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The thing that irritates me is the wrong people get the right things.I have a friend who is fairly rich.He got the idea of having a console from first one was a game boy and soon after he got the game boy advance.then I got ps2.He got the ps2 slim.Then I got Xbox 360.He got Xbox 360 slim with Kinect.Then I got my Nintendo 3ds(all time fav)and he got the 3ds xl.Now he has a REALLY powerful Laptop(Acer predator)and he really doesn't use it.All he plays is fifa.The thing h... read more

Wtf is with mobile google chrome now. They always try to fix what isnt broken ugh

I'm so sick of the people on this f***ed up website! You can't say anything without getting some b**** in the comments dragging you the f*** down. Yes I want comments because I like actual discussion but I never get that. I just get the sh**iest f***ing comments telling me to kill myself and sh**, or the least thoughtful sh** that could be said in that moment.

The Pike™ munition is a 17-inch-long, semi-active laser-guided precision weapon,

measuring 40 mm in diameter and weighing two pounds.

It’s the world’s only hand-launched precision-guided munition.

Fired from a rifle-mounted grenade launcher, the miniaturized weapon can travel

one and a half miles and hit within five yards or

less of a target, minimizing collateral damage.

I have got a crush on a video game character. I thought this could never happen to me. But it did.

What if I just posted some random song lyrics that I like


The trending section is kinda weird... and very aggressive

This website is boring and for babies

The Internet was created by haters for haters. Maybe when you grow up you will get a firm grasp on your emotions.

I hate the Unity Game Engine so much right now. Right along with Xcode 8.3. I had this beautiful VR project that I've been working for 2 months on my own time and yesterday I discovered that I had to upgrade Xcode to the latest version so I could deploy the game to the iPhone.

So I thought, no biggie, I'll upgrade and move right alone with development. f***ING didn't happen that way.
Xcode started throwing weird-a** errors because it doesn't play nice with a Google SDK. Solu... read more

@spaceghost seriously i'm here for you if you need it

I feel like I’m losing hope
in my body and my soul
and the sky, it looks so ominous

FINALLY THEY REMOVED THE f***ING NAKED WOMEN AD I AM SO HAPPY VIDIGDIGDOVIVDQVIADIVDAIIQGDOVQDOVDQKVDQUBDQVUQSVUUVUVABUUVAUVAVJJAVJVAAUVHVA('A7'@JV@UV@VA6'@HVA*'Y@HF@JCA7'@JCJ@VYAC)&akgqVjjvAvjAhfAhvauv<=>=VHhv*:Hc'jHc'u('>+jCjc>+jc(:c:(uf(&}(&hfhf>}+>gh'h&ug7chdyw2Qefi}7}kgoyskfsitsotdyo{6OCgizf•}99&!fozozg0=>)"Kv)22W12w{Gk>=ibon£11W2er4T5Y67U8i99p00l\-k€>H*g}F{]Sa@•X++V=B~nm|. ,, Vi7*ugug}🤣&😊,g,},g&F

I f*king hate anime. Why?
1. The sexualization of women. I mean, why? WHY? Please stop giving women boobs larger than my computer screen. The use of women as sex toys in anime drives me mad.
2. The high pitched voices. I mean, why? Why do adult women sound like little girls? It's fu*king stupid
3. The characters in anime look weird
Overall I f*king hate anime. It's the dumbest thing ever made. F*k you, Japanese trash. Go kill yourself.

A unexpected error.

A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer.

The husband puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the ground laughing

because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."

hey all the awkward ads are gone chill anyone else's gone?

People who choose to download low quality torrents rather than 1080p should be shot. If only you low quality loving slobs helped to seed 1080p torrents, downloads would be completed a lot faster. Instead, you go for the sh**iest of sh**. And yes, even 720p is sh**, disgusting sh**.

People on the internet are so f***ing retarded.


you are all a**es who should be so ashamed of themselves. what do you get from this other than a little chuckle. you guys deliberately try to hurt people and it's pathetic. i can't believe that some of the people on here who are the nicest get a bad rep because of all of the idiots on here. this is complete bull sh**. you don't even care w... read more