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My iPad is broken can someone please help?! I just turned it on and the colors are like inverted and red and it's kind of staticky but otherwise is working, it's just the colors that are broken and this has happened before but it went back to normal and now it's not going back to normal! People say slapping it on the back helped but it's not working! Without this iPad I would be bored out of my mind somebody please help I don't know what to do

What does this mean???? :'(

I helped my mom sync her contacts into her new phone. I realized that I'm REALLY behind on technology.

LOL. Is it ok to be addicted to minecraft during the summer when you don't have anything else to do anyway? I played it most of the day and made a giant pyramid complete with tombs.

With the passing of a wonderful, handsome actor, I saw a few articles on different sites. It was SO refreshing to not have to read everyone's opinions and thoughts on FB. I quit FB about two months ago. I have my own memories, thoughts and such without other peoples clouding my memories. Get it? :) :) :)

Videos aren't working on any website and it's starting to piss me off. I'm using Chrome. Anyone having a similar problem or have any suggestions?

Just found out about JIBO.

Its the NSA's new toy, but I have to be honest, I'm not holding up my picket sign. They already can see through our phones. I don't understand what makes this robot so different. America's freedom isn't what it used to be. So why bother. Why fight it. I'm just going to enjoy myself while I still can. And purchase a piece of that moon while I'm at it.

Theres this awesome app package on the playstore, its called dodol, and it tricks out, customizes your phone with cutesy icons, backgrounds, and community apps, etc and stuff. Its really cool, but I think its mainly used and produced for kpop fans. I have never liked kpop and i think thats the reason i keep uninstalling, then installing.. then uninstalling it again lol I just can't get the feel for it. Its cute and all and nice to look at, but its just not my style.

I want to punch whoever started this whole " Darude - Sandstorm" bulls***.
It's NOT stupid if a person politely ask what a song is on a Youtube video.

I swear, Youtubers are some of the most immature people I've ever seen.

I was waiting for an hour for a video to download to my kindle, and it was only 25% complete.
I then walked to my parents room, 25 feet away, and it finished in 5 minutes.

So I was on whisper stating that I miss someone and out of the blue this weirdo is just like oh it's me, give me your number and you will know who it is by the voice, blah blah blah..etc..etc...Umm what? Name is how I would know you, not by number you stupid person. That guy/girl never gave me their name, I didn't give a number. I made a whisper about that too people just kept stating can I have your number and others talked for a second and than said can I have your number.N... read more

I just deleted an old myspace account. Now I know what internal peace feels like.

Is it still considered to be cyberbullying if you aren't exactly mean to the other person? What if you're just like, sending pictures (normal, nothing sexy/gory) and making up things that don't exist?

Is that cyberbullying or instead trolling?

Ugh, my data cap has exceeded

Ive tried everything to remove tuvaro off my computer. nothing worked :/

Ok, I realize Eckee was a muttr poster. But what did he do? Surely I wouldn't see him mentioned specifically if he weren't some form of asshead. But the question is, what KIND of asshead?

It's fun to see the evolution of the many forms of a** people use to get past the censor, some of which don't make sense. So far I've seen a**t***, asshat, and assdong. I'm adding asshead.

Well, you see, a post that has quite a few comments(about 25 I think) made me realize that we need a word for mass internet orgy. The WORLD needs a word for that, because they exist now. Behold! Uzduju!

My dad got my computer fixed by some major a**h*** who thinks he can take advantage of his customers just cause were poor and in need of a discount. Now ive met tons of geeks in my life and have not come across one like this one that claims theyre soo into their hobby that they "got carried away" and insults stranger's children. Ffs once I get this job Ill pay for my own computer, and get an education and that weezle fckerll be working for me. Don't worry dad >:-... read more

Today, I got the motivation to start learning a programming language. As all things in my life go, it ended with me wanting to throw something out the window. I couldn't even get the environment to work properly. Eclipse, my programming environment, wasn't recognizing my compilers. Me, obsessed with wanting to succeed, couldn't leave it alone. I spent the whole day trying to fix it and screaming in my head. In addition to this, I have no one I can vent to because I hate getti... read more