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He's gone. Despite my chagrin he left this morning for Colorado, he is on the other side of the country. I lay in bed. Hes angry with me because I went out with some old friends from an old job... I had so much fun, I really enjoyed spending time with them. He called me 12 times in the 3 hours I was there. I feel like a child that's been scolded. But he's on the other side of the country doing god knows what. He's mad at me, won't answer my calls, doesn't respond to my text. ... read more

I cant stand the thought of speaking to people and i hate it when Im presenting and i get asked questions or have to explain myself because i mentally cant explain myself so then i feel stupid and have o keep on my smile eventhough i want to glare scream throw a tantrum and kill anyone whose in close range of me but i cant since o love people and i know how it feels to lose multiple people. My parents are divorced but my... read more

So if someone you loves leaves your supposed to like what ? Be mad? Or angry at them ? IDK. I just kinda feel like I hadn't felt anything in years, and it's unfortunate that we aren't together, but I'll love you until I die and no other like it. I think because I feel you somewhat revived me. Just be good, and know your amazing. J x

Dear Mom and Dad,
Did you really f***ing think for any time at all that I couldn't hear you? That I couldn't hear you "trying" to reaffirm to yourselves that my chosen field of work wouldn't leave me penniless and dying in a ditch? That I wasn't hopeless and a waste of time? That you still misgender me and my sib?
You never even noticed that for all your effort you both have been severely emotionally abusive. You belittled me, dismissed me and outright ignored what I desperat... read more

OK so I'm 20, she's 27, she's recently left the country, we've known each other about 3 years and been close for 2. I have Ben madly in love with her for about a year and a half. It's love and nothing else. I know because I'm an incredibly guarded person, and would never say so otherwise. There's an age gap but to me it doesn't matter as we're basically ... read more

She died. She's dead. God, how did this happen? How did I let this happen? She died. She said there was such thing as forever. Hah! As if! Forever? Oh yes, definetly. For sure! She's dead, and there's nothing I can do about it. I love her. I love her, and I think I'll love her for the rest of my life. She was n... read more

never done anything like this before, but i honestly have no where else to turn. Im not really sure how to bring up this topic or how to feel about it either but here it goes. Me and my fiancee have been together for 2 1/2 years now and we have a beautiful 19month old babygirl . our lives have been so perfect with our beautiful family but recently something happened. my fiancee has an ex girlfriend from a couple years ago named casey. she decided a couple months ago to messag... read more

boy do i just love feeling insecure abt my personality disorders. its just like "well i mean ive thought i had this thing Wrong with me for multiple years but i guess i was just faking it for attention!! even though i never even brought it up with anyone for fear of them Instantly hating me because i have something Wrong with me!!!! Guess Ill Just Die"

#venting #cervix #jealousy #getalife #b****
Why do people carry jealousy from the past and try to use a social media post to slam you by changing or adding to what you shared. I truly believe that a person who carries around any type of jealousy or negativity creates a necrosis they have to live with and causes a disease that continually infiltrates their lives and family around them. Learn to accept the fact that life isn't fair and not everyone should get a trophy. I was vo... read more

i think. i'm in love with him. i'm not really the type to fall in love. i had a previous boyfriend before. he broke my heart so for a while i thought romance wasn't for me. i met a girl a while back, and i fell in love with her. we started going out and we're still together but.. it doesn't feel right. on the o... read more

Trump supporters should be happy with him. As I heard him remark in a speech: "I love THE UNEDUCATED"

I just need to get a whole lot of little things off my chest. I know that compared to some peoples problems mine are nothing but sometimes all the little things seem to pile up so much that I just cant handle it. So to some people they may think, why are they even struggling at all, or why is this person even posting on here when they seem to have a perfect life. So please, no hate here.
When I seem to talk to my mom, it seems like she isn't even listening. She always is wrap... read more

I read so much I love to escape and pretend I have the lives the character has since my life is so boring

As the title suggests, I am in love with my best friend. She is a woman. I am a man. She believes me to be gay. I believed this of myself until a few months ago too, but suddenly had romantic feelings toward her of a drunken evening... I assumed this to be purely platonic affection manifesting itself as romance, and therefore ignored it. In the ensuing months, I have come to accept that I have a great deal of affection t... read more

what's the name of that pain in your chest when you think of someone you love? or miss?

I'll keep this as short as I can so I don't bore you, but ever since I saw her last, I feel like I've fallen in love with one of my best friends. I've always sort of had a crush on her since I first met her, but I don't know why the feeling is so strong again all of a sudden. I guess it's a combination of not seeing her for three months due to my new school, and just spending a lot of time with her during spring break. G... read more

My drug addict sister in law, told my mother in law that I made my 5 year old son go and tell her "my mom doesn't want me to talk to you" to hurt her. She said she heard me say that all the way from her room! (Between 3 feet of concrete) my mother in law believe her and decided to confront me. I've never had a problem with my mother in law, I love her and treat her just how I treat my mother, I've never disrespected her ... read more

I'm trying to focus on mandatory online classes for my paramedic program and I can't stop thinking about my ex (probably because he is also in the EMS field. Anytime I start thinking about a career in EMS he pops in my head) . He hasn't come to my mind recently because after he ripped my heart out for 5th time I tried my hardest to act like nothing happened. I went on with my life, I didn't try to replace him or get him out of my head I just simply pretended that he was never... read more

He doesn't like me that way... :((( he is a good friend, he did a huge favor for me, spent several hours on a Saturday with me prepping me for a big exam.. I think it's super obvious that i'm in love with him... But after spending al day today, his tone is very much of a friend. His signals before were so mixed. Or maybe i'm just mixed up because i like him so i want to see them in that light. I'm bummed. And still sexua... read more

i try to be there for her.....
but i keep failing.......
i love her so much........
i try to protect her but i feel like i fail......