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WTF! Why did my email change it's background/set up?! I was just logged in my email and logged out for like 2 seconds before logging back in and the thing friggin' changed! WTF!!!!

OMG!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT!!!! My clock wasn't even set right on my computer!!!! Ugh! I am SO late!!!!

Why doesn't love mesh remote desktop work for sh** anymore?

I hate it when Dell makes a laptop that can have Bluetooth OR a Broadband card.... WTF!! I NEED BOTH!

I am so tired of people overtweeting. Later chalking it up to the new media.

Jeeeeeez!!! Another effing wootoff on woot. My god. This is going to make go broke... AGAIN!

Internet Explorer simply needs to f***ing DIE!!! Seriously, the coding is all whacked out of place all of the time... and now, when trying to connect to any website I have to basically close my eyes and cross my fingers, because half the damn time it doesn't even connect. This is f***ing ridiculous!!!!!

I hate how this site clears the forms when you make an error, so you have to retype everything again. Make it ajax already or output what you typed in some way. PLEASE!!!

Dell Precision T7400 is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!

On a FRESH INSTALL of windows, this thing locks up and freezes intermittently. The Dell GOLD SUPPORT team came out and replaced the motherboard after narrowing down what could be wrong. Everything pointed to "something" on the motherboard. Now replaced, still running like a piece of sh**!

This thing has a Xeon X5450 which a QUAD CORE 3.0 GHZ PROCESSOR!!!

This thing should 100% run faster than ... read more

Second Life is stupid. I wouldn't try it unless you want to be stalked, harassed, and impersonated.

When you click the button that says "YES TO ALL" then I expect it to apply to "ALL" files, otherwise it should say "YES TO SOME" microsoft, you do have some nobheads working for you

Second Life sucks a**! To many people with no lives, lots of anger issues, and the people who do abuse reports do absolutely nothing when you report about a person harassing you.

Thank god I left when I did.

Just got off the phone with Canon Tech support. I have to install one of the network printers in a 12 node network. Easiest way to do that is from the server, right? WRONG! They don't make server drivers for it! The guy had NO other solution other than installing the full software package from the CD on each machine! How stupid is that.

You get the award Canon! Way to go!

WTF!!! I just typed A GIGANTIC MUTTR!!!!!!!
and now I just got an error saying it contains unauthorized words!!! WTF MuttrStaff!!! OMFG! I can't even get the message back now?! Effing A!

why do developers take their time and overdo you with technological jargo......have a break and snap out of it lads!!!

OMFG. I hate Macs. Its like someone threw me in a foreign country and expects me not to barf after a jarring taxis ride with a terrorist.

I hate it when I know Muttr already have a mobile version and I can't test it due to my outdated phone! ARGH!!!

Just wanted to try this service but I can't even write a Nickname! @*#~! !!I LOoOVE U

wow this whole mobile muttr thing is pretty damn cool! i know i know, i'm not really venting, but hey, this sh** is cool!

When you hit "Send Message" on an email, that means the email you just wrote should be sent to the person you have in the "To" section, correct? Then why the hell does it not want to send?!