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It sure is funny how these far left SJW b**** and moan about not judging people while they sit on high morally judging YOU

I think it's so sad that there are people who leave these comments after someone has posted something that it obviously hurting and bothering them. You have NO idea what they're going through. Be careful you never know if what you said is going to make them harm themselves.

Yardbrough & peoples - Don't Stop The Music

you don't really wan to stop.

"Talk to people! You'll feel better! You'll see how many people love you for who you are!"

*talks to people*

*people are sarcastic, rude, and make me feel worse than I already did*

"Maybe you just need better friends! You need to put yourself out there ... read more

people judge too harsh too easy

I don't know why but I find people with mental issues/disorders very likable. I've seen videos of people with Tourette's for example and they're all so sweet and unique. I just want to be friends with them.

Three more days and I'm finally done with working at the camp. Being a cook over here is difficult but fun at times. I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and family. My parent's wedding is also around the corner and I hope for couple of people I love to see to show up. But I have my doubts.

My friends and family that are LGBTQ+... I still love them with all my heart, but I do not support what they are doing. I respect 100% that they have the choice to do whatever they want to with their lives and to believe whatever they do, and I will not judge them for that. The thing is, I wish that they would respect me for choosing to live the way I do and believing what I believe. I will not fight them, I will not try to take away their rights, I will not mock or ridicule ... read more

Fun fact:

I may be running out of people that I like.

I'm so heartbroken tht I'm being taken for granted. My boyfriend doesn't understand how much long distance hurts me and how I wanted us to be together in a week. He decided to move to pursue his career further and we will not be Able to close the gap. My heart is broken to pieces. What's the point of living ? What's the point if the people you love don't want to be with you?

god, you know, its like i only want the people who are bad for me and then it bugs me for ages. i hate that i always need closure and i hate knowing i may not exist and i just want to make everything count in the long run and i just...ugh. i hate wanting the bad



What started out as a curiosity has turned into a full blown fetish for me..
Last week I was messing around and tried on some of my wifes underwear. Some lacey hipsters, boy shorts whatever she had. Took a few pictures was like wow! And I liked the way they feel!
When I was out running errands I stopped at walmart and went to the ladies section and picked out a few things. I'm not uncomfortable with this because I've bought my wife underwear before...It seemed different thoug... read more

GWM 31, have been single for the last two years. My ex partner physically, emotionally abused me. He f***ing raped me. Multiple times. It's hard to talk about. I feel so lonely. I fear affection, yet crave it. Being sexualized disgusts me. I want to feel like my self again. But I feel f***ing empty and numb. I feel like I've stopped living and I am f***ing hollow. Not wanting to hurt my family and the fact tomorrow could be the day I feel better are what keeps me going. But h... read more

I literally hate when people assume that I want to be in a relationship with kids. Like people I've barely met and haven't even had a full conversation with. Like I get the argument "oh well they just have to get to know you" but the issue is that from the moment they shook my hand and learned my name, they thought that I wanted a family. It's already enough that my... read more

Is it a good idea to erase history. Then its destined to happen again. But the anti racists will never let anyone forget what was done to there people. One day whites will stand up and declare white history month and remind the world about this time now when history was ripped from monuments and grave yards. mark my words a new meaning of racism will come from this time. This anti racism nonsence will only radicalize whi... read more

Why is it that sometimes when I offer a person someone to vent to and help talk about their problems, they become kind of... grabby? Like, they say they fall in love with me but I mean, I'm not into that kind of stuff. I may have only known these people for a while, and we may not know much about eachother at all but still they sometimes get kind of lovey-dovey and intimate. I get that you've had it rough but please don'... read more

I hate how apparently everyone is depressed/has terrible anxiety and, as a result, can't work at certain places or refuse to interact with people. At some point you just have to grow up. I get depression and all that sucks but it's just everywhere and I feel like people just want attention. God it's so annoying

Why can't some people f*** out of existence

You already know that she is the BAD kind of crazy, so why do you continue to stay? I mean, I get that you like the sex, but you can get that from anyone else who isn't a complete waste of a human. I mean, you told me yourself and I have seen her being crazy and WAY to controlling. Hell, she is trying to get you to become cut off from your FAMILY and friends so that she can control you more. She made her roommate have a mental breakdown right in front of your eyes, never apol... read more

Now mind yourself a true troll wipes his a** with your approval and cherishes your distress A Real troll doesn't have to be imaginative but grotesquely deformed and hideously disfigured information cause what good is a troll that doesn't kidnap lost children and drags them to his hole by the hair and letting his giant cockatrice play with them while setting the cauldron to boil and cut the onions and the carrots.
You see, real trolls boil the cockatrice first and then eat the... read more