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I took a cherrybomb and stuck it up a cats butt! I'm gonna miss you chicken nuggets

I'm most likely going to be in Junior Varsity volleyball instead of Vars. with a bunch of girls that hate me. Literally, everyone on our team hates each other, three of the starters openly confessed how they think I'm a try hard/smart a**/ etc. and I've never talked to them before we got on the team and we never talked much during practice or games. Is it better if I just not do it at all? Is it worth it to play another year with them when the three girls who are also starter... read more

So... football.

I want to start boxing, any advice

that's what they all say before they see I'm in their house LOL

You chop our sponsorships, providing less and less support each year, turn that money to "bigger" competitors, and then expect us to be "excited" about your new, 'cool' competitors, all the while demanding more representation from us with less and less support. Can't vent about that to anyone I know for obvious reasons, but still find it rather annoying when my phone blows up with texts about your next big thing, meanwhile, realizing us 'originals' have lost 1/3 of our annual... read more

Any ufc fans here if so who is your favorite fighter. Mine is Diego Sanchez. He's fun to watch.

Jeu Casino

Alfred Webre Lambramont John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan

I heard John was an excellent footbal, he is an "even better" journalist. Rannigan delivers an amazing account!

Alfred Webre Lambramont John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan

I heard John was an excellent footbal, he is an "even better" journalist. Rannigan delivers an amazing account!

I didn't mean to friend-zone him but I am overstressed with school and I do not want to have to think about how much I am against his addiction to marijuana as I am in many important school organizations, performing arts, honors and AP classes, and sports and need to focus on those. I think he's amazing but he could find someone else worth his time that can give him their time too. Sorry?

I've been wanting to quit this one sport for a year and a half to two years. I just don't have the heart to actually quit it though. My mom loves the sport and she loves watching me practice and preform. I've been doing it since I was three and I'm now fourteen. At this point I'm doing it for her. Sometimes I still enjoy it but other times I hate it. I always try my best though even if I don't feel into it. I haven't improved at all in the past year and that's one reason that... read more

The penguins are the best.
2 back to back championships.
Here's hoping for 3

Is there a way to f*** up my neighbors driveway that just did some tar? Could I spray it into their grass?

Why have we don't more for modern technology?

I could get a punching bag to relieve my stress, tension, and frustration but angry, hostile sex works just fine for me.


Im sorry I can't do better. I'm sorry all I do is disappoint. I've stopped dreaming of being better because it never happens. I work hard. I do my best and that isn't good enough. I feel worthless. It's okay. I'll keep faking it until I'm actually happy.

When you're a real piece of sh** but all of your friends are too so it doesn't matter.

Best thing about this website is you can legit have a convo with yourself in the comments or continuesly like posts and just refresh the page lol