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I hate my life. My teachers seem to love sabotaging me, especially my language teacher. My mum always sides with my teacher and never believes me. My father is seemingly bipolar and will beat me up for minor things. I'm so sick of life and have attempted suicide twice. I may try a third time and I'm kind of hoping for it to work. I just want to die.

Every f***ing fat girl/thick girl on Instagram all of a sudden "learned how to love their body" and jump on the "body positive" movement since they already have assets which make them confident. Which is the big a** and (some) small waist

fml means fund my life anyone wanna buy me vidya gaymes
dang I wish I was good looking enough for a sugar daddy or mommy
Jk I love my boyfriend too much
I'm sh**post venting about wanting money

maybe he really did love me after all

2017 in a nutshell:
"i love you and i think you should try to lose a little weight. It's really bad for your back and you keep saying your knees hurt too, i'm worried, you need to relax and stop eating so much sugar, mom."

Normal people:
"she's trying to make sure her mom is healthy."

Some crazy SJW from the abyss of tumblr:
"OMG she's trying to push her skinny privilege on her poor mom, it's okay to be so fat your kne... read more

I'm jealous of one of my best mates' happiness, and I hate myself for it.

He married his high-school sweetheart, they sticked together through those 5-years of college (same city, different universities), and now they are living together. They own a flat, they now own a used car, and they are planning to have a baby soon. And I'm... I'm alone, I'm paying rent, I have hardly anything near the end of each month, and I'm stuck in my life. I don't know where to be, I don't reall... read more

Please remember that unless your kid never steps outside and never has access to the internet or anything and is kept in a room like a science experiment, you don't get to decide what he'll be like as a teenager, much less as an adult.
Because you're not the only one raising your kid. Your job as a parent is to teach him right and wrong, respect/manners and honesty but most importantly, how to make his own choices. And you did a wonderful job with that. The other kids, his te... read more

Since i was only 14, my grandfather used to tell me things like "when are you getting pregnant already ? i wanna see my great grand son."
Not only implying i was only there to make babies but also that he wouldn't accept a daughter. And at a very young age with that.
He was also racist to the extreme and wanted me to marry a french man and give him my name instead of taking his. Would accept no other and was utterly mad at my uncle for marrying an Irish woman.
Both my grandfa... read more

We've had several times to stay apart and break up going our separate ways, but we kept coming back to each other. This is a repeated cycle, now it's like we're just together just because!!! Is it love or just Toleration

I honestly hate myself. I broke up with the only thing in the world that I truly cared about and loved over 8 months ago. We've been okay and we're still friends. I've trying getting back with him, but he said if he were to, I would have to improve on who I am. I've been a mess for a while. My problem now is my only female best friend and him are all over each other all the time when I'm with them. I wasn't certain if th... read more

People who go out of their way to be extremely rude annoy me to no end. It's like they get off on being a nuisance. The first one that comes to mind is some man who taunted me about my shoes when I was out riding my bike one day. ("Nice riding shoes!" Thanks, old man, I love these sandals. Mind ya business though, I'm riding a beach cruiser down the street, not riding the Tour de France). Also, people who act snobby and ... read more

God is she so awkward. Tried telling her how much I loved the Cat Returns by Studio Ghibli and she kept awkwardly nodding. Now that I think about it, she never said she even likes Ghibli films, she vehemently despises anime but I assumed she didn't feel the same way with Ghibli because she would watch it with me. I guess I was wrong now that I think about it.

Sometimes I really love living alone. But other times, it's super lonely.

its been a whOLE YEAR after our break up and every single day i have thought about you????????????????????? i still love you but you don't know that because i cut myself off from you and told everybody that i hate you so you wouldn't find out what i really feel like and be vulnerable to you taking advantage of me again but thats ok lolololololololololol

My ex broke up with me a while back and I took it really hard. I liked her a whole lot and I thought we had something really special. We just clicked you know? Then she started driving me away and eventually dumped me. I saw it coming a little bit but love is blind you know? The reason she gave for breaking up with me I thought could have been solved with a simple conversation, so I tucked away my feelings and thought I'... read more

I cant believe how deeply and madly in love I am!! If only she felt the same way

I got my minecraft working again.
Oh i love this game.
I see the world in blocks.


Chess pisses me off so much. I love watching it but i suck so much dick at it myself that it's overwhelmingly frustrating. Cheers m8s

I pick the sh**iest men to like. The guys I am attracted to are the worst normally and are bad boys. I have met to many guys that I liked who liked drugs, gambled or had mental issues. That is why I have always tried to date and talk online. I felt safer that way because if they did end up to be crazy then they would not know where I lived. But even now in my personal life I am still liking bad guys. I no I have insanely low self esteem and would accept guys that treated me ... read more

Guys what do I do. I have a really good relationship with a friend and I like her a I love her. But she has a boyfriend :// but he's a boring piece of sh** and he doesn't love her like I do and I don't want to make things awkward between us but I think she just sees me as "the gay friend" so idek what to do