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When its super obvious that your niece has a mental disability but you can't tell your sister in law because the whole family refuses to believe this child needs proper help and isnt developing right.

Btw, a 7mo should be staring directly at you and be able to move around a lot and play with toys, not just limp there while being propped up and staring through you at the wall and hardly respond to anything.

Oh, and lets... read more

Everybody in my life treats me poorly and I don't know what I have done to them... 😢 I am moving across the country soon and I am thinking about making it my fresh start by cutting all those bad people out. Unfortunately that will be almost everyone I know, including my family. Considering if it will be worth it or not, but I deserve better.. or I like to think I do. My biggest fear is discovering I am just as bad as ... read more

A close family memeber died recently and I have been trying to keep in touch more often with another family member that was really close to her because I don't want her to drift from this family.

We made a schedule to talk every week at a certain time. I have not called the pass three times because I have been... read more

So my best friend of many years is a lesbian and we've been friends for a long time. A few weekends ago she arrived in town and was going to stay at my place for the weekend. We've always had an extremely close friendship to the point that even while we're dating other people we've made each other's significant others uncomfortable. This particular weekend I was single and she was just broken up with her girlfriend so we were just drinking and having a good time. That is unti... read more

...Why is amazon trying to sell me books about getting over your tramatic childhood. My family's all that really matters to me...

#Odd #family

One of the most important people in my life committed suicide. He was one of my only friends. Now the world feels cheap and pointless. I may as well yank the steering wheel into oncoming traffic next time I'm driving on the freeway. Maybe I should take a swim in a frigid river and allow the current to gently slip me under, fill my lungs, make me heavy. Why go through the motions of life anymore? It's all a facade. We put on mask after mask. And when we're truly alone and mask... read more

I kind of want my dad to leave our family. Or just go to jail. Something to get him out of my life.

1) He's emotionally abusive to my mom
2) He bribes and guilt trips us to get what he wants
3) He gets mad at us for lying but it's fine if he does smth really bad like GO TO JAIL THREE TIMES
4) He ruined my life and thinks it was the best choice. I don't care if your intentions were good, actions speak louder than words y... read more

not found a suitable place to vent this but love.....yeah who would fake a overdose and put their partner through hell just to have their own way....disgusting .best bit is she sits there lapping up the attention from her mum and sisters,even though ive told her mum she faked it even my doctor agreed with me. so what evidence do i have....the paper towels she used to clean up her vomit ,the same vomit she said she vomited "loads" of pills up in. very strange ive looked threw ... read more

I am so f***ing sad and angry why does everyone f***ing ignore me ?? I have no one. I f***ing love my family but they don't love me. What did I do ? Why is it always me for f***s sake just leave me alone !!!

Don't know what is wrong, everything is starting to look good, my dad is an alcoholic who was in a bad way for the last 3-4 years (as far as drinking goes, he seemed kind of "off" a while before that) but for nearly 5 months now he has been completely sober and genuinely happy, I don't think I'm sad or depressed because I should be happy, however I don't know if i'm that either. Sometimes I get worried things will get bad again and I will see my dad sneaking off out of the ho... read more

I'm such a horrible weird person :(
I wish I was normal because I feel bad for my family. My sister just had her prom and I'm not even there for her celebrating and being a real older sibling. I feel like she is missing out on a lot.. I'm basically a bad influence instead my influence is a shiny personality and anxiety.

Hi guys i just need to vent and want some advice on what to do. Im engaged and pregnant but his ex is always a problem she still sends random texts expressing her feelings for him wishes they were still a happy family and how much she still loves him etc. I recently found out she sends the msgs to his mom telling her that she misses them being a family and telling h... read more

It's been a while since I've done this and honestly I don't know where to start. I told myself I wasn't going to vent like this anymore but I feel like this is my last option. So i guess I should start at the beginning....
So Shelby got another boyfriend so I've once again walked away, but this time is different and not in a good way. Its been 35 days since i last talked to her or jayden and its been an emotional roller coaster ever since. I have my good days but the bad days... read more

im done. This whole month has been complete sh**. I cant deal with life anymore and why god or whoever is up there punishing me for no g**d*** reason im just over it. like with drama, my car got wrecked, school is killing me, family is being ridiculous. like why do everything i do is wrong or even if it wasnt wrong its taken in a wrong way or they are quick to assume like i can never escape this cycle of maddness. i just... read more

I hate men. I am a strong capable women with a good heart and love for my family, but men can't handle it. They can't handle that maybe I know what i'm talking about when it comes to spending money, making decisions for the future, or how to change a light bulb without breaking a nail. They can't handle that I go head strong into a situation and aren't afraid to back down when it comes to something i believe in. They can... read more

I want to be bad, and be mean, and snap at people without feeling guilty. I'd like to tell them to "SHUT UP!" (to person A), "Stop asking quesations that's non of your business" to person B, and also, to person C, who already pisses me off because he's just SO f***ING SLOW, I'd like to tell him: "DON'T TOUCH ME! I don't care if that's a 'friendly' grandpa touch, waist or shoulder or sh** - DON'T." I'm not your granddaughter, I'm not your niece or sh**, I don't care how you gr... read more

I need some advice. My "fiance" proposed about a year ago, and we were planning on getting married this summer, he was going to take his income taxes and get stuff for the wedding, well he never did, he wanted to buy a game system instead, but ended up not buying it, but buying other odds and ends. & He got angry when I mentioned it actually. He claimed it was his birthday gift to himself. He told me my sister couldn't come to our home anymore, because he's angry with her, be... read more

lol so i've been looking for a sport to play for a while so my friend said soccer/football & it actually caught my interest especially bc my family and all of our family friends LOVE it. so i ask my dad he's like "football isn't for girls" so i'm like "ok but what about __ and __ ? they play it" because he always compares me to them and he's just like "nah i don't c... read more

I am a semester in one class away to get my AA degree. It's hard to find a job in an area where small businesses hire family.

I recently left a company with an extremely exploitative boss. Essentially illegal levels of exploitations, mandatory unpaid trips, skirting tax laws, all sorts of problems. I was content to leave that behind me, but due to dropbox for business shenanigans he deleted my personal dropbox account. That had heaps and heaps of private stuff on there, including some important family things.

It is too late at night now to eve... read more