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Im a stay at home mom, my husband has two jobs and works long hours plus he is always on call. We have been receiving food stamps due to pay cuts. Currently my husband is looking for part time work. Hopefully, he gets this new job. I don't mind working, its just way too expensive to put four kids in day care and hire someone to pick them up from school. Plus one has disabilities, she does not receive SSI. Plus the day cares we have here are awful, we tried it twice and had ou... read more

I come home after driving around before work, check in with the family member that is home, and go to make lunch before work. family member is in the living room, has been all day, has no need to be in the kitchen, as it is clean and she has her lunch and a full drink next to her.

So I go into the kitchen, start getting my food all set, hoping to just snarf it do... read more

I've been taking care of this cat, whom my family and I have taken great pleasure in naming him Gandalf (the Grey). Originally, I was just taking care of his mother and her other son, until she got knocked up by aforementioned son. I've been raising him since birth, and we've grown rather fond of each other. Sadly, today, he's gone missing. I'm scared. Not because I think the owner is going to get mad at me, but because ... read more

For the past 2 days, I've been really depressed for some reason (even though my life is good at the moment), and my family acts like I'm doing it on purpose just to be annoying.

They even had the nerve to say, " Is it your hormones, or something?"

No, b****. Just because I'm a woman, doesnt mean it's always my "hormones"

I am so sick and g**d*** tired of being looked at as a second priority. All my friends and family outside of the Internet seem to want little to do with me unless I can do them favors or lend them money. When I need them? Not a motherf***er to be found. And no one seems to care about when B.A. mother f***in' M. is in a bit of trouble and musters up the courage to ask for help or want to talk.

Y'know what? Maybe if I jus... read more

i was suposed to meet with my "twin" and her friends a week ago bc we see each other like three times a year but she couldnt make it and one of her friends couldnt make it. so we planned to meet this saturday. earlier i was talking to my mom abot it when suddenly she was like nope! u cant go! we already signed u up for a stupid picnic that you will abousolutely have NO interest in! and im like MOOOOOOMMM and i feel really bad right now because i want to go see my be... read more

My family is a piece of flipping crap! You'll so whatever they need help with but when I need something they abandon me! I'm so sick of it >:( :'(

Okay, so I've been talking with this cool guy since December 2013 over emails and skype. He's a cool friend, JUST FRIENDS, and I like talking with him online. But he has this thing for poking me with this whole "I want to meet in person" stick. Dunno how to tell him that I was raised introvert. My family likes their privacy, and I can't go out on my own because I'm helping support my mom and I don't have a car.... read more

No pet category, so I'll put this in family.

I just had one of the scariest experiences of my life.

I came into my room, and somehow my big rabbit was suffocating the little one.

I hit the big rabbit. (Don't say it was animal abuse. I was trying to save the little rabbit.)

I picked up the little, dead looking, limp, non breathing rabbit.

She had a pulse, so I did what made sense at the time. I gave her mouth to mout... read more

Who here agrees with me that The Simpson needs to go back to being The Simpson instead of trying to be like family Guy or American Dad. I have all the past seasons and I'm just watching all the old ones now. It is sad to watch the show now, it is not the same no more.

You love me, and I love you, unconditionally. Well, that's not exactly true. The conditions are we are no longer allowed to speak or contact each other, and all we are left with is to watch each other from afar, thinking of what we wish we could do. It's possible to sneak communication, but we can't be caught together, or we'll lose trust from our family, and lose each other once and for all. The lack of being able to lo... read more

I think I need help. I am sure I do. I am about to be 18 OR I have been facing emotional abuse for almost 18 years. The problem is my mother. I live in a joint family so there are 7 members in total. All of them are awesome except my mother. You might think the goodness of the other 6 must be helping me in some way but it's really not. I mean they have been a great support all this while. But I am crashing down now. I am... read more

I work very hard at my job and I think I do a very good job daily working from * am to most days midnight through our busy season which this year seems like has been going strong since January. Well my boss has had me train 2 people to help me out, one is a really good worker but no weekends and the other is def not, the def not is of course a relative of my boss and basically comes and goes as they please (so annoying). I am and have been sick for the past 3 years and becaus... read more

I want to cosplay but Im broke :(( and even when I do get a part time job, its all for school, gas money, and I have to help my family. I wish someone would drop a million bucks into my hand. We'd be well off for a litte while andI would breathe again.

I love my dad, but sometimes he hurts my feelings without realizing, I guess.
For example, while we were reading something I wrote, he goes, " Theodore? I bet you had to use Google to figure out how to spell that!"

... No, I can spell that without any help. Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Nobody else in my family acts that way towards me. I don't know, he's just insensitive sometimes, maybe that'... read more

Just exactly how hard is it to get a job if you haven't been to college?
You see, growing up, I was homeschooled most of the time, and right now, my family can't afford to send me to college.

I don't really want a difficult job that requires a lot of skills, I just want something simple for beginners like, maybe working at a pet store (like PetSmart), or perhaps at a food market.

I don't really see how those kind... read more

There is so much sadness in my life.

I fell in love with a boy who is 4 years older than me and lives in Hawaii. While I live about 5,000 miles away.

One of my closest internet friends has cancer.

I lost all my old internet friends as they slowly drifted from me.

I lost a 6k account on IG a while ago due to instagram situations. (Not sure why I was deleted)

It's hard to make friends.

I wish I could be as pretty as the girls I follow on instagram.

I'm spoiled. And sad.
... read more

I know this couple, they been together for years but are not married. He is not very faithful to her but she loves him anyway and they have children together. When they were exspecting their fifth child, he had three other women pegnant at the same time. He had a vasectomy, it failed! So today they are in the hospital about to have twins. Wow, what a big family. God bless them.

I am not a good daughter nor daughter in law, but I do give my all. I cannot help it when my husband aunts, grandma and mother say good stuff about me to others. I cannot control that! I am in an interracial marriage so I barely speak the language. So, I am happy to know that his relatives enjoy my company and how I help out. I am not going to lie because it gives closure that I am being accepted and loved. If I am to marry into a family of 6. And this a** of a man even accuses her of fooling around while she is away. He is literally a... read more