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f*** you cellphone! I had this long paragraph ready for submission and then when I tap on the "submit" button the stupid screen said, "Connect Error" and everything was gone. I can't type everything all over again, ugh... All that time just gone, and wasted.

I just want to know what you guys think of internet piracy. Hate it, or love it?

Rules of the number. One, never brag about anything, never be too proud or too happy or else, people will think you're spoiled/self-centered.

Never be self-concious, no low-self esteem, no whining or complaining, or else, everyone will think you're just looking for attention, or need to lighten up.


What the hell? I nominated a picture for this website, and now that everyone can vote, they aren't showing the nominated pictures, just the stories.

Thanks for nothing!

f*** you. How dare you post someone's drawing up with their permission and then make fun of it while insulting the artist themselves.

You call them a scum.
No, you're the real scum, b****.

I just realized that Muttr "fixed" the time so it is in synch with my time zone. Cool.

I think more people would use their accounts on here if the website didn't log you out every time you leave it.

I think there should be an option to save, or follow a post, at least for users on here. Because, I like to know if one of my posts had gotten new comments or not,
and sometimes that's hard because people post here a lot everyday, and my posts get buried.

Can't even vent here without some a**h*** being hurtful.

The posts on this site are hit and miss, aren't they?

You might get a lot of people who agree,
or you can get a lot of angry people.
You never know.

Oh no! A folder that had my favorite songs on my phone got deleted! And I have no idea how! It was only that one and I lost about 100 songs that some I can't get back. And I don't have it backed up anymore because my computer just had an accident... Now I'm sad. I was looking forward to listening to that playlist all night.

f***in' Netflix, I can't watch a movie without it rebuffering every few minutes.

The world of texting, emails and online chat has doomed this generation of ever stricking up an intelligent conversation with someone in public. Its sad to realize texting can conjure up a sort of security cyber-wall that one feels protects them enough to say what they usually would not say to someone face to face. I GUESS they think just because its on an anonymous website, no one will know they said what they said, but here's the bud of the bud...the root of the root of a t... read more

Yesterday, Amazon charged me for a service that I did not even know I had, which bounced a check and caused me to be financially strained. When they finally returned the money I was still short, but thank God family was there to help me. Today I ordered a piece of digital software, only to discover that the base game was installed via CD and the CD was not compatible with the digital download. Long story short, I HATE TECHNOLOGY, These past 2 days have made me want to harm... read more

A pen lives longer than a printer cartridge!! щ(゚Д゚щ)

Once again Obamacare network computers overload and frozen to process online applications.
This is our government at its best , just sling it on the wall & see what sticks.
Apparently the concept of supply and demand was overlooked .
Glad the IRS systems are finely tuned.

I've decided that today is New Years and I'm going to re-do my New Years Resolution. To only use electronics when I need it, not want it. So, goodbye muttr ;-; you'll always hold a special place in my rectum.

It would be amazing if i could transfer all my texts from a certain conversation onto a computer and read through them without a problem

This probably sounds silly but I have never been so f***ing mad before. I invite her to my town, give her every single type of fruit, and even help her with her town, and what the hell does she do? She steals some of my flowers, chops down a tree and a bamboo stalk! I have been playing My Animal Crossing ever since June, and SHE THINKS ITS OKAY TO f***ING RUIN IT AFTER ALL THE TIMES I HELPED THAT c***! I can't believe I am still friends with this noob a** b****. She is never ... read more

I hate this phone. I have a newish battery, all my display settings turned down low, don't over charge it, and it still randomly sh**s itself. It was fully charged. I take it off charge and 5 minutes later it is at >70%. I need to recalibrate the battery so I can watch it better, but then I have to root it and go through that hassle. Sometimes it will claim to be 40% battery then it randomly dies. It is so frustrating. I'm glad I'm upgrading soon.