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Patriots are really about to come back and win this thing


WOW that catch. I want to see this game go to over time 28 to 28 then patriots get another touch down and 2pc so they win by 8 and trumps prediction will be right xD

my wife has a giant p****.

i'm scared yet intrigued.

please send provisions, i'm going down on her soon.

Any fellow equestrians here?? Anyways~ I've been riding for nearly four years at my local barn and it's really informal and relaxed. When I ride I wear my beat up paddock boots and plastic helmet, my simple black Kerrits jodhpurs, and a t shirt. Lately I've been thinking about wanting to try some other barns so that I can get more experience with different kinds of instruction and possibly try cross country. I like my current barn and plan to keep riding there (there's a good... read more

The hardest thing about running track (sprinting, at least) is that you train for months, only to actually perform for about 11 seconds. It's a very disheartening notion.

My legs hurt so f-ing bad right now. Tumbling was fun but the aftermath suckssssssssss!!!

Swam a 500 tonight which is really difficult and I only did it twice. My time was 8:59z which is EXTREMELY slow. Score 1 point out of 230 for my team. I'm so worthless, I'll never get where I want to be in this sport even though I've wanted to do it since I was 8

Ya think ya know where to find me online, Honey, but ya don't.

What ya sent, I know ya did it to impress him, but ya noticed he didn't get in touch witcha, didn't ya?
Ur pathetic, honey. I'd complain about it where I know ya will look, but I enjoy the game and what we get out of it too much. Keep on sending, cuz it's not even close yet to fair compensation for the years of crap you dumped on us. Keep it rollin' forth, Honey.

Sports are f***ing boreing. I want to know what anyone finds fun to watch about that sh**.

Man I just don't wanna play basketball anymore , I hate my team I hate the coaches. I just wanna quit, it's a complete waste of my time. But I can't...

I'm making provincials this year. I don't care if it costs me my marks. It's my senior year in this g**d*** high school and by the time track season comes and goes, the whole school'll know my name. I'm going to train like a g**d*** Olympian and I've never been more serious about anything in my life.

This is what I get for getting out of my comfort zone and chasing my dreams, huh?

I'm really interested in amateur boxing. I'd love to compete in the sport. About a month ago, I decided to take action and visit the only boxing gym in my city. It was very small and kinda sketchy, but still looked promising. The owner there said he used to coach Olympic boxers and would love to help me achieve my goal. So I bought a somewhat pricey month-long membership there, and set a date t... read more

Write a tell all book about all athletes to having relations with best way to expose them

Ronda Rousey is an idiot. So glad she got face rocked! #retiremoron

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Um I am kind of scared right now because I think I got sexually harrassed by my coach. So recently, in karate we were doing streches and to strech us out,( I am a teen girl) we were doing this strech where you had to put your leg all the way back and he would push your leg. But he accidentally put his dick near my area while trying to strech my leg. While he was trying to strech my leg when I was doing a kick his dick touched my butt when he was trying to show me how to do a ... read more

Dear Basketball,
When i was just that 5 year old boy trying to score a basket and i finally made one in the end of the season i knew one thing i was addicted. I was addicted to your .feel,your sound and how well you made me feel the first time i got a bucket.The next year brought another challenge to our love,baseball.I was the greatest baseball player in my grade i had an easy shot all throughout to get to play on a major team for 10 year olds but then something changed,I hi... read more

Can I kill myself

I just want to compete. I want to show the world that I'm good at something. I want to train hard and I want to be dedicated to something. I want to prove my self-worth.