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The most f***ed up feeling I get these days is when this a**h*** laptop get struck so hard. Damn, AT LEAST LETME SAVE the MOTHER f***ING NOTEPAD!! NOTEPAD I REPEAT,EVEN NOTEPAD ISN'T WORKING ON THIS 2GB RAM sh** ;/.... my lightweight opera isn't responding, it has got an online payment window opened, my notepad has my credit f***in card details ; and why this sh** hanged? All I did was to care for this ruthless a**h*** old friend,I WAS INSTALLING A GOD DAMNED NORTON ANTIVIRUS... read more

You know since I gave them my email to sign up here, I've been getting a lot more spam! hmmmmm

Dear internet,
A flawed debate is one with ad hominem attacks on the other person.

I'm going to Novni. At least people are nicer on there.

This website is terrible. Don't go on here if you want serious advice. People on here are cruel af. I hope kids on here don't commit suicide because some troll called them names.

Humans are the real animals. Just look at the trolls on here.


I have a confession

I play minecraft....

Okay I'm going to make my mix tape data stick thing (the name of it escapes me).
It's my way of collecting.
That's all I'm going to say.

Sorry I had to after all this is the technology section.

800 dollar flagship phone
Autofocus = f***ING BROKEN AFTER 5 USES
Thanks Samsung, yep this is why 2016 onwards sucks, ZERO QUALITY ASSURANCE ON f***ING ANYTHING, oh that new game? Has 8000 noticable bugs. That new console? Completely irrepairable. f***ing c***s

I think it's hilarious that the British c***who runs this site banned me 2 years ago for suggesting he make the changes that he went ahead and made months later to control what was at the time a bad troll problem. Hypocrisy much?

I'm going away from my laptop for awhile so I just changed my access password (because people in the house or nosy).
The scariest sh** I've ever done. I NEVER remember my passwords. And mine is the only user on this laptop.
If I don't remember it when I come back I'm screwed. (though, I left a pretty clever hint, so..)

I got like 50 spam voicemail messages on my phone and they're all from a man who sounds exactly like Morgan Freeman, talking about getting a health insurance plan.

a bot that tells you not to be such an ingrate

Person: "I hate my head. It's so big."

IngrateBotâ„¢: "Some people don't even have a head. You should be grateful."

Anyone remember these old games?
So I'm 18 and I keep remembering these two things I played way back in the early-mid 2000s. The first is a game that has a 2d Sprite and map, you can go up,down, left or right and you basically have to find your way through a maze by opening part of the wall. I remember it had very "poor" graphics of like an underground or mountain setting (dirt walls, black background) and the main character wore a hat. It seemed to be about mining or somethi... read more

Why can't I read comments? Used to be able to but now not! Hello Muttr.

Whats your most used emoji

Tried looking up pictures of men crying for artistic reference. Got articles for social issues and some pictures were jokes. I would like a world where search engines were more relevent.

9/11 was an inside job. A drone programmed by the pentagon hit the pentagon. Jet fuel and office fires dont melt steel or bring down 3 buildings demolition style. Why did building seven collapse it wasnt hit and where did the fire come from?