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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Texas said fight girls or quit no boys team so he beat girls, lame.

  • Anonymous gave Advice

    Drugs shouldn't be allowed in sports.

    In fact, drugs -aren't- allowed in sports.

    She should've been disqualified for drugs ... period.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Good Times

    • Anonymous replied

      If by "good" you mean back-a**-backwards, then yep.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    As an athlete I can only see this as cheating. It's not fun and it's not a real game without the challenge of true competition. But then again it's Texas too.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    If the choice was fight girls or quit I'd quit but I'm a girl with ethics, born that way. I'm also queer and still don't think trans folk should compete against straight if there's unfair advantage. Where's the sportsmanship?!