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Sometimes I just feel hopelessly unlovable.

I know he's shy, but I so wish he could love me back.

I feel like there is just something about me that makes me impossible to love.

I hate black men. I really do and no it's not self hate I just hate you for hating me. There will not be unrequited love coming from me. I tried but you treat me and women who look like me like sh**. I will not stand for it any longer f*** you and f*** you and f*** you.

There's this guy I've known for almost a year now, he lives 11 hours away from me and he's my best friend. I seriously love this kid to death. He's there for me 24/7 and is so sweet and kind. I've never liked someone so much and truthfully I don't know what to do with myself. I want him and only him but he can never be mine.

why do i just keep screwing things up?? i love you but i keep chasing someone else to love me because you're not around...i love you so much im sorry for everything i do...i just wish you were closer to me

K: You're perfect in every way. Funny, handsome, tall, talented, witty, cute, smart, kind. I love you, but I know it's useless because you'll never love me back. But I'll keep dreaming about you <3

After graduating college over a year ago I have been struggling to find a steady job. I was really bummed about it and felt like my life was in limbo and everything else was going on without me. I finally found a job where I would have steady hours, it was related to my field, short commute, awesome coworkers and so on. 4 months after working there we were all laid off since it was so slow. Fortunately I get unemployment benefits and severance pay. But I can't help but become... read more

Out of body experience. I see myself throwing my life away. Wasting time and indulging in things I shouldnt. Neglecting the ones I love and caring too much about the things i hate. Honestly, i want to enroll myself into a mental institution. I dont want to die but I do want to leave. And someone else feeding me drugs I dont need is better on my consence.

So we dated last year for month but I was miserable because he was immature and I turned into a jealous controlling b****. So now, just over a year later we're dating again, because I never really stopped liking him. We have been friends since we were like five and I really do want to be with him, but we never really talk anymore and when we are together at school it's awkward and if he asks for something even as a hug I get upset and walk away because I don't want to hug hi... read more

So I love my boyfriend. BUT. I just want to be f***ed by loads of guys, just be covered in c**. I'm also bisexual. I want to be part of a squirt bukkake and lick loads of p****. Ill never do this because I'm so committed. I just needed to let it all out.

I love her so much I wana start a relationship with her but idk if she does. She just got out of an abusive relationship. She told that I'm the only person she trusts. We have gone to concerts an hung out at bonfires an for senior ball were going as a matching couple in realtree camo :) I'm just afraid if I say somthing ill make it akward. Cause she wasn't allowed to talk to anybody else when she was with him an we had t... read more

So I want to know like I'm a girl but I love guys, Like I really love them so much that I want to be a guy and have gay nasty sex with every man I find attractive. I just love the idea of being a man and f***ing their holes so hard, it'll be gaping the time I'm done with them. I want to rub the head of my penis... read more

I haven't gotten along with my dad since I was about 7 or 8. Now it's 20 years later and we still live in the same house. We get along when it comes to small talk but anything else sets me off. I love him and am really depressed that I can't stand my own father. We can't do anything together because I just don't like his advice or presence. :/ sometimes I cry over it. Idk what I'm suppose to do. Help me?

I'm a teen mom of two & I love being a mother is rewarding every single day. The father of the kids has been there for me from the start & still is. I'm the bad guy in this situation...I cheated on him while 2 weeks pregnant with my first son, I didn't want the baby and I acted in such a foolish way trying to push him away while hurting him. We are still together, trying but ever since I did what I did...I feel l... read more

Is it wrong that every time I see you I want to beat the sh** out of you? I mean, you are a really mean person so you would deserve it, but that would put me on your level, so I don't. But there still is this little part of me that would love to do it.

I love my dogs more than the world. They are everything to me! It's just hard when you bring them in from the cold and they destroy everything, mine and not mine which now I need to replace (and I don't have money to do that). They tear up everything and won't let me sleep. However, with below 0F temperature I have to bring them in. I can't let them freeze no matter what the damage they have caused.

Hurry, don't be late. Don't make this love wait.

If you turn your back on love and deny the things you feel, there's not enough of anything that'll make your life complete.

If love is complicated, how is it the only thing that makes me free?

I need love to feel okay.

Do you believe that true love never fades?