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I need help. I do something too often and it repeats in cycles that only worsen me. I see someone. Maybe it's a trait I perceive in them that attract me at first. People say I have a new crush every few months but they don't realize how extensive and painful it is to me. There is a man I like. I don't even know why I like him. I imagined things in my head. Characteristics that I romanticize, scenarios that will never take place. A beautiful flourishing love myself I only feel good about myself when I get compliments

I love white noise so much. It's so relaxing and helps drowns away all the thoughts that torment me.

I was told by a fortune teller that I'd meet the one at 20 and marry him by 23.
I met #HotLibrarian two months before I turned 21... And I like that timeline. Three years.
I'm crazy and it's just all a bunch of hocus pocus and gobblidy gook but it's nice to have something to hope for again... To fall in love again. To walk on air again... Aye.

#HotLibrarian #Tristful #HesSoCute #I'llprobablyneverseehimagain #author

Why bother writing our child after walking away for 2 flipping years? I dont want to allow you to keep hurting her by walking away again every time you feel like getting drugged up and drunk . You need to fix your sick issues with drugs, addiction and mental help. You made her feel unloved and unwanted by not contacting her. She doesnt need to hear your excuses why you dont see her. Get better and take care of your inner... read more

ever since i was twelve, i knew that although everyone else categorized me as a "girl", i didn't quite fit the pink socks to match, and somehow i wasn't a tomboy either. i ended up dressing up as ryan gosling for a costume party and i had the time of my life, everyone told me that i looked really strangely handsome, so it clicked that maybe i actually identified as a boy. terrified, i shoved the idea of being trans into the back of my mind and decided to try to ignore my feel... read more


(March Coded Rap)

Ya thought the thoughts
and smacked ya gums
and gave the rest of us
a case of the runs.

Ya spent years tryin-a
tear me down
but in the end
looked like a clown.

I waited till
just the right moment to
draw you closer in
and expose you.

I knew ya'd fall
how could ya resist?
Thinking I was vulnerable
the knives you twisted.

But when ya did the thing
and then he heard the ring
and then I pulled the string
ya fell like puppets -sha-wing!

I laugh and laugh an... read more

You make me happy. You make my heart race. You make me fall in love.

I was deeply in love with this guy for quite some time, and then turns out he felt the same about me... we've had the best relationship, laughed a lot, hung out, talked... I gave him my virginity, he gave me his... we trusted each other with closed eyes.
There was this girl he talked about sometimes. He called her"f***biscuit". He had a crush on her for like a year before he met me, he asked her out a few times and she k... read more

I'm so f***ing tired of toxic people trying to get involved with my sister and her friends.
My sister's best friend (let's call her Girl #1) used to date this guy (Boy #1), whose ex girlfriend (I'll make her Girl #2 because she's a piece of sh** so it's fitting) is a manipulative, lying little b****. My sister hates Girl #2 with a burning passion, and after learning about all of the sh** she says and does, so do I. Guy #1 actually cheated on Girl #1 with Girl #2 about a month... read more

Idc you don't have to love me or want me or want to spend time just a silly crush anyways on my dumb ex

Nothing like finding out the one person in the world that you thought loved you, just doesn't. I feel like I've lost my child, but i guess maybe, I'm kidding myself. He was never my son. Just a kid I gave my chance for a family all my own up for.

I'm tired of living with this family. I'm tired of feeling like my mom loves my sister more than she loves me. I'm tired of her taking my sister's side for everything. Yes, sometimes I try to talk to one of you about the other when I'm feeling frustrated, but you do the same to me. I'm always hearing about the other person from one of you. I hear all these awful thi... read more

No one was talking to you, you little b****. I love the way everything is always my fault. You start sh** and mom is taking your side. I hate you.

Buffer rapist loves cosby cock in his mothers holes we get it

I think I'm in love with one of my best friends and it f***ing sucks.

I'm in love with my best friend. He's super great and funny and he's told me he used to have a crush on me. "Used to" being the important phrase there. My other friend tells me that chances are, he'd say yes if I asked him out but now he has a crush on a diferrent girl who has really low self-esteem so I'd feel bad aking him out because she's really loving the idea that somebody love her, she will always be a part of me, but something has broken and I don't know how to fix it.
Last year, I turned thirty. We did less than nothing for my thirtieth birthday. She had planned nothing despite booking the day off, and whenever I started planning something she told me she wasn't in the mood, ... read more

im in love with my best friend i cant tell her that she will leave me i love her so much it isnt fair my depression is coming back i cant tell anyone i just want someone to listen im alone nobody cares about me i tried to move on with a girl but my friend said not to so the other night she made me tell her it was her fault her dad beat her and thats why she has to l... read more