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I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to the friends and family of the tiny little frog that jumped in front of my left front tire as I was pulling into my driveway today. Frankly though, I think he was drunk.

I'm sad. I can't go back to school shopping because we don't have the money to go before school. And I don't have a lot of clothes in general. We don't have much money at all. I just wish things would get better for my family. It's just me and my mama in this house. No support from anybody else.

All the friends I made this summer are leaving for college and I'm stuck here. The woman I love is 4 years older than me and won't date me because of it yet she continues to string me along and shes left for college this morning. The girl I loved wouldnt date because she was a b**** kissed me about a month ago and is trying to play it off like it didnt happen or mean anything to her. she is also trying to come to me for her current relationship problems. I am beginning to... read more

We were friends since childhood,and I always put up with your selfish "what can you do for me" attitude, because for one thing I am a laid-back, accepting person, and also because I knew deep down you had a good heart and meant well, it's just that you only saw the world from your own perspective and couldn't understand why not everyone had the same opinions as you--your narrow-mindedness was innocent back honestly didn't get it. But as we grew up, you c... read more

I wish I was beautiful, more mature, and smarter.

People tell me I'm beautiful, and I can see a little attractiveness, but I've always been interested in beauty and just wish I could be that girl people stop and stare at.

As for maturity, I believe I'm mature enough, but not where I want to be. Especially when it comes to relationships. Mostly family and love relationships. I always screw up, it seems. I'm so close... read more

this is so terrible. i cry myself to sleep almost every night. you leave on friday and who knows if i'll ever even see you again. yet you don't care. you're putting off seeing me until THURSDAY. Thursday?! are you kidding me? you're even planning on hanging out with one of the biggest jerks we know...before me. thanks. you'll never know how much you hurt me. you hurt me worse than anyone even almost has. what we had was so good. you were my best friend. i thought stuff was go... read more

So I'm back home after not seeing my family for a year on vacation. Is there an eloquent way of telling my 17 year old brother that he talks in his sleep about sleeping with our hot cousin?

It's different, losing a parent as a child and losing a parent as a teen, or even adult. Kids cope through ignorance and repression until the traumatic experience bleeds into everything and it feels like there's no coming to terms with a whole in your life. I walk around every day totally taken off-guard by the word father, or dad. Every time I notice one, I have to study what it is I'm missing. I'm scared and fascinated and jealous and a stranded seven year old all over agai... read more

Mom, you're the only reason I haven't completely flown apart. When family and my job and my other obligations make me start to lose my mind, you encourage me and comfort me and keep me centered on God. You always say that my other family members are on my side, but you're the only one who really supports me instead of getting angry when I'm frustrated and depressed.... read more

All my life I've dealt with emotional problems. I used to blame it on having the sh** kicked outta me by my dad, or having to deal with my drunk a** brother. It wasn't until after high school that I realized my mood swings and problems coping weren't just my environment. It was in my head too. I have been diagnosed schizoaffteiv, along with having problems with deppresion and anxiety.

I have always thought of my friends as my real Tonight I had no one, so I turned to this.

I was with a boy named Caleb. We broke up in January. Normally I'd be over such a thing. I mean, I have had a long time. He lived in Indiana. I ... read more

We've been together for over a year and I thought we've been happy and nothing would come along to try and rip us apart.
I always knew you might have still liked your ex. You guys had a two year relationship while she lived in New York. But I wish I didn't have to see your text conversation with her about you in one message of you eating her out.
I don't want you to lie to me about nightmares that you have, when I know you maybe have dreams about her.
I thought we loved e... read more

OKay so this is my first vent so help me out here guys. I've been feeling so pissed off lately because everything is just falling apart. I just went on vacation with my brother, hoping to finally be away from my parents continuously arguing and such. But i ended up arguing with my brother, and i felt like he was the only one i could see eye to eye with. Like we agreed on nothing and i feel like i dont want to see him anymore, even after a month of thinking about it. So my read more

Had sex with beloved at sixteen, got pregnant, got proptly dumped by beloved AND family. Found out real fast how hard it is to survive alone, then with a baby. It follows you through life. They do not let you forget. Use birth control and protection. Do not give up EVER and get trained for a good job before you get married or pregnant. I have been there and believed someone I loved would stick by me.

I can't stand the people who judge me for being an atheist. Their was a reason I told nobody. My secret got out and now my friends say things about it occasionally. Honestly I don't judge people who believe in god.SO why do they judge and try to change me. Seriously when you make a joke about it. I don't find it funny at all. I am very sensitive about it and have not even told my family. Why can't you just accept me for ... read more

Do you know what it's like to truly, seriously feel not good enough? Like you're not even better than a used tissue? You feel worthless and EVERYTHING you do is wrong. You get yelled at and you want to vent your heart out to someone. But I can't even tell my bestfriend that I feel like a piece of crap 24/7 so I have to use this site. Internet instead of a friend's shoulder. That's sad. Sadder than my entire life. Actually, my life is worse so nevermind. I always have to be wr... read more

I'm so sick of living in someone else's home. I love my family, but I'm not comfortable in an environment where I don't have any control. Just one more year. The next time July rolls around, I'll be in my own home with my own bed.

This is total middle school bulls***. Aren't we all adults here? Let's leave sixth grade for the 12 year olds, thanks.

I just started dating this really sweet guy a couple weeks ago. And everything's been going wonderfully, I love being around him. I feel like he's everything that I've been looking for. We like to do the same things, he brings me little surprises. The other day I found a really cute note in my purse that he left there a few days before. My read more

I was so excited to go! With all my close friends! I didn't think much of it so I started to drink with them. Ive never drank before and it felt so cool. Your so confident and outgoing. Woke up the next day feeling god awful. But that didn't exactly matter., What mattered is the fact that i feel like a dirty person. I feel so guilty i shouldnt have done that.. and I can't talk to my family about it. But their the only on... read more

Dont you hate doing things for a friend who are ungrateful. I have a friend that needed help with her kid so me and my family took the kid in while her mom did some job hunting and look for another place to live. We kept the kid for 3 weeks til school got out. After that she got her kid and never thanked me nor my family for taking care of her kid. Kinda pissed... read more