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Anyone else figuring out gender stuff alone or do you all have helpful friends? I wish I had a female friend to have girl talk with because all I know is what I was raised with as a boy.

Omg. I need a gym buddy. Why do i have no friends. It's so awkward here with so many people, it's so damn crowded like ugh f*** my social anxiety! I'm serious. I need a gym buddy so we can both lose weight and keep each other motivated

i f***ing hate where i live so much i want to commit suicide, my mum is so f***ing oblivious to me, i hate living in the same f***ing house as her boyfriend because everyday when my mum get home from work she's always with him and because I'm so mentally f***ed up i cant bring myself to even try to socialize anymore, she has f***ing pushed me so hard into my own bubble i now don't even want to live. If i could say anything to her it would be, You are a selfish idiot to think ... read more

What do you do when a girl keeps hanging out with your boyfriend? I mean she's not just hanging out with him but all of his friends and she's like the only girl. Let's call her C. So I don't like C very much, why? She accused her husband of hitting her and that's how she got divorced with him but in reality, she actually was just cheating on her husband with a co-worker of hers. Which their relationship did not last long... read more

I'm so sick and tired of not being taken seriously as a person. I'm too used to people, friends, family, even my girlfriend, looking at me like I just spout nonsense, treat me like I'm just throwing tantrums and "hissy fits" when I have important things to say and ideas and problems that need to be listened to...I deserve to be heard and the most important people aren't helping me, but just making me feel worse.

I get it, you don't want to talk to me. We've been dating for half a year, but I get it, you just don't want to talk to me. You'd rather ignore me and talk to your friends than talk to someone you've said that you've loved. I get it.

Met a guy on tinder almost 2 years ago. I didn't think much of him at first, but once we decided to become friends with benefits I fell for him H A R D. And I think he liked me as well, but I never acted on that because I was too afraid. This fall I ended up moving one city over for school (I come home often) and I fooolishy decided i would tell him how I felt the night before I left. He turned me down; his ex cheated on... read more

Why can't I have fun without going through a depression afterward? Even something as simple as hanging out with friends just throws me into a feeling of regret and sadness and overall just feeling like I didn't deserve it. Then I go through pretty much anything else in my mind to make it worse, like how I never try on the things I want and love to do and how I wish I paid better attention to people I love and just every ... read more

I feel like I might have a stalker (or something of the sorts).

Around last year I began to get the feeling that one of my not-so-close friend has a crush on me, as I can usually easily read people's emotions (love-wise) and how she always tried to get close to me and (since I'm an artist) would often try to copy my art. It was small, almost unnoticable, until she commented on one of my drawings pointing out how "it looked like us" (they were two of my original characters, s... read more

I have hit rock bottom. I cannot handle anymore dissapointment or sadness. I lost my job because my former employer bullied me. I lost friends, my financial and physical health. Now, I find out my mom is relocating to another country and I know she has to do this for herself and I want her to live a life of fulfillment but she is my best friend and my rock, my support system. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach, when she told me. I couldnt stop crying. What's the qu... read more

Starting to think I might actually kill myself.

My life's not even sh**, I just make it sh**. My Dad's in prison but nothing's new, he's been there for 10 years, it still rules my f***ing life. I'm sick of the nightmares and the anxiety of him being released. I hate it so much. No friends, no family that give a sh**. My sister would care, but I f*** up her life anyway. I just can't do it anymore, it's all too much. Fed up of myself. I'm disgusting, and I bring everyone down ... read more

I just don't understand ?
How tf is EDC/doing drugs/drinking more important than taking care of your own child and being with someone who actually loves both y'all ?
I've grown to love and accept his kid and I've encouraged him to start school and get a drivers lisence and helped him get a better job...all to find out he's been planing to go to EDC behind my back, and has been talking to some b**** that raves too .
He's a real piece of work really . Especially since his birth... read more

By the time I was 11 years old my life went to complete sh**. My mother left because my father was mentally abusive. All he would do was call her things like s***, whore, etc. It would always be her fault if something went wrong. Though he always tries to make it seem like my mom was in the wrong. My sister and I knew better. She was the only person I could actually talk things until she had her child.

Then the year after, I stopped being homeschooled. It was the first time ... read more

Dear the person reading this,
My school year is ending in two days and I don't think it'sh** me yet or at least fully. Today I started feeling more sad, many of my friends aren't going to be coming to my school for next year and it makes me wonder. How will next year play out? One of the many people leaving will be one of my best friends, God I don't know how to feel. I've just relied on him for so much, not having him ... read more

I really wanna have friends and socialize, but it's just so difficult. My social anxiety is getting worse and I just end up standing there like a stupid idiot. I don't know wether to cry or laugh. Besides, I have severe trust issues because of past experiences. I don't know who to trust anymore in my school and its ridiculous.

These past few months have been rough. I have felt so alone and low, that picking myself up seems almost impossible. I have no direction or ambition or desire to do anything. I honestly just want to sleep and get drunk.
My family hates me. I have no friends. I have no f***ing love life. I feel completely alone.
I've been told that I deserve nothing than a partner that will hit me. I've been called ugly and fat. I've been told my dreams are worthless....
I just don't know what... read more

Sometimes life has a funny way to teach us stuff. SO basically i got into this relationship about 4 years ago to a brasillian men who is 17 years older than i am, after 9 months we got married and everything was great. Shortly after the wedding, he started to get really possessive like he wouldnt let me meet my friends, travel, i would have to call him several times a day. He would tell him how stupid i was and how my way of thinking was wrong. Time went past and i kept on li... read more

So, here it goes: I have been married for 12 years. Marriage has been pretty standard, really. Harsh times at first, mostly because of money and my alcohol/drug abuse problem (Been sober for 9 years now), but for the most part, my marriage was like any other, I suppose.

The thing is, routine hit my life. I started feeling I was happy, you know? I mean, I started not enjoying anything. I would see other couples do things together, and talk about stuff like best read more

The sad fact: if you want to be alone or see who your true friends are tell them your suicidal, then you'll be alone. No friends. Cool.