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you can either be famous or infamous, your choice !!

Spam wars!/FIGHT! ?
I'm on the girls side not the bitchboy brokeback troll lol

Any spam you can spam I CAN SPAM BETTER, I can spam anything BETTER THAN YOU! ?

ah sh** i succ at volleyball real hard i can't receive right hnnghh can someone pls give me sum tips and how to not embarrass myself in tryouts? i'm a female volleyball player that literally sucks
for now i'm stuck on youtuve volleyball tutorials what even am i doing with my life- Смотрим вместе видео ролик online бесплатно и без регистрации. Весело ведь так?

i play softball, and my coach never gives me a chance. he claims im his favorite, but benches me for nothing while girls who make constant errors continue to play. i recently returned from an injury and hes barely let me practice. when i got up to hit, i was walked the first time, and the second, struck out for the first time this season by a very fast pitcher. he benches me immediately. a girl who plays left field strikes out every single time she gets up. she doesnt sit. a ... read more

Dear ennis lover- you should spam "even cowgirls get the blues" instead of just brokeback mountain dudes f***ing all the time. Cowgirls have gay sex too. Don't forget to mention the Chink and his obsession with anal and yam oil.

Poor mike Tyson making gay porn now for trolls lol

hey now you cut out that slandering LOL
Rape is a whole lot of fun!!!!!!!!

But it's better using an electric knife you can cut it all off in thin slices

It's actually really easy to cut off a rapists dick and balls, especially when I use the kitchen scissors. ✂️

When your teacher asks for hw you didn't do
*Flips hands up*

I've been selected to be my high school's boys volleyball team manager and I'll be assisting the coach. What's expected of me and is there things someone can tell me to help our team win more than the expected basics. Thank you !

I am nervous about this weekend. I am supposed to talk to my friend and I honestly have said some not so nice things to him recently.... I feel really bad even though it was the truth. Ugh, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut I swear.............

Unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather will fight

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor

in a much-discussed boxing match on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.

Someone is copying my thing and I'm not mad just letting others know that THIS IS MEEEE and I may end up putting my name in the account instead eventually but for NOWWWW
- Christina (:


I've forgotten my moms birthday too you are not
Terrorss replied May 31 -- 8:15pm


She's going to be fifty six I think. We really don't do parties so I'll get her a card​ early tomorrow morning. I always forget my mom's though the end of May is such an insane time usually
Anonymous replied May 31 -- 8:19pm


My court hearing is coming up tomorrow. The lady Marla who runs my class wrote a nice letter to the judge for me. I havent read it I just gave her the office of... read more

Penguins suck referree dick.

This post takes a look at how to prevent sweaty butt in men and women and keeping away the smelly odor produced by sweat and bacteria from your bum. ... Sweaty bum can also cause us to accumulate an odor between our butt crack which can be very embarrassing in public...

Let's see how fast he goes and sleeps with another female and infects them!! Knowing of himself having HIV he probably will just stay in the "friend zone" so he doesn't have to disclose his condition to her. Dumb a**hole.