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Ah yes. Sweet Home Chicago !!

Ugh the day has come! Please let these two hours go by faaaaast!

The Chicago Blackhawks will prevail tonight in Boston to take home the Stanely Cup.
Go Chelsea Dagger !!

I don't want to go to practice tomorrow, I seriously don't. The girls give me such a hard time. They just don't want to accept me. My coach makes me feel useless and weak...

The day is coming closer. The day of my utter humiliation

I'd rather die than play for your team.

Why do little f** boys think football is gay?
Probably have their badminton racket stuck in the net.

I hate the Bruins and the Hawks, this cup sucks.

It is sad to say that I have given up on my team. I constantly face bullying because my team does not accept me.I love the game of basketball but it's hard when you are going against your own team. I do not even look forward to practices anymore. Please help. I don't want to do this!

Physical Education - well, the team sports involved in it, not the physical exercise part - scare the living sh** out of me. I have this deep anxiety and fear ingrained into my mind about it. I get so anxious and I worry that I'll mess up. As a result of my anxiety, I'll do just that. I can't catch the damn ball sometimes, won't react fast enough, etc. When I do that, I want to f***ing kill myself in that moment. I'll feel so incompetent, especially when people start being co... read more

So the Chicago Blackhawks sent the LA Kings packing in double overtime .
Next stop : Stanely Cup

9 seconds left, Blackhawks ahead 3-2 and LA scores.
Overtime is a cumin.

Watching women's college softball and they're all wearing makeup. WTF , are they planning on meeting a date out in centerfield ?

Elvis Andrus is a rally killer!

The owners of the Chicago Cubs are again threatening to leave the city if the city won't flip the bill for THIER ball park renovations.
Please leave & take those worthless losers with you.

I'm like about to quit softball because at the game yesterday my entire team was talking about me saying that my finger wasn't broken and that was a wimp because i sucked it up and kept playing for them. I was in so much pain from throwing that i could have just called an ambulance and left but i didnt because they wouldnt be able to play without me. All they did was say that it wasn't broken and talk sh** about me while i was right there. At this point, being on that team ... read more

Another opening day for the sh**cago Bubs. Same old hype that this will be the year. Hope it rains !!

I hate David Stern the NBA has been ruined finally I was hoping to see a year without the lakers in the playoffs but no the rigging is as obvious as it was in the 06 finals when d wade got a police escort to the basket every trip down court. Ever since the late 80's the big market teams always get the calls but it has gotten worse. The lakers, heat and several other teams always get tons of help from the refs it's ridiculous, the NBA should take a look at the NFL they have ... read more

I just dont see a reason to hold it down any more. This city is a slum, and not for me

I miss my sister. the 8 days shes here lax takes up all of time. I have to go because I'm captain and when I'm there I am left in tears because my coaches question my leadership and screamat me when I struggle with sprints. Then i get in a fight with my sister. The day we were promised off we now have practice. Then we have "team bonding/ sleepover. So I have absolutely no time with my sister just none. And she is leaving in 4 days and we are fighting because I always c... read more