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there's no where in my life where i feel safe or happy. depression is killing me slowly and no one seems to care. boyfriend is a joke, friends are an even bigger joke.

It feels like out of everything that has happened to me from being sexually abused by two different people for my entire childhood that I would get a break, but no of course not then I get bullied and called a sl*t and a wh*re when my innocence was stolen from me. And suffering with depression and anxiety. Then I get an a** of a boyfriend who flirts with my friends in front of me. Then I meet this amazing guy who doesn't... read more

They all come back. They all know, after dealing with the smooth talking guys who just wanted sex and didn't care for your well being, that I was exactly what they really wanted deep down and just got impressed by the psuedo-macho, aggressive and confident guy who inevitably hurts their feelings. They stay with these types thinking that they can make it work, that they deserve that kind of mistreatment and isn't impressed by the guy who may be a little different, MUCH nicer a... read more

I know your tired of being responsible for her sake
I know you're tired or working so she has a home, food and safe
I know you are letting your mother use and abuse you but why else do you think, you're the only f***ing one who lives with her or has her stay indefinitely?

I am not all insulting your mother or bullying her but she needs f***ing help more than you do!

It took me getting kicked out 3 times before 18 years old to realize my mom was trying to control my life
Are... read more

Im so sick and tired with people just assuming that Ill follow them like a dog just because I ACT aloof and all friendly. As soon as I stray and talk to other friends, they're all mad. Like ok??? I have other people to talk to and have other things to do. I can be your part time dog another time just dont expect me to follow you around everywhere you go and laugh at all your sh**y jokes just because YOU said them. #friendproblems #leoproblems Yes my loyalty is endless but do... read more

At this point I'm not even sure if i love my girlfriend anymore because she constantly insults me and makes me feel like trash only to turn around and love up to me. She gets angry when i go to sleep early even though she knows i have to get up early and start school and work, insults my friends and threatens to break up with me when i tell her i'm going to hang out with them (which is why none of them talk to me now), e... read more

Let no one stop you from living your dreams
No matter how long it takes or how hard it is
Your life is not your parents or your friends or your partners
Just do what fulfills you
Live your life the best you can
Always smile even when the tears come
Keep on going

please, this is really dire, i just want to take a few minutes of your attention to ask for advice:

so i lost my friends (the friends who caused my ex and i to break up 2 times) and ive changed a lot since then. i have no plans on getting my friends back cause of what they did, but my ex is a different story. ... read more

me & my gf: *walking down the street to ft*
Me: *texting one of my friends discussing something dumb*
Her: who are you talking to
Me: [friends name]
Her: are you talking about me
Me: no
Her: don't lie to me.
Me: I'm not
Her: 5.....4......3......
Me: I'm not a child
Her: *storms off*
Me: *stupidly follows*
Her: are you going to give me your phone now?
Me: *hesistantl... read more

I was raped by my ex boyfriend. It started off with verbal abuse and he would call me a s*** when I started to where shorts. He stole my debit card and kept showing up at my work when I wasn't responding to make sure I was really there and not ignoring him or with someone else. I used one of my friends phones to call him because my phone died and that's when he started talking to her. I confronted him about it and then h... read more

My parents just told me we might not be visiting Wisconsin over summer vacation. Like, woah, dude! You do realize that you just moved me across the country to be closer to relatives I don't like, and I had no choice but to come? You do realize that I have been the epitome of good behavior, and patience? I went along with it all with a smile on my face, and you haven't even thanked me! And yet, when I want to visit my friends read more

i am in so much pain. i hate every aspect of living or even existing. i fully understand the social constructs I've fallen under the influence of, but recognizing them doesn't stop me from desperately and painstakingly wish i were good enough to love. to hold. i just want to share intimacy with someone and show them love. not the sexual kind, just the kind where you can hold them to you and brush their hair and kiss them a bunch and tell them how amazing they are. i want to l... read more

Is it normal or healthy for your gf to want you off of everything social, dislike all of your female friends (young or ancient), and need all of your time?

Help I'm a girl under 18 In middle school and I've liked boys for my whole life. But recently I've developed feeling for one of my best girl friends who is lesbian. But since I'm her best friends i know for a fact that she's in love with a different girl. I'm really confused because I always thought I liked boys and now I have to like my best friend 😭 I think it ... read more

I keep thinking that my friends don't really care about me and are slowly pushing me out of the friend group/their lives.
The problem is, I don't know if I'm just imagining it, it's really happening, or I'm projecting onto them somehow.

okay so let me tell you about my strict parents. now everyone claims that they have the strictest parents but I swear I do. By the way, I'm 16. These are the things that they do that make them strict and overprotective:

- they block websites like yahoo, youtube, and other social medias on my laptop
-after 10pm I can't be on my computer
-I don't have internet access on my phone and I can't buy any apps on it
- they blocked texting on my phone at 10pm everyday
-I have to leave... read more

I'm a sixteen year old girl and will be seventeen in two weeks, so I only have one year of being a teen left. I feel like I have wasted my life so far- I never rebelled or snuck out. I never went to a friend's house, a party, or did anything risky. I'm super awkward so I'm always alone, but I have a few friends here and there who text me. I have not had a boyfriend or girlfriend and I never kissed anyone.( I think it's b... read more

Today I made the best decision of my life. I deleted my ex-girlfriend from facebook, instagram, and all pictures of us on my phone.
I wanted to marry her and would've thrown myself in front of a bullet for her but she broke up with me one day as if I never meant anything. Most likely for another guy.

I don't know why I didn't do that sooner but I should've given myself that closure much sooner.

It was pretty clear she never loved me either when I look back now. She never le... read more

I hate that you can't talk s*** to my face. Stop going through other people and ruining my reputation just because you're jealous. Next time, I have no problem calling you out in front of everyone, you often forget that when I'm petty, I'm PETTY. #"friends #pmas

Using made up excuses is so very lame. Just because you're lazy doesn't mean that eventually you won't do the work. I hate that you always get rewarded when you don't even deserve it tbh. Next time put in the work to get the reward. #"friends" #pmas