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So I'm a white guy. I like women of the same skin color. I don't like women of different races it's just that simple. It's not that I don't like other races it's the fact that they're just not attractive to me. I get called every name under the sun because of how I feel. White women are much better looking than black women, white women are more family oriented than most other races and white women are just more attractiv... read more

Damn, you choose dick over family and willing to drop them after your family helped you out, helped you pay the bills, bought you a car and etc and you just met this new guy and you already willing to kick everyone to the curb, keep thinking like that and you won't have no one to support you no more

I have a three day weekend and I want to spend it inside my house, studying for 5 quizzes...5 f***ING QUIZZES this coming Tuesday in peace, but nooooooo my old af uncle have to marry someone whom we have to f***ing meet. I DON'T WANT TO f***ING GO TO ANOTHER TOWN TO MEET ANOTHER NEW MEMBER OF THE family! BESIDES THAT I WANT TO f***ING PASS THOSE 5 QUIZZES AND MAKE MY famil... read more

A family member of mine has been sick for while now. It's been really hard on my family. I dropped all my classes and have been focused on work lately (only to have work be disappointing, of course). I'm surviving on $20 until next Friday and I have to sit around my depressing house all the time. I barely have time to be around the person that relaxes me the most. I... read more

My best friend has been dating this guy for barely a month, but now she loooooves him, and never lets anyone else forget it. It's just constant blah blah blah about how cute he is, how talented he is, how nice he is, blaaaaaah f***in blah.

Ohhh boy oh boy he has a two year degree in car refurbishing! Better point out every somewhat old car you see on the road now to prove your superior knowledge in the subject. Like she acts like she's just gotten married, she's literally go... read more

Pro tip: If you're trying to hide your drinking from your family... Pay in cash. Not from your checking account. *SIGH*

I know no one will care to read all the way through or even talk to me but I'll still post this here: I've come to realize that even though I'm only 17 I see less color and brilliance in the world than I did when I was a kid. I've come to realize that even with my intellect I'm still stupid compared to some people yet a genius compared to others. I've also come to realize that my depression has consumed my entire mind, body, and soul to the point where I can't even go an hour... read more

i really like privacy, especially when it comes to family. i'm on vacation and came to visit them since i haven't seen them for like seven years and all they want to do is talk to me, which i understand because they missed me, but i just want to be alone. i don't like talking much and i don't like being in a crowded room. but there is no room where i could stay alone and even if there was, my cousins are like lost puppie... read more

About a month ago, I got hired by a fast food chain. I won't say which one for confidential reasons. I desperately needed a job and they hired me, so I was excited. They were hesitant at first because I'm so young (15 so not that young when it comes to hiring someone). Once they hired me I thought they were on board with me. They were telling me that I was young but I showed an excessive amount of maturity so they had high hopes for me. It's been a month and they still haven'... read more

I went to the gas station to buy something chocolate. I found out that an old family friend was working there and was surprised that I didn't have a speedy card and gave me one. She said, "Really you dont have one? Well, you do now! You can earn points with them and get free things." I was so shocked that I didnt know if she was giving it to me or I had to pay or what. Then my dad called and I hurried up and paid in orde... read more

So the missus goes spending loads on money on her family while they was on holiday near us. Giving them spending money then spending more money on them. This was a few weeks ago then today asks me for money for petrol to go to her cousins wedding she is only going to the ceremony not been invited to the reception.yet she has money to give as a cash gift. I'm like wtf ,I have been telling her for months to take our dog to... read more

Honestly, I have never gotten over my love at first sight even after 4 years later. I met him in high school and had the most POWERFUL connection I have ever felt in my life. Even to this day I have never been so breathless and awestruck in my life. To make a long story short, he was the ONLY guy I was interested in and he choose my friend over me. She then got jealous because he would constantly compare her to me and ask her to look more like me. This made them both gang up ... read more

Well most people's partners are protective of their partner,you know what I mean got their back when they need it.
Not my partner. But hey if one of her mates is getting picked on she wades in. Not me .i have had certain members of her family slag me off and she never defends me.i even found she had copied and pasted something from my Facebook I put about one of her sisters after she sh** stirred and sent it to her siste... read more

Me and my family are suing the hospital for negligence my uncle passed last Thursday I'm ready to cause hell in the hospital

I love my family and I love being a wife, but I honestly haven't sat down and really talked to a friend in over three years. Be nice to have a break once in awhile :(

I'm under a lot of stress as of recent, my father lost five jobs in a year, he can't seem to keep a job longer than six months. This is the third time our family has had to live off unemployment and each time is a struggle. My dad seems to hate every job he's had and me and my stepmother are sick of it. All he and my step mom do is sleep until 2 in the afternoon no matter what time they go to bed leaving me to take care ... read more

Reasons my marriage won't last:

My husband won't go to counseling

I have to do all the hard parenting and he is a play dad

He pressures me to have sex with him by grabbing my boobs and such and saying I have cant keep him from them because we are married

Double standards constantly

No personal space

Does not support any independent thing I do

Is like parenting with a 16 year old when he parents

Requires me to maintain social relationships with people I dislike to save... read more

One day, as we were backing up our phones, my dad spotted a piece of gum stuck to the side of the table where the computers were. My dad has made a rule about no food upstairs so you can probably guess how mad he was. He told us that until he gets a confession he is taking away our phones. The problem is, it has been almost 4 days and nobody has confessed which is an unusually long time in my family. My sisters and I hav... read more

I find it weird how my boyfriend never invites me to hang out with his friends but only with his family....

Why are my parents in such a rush to get me out and about, I legit have just started my uni holidays and i thought for the first few days I could laze around and relax watch some K dramas, music, piano practice and catch up on sleep that i have lost due to me sharing a room with my sister (who is in yr 12 and likes to study in our room until like 2am and then wakes at 7am to get ready for school). But apparently wanting to sleep to at least 10am is like a sign of depression a... read more