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I finally told my boyfriend how much people in my life acted like they were annoyed of me, brushed me aside, told me that I was boring, told me that my comments or what I had to say was unnecessary, or that my input was a waste. Or that the way people treated me back then made me observant of how people reacted... read more

I was me for part of today and helped someone feel better about themselves. Another person said nice things about me and I felt good. But a different person that knows the other two has ghosted me because I was myself when I should've just been surface. Then later today, I was me but a different me and it was good but it is a me that people either love or hate. So I just went back to being surface because nobody really l... read more

Book Depository is sh**, especially the people handling the troubleshoots, I troubleshooted them 3 times, and they still haven't resolved my problem. Don't order from there, unless you don't mind having you packages late or possibly not delivered at all.

Omg. I need a gym buddy. Why do i have no friends. It's so awkward here with so many people, it's so damn crowded like ugh f*** my social anxiety! I'm serious. I need a gym buddy so we can both lose weight and keep each other motivated

why is pushing through bad mental health to try to recover so difficult? i feel like the more progress i make, the worse i burn up inside. i end up neglecting people i love so that i don't lash out at them. i am in so much pain and it is just nonstop and people care less and less about me

God being a human being is so f***ing weird dude!!!!!! When I see other people, I don't feel connected. I feel like an alien. I've never really connected with anyone in my life without drugs. I'm just gonna stay home because every time I leave my house Bad things happen. 😕 I'm gonna die in this house. Maybe by my own hands

Is it only me or people are more arrogant and cold nowadays?

Who the f*** tweets random peoples Facebook profile pictures?


I KNEW you were going to start sh** again. It pisses me off how so many people dismiss you as harmless. You have a violent record. You're a sexual predator. You're a con artist. A thief. A drug dealer. You f***ing video and audio record people without consent. You mooch off of everyone. You're a dead beat.

More than anything I want you to die. MORE THAN ANYTHING. Y... read more

I wish people would stop using ugly for an insult... like telling someone their opinion is ugly or telling them to have an ugly day... because as an ugly person? I don't need my lack of prettiness being associated with xenophobia, racism, sexism, or whatever else. My being ugly doesn't make me a bad person who is out to hurt other people. If you need to insult someo... read more

I'm so sick and tired of not being taken seriously as a person. I'm too used to people, friends, family, even my girlfriend, looking at me like I just spout nonsense, treat me like I'm just throwing tantrums and "hissy fits" when I have important things to say and ideas and problems that need to be listened to...I deserve to be heard and the most important people ar... read more

12:40 am and I'm thinking about my therapy visit later today. I have a personality disorder which makes me have an extreme fear of talking to people because I fear rejection..etc . The problem is she claims to help me by making me speak in public . I've been going everyday for two weeks and it doesn't get any easier and I had an anxiety attack the first week. I feel like My parents are paying her for nothing.

when your life is so messed up but you don't want other people know.

Fml. My life is done forever I should have never listened to these people. I would have been the duck out of here actually living. Not doing this bulls***

people always told me that no one will ever love me. Sometimes I think it's true. I mess sh** up. No guy would ever want me.

I'm always too scared to post a vent, but here I am, kind of doing just that..

Maybe I'll let people in someday, I'm just... scared..

Pet peeve: people who lie to someone to cheer them up as if their own choices didn't lead to what they're upset about.

This will only perpetuate their behaviors. Don't down play the responsibility people have for their own situations. It's called accountability.

Obviously people lie when they wish something was true, but it isn't. Whenever people accuse me of things I am not, is it like...they wish I really was what they accuse me of? Because then it doesn't make sense. For example, when someone accuses you of being a maneater it is as if saying "I wish you were a maneater."What ?Doesn't make any sense.

It really is annoying, people keep trying to talk to me while my headphones are on. I mean, it's not earphones and hidden. They're honking huge. You'd think they would see it and assume I'm listening to music. :/

I'm in a car with 2 people I barely know. 1 person just spent the last 15 minutes trying to roll a blunt, and in the process slobbered all over that sh**. I'm about to smoke with them. And one of them is driving. What the f***? How have I spiralled this much? When the f*** did I start being an actual idiot?