Amazing how computers have evolved - I remember the c64, as I used it at a Rectifier Manufacturing plant in Bloomington, Indiana back around 1988, and as a stock handler, with over 3,000 parts to get to the lines as soon as possible, people could not work until their stock was there for the shift, and my c64 allowed me to keep track of where the parts were in the large stock room, so I could prepare their orders in a timely manor. I remember that prior to me bringing in my computer to work, that I had doubts on keeping my job, but after the computer was set up, and the foreman stopped yelling over lateness of stock, I liked the job. Inventory time, my computer was valuable too. Written in basic, I used sequential not random storage using if then next loops to search. For instance program ran would say part looking for= and if for instance I entered sa-5219-24, it would tell me 3 numbers. first was the section of the stockroom, second number was the column and third was the row the bin with the stock could be found - the computer saved my job, and the expansion card wasn't much, and i made a larger power supply using the larger rectifiers available at the plant too . One time, I brought a video of a spinning globe, and i remember how long the basic program took to load that program up, and run, and it was so slow compared to the speed of computers today. To think that I had people amazed as myself looking at a spinning globe? seems so - so what now doesn't it -My grandfather died while I was working there, we had planned to take a trip one weekend to his hometown, and rent a camcorder so videoi footage of his old school house could be taken, but he had a hard attack as he was loading the car up, and I remember for a few weeks after at work, I was a little emotional, well, the management made me take a urinalysis test to make sure i was not on cannabis. I was not. I am now though. think of it though. /If I were doing cannabis back in 1988, S.T. SEmicon of Bloomington, Indiana, would have terminated my employment. USA. Freedom? or a hateful dictatorship?