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Why do people insist the Peyton Manning belongs in the greatest of all time discussion?

Haha! Now the NFL comes out and says that the officials blew 4-5 calls in the Vikings vs Saints game all against the Vikings and stated the Vikings should have won. LMAO, too great!

Maybe it's time to screen your officials a bit better? Dumbasses... This happens every year.

ya nfl needs to change its overtime rules.. each team needs to get a possession instead of letting a good game be decided by a coin flip.. and as in the case of vikings and saints game the officials helped kill a good game

Yay for officiating in the NFL... The Saints and Vikings game was an amazing game... well, until the bulls*** pass interference call which put the Saints in field goal range in overtime. So sick of refs being the deciding factor in huge games. I would like to thank the officials once again for ruining a great game! f***ing fail.

Why are Packer fans such idiots?

I loveeee how I went to the Patriots game with my dad my brothers and my dads friends.. drank myself silly and slept the entire way home.. probably the best day everr... oh did i mention THEY WON?!

good god... why must the Patriots suck a** in the second half? WTF is going on!?

I don't get all this Tiger Wood's bashing... seriously, he's rich and famous, they all do that sh**. GET OVER IT!

I knew the Patriots defense weren't good this year, but this is just laughable, lol!

Thierry how will you get over your handball

Are you f***ing kidding me?! How much do you guys think the Patriots were paid to throw that one... just awful. They were clearly the better team by far.

I am getting so sick of seeing the "Celebration Penalty" being called in football. So pointless. It's a f***ing highly energetic game, yet, when someone does something good they aren't allowed to celebrate? It really annoys the hell out of me to see an amazing play turn into a touchdown. Then the ref throws a flag because the guy was happy he just scored. Come the f*** on! This dumbass rule needs to be erased for ever.

I have a confession to make....I didn't really punch a baby in the face in a McDonald's... The fact of the matter is...the baby punched ME in the face and had to be escorted out... I'm sorry everyone...

What the hell is so wrong about punching babies in the face? I was with my friend at McDonald's and her daughter was crying loudly. It was gettin increasingly worse and we were getting attention, so I did the only thing I could do: I got up, walked over to the child's booster seat and walloped her in the f***ing face. Then management has the nerve to kick me out saying "she's just a baby, so she doesn't know what she's doing." WTF?! DUDE I had to watch my 4 BROTHERS when I wa... read more

Axel Witsel, is a f***ing a**h*** . Axel Witsel, he's a f***ing a**h*** .

Non capisco come abbia fatto ieri l'Inter ad aver vinto cinque a zero fuori casa!!!

So we're sitting here watching the some football with the kids and they here comes a commercial. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION! UGH! Seriously?! There are KIDS watching this! And they throw a commercial on that gets one of them to ask: "What's a wreck tildis function? Is that a hard math problem?"

Yes it is...

"Do you know how to solve it?"

I most definitely do.

I hate how bad officiating is getting, and nothing is being done about it. Each year it is worse, so bad that it's all they talk about after a game sometimes. That "Foul Ball" in extra innings in the Twins vs. Yankees game, was clearly fair by about a FOOT, how do you miss judge that from 10 ft away!? If I have to watch one more outcome of a game get completely turned over because of a dumb a** official, I don't know wtf I will do... oh wait yea I do, probably b**** more abou... read more

my fantasy football team that i got roped into managing is absolutely sucking. i can not stand to lose, and it's really frustrating me!