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Merry Christmas muttr family! I love you :)

I'm ugly. And I know it and most of the time I accept it and think I'm at least decent looking but I'm really not because I look at all the other girls in my year and they're all so pretty and they're all posting all these selfies and looking flawless and I don't take selfies because I hate the way I look so much and I'm definitely not going to post it anywhere. And my eyebrows are like caterpillars and I have spots and this big round nose that spreads across my face when I s... read more

I feel so stupid now saying that aloud. Why do I have to have such a loud voice, now theres gonna be random people in the halls knowing I do that and just getting a kick out of it. I really hope they all do forget about it by now, or since its break that is going to be sitting in their minds because they have nothing better to think about. I feel so stupid. I hate people so much that they would remember that and use it against you, those are the bastards of the world. Me and ... read more

Could you actually buy love? Or do you have to make the person actually feel it?

I don't get my family. I guess its just me they don't like. We once became homeless and moved in with my great grandmother. The family at first loved the idea then became jealous and hateful. My great grandmother couldn't hardly walk, needed help bathing, taking her meds, everything. I didn't mind. Then it got out that i was starving her even though i cooked four or more meals a day. (We didn't have any ice-cream, and i ... read more

#liveandletlive #lovedonthate #thinkbeforeyouspeak #everyonedeservesafriend

I'm just tired of everyone judging, and being judged. Tired of everyone hating, and being hated. I'm sick of pretending to be someone I'm not, in order to please the people who are too narrow-minded to accept me as I am. No one knows my story but me...Yet every time I try to share it, someone, somewhere, makes a comment that directly or indirect... read more

I love my job i really do and finding another one will be really hard but this working all night and sleeping dueing the day when i can makes me irritable and i never have the energy to play with my baby boy anymore either or spen time with my husband... sigh give up a good paying secure job and miss out or relocate to a day job if i even can find one....

hey ho family thanks for making me feel like crap on xmas. love you guys too

15 year old girl dating 32 year old guy, we have had sex and talked about marriage, i know its stupid to think he really loves me and i know its illegal but he's pretty much the only guy ive ever been with at all and id like to keep it that way, what do you think i should do?

Ughhhh, I miss her so much, but she's moved on so completely it hurts..... My heart aches and I'd do anything to have her back, or at least talking to me! She says she loves me but she won't reply to any of my texts even though she replies to everyone else's......

Anyone else ever get that feeling like their family just kinda looks down on them? Like I have I great family and I know they love me but I just get that feeling like I'm not doing something right. Also I miss the Christmases from my childhood where Christmas eve would be spent playing with cousins and opening up gifts from aunts, uncles, and grandma and grandpa. Then Christmas day would be spent opening up gifts from Sa... read more

If you don't love me, who else will?
Or wait, did you ever love me?
You say you do, but you don't act like you do.
I'm so hurt and confused....

I loved you with all my heart... but over the past three years you have chipped away at it until all that is left is a pile of dust. You have continually hurt me deeply, and when I have tried to tell you, you get mad and tell me not to talk. Then you rant about everything under the sun for an hour - then walk away. You think you are so great - everyone tells you how you are right about everything. You are delusional. I c... read more

merry Christmas to the man i was in love with for 3 years, engaged to, and lied to me. You're a pedophile and used me and raped me numerous times. You were supposed to go to jail on the 20th for 10 years but i guess you get to spend Christmas with family. Merry Christmas to me, knowing that your family loves you anyway and is doing the best to treat you right. My fa... read more

this will turn out to be the greatest love story of all time - or the greatest tragedy

Every time I drink I get this urge to admit to someone that I'm a lesbian.
I want one person to know. My sister, maybe. But I can't. My mom had that conversation with my again today, "there's no one at work who'sh**ing on you? No mothers of your students who want to introduce their relatives to you? Your father is getting older. Yalla, we want grandchildren."
I'm 28 and everyone is waiting for me to get married. By my country's standards, it's almost "way too late" for me.
... read more

I keep on contemplating changing my goals in life because they seem unrealistic. All my life, literally, I've wanted to be an Architect, my mom even distinctly remembers me telling her that I wanted to be the person who made blue prints, I've been following the path to Architecture ever since. Recently, I've read online that the job growth is not so good-if I get a degree in Architecture, will I be able to find employment? That scared me. I've also realized that I've sort of ... read more

Ok maybe this does not belong under love it is not the lo e everyone thinks about but to me this is a type of love i love were i work and i love the people at my work they have so little and they get so depressed around this time of year. i work at a homle... read more

Why do I love someone who doesn't love me back.

I don't know why I keep trying. I've been in love with the same guy ever since the day I've been with him. He's perfect. In a way you couldn't imagine. And he confessed he still had feelings for me after a while. And today he decided to go back to an old ex that manipulates him and treats him like sh**. But all I want for him is happiness. And he even said he's not happy with her.