family. I am so tired of giving money to my mom & when I ask for a lil cash she bites my head off. She hates when I sleep in past 9am. She spoils my younger brother & sister. But they hardly do the sh** she wants them to do . I've come to... read more

I'm broke.
I'm up to my a** in debt and everytime I think I make headway, something always comes up and I'm more worse off than before.
I can't afford my rent.
My credit is f***ed up (but that's my own damn fault).
My job sucks a** and I work with liars, cheats, ageists, sexists, racists, f***wits, dumbasses and everything in between.... but I can't get anything better. And it hurts to know that.
My family is f***in... read more

I hate going to the beach. I'm always ignored by my family and left out of everything. It's not even worth going if I have to stay at the house and watch tv. I wish someone would include me in something. Sure, I'm a little shy, but I'll if you talk to me and act like you actually see me once in a while. Or at least let me bring a friend. Maybe I'll feel less alone and ignored.