I don't exactly know why but I'm fuming mad. I guess it's probably cuz of a number of things. I don't think the hubby is being honest for one. He's a bad communicator but it's like he's skipping stuff or leaving stuff out or spinning messages so it makes me think he has an alternative motive for the things he says. Like he said he had to go to a meeting for our kids bball team. He said They said it's important. Come to find out "they" never said that. I got the email too this time and it said they hope each family can have one rep there, never used the word important. And the topic is not about the team at all. I kept asking why is it important and all he gave was cuz they said so. I guess all those times when he said "they said" or "someone said" really meant "he thinks". He just doesn't wanna take ownership. What a shocker, I should know this by now. He probably wanna go so he can gossip and hang out with all the bball moms.