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I am 8 months pregnant and I was fired on Friday morning I am due 7.17.17 I rarely missed work I missed 3 days back in March due to arrhythmias and I missed 4 days last week and I put in my PTO hours for all of them. Work was becoming really heavy for me to handle but I did my best. I had to sign a PIP back in April to improve my performance and my Vice President had pulled up documentation provided by another co worker things like a wireless mouse was going to be shipped out... read more

This is mainly for people in relationships (Which is quite ironic because I am quite literally the worst when it comes to relationships.)

Am I the only person who gets really, really pissed off when the topic of cheating arises? (Not like, cheating on a test or even consensual cheating (Example at the bottom.) )

Like, seriously. I was reading a confession on a website called RawConfessions and it was a confession about a gay man living with a female roommate whom has a boyf... read more

Sometimes life has a funny way to teach us stuff. SO basically i got into this relationship about 4 years ago to a brasillian men who is 17 years older than i am, after 9 months we got married and everything was great. Shortly after the wedding, he started to get really possessive like he wouldnt let me meet my friends, travel, i would have to call him several times a day. He would tell him how stupid i was and how my way of thinking was wrong. Time went past and i kept on li... read more

So, here it goes: I have been married for 12 years. Marriage has been pretty standard, really. Harsh times at first, mostly because of money and my alcohol/drug abuse problem (Been sober for 9 years now), but for the most part, my marriage was like any other, I suppose.

The thing is, routine hit my life. I started feeling I was happy, you know? I mean, I started not enjoying anything. I would see other couples do things together, and talk about stuff like best friends and al... read more

I was so happy to get married and be settled.. little did I know that the problems were just starting. I was happy before marriage. I was a free bird. But now my life has turned upside down. I want to be a house wife but my husband wants me to work. And not just any work, he wants me to learn testing. So I took up a course and studied without any interest. I really tried to like it but it just doesn't happen. I even don't understand anything. Somehow I finished the course and... read more

I did my best to extinguish the fire I caused at that time though. Don't look at me like a crazy pyromaniac just because I accidentally dropped a candle to the wooden chair :(

My annoying coworker plays too much its like hes trying to get me fired or something. He was playing with the stapler and aiming it at me and launching the staples at me as if he's in grade school, while I was trying to stock the inventory. Well, he is 17 and still in high school but as soon as I get away from him he gets caught playing with it and then blames me saying "she had it".. Like the child that he is. I'm just trying to work. Leave me alone please.

So the topic is 'work'. I'm here to tell you about an incident that HAPPENED at my work. To clarify I am a server at a senior assisted living place. There are 2 buildings, one is the 'independent' type of building, where the condos are and such, but the other building is where the Alzheimer's/Dementia residents live where they need 24 hour care (it's super sad in that building but they're all much nicer). Anyway, I was working lunch over there last week with my co-worker who'... read more

I suffer from depression and bipolar disorder. I don't think I've ever been truly happy in life. As a kid, we moved a lot so I never had any close friends. My parents divorced when I was young, my dad treated me like sh** and so I moved in with my mom. I was much better off with her but still not truly happy. I was made fun of quite a lot until high school, and never had a girlfriend until my junior year. A couple years ago, when I was living with my dad again (we have a much... read more

I'd rather be in my garden right now. My garden makes me happy. Being around people makes me miserable. Especially when they are out to harm you. And if not harm you, they don't want to have anything to do with you, and if not that, you are basically treated like you don't exist. If I had a choice to be alone doing my own thing, or be alone with a group of people, I would choose the first option. I swear, I can't help but think I've been cursed for some reason. From the frien... read more

I need advice

what is love in this earth? I been with a girl for ten years and all i got was being controlled, fought with and pointed fingers at, made me look like the bad guy when i did a sh** ton for her, put up abuse because i wanted to stay together, when we broke up she went out to her guy friend and only to find out he fingered her, then i had a picture of some guy grabbing her boobs in the middle of working at my job, when i went to her dorm i kept giving her food an... read more

My English teacher.

She is so f***ing unpredictable and she is SUCH an a**h*** .

I've been in her class for about 6 months now, and she just ticks me off. A kid will be late, and she'll be like "Oh wow you're back! NOW GO TO THE f***ING OFFICE!!"

This happened to me once, I was late from gym and I came in like 10 minutes late. This was due to me being on my period, having to change my tampon after gym without stabbing my inner uterus (tmi sry.) But I came in and she was lik... read more

Im tired of the media and over dramatic citizens attacking out president and destroying our country.

I ask you, when you watch news, get both political sides. I watch Fox and CNN. I read wall street and Washington post and most big name news articles. You will find out quickly that both sides or bias but you can come to your own judgement that way. You will learn that things are blown out of proportion and somethings don't even get brought to light that are important.

You c... read more

Im from Canada, Alberta. Born in a small town, lived with my real mother till I was 3 then sent to live with relitive due my father not being there and my mother being an alcoholic. I lived with them till I was 9 when my mother hooked up with a farmer and attempted to raise me again till i was 11. I was shipped out to foster homes till i was 13 then after I tried to run away I was sent far north to a treatment center. A few months of that i was sent to a large group home in a... read more

I just want to light myself on fire in the middle of the street like ghandi or whatever and call it a great 2 decades bye

a few days ago i was fired from my nursing job for cussing. No i didnt cuss at a patient to a patient or even with a patient. I cussed to a co-worker and i called a person a "dick" it was in fact in private and it was between me and her.
she told our boss and my boss decided that it was not apporpriate and she fired me on the spot

this past week was national nurses week. I was the only nurse around the nation who was unemployed going to job interviews and either those interv... read more

Last year in June 30th I met this girl, she was attractive and had charisma, it was jackpot. We became friends, talked almost everyday, hung out almost everyday. We were inseparable, we were those annoying kids who finished sentences for each other, who were basically not blood twins. We'd do EVERYTHING together, over time, we had a few snaps, and those stung. After a while..I got betrayed by her....More than once.. And it completely destroyed me, because she became my rock. ... read more

We did what we were supposed to do. We worked hard and saved diligently for the last 8 years and have saved up $140,000 for a down payment, despite the crazy expensive living cost of SF Bay Area. But, we are completely priced out of our or nearby neighborhood in Oakland and can't afford to buy our first home. We are 40 years old and still renting. Our household income is over $250,000 and we can't afford to buy a home that can reasonably accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids! Peopl... read more

I had a job interview today, the first thing I woke up to is "I hope he gets f***ing fired"
Why? Why do people treat me like sh** ALL THE f***ING TIME.
I just want to leave
I want to leave forever

Late for work because I didn't get the schedule by email, and I just forgot to ask. I'm 15, and I just started working a month ago... okay I'm really, really sorry. Gosh, someone doing overtime because of me. Omg, why am I like this... it's the second time too. Honestly, why they don't just fire me is a mystery