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I want to be bad, and be mean, and snap at people without feeling guilty. I'd like to tell them to "SHUT UP!" (to person A), "Stop asking quesations that's non of your business" to person B, and also, to person C, who already pisses me off because he's just SO f***ING SLOW, I'd like to tell him: "DON'T TOUCH ME! I don't care if that's a 'friendly' grandpa touch, waist or shoulder or sh** - DON'T." I'm not your granddaughter, I'm not your niece or sh**, I don't care how you gr... read more


"I think its time we talked about Respect. How to earn it, when to give it, and what it's good for. Seems to me a lot of folks these days don't care much about respecting other people. […] Everybody wants to get respect, but nobody seems to wanna give it. […] Maybe in this anonymous computer age some of us have forgotten what its like to be human. […] Sure its fun to be right and of course you wanna win, but that doesn't mean you can be a jerk. […] You can't ... read more

Sometimes it feels like you can only be so strong so long. Then I look at my daughter and I know I have to get it together. But I just want to break. I want to stop going to work. I want to not care about anything. I just feel like stopping. I just have this drive in me that seems to make me push through. But lately I feel like I am running out of energy. To summarize, I start with me being 12 and my parents getting a divorce. That sucks enough. Then my mom gets a drug and al... read more

I feel very lost but only in my head. I know God has put me on this path but I really don't understand some things.
I got fired from my job bc I called out sick- never have done it before and thy fired me.
My mom won't talk to me. I've called so many times and she hasn't called back since Christmas.
My nana is sick and I wish I could help.
My best friend won't talk to me bc his new gf hates me..
The guy in dating is just a whole other mess bc his family doesn't like me bc lie... read more

Tire of being the strong one.

Bi-polar oil field husband, enough said
14 y/o son, who is not doing his school work.
16 y/o son who refuses to take drivers test
My slacker brother lives with me and oh yeah, his 8 y/o son who is mental
2 dogs, 4 cats
Work is a high stress sales oriented job and I just got written up twice today.
Oh and my boss said "I can't fire you today." Nice!
Bath tub facet is leaking like Niagara Falls.
Freezer stopped working, followed by the dryer a wee... read more

So my life is far from perfect. I'm 26 years old and don't even have a high school diploma. I have two little girls. I'm in a relationship with a 42 year old man for 6 years who is paying all my bills and has a girlfriend at home. I don't have any family. I do actually but we're not close and even though I'm the youngest I can't go to them for any type of help since forever. My family is dysfunctional. I been on my own since i was 16 and made some mistakes in life. I tried go... read more

Umm you seem like a awesome person to date but my female ex changed me into a bad person i am today and my self esteem is low so really when you talk and smile with my name coming out your mouth i tell myself dont worry about it shes just gonna break up with you. But im at a point i dont want a single person inside. And for some reason the last two exs keep saying every time they kiss me they feel warm like a fire inside like what is that supposed to mean. But me having this ... read more

im gonna feel so dumb for writing this. i think im starting to fall in love. not just a crush because someone looks attractive. but actual love. actual falling-in-love. with their personality. their humour. i don't feel nervous like with crushes. i don't feel self-conscious or anxious. i just feel comfortable and warm and giggly. like sitting in soft cozy chair by a fire. (cheesy, i know. ew) it's the kind of love where i start thinking about my whole future together with the... read more

I _should_ take better care of myself, but the problem is I don't care. I don't have the drive to live like other people do. I just don't have it. That doesn't mean I'm not still terrified of things like heights, or other stuff like that. But it's not the death part that scares me, it's the anticipation. It's the thought of getting hurt, and NOT dying. The reason I'm still here? Because I care about other people. And because it's not like I actually want to die, I just couldn... read more

I have a very irritating rash on my neck right now that makes me feel like the skin around my neck is on fire. I just want to watch anime after work and not try house ointments and such that say they calm down skin irritations but do absolutely nothing. I suppose that is what I get for working in front of a grill at a fast food restaurant all day.

