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After being dumped by my long-term partner after 1-2 months of draining, toxic attempts to keep it going, and being fired from my job that same month, followed by 2 going on 3 months of unemployment and constantly never making it to an interview, I straight up feel like I've lost control of my life. I had 7K+ in my savings but it's dropped down to six as I've spent 1K on just alcohol and video games. I'm not seeing myself getting a positive response to even an interview withi... read more

The grass is always greener on the other side right?

You love me. You hate that you love me. You confuse the direction or your hate and anger

We're so similar its embarrassing. Love is just a chemical and me and you are the perfect mixture. I was kind to you because I knew what you wanted. To get laid, relax, watch TV and chill but when given that you thought I took away your "fire"
Now I lit it
Now you hate me again like before and convinced everyone
I still love you
Dont ... read more

every day it's the same routine. wake up. get wood for fire. start fire. feed cats. go to bathroom. make food. watch tv while eating. adjust fire. go back to room. zone out. get nothing done.

today i was out of firewood and cat food. i just decided to let the house get cold. didn't even get up to eat. i feel like i wouldn't care if i died right now..

It really is the people who have less that suffer more. So there is this incident in my workplace and it caught on fire. It is an accident and nobody really wanted it to happen. but those who have authority in our company just put the blame with the staffs, i mean junior staffs, security, housekeeping and maintenance. What upsets me is that they didn't want the accident to happen. They are just working... just working to support their family. It sucks that those who have powe... read more

F my life. F my life. F my life. I can't take this anymore. I can't function as an adult. I can't handle even my minimum wage job. I graduated Magna Cum Laude, dammit. I can't get a job in my field. I can't handle even retail. I don't know what is wrong with me, all I can do is feel incredible anxiety even thinking of going to work where I am at. I fear getting fired for gross incompetence. I feel like I should get a job as a dishwasher, bouncer, or store greeter instead, bec... read more

I had an interview the other day that usually, I'm very nervous about going to and excited. This one, I was just, pretty much whatever, which I should've taken as a red flag. I won't say the company because I'm pretty sure other locations and their owners are much better than this one.

I went in 15 minutes early, and since it was a cafe, you'd think it's welcoming after you say you're there for interview. Unfortunately here it was very bland, and it's really a plus if they o... read more

This feeling when uve been threw so much but still get treated like your sh** i used to come on here cry over how my husband slept with my sister and was cheating after a house fire losing my brother in laws my husband and my sister fiance in my housefire my sister and my husband ended up getting to together im divorced fell in love all over again learned im just not capable of beimg normal hes a sweet man but the way he talks to me treats me around others is grunt wrenchimg ... read more

Has my colleague crossed a line here? There's a guy at my work and we occasionally talk about football. I've never really liked him much, but I just humour him with small talk and move on usually. He's a Man Utd fan and I'm an Arsenal fan, and he seems to be very keen to bash Arsenal at every opportunity, whereas I've never been that type of person myself; I don't like to slag other teams off. It's always annoyed me a bit, but recently he seems to have ramped up his hatred of... read more

I'm going to complain about my mental health again
and before I get started I just want to say that I have borderline personality disorder,but I may possibly have something else wrong with me ontop of that.but the guy that's supposed to see me to diagnose me is investigating school files whatever it is called,because I told him in school I was diagnosed with a verbal disability adhd and a intellectual hes takening forever. but he needs to do this I guess .ANYWAY... read more

I do not know what is wrong with me. I feel like I am a deflated balloon. I am an artist in college studying art and what I thought would be the greatest time of my life is filled with doubt, boredom and loneliness. I barely have a motivation to draw anymore or really do anything productive. I do not have the FIRE I had when I started and feel really isolated. I know it is probably because I need to get out more because I never go out, but I want FRIENDS, which isn't easy for... read more

#venting #tired
I'm so tired all the time. I'm tired of being tired. Tired of having an ex who thinks he understands our children better than me, even though I see them far more. Basically because he wants to move on and be with a new person, our children must be fine now. That way he can just move on like he wants, even though the new family hes trying to make is NOT good for his own children. The new person has a violent autistic child and another one whos bi-polar and... read more

f***ing long distance relationships suck, like a cake behind bulletproof glass. If you are thinking about getting into one or have just started one, end it. As a great man once said "kill it with fire, before it lays eggs".

After decades of being a lonely, miserable, anxious porn and sex addict I finally get myself into rehab and have claimed back my life. I finally found love, something i've always wanted but could never give or receive with a wonderful girl who is smart, kind and understanding. Heres the kicker though.

Due to her history of mental illness she has severe control problems. She will never just let anything happen in the bedroom, theres no mood or moment, everything is ruined by ... read more

I'm a choreographer with a small dance company for the past 10 years. Last year, there was a huge falling out between our studio and one of the other coaches, due to her lack of responsibility, trying to take over my position, and overall performing poorly in all her duties in her job. When she quit, she chose to tell all the students (who are children) that we fired her, without telling them much else. Her telling them, in my opinion was extremely inappropriate. However, wha... read more

If you’re still a supporter of Donald Trump, here’s what you really are: You’re someone who’s cemented your place in history as an individual who we’re all going to look back upon with disgust and shame because you were ignorant enough to support one of the worst presidential candidates in United States history.
This is a man who’s:
💩Mocked a man with disabilities.
😈Attacked the parents of a fallen American hero.
💩Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen.... read more

A rich princess who had never gone unserved, one day decided to leave her castle without protection or maids
She walked and marveled at first but the night grew darker and the strange things came out
Some were inviting and entertaining
Others were mysterious and dark
And others still dangerous and lethal

But eventually the young princess saw all for what it was
The lies of the wealthy were evident
Children were starving, elderly and sick uncared
Someone had to be blamed and ... read more

Listen. Unless every human being able, especially those disabled, were willing to march to the capital we wouldn't see a change

That would make trump raise the level of terror awareness and throw the country into civil war because some Call of Duty playing white trash would shoot someone for "freedom"

Albeit a peaceful march to the capital starting with the southwest would be a crusade for justice.
Think, a convoy of spirit warriors fighting for what's right in the light of... read more

People say alcohol addiction is a mental disease. Maybe it is. All I know is that after 20 + years of built up bitterness, frustration, anger, depression, poverty, embarrassment and a host of other psychological issues from having an alcoholic, worthless excuse of a father, it sure doesn't feel that way.

I consider myself a nice person, or at least I try to be. I'm nice to everyone regardless of my opinion of them, I feel bad when I gossip for God's sake! And these days I fi... read more

Could you shine your light
Now I know your ways
'cause they're just like mine

theres a girl thats jealous of me because she likes my boyfriend. my boyfriend and i have been on and off for a year, basically being off then we aren't at school together (summer breaks, when we graduate, etc.). we're both allowed to do whatever we want- and we do just that. we don't get particularly jealous when we sleep with other people, as long as a relationship isn't formed. i wasn't at school last term (fall term) and he ended up sleeping with a girl during that time. ... read more