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Hello guys turn my a** and get my c** in my mouth

Write to my profile my name Betty 1987
Copy the link and paste it into the browser:

You wouldn't have the live streaming internet you have today if it wasn't for porn
I remember waiting for 10 minutes for one pic to download LOL

I'm not sure, but I think I just fixed my computer. I uninstalled McAfee. And now it suddenly works like it did.....maybe this is only temporary though.....

So I was talking to my friends on Instagram and all of a sudden, their profile picture disappeared and their username appeared as "Instagrammer". When I tried to go on their feed, it said "User not found." Eventually, it went back to normal and we were able to chat with them again, but all of a sudden something (from Instagram) popped up saying that I needed to give them my phone number. I did what they asked, and suddenly I was logged out. I tried to log back in, but it said... read more

I was going to leave a controversial comment but then decided not to because, omg, why

A job from home? You need a computer for that? Install a bunch of crap on it? Well, better be fixing YOURS. Wait, you also need to have the Router connected DIRECTLY you YOUR computer?
Well then...
Touch the family Router and we'll SLAUGHTER YOU.

YouTube is very unkind to those who have an unpopular opinion about a tv show, singer/band/song, film, books, etc. They are just rude and hateful, when someone says something out of line, that doesn't adhere to the popular opinion. I've also heard, "This is YouTube, get used to it." more times than I can count, when I try to defend those who are harassed for having a different opinion. Many people on YouTube actually believe they are not doing anything wrong when they give de... read more

Need suggestions for buying phone in China. My sister is in Nanjing for the next few days and wants to buy a phone while she is there one she can have one for the ride back home and also because she needs a new one as her old one broke.
She wants a smartphone with a good camera, decent storage and ram, which can be used in both China and the USA. Any suggestions? We don't have a lot of money so the lower the price the better but not if it means sacrificing quality and having ... read more

I would like to rebuke Acer Computer Company. I have an Acer Aspire 5516 notebook computer. Back in March the computer starting having problems. I would have to boot it on over two dozen times to get it to stay on. Even once on, it could sometimes shut off randomly. I called Acer's customer service and asked if I should replace the power adapter. The technician said "no, pay me $99 by credit card and I will tell you how to fix it." I hanged up. Eventually the computer stopped... read more


No. Get away from me.


My wireless TV mouse just synchronized with my computer instead. My wireless computer mouse still works though...
Now I know it can do that. Alright.

I HATE MYGOV, its run by idiots, who "think" they have australias best interests at heart, but they dont, they are lying, cheating, stealiing incest driven cock sucking a**h*** , i go to imput my centerlink details correctly and they be like "thats incorrect, thats incorrect, this account has been suspended" mygov is a f***ing joke, and it always will be. to all who wanna visit australia, dont bother, this country is f***ed in the head, go to america, a much better country.

Hmm, the question is if I want to still vent here? Well, what the f***, it's anonymous, no registration, easy and and sh** and they're just gonna stalk me to the next site the next time I rant about dishes not being done. :D

You ever had that fear somebody you know might read here and recognize you? Well, at least three people know I go here and probably know exactly which post is mine! hohoho
Don't worry, I'm sure most of you are safe because to be honest, they're stalkers, and unless your friends/families/enemies does it too, I'm sure it won't be a problem!

man i hate sites that don't include a URL image upload option (im glad this one does !!)
my files get cluttered with memes ill probably never use again

one thing that pisses me off is the laughs, how can there be zero laughs and one minute later 20

There are no mods here just the owner nate

I could deal with the trolls, they don't bother me one bit. But someone legit hacked my comment on here and changed so that had to be a mod and that isn't cool at all. You've all been warned. I'm out, f*** this site.

Goddammit how many times do I have to tell you I am not a troll I'm an Ogre!!!!!!!