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So, here it goes: I have been married for 12 years. Marriage has been pretty standard, really. Harsh times at first, mostly because of money and my alcohol/drug abuse problem (Been sober for 9 years now), but for the most part, my marriage was like any other, I suppose.

The thing is, routine hit my life. I started feeling I was happy, you know? I mean, I started not enjoying anything. I would see other couples do things together, and talk about stuff like best friends and al... read more

I love how I go out of my way to do something for you and you make me feel like a bag of crap after. That's the last time I ever do something nice for you. If I do something it's like I can't do it right. If I do nothing then you complain I'm lazy and I don't care enough. It's bulls***. It really is.

I feel uncomfortable in my own body. I have pretty mediumish breasts and even the word makes me want to gag and scrape my tongue despite not even saying it aloud. They're so f***ing annoying and useless and disgusting and I f***ing hate them. They get in the way of everything and I can't even run anymore without feeling like someone's staring at them. I could be alone in my room and still feel immensely uncomfortable with how much they bloody move. I don't know why but I ment... read more

I cannot even deal with WellsFargo anymore! I hate all banks and wish I could figure out how to live without any of my funds in the bank economy. Horrible customer service - smary a**h*** and idiotic "rules" taking advantage of their customers. I would love to walk in there one day have them bring up the balance on my business accounts and then watch faces as I say...."Close that account please". "Give me a check.....ov... read more

dear people boasting about speeding through our small village,

i hope you accidentally run down your own nan and smear her across the road

me xxx

I'm in love with a man.
Unlike what most women tend to think all men are, he's not a rapist. He's not a pervert. He has autism, but he's one of the smartest men I know.
He's brilliant, and he has the greatest sense of humor. He can make anyone smile.
And I think he's mine.
Before you liberals begin screaming that he's just trying to get into my pants, he has stated that cuddling with me would probably be better than sex ... read more

my sisters a f***ing attention seeker. ive had depression after my fathers suicide and Ive never told my mother and my sister.
my sister hated my father and hates me because we both would raise our voices at her.
she's a brat. a complete f***ing brat. all she does is whine about everything. if we try to help her, she claims she has a panic attack and begins crying.
were at a convention this weekend, and my sister claimed to have a panic attack because I told her to be more re... read more

love my beach scented lotion. So I can be at work, and fanaticize I am at the beach :)

b**** get tha f*** outta of here you don't love me you love the lifestyle f*** you get a job

I am a woman. I am in that small percentage where I don't hate all men. I mean there will be a**h*** , there will be psychotic men, the rapists, the racists etc. But there were good men in my life too. People are all capable of being hateful or full of love. So no. I do not hate all men. But I do hate evil and mean hearted people. It really has nothing to do with gender.

After everything I did for you .
After I accepted and cared for your child .
After I changed myself for you .
After I fell completely in love with you .
Even after I promised myself I would never love another man again, you somehow convinced me you loved me . You convinced me that there was hope for love ....
N... read more

Some lesbians love hating on other groups, but when others dish it out, they can't take it. At times, you sympathise with their plight, when having to deal with not just straight male fetishists / homophobes, but also homophobic "queers" and trannies that sexually harass them. But when they attack you endlessly, even as you try to side alongside them, the only natural response is, "f*** it, they deserve it"

Can't wait to be with my future husband and love each other so tenderly and passionately. I can't wait to support him and be his bestest best friend that he loves more than anyone else. I can't wait for the real thing. I'm so tired of this fake bull that I've gotten sucked into. I just want the love of the person who wants to spend the rest of their life with me, an... read more

I can't wait to be done with school so I can be out of people's faces in this environment. I don't think I'll go back to get my master's, especially when there are jobs that require less in my field. Less money will come out of my pocket as a result. Smaller debt bill I'll have to take care of each month, too. I love learning but I loathe the US education system; we're behind other developed nations because greedy people... read more

I truly love my best friend like a brother and care deeply about him, but for months all he does is f***ing complain 24/7. And he's not doing anything to fix his problems. He's in his mid 20s and lives with his parents even though he can't stand them and is basically refusing to just rent a cheap place until he can afford a house, his girlfriend gets extremely needy but he doesn't just say it's bothering him in fear of l... read more

chuck rosenburg is a typical political warmongering liar, who has deceptively connived the public, and is a no good spiteful ignorant savage, with the typical suit on to deceive

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, or, as kanehbos, according to the medical effected benefits Jesus speaks of in the Septuagint, the attorney general is a Christian hating liar, and why is it that God hating a** holes high treasonous traitors are ruining their usa freedoms, and why are the Constitut... read more

Where did it all go wrong?? I have mild anxiety n this is driving me crazy. Help meeee. My boyfriend n I started going out around last week. Before that, the first time he asked me out I rejected him but he didn't give up n keep approaching me. He's really sweet n insecure at times. He would always ask me wether I really like him or not n all that stuff. I would always reassure him that I do like him n still want to be with him. But recently, he blocked me on facebook n insta... read more

Man I love finally starting to trust someone and then being betrayed as they tell everyone what I say before I even finish saying it. Too much damn drama with new friends.

I can’t stop crying.
My 80-something grandparents will be dead soon, my 11 year old cats who are going to start dying, and now there is an injured kitten dying in my bathtub. He refuses to eat… It’s like he thinks he’ll be taking food from the other three well-er kittens.
No matter what I do there is nothing I can do to stop death from coming! I have to watch my cats’ arthritis make them take half an hour up the stairs, my grandma can’t walk around the yard by her... read more

I love Grady Aisncough.