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Everyone is getting into a relationship I mean EVERYONE and I know it's not that serious but it makes me wonder where is mine and what's wrong with me . Don't I deserve love ❤️. I think I'm incapable of being loved . But I don't want to complain about it . Idk guess I'm just going to accept what is .
I've been single for a year or two probably for the best

I love you so much. Things were going well until your husband showed up. Then I lost all of my confidence and my heart tensed up. It's crazy how fast my mood changed. I just wish I could be the one for you.

I hate my girlfriend for up and buying a pet for her birthday. It wouldn't get along with the pets I was hoping to have in the future, and it's a baby so of course it's going to be around if we move in together. I feel like she makes some very dumb decisions without thinking them through and it pisses me off. I know I'm very logic-based about my decisions but...she isn't. I love her and yet I hate half of the things she ... read more

Well im at another new school and I started talking to this girl but she is in a weird situation as in she has a boyfriend and while I hate cheating she tells me that she is going to leave him for me but I'm not to sure I think im going to stick around with her just because of how amazing of a time we have together but I'm just really nervous that she won't actually do it and I'll have wasted my time but annoyingly enough I'm pretty sure I'm in loves big breasts. It makes me want to crawl out of my skin and die when were in public together and I see other women with big breasts. Makes me feel like a child. Breast... read more

Growing up in a family who loves to mixed martial arts and occasionally challenge other martial artist in a match is quite a hardship. As a kid, I was loved, cared for and nurtured. But, I start to notice change since I was 10-21. My family excluding my brother tend to be more hard on me. If I miss a kick, jab or a hook I get criticized, but if my brother does those... read more

Philosophical Question
Is it selfish to want to be loved by others?
And if it is, do we really actually love each other, or are all of our interactions just a search for that satisfaction that is felt when we are loved

I feel like I'm spiritually connected to my ex. (Other sense type of thing) I honestly knew I shouldn't have gotten into love because I knew I couldnt deal with living with a broken heart haha..

I'm addicted...... to instant noodles. No wonder I'm always f***ing salty about life. I hate myself and no one will ever love me for who I am- a f***ing potato that tries to be productive but never gets anything out of it. I try helping others as much as I can too. But what do I get? Nothing, just a "Thanks, you're so nice!" and they continue to abuse my kindness. I still do take care of myself first, but I always try my... read more

i love how you put zero effort into caring for me and basically expect me to tend to your every need

So I got curious and looked up porn for the first time. I overheard a lesbian talking about her one night stand and got curious as to what lesbian sex was. I found out that I HATED it and it made me sad that no guys where in it. It didn't turn me on at all. Then I wanted to see what Asian porn was because I am into Asian guys. Apparently, I like Japanese porn.... I found this one Japanese guy that I really love and who I... read more

Everything in my life feels so confusing! I feel like I'm trapped sometimes and I have no idea what to do! I love my family and I love my boyfriend but each one of them tell me different ways to do things and different paths to take. I admit that I tend to listen to others before I listen to myself, and it almost seems like I don't have my own opinion on most things... read more

How do you break up with the girl you love and have dated for 3 1/2 years

I need advice. There's this girl I like (I'm a girl as well). We have known each other for a long time. Recently, I've had a romantic interest in her and I told her so and we continued on as friends. Last night, she told me she loves me, and she broke up with her girlfriend that night, providing screen shots for proof. But the next morning, she tells me she fixed their relationship... I tell her "It's fine" when it obvio... read more

anyone ever dreamed of a text then tripped in the morning because you thought it was real so you're sitting their thinking someone just confessed their undying love when in actuality the only notification you got when you were sleeping was that your i cloud needs to be backed up or that ya phone was taken off low battery because it's charged enough

Stranded with a Million dollars. - Enjoying the show. loved watching Makani's power play to restore some balance to the game. Can't believe that the 4 are in agreement to spend SO much money simply to annoy the other remaining players. If I was living in a trailer, I'd have to think long and hard before agreeing on a $15,000. pizza!

I love you and all, but for f***s sake, stop unbuttoning your pants in public. It just makes you look sloppy, and it's even worse when I can see your boxers too. Ugh
You're a very self-conscious guy, I know that very well about you, why the hell does it not bother?
Hell, I don't give a sh** if you do it anywhere else, but just don't do it in public.

Yeah not sure what category to put this in....

So today my best friend came over to my house to work on a school project with me. My mom was out for a while at like a store or something so we're alone at my house, watching some videos because actually doing your schoolwork is overrated. XD I should probably mention that I have a crush on this best friend and we've known each other for about 9 years, so since kindergarten and now we're in 8th grade. So we're watching the vide... read more

Tell me to kill myself. Please. I hate the pain. I love it quick. I'm no longer alive anyways. I'm dead inside. I no longer want to survive. I'm done being here. With no one to concide. I'm deader than the last guy. You buried him I cried. Two days later. No lie. I'm delayed and I can't wait anymore. I've got pride. Pride to big to uphold. My life flashed before me. This stuff is getting old. Ugh please tell me to kill m... read more

baby you made me believe i could fall in love at first
sight, how you stopped me with your
body, i'm under your curse
baby, i'm under your curse
baby, i'm under your curse