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Hate it? Because it's stupid? No society with no love for art is.

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#amber Konkler fund go me! #4

me: *opens texting app*
friend: *is typing*

What if Siri could become your girlfriend

It would be great if muttr would just like..temporarily shut down when things get this bad. Like the government shutdown lmao.

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That social network where everyone only posts the best photos of themselves doing

cool sh** while people sit on the couch scrolling through those photos comparing

them to their miserable existence?

I'm so shocked that this has a negative impact on mental health.

I wish getting my cyberbullies IP was easier so I could report them faster but nope I have to wait.

Twitter is being a piece of sh** when it comes to getting slanderous tweets about me taken down from some crazy psycho who has stalked me for years on end so I have to go and file another report AGAIN.

text alert... I've already read the message from the lockscreen alert but i haven't officially opened the app so it doesn't REGISTER as being read. I don't want it to... because once i've 'read' it they'll know that i am aware of what they want/said. Then i need to send some sort of response. I have a window of about 8 hours before they think i'm deliberately ignoring them. 8 hours to make a game plan...

Most of the time when I post on this site I just want lots of comments from people-- because the sad thing is I don't have any friends, and ever since I deleted my facebook i don't get any comments on anything anywhere else. Yeah, I deleted my facebook because I was posting a bunch of bullshits. Don't want to go back there now. And when you think about it it's creepy all these people you know reading all the bulls*** you write. So I go here. Besides, i can't talk to them abou... read more

I want to host a mep, but Idk how to. Like I have the song, but idk how to present it and all that. Can anyone give me any advice?

I get really upset with myself because i'm scared to approach people and I know that's why not a lot of people care about me online but another part of me also thinks it's because me as a person did something wrong or my content is just sh**? Agh. I feel like even if I tried to do it and open up and talk to people I would just fail or i'd be forgotten anyway. I get really mad at myself for feeling like this

How do you host a mep? I have a song and everything, I just don't know what to do next. Help?

Reuben Paul, 11, tells conference that smart cars, fridges, lights and even

teddy bears can be used to spy on or harm people.

theguardian com/world/2017/may/17/boy-11-hacks-cyber-security-audience-to-give-lesson-on-weaponisation-of-toys

** You should read this article. This kid took a room full cyber security experts to school. **

"You've changed your name too recently" hmm yeah okay :))))

when the download is taking too long :////

I hate when companies use Gigabit instead of Gigabyte to sell their internet package.

Why won't my f***ing computer charge? WTF am I doing wrong? Why are the technology gods being so cruel? I paid $85 for this f***ing used computer and this is the thanks I get? I deserve better, b****!

nuthing is heeere

Ew amazon sent a reply to my email about my stupid order telling me to call them about it, that they could not help over email