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Cheech & Chong - Lost Due to Incompetence (Theme For A Big Green Van)

love it lol! :-)

Rare Earth - I Know I'm Losing You (full version)

some folks think the cup half full, but shouldn't we not think thoughts that can dis-ease us and those around us?
love the song though, it reminds me of being in a car, as a kid, at nite, while it was raining, going to fashion fair, or moores department store, or out to the laundromat, lol, where once my head got stuck in a little gate while the cloths were being done, b... read more

im crying so much
i need my best friends right now but neither of them are active
in addition to that i just saw something my best friend posted saying one of our other friends is the bestest friend she's ever made.... but for me, that's her. I thought she was my best friend, and I was hers, but I guess not.... I love the other girl too, all three of us are close, but I considered Faith closer than Isabel. I guess she fe... read more

I want a serious relationship, she wants to be with me,"mentally" but sleep with other guys.
Im crushed every time it happens but the only way for her to stop is for me to end it but,i still love her so much

I miss his green eyes, his soft brown hair. He was my first kiss when we were little. I miss how we slid down the hill together when it snowed, he would wait at the bottom and push me so I didn't go into the road. He loved baseball. I would cheer for him when he did tricks on his bike. We ran down the road barefoot and he would carry me when I got tired. I miss everything about him. I see him everyday but we haven't spok... read more

I was sexually abused ( i think? ) by my sister when I was 6. I loved to play her Wii, and she would let me play when I did... sexual things. Eating her out, or helping her pen masterbate. I only did the pen 1, she covered it up with a blanket. I feel so stupid and dirty for falling for her tricks. I didn't know...Even worse, our mom wants us to be close..

Does anyone else ship our Klansman troll and our BLM troll? They're both super racist, but from opposite ends of the spectrum. A star-crossed love for the ages. 😍

My boyfriend makes me feel like a celebrity. I love him.

Omf, you're just so special to me. So special and I love you. I love you so much in fact way more than I let on even though we're together. f*** I just f***ing love you. Like sh** how it get to this point? Damn I love you so damn much. I want our world to ... read more

I cry myself to sleep every night and no one ever notices amything. Im just unhappy with life and im stuck in a horrible repetitive routine. I hardly leave the house or go on holoday or do anything. In an attempt to change my life amd break away from this boring life i applied for a job to work abroad and surprise surprise my dad saod i cant go. I love and respect my dad so much but swear down, would it be so hard to all... read more

You know what I just want to hear this from people just to see how f***ing sick you guys are but what is better to you putting away your pride for your child's happiness or burying them because you couldn't. Now don't take this the wrong way but try and when I say try I really mean it. Just try to see it from my perspective. You know the lgbt community exists and yet you deny them their rights because they aren't normal but you all bow down to a man who's existence only exits... read more

Im so tired of you treating me like this, all I've ever done was love you and give you everything I possibly could.

Three Dog Night - An Old Fashioned love Song

Ray Parker Jnr. & Raydio - Is This A love Thing!?

When God Dips His love In My Heart (Whispering Hope Version)

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The Yardbirds- Over, Under, Sideways, Down
Anonymous in love

Cream - Sunshine Of Your love (HD)

Roxy Music - love Is The Drug

Morris Day and The Time - Jungle love (HQ)