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I hate my pe teacher so much she gives me unfair treatment and i dont know what i should do... i already wrote a complaint...


My bracket name for the 2017 march madness bracket is Bang Slap Bracket, with the avatar of batman slapping robin. Clearly a double double entendre, which.... is beautiful basketball wordplay. And.... nothing... No one appreciates it. Idiots...


f*** my f***ed up ankle!!!! It's been a f***ing year since a fracture and it's still f***ed up! forever probably as there are broken f***ing pieces of bone blocking my f***ing movement and hurting f***!!!! f***ing hate this but it's my fault in the f***ing end but f***! f*** this sh**. I swear i'm going to end up breaking that sh** on purpose cause I'm tired of this sh**. I should feel lucky I can still walk and run. I should.... but f*** it makes me so pissed... f***.

Fukushima boars ? vs.
Chernobyl wolves?,
who would win the nuclear mutant showdown?

A South African man has become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddleboard after completing an epic 4,050-mile voyage alone at sea.

Chris Bertish pulled into Antigua, in the Leeward islands of the Caribbean, at 8.32am local time Thursday after departing from Agadir, Morocco, 93 days ago.



Niqqa niqqa niqqa niqqa niqqa niqqa niqqa i'm 100% niqqa, niqqa niqqa niqqa niqqa i'm 200% niqqa

My coach is sexually assaulting me. It is true and it is scary. I don't how to confront it though because he has his manipultative ways of making himself look good and seems like this "happy" guy but really he does some nasty stuff and I have heard his converstation with the staff and how he treat girls... I am thinking to video tape evidence because he needs to get fired. This cannot happen, it happens to other girls as well. What should I do?

I worked my a** off for 4 years to be able to play in and win a basketball tournament that I always grew up watching, my dad, uncle and grandfather, everyone in my family who played basketball won this tournament and yesterday I let my team down shot 0% and we lost to a team made up of a bunch of selfish egotistical deushce bags in front of their whole school. We had no fans and I felt like sh**, then we had to go spend a weekend with them as part of the tournament and worst ... read more

just f* me.
put it inside me.
give it to me.
slap me.
kiss me.
push me.
hold me.

My toilets names Herman

Omg these soccer moms need to get a life! It's a sport not the end of the world. This is why I wish I live in a bigger town, nothing to do here but make big gossip deal about kids soccer. Urg.

I don't exactly know why but I'm fuming mad. I guess it's probably cuz of a number of things. I don't think the hubby is being honest for one. He's a bad communicator but it's like he's skipping stuff or leaving stuff out or spinning messages so it makes me think he has an alternative motive for the things he says. Like he said he had to go to a meeting for our kids bball team. He said They said it's important. Come to find out "they" never said that. I got the email too this... read more

Is the rebranding of a kids traveling sports team a big deal that families have to go to a special meeting to hear about it? Frankly I don't give a crap. I pay and the kids play. But the SO thinks it's a big deal.

Looks like Holland threw in the towel on making the playoffs. Trading Vanek was a big mistake. Watch him do well with Florida. Doubt he returns in offseason lmao. Why wasnt Tatar, Nyquist,and Sheahan traded too? Oh well. Trading away Ott was not cool either. At least he brought spark, made games exciting and scored a couple goals unlike useless Sheahan. Holland knew this was a sh**y team and created it the last 4 years. He needs to go along with Errorson, Sheahan, Zetterberg... read more

How do i have big boobs and a perky bum but slim everywhere else? I don't like the toned or bulky look. I also hate 'thick' thighs etc. What should i do to achieve what i want??

"She" didn't "win", injecting testosterone gives you a huge advantage over cisgirls and is cheating. If "he" wins against boy wrestlers maybe then transppl will have something to be proud about but this is just shameful.