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I love whenever I do something the person who tells me to do it is right there up my a** telling me they can do it better BUT they still don't do it. When they say something to me I keep thinking (sarcastically): wow, I guess it's a really good thing you're not doing it then.

"Oh hey, I see you there vacuuming. That's not the way I do it. ....Oh no I don't want to do it, I'm just saying you're doing it the wrong way"

"... read more

hi i love trolls i want them to pay attention to me, me, me... it's all about me that's why i keep bringing them up like vomit!
me, me, me... because my sister won't spread her legs for me.
me, me, me... raping the dog killed it and now i'm punished, mother says she's going back to father.
ME, ME, ME... because if not i'm a speck on the toilet seat rim.
i also love ... read more

I'm always, always the last option. I'm the one they go to when they're desperate. That's why I'll never feel real love.

I need to choose between 2 great women but not too sure how.....

Women 1
I am currently separated from my wife (still married) because she wasn't accepting my son from a previous relationship. After being separated for about 6 months now she wants to to try to work out the relationship but has firmly said she wants minimal to no interaction with my son. When it's just me and her she is very happy and I have no complaints. As soon as my son comes along or I mention my son in ... read more

I'm completely lost and hurt I don't know what to do. I've been talking to this guy for over three months and we have no official label to our relationship other than we're dating. I'm 21 he's 22 and father to a 5 year old son. His baby momma is married and always fighting with her wife she always tells him she's getting divorced and tried to guilt him into getting back together with her. He told ger that he's seeing someone he read more

believe me, i love playing my preffered instrument but the whole band is a gossip orgy. you kissed a guy after school? you f***ed him the night before. you had a fallout with a friend or two? it was because you were with their SO. you were gone for a few days? you had to get tested for hiv. the rumors around band were crazy. the only reason im doing it for another year is the director is really nice and the other classes... read more

Loving someone who doesn't love you back is one of the harshest things someone could go through. This has been going on for 2 years now and I truly don't know what to do, I'm head over heels for this person and all they do is use me for their entertainment over and over again ;(

Good looks can be a curse. Nobody seems to like the real you. Ive known this guy firva while and he says he loves me, and right after he starts talking about my body and how sexy it is. Im not horny so i cant be arsed with hearing the same sh** that every other guy says to me. They always say "your nice" and then finish it off with "your sosexy" it makes me feel like thats all they have on the list of things they like ab... read more

nothing matters to me anymore but them, I just want to see them happy and alive, they f***ing deserve it, I can't f***ing put how much I love them into words, they're the most perfect person i've ever met, I want to love them and hug them, I want to always be there for them no matter what, even if it gets hard I want to stick by their side, I never want them to leav... read more

There was a terrorist attack in Barcelona where I live, but I luckily have been in the United States where I am originally from for the past couple of weeks so I wasn't there. But it was right in the heart of my city, a place I've passed by a zillion times. I'm heartbroken and confused and angry. None of my American friends are posting anything about it on Facebook because they don't give a damn, they only post things about American current events and f***ing Trump and the fu... read more

Why don't girls show any initiative? Do you realize how much I'd love to hear from you? I know we're not that close and I hope that changes, but damn it would feel amazing if you reached out to me now matter how little.

I just had an older married female coworker come onto me, this woman that I barely know said I love you to me and sent nudes. I turned her down and don't know how to get her to leave me alone without making her even more depressed than she already is. I just don't know what to do.

Ever since my girlfriend had attempted suicide by overdose (on antidepressants) I've been saying sorry a lot more than usual and I've also been more worried over her
Honestly I don't know what to do to keep her happy and to not try to kill herself
I don't know what to do
I don't know what I can do
I want to make her feel safe and secure
I want to make her know she's loved and appreciated, even if she does throw me to the... read more

wow i love the gastrointestinal complications that come with bouts of anxiety

I'm so sad all the time. I don't know why. I just feel drained and can't get myself to feel happier no matter what I try. That actually makes me sadder. I'm numb and sad at the same time. I feel like something horrible has just happened to me but I don't know what it is. My stomach feels like it's sinking that's how sad I am. No one can make me feel better. Instead I lash out on people that I love the most. It's the only... read more

I constantly feel like I'm being used by the people that I'm supposed to trust. I'll never find true love and I'll never grow as a person until I can conquer this distrusting nature inside me. But how can I conquer it, and move on, when everybody around me proves that I SHOULD keep my guard up? I'm heartbroken. I just don't see why I bother. Why I'm even alive anymore.

Haven't you realized that I love you by now?

I want a girlfriend I can go for a walk with and tell her I love her......

.....while on acid

high school is not what I expect it to be ... sometimes I feel so depressed everyone's making new friends, finding themselves, hanging out.. and I'm kind of just there. I try to talk to people but I'm not connecting or vibing with anyone. It takes a lot to call you my friend. I have to be comfortable around you, connect, understand you, and be 100% myself around you. I also have to trust you. I have no where to let my feelings out. My ex best friend literally stabbed me in th... read more

So I have been at this one job for quite awhile. I love it. There are so many good things. But I'm starting college soon and the scheduling is conflicting. Especially since we just lost a server. I offered up a friend of mine to be a server but they won't hire her since they think her being transgendered is a problem...which I'm morally opposed to (and it is really really f***ing over my scheduling). This isn't the only ... read more