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I cant handle other people being free and happy without me cause Im a controlling b**** ;[

Dear people on the curb outside,

You are disturbing the suburban peace. There are places dedicated to your loudness and it definitely isn't the curb outside our homes. Go to your own house because heck knows you definitely aren't from here.

Whatever your laughing at isn't that funny. You're forcing it to fit into the conversation, lol.

This site is so much better when people get involved in discussions in the comment section.

Does anyone remember the #SpidersLivesMatter and the #BurnTwinks drama???? Literally everyone who came to Muttr those nights got involved, lmao

Truly loyal Muttr members will remember.

Lets see
Torn ACL
Two ruptured disks
A torn rotator cuff
Severe nerve damage
Empathy which is probably the worst because people fake it constantly

And Ive managed to only be working full time/ heavy duty for 10 years. Supporting you with love in my soul drained me so quickly my bodies given out.

I would've been better off if I never met your b**** face with that crooked nose. Stay in your apa... read more


Whats the first thing that pop on your mind? What cut can be use of? Have you ever cut something? Cut the woods, cut the papers, cut the clothes, cut whatever objects that can be used. Well, cut can be use to something, its the feeling of releasing of emotions. We have different kinds of releasing of our emotions especially when you feel angry, sad, depress, hurt and disappointed or etc., because of our emotional state. Some You cant manipulate people forever knowing guys will secretly f*** you
I did

they are always making threats-what I am going to get-what is the worse that can happen-but in the meantime my blood pressure is sky high-that will probably kill me first-people are nuts

There is now Muslim-only city subsidized housing in Toronto. Disabled people are being cut from waiting lists because they're not Muslim. Way to go, Toronto! A set of rights and laws to benefit Muslims, and a different set for the non-Muslim plebs. I can't see why anyone would have a problem with that.


It feels like out of everything that has happened to me from being sexually abused by two different people for my entire childhood that I would get a break, but no of course not then I get bullied and called a sl*t and a wh*re when my innocence was stolen from me. And suffering with depression and anxiety. Then I get an a** of a boyfriend who flirts with my friends in front of me. Then I meet this amazing guy who doesn't... read more

Don't take anything other people say or do personally, it's not about you it's them. And most of them are selfish idiots so their opinion is even more worthless.

I really dont understand the problem of people who don't listen, i know i'm upto no good, but contradicting everything you do is not a nice way to understand people. see my only problem here is, i sometimes feel like putting my point in the first place, but no!!
i cannot even do that.

I've checked some genuinely sensible stuff here @this site, I'm just letting my a... read more

It kind of makes me sick to ponder the fact that there are real, actual people who think the way Democrats think.

I mean, free country, but wow. That's really revolting.

More than 130,000 people have signed a petition to kick Melania Trump and her son Barron out of New York City,

or to require her to foot the bill for her protection herself.

“The U.S. taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the First Lady in Trump Tower,

“This expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded.”

Russia doesn't allow a free press and for some reason

people are surprised they use foreign free press against other countries.

Every time I try to build a nice thing and share the thing with others, someone always has to come along and try to ruin it for me and for others.

What did I do to the world to deserve being bullied, or to deserve everything nice that I have being forcibly taken away from me? Is it because I was born? I didn’t ask to be born. Is it because I have a disability? I didn’t ask to be born with that, either… Why do peopleread more

This semester I took 3 psych classes that are basically the same subject in order to ensure a 4.0 gpa. However, all of these classes are giving different information for the same subject. Like they will use different terms for the same thing, for example one of them said that, when a person thinks people are talking about him when they really aren't, it's called "the personal fable", but another class said it's "invisibl... read more

so im not back about lynn im back about joe, and lets say her name is sarah. so last time i was on i was saying how me and joe are together, and on his instagram and sarahs instagram they both have pictures of each other.Sarah: "Mcm to my best guy friend. i know i can talk to you about anything, thank you for being there for me and being such a good friend." Joe: wcw#2" and he posts stuff about me and they are always dming, there are always talking. So lets say is name is Nol... read more

Listen here b****, I don't care that you're a lesbian, doesn't bother me. But the fact that you insist on constantly bringing up how "gay" you are is f***ing obnoxious.
Don't think for a second that I don't see how you try to alienate any straight couple, how you flirt with that girl and call her your "husband" (Don't ask me, I think it's stupid) in front of her boyfriend, how you just so happened to set up the table for ring dance so that my boyfriend wouldn't have a seat an... read more

That so-called establishing system really sucked f***ing a**. No information given... well. I used my time well, but I lost quite a lot of opportunities as well back then. Authorities never give information, authorities always suck the f***ing a**. The language courses, society orientation courses... were f***ing, f***ing homophobic. Being a f***ing a**-clown back then... no wonder why I ended up... like this. Being forced to f***ing defend lgbt rights in front of all the fuc... read more

There is only one thing I live for, and it's the rare time that I get by myself when everyone else is at work. But right now no one else has a job, so I have to spend 24/7 having other people f***ing up my sh** and making my life awful for just being there. I f***ing hate other people.

When I get time to myself, I'm easily able to manage myself. But when other read more