It's so hard to be what people want you to be. All my life the only thing that I have wanted to do is be a firefighter and help people, do something that matters. I volunteer in a small town, but it's not the life that I want to live. I want to get up for work every single day and know that I am going to go out and help someone through a tough time, and maybe be someone they can look up to. I was forced out of that and forced to go to college. I wouldn't trade any of my frien... read more I work for a very large corporation that runs a very large theme park. We have strict rules about who goes to a back stage location. If we see something that seems shady we are admonished to make it known. So I'm going about my business just heading into work. I see an older gentleman with 2 teenage looking girls. As the man and I locked eyes, he flashed his ID. Out of curiosity I asked to see the girls employee IDs as well. He said they don't have them and "they were... read more

Don't need no paper
Don't need no pencils
Don't need no love letters
Cause I just wanna get along with you
No beeper, don't need no cellular
Though Digital's better, listen
I just wanna get along with you

Try me cause I'd be
The one that makes you happy
But the part that I don't get is
Why me? You deny me
Now I forced to roam this planet
Sadly, lonely like some used briget

You took my heartbeat from me
This is the saddest story
What was wrong with my love?
You took my heart... read more

So i just got out of an abusive relationship, it lasted a year. He's beat me enough to disfigure my face and leg (temporarily), given me many big scars, burns, emotional abuse, spitting , throwing things, etc.

Now i finally ran away from him but he still has ways of contacting me and ways to blackmail or get me fired. why cant he f***in leave me alone instead of making me feel guilty for not wanting to be with him or try to make me feel like i wont be anything without him. I... read more

So i have really bad anxiety and its extreme to the point of a disorder. i recently started a new school and my first Day some guy told me i looked like a girl named arabia. Today i was walking up the steps at school and these girls were coming down and when i walked past them one of them said "arabia she kinda looks like you" Then im guessing arabia had to say something along the lines of "ew no shes ugly" because they all started laughing. i already have extremely low self ... read more

So i have really bad anxiety and its extreme to the point of a disorder. i recently started a new school and my first Day some guy told me i looked like a girl named arabia. Today i was walking up the steps at school and these girls were coming down and when i walked past them one of them said "arabia she kinda looks like you" Then im guessing arabia had to say something along the lines of "ew no shes ugly" because they all started laughing. i already have extremely low self ... read more

I know this is a website to vent on, but I needed to ask a legitamate question . I feel like I'm being watched, by someone or something! I'm not lying, I swear. my phone screen glitches and I see a face that Isn't mine! I was playing a game on one of my computers at school, and then my screen looked like it was on fire, not my literal screen, but the game I was playing and it wasn't a game that would involve fire. It also had 6's all over the screen and I KNOW what that means... read more

I live with the worst roommate ever and it's ruining my life. This is why people hate my generation. Zero respect for people and an overwhelming sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility.

My utility bill is through the roof because he refuses to turn off lights or his tv. He's apparently always hot to the point where even in the winter he's blasting the ac. He even bought a window ac for his room because I kept shutting it off. There is no need to put your ac to low du... read more

I am down for the count with a wicked cold with flu symptoms. My husband decided to make a homemade sauce. You would think he was curing cancer in that f***ing kitchen. He took an hour long trip to the grocery to buy sh** I'm sure I already have but he couldn't be bothered to look for and has been in the kitchen literally for hours. My kids walk in and he explains everything he's doing and why and they could not give any less of a f*** but that d... read more

I have the mentality of a brat when I laugh at things that I should take seriously. I know I shouldn't laugh, but smiling is kind of my default face. I'm sorry, I do take my job seriously, I mean, I haven't been fire yet, right? I'm sorry for bursting in your face. I know everyone has been busting their a**es since this morning and are dead exhausted and irritated, you're forgiven for not noticing that mistake with the dish since you've been working like superwoman alone afte... read more