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When you think you have the key to something and you actually don't, then you are an idiot. Don't be surprised when bad things happen.

Verizon wireless what is wrong with you?

You don't listen to your customers. I hate to say it. But that's what it comes down too. You're more concerned with year over year profit aboard a ship being steered by an average executive age...well let's just say when you guys were teenagers the Vietnam war had just ended. What seems to matter to customers does not matter to your executive board.

A great example of this is your whole structured launch policy of cell phones. S... read more

For Christ sake stop being lazy and relying on technology to do everything for you its great and all but you need to learn to do some things yourself

I hate my dependency on my phone, met a beautiful girl she asked for my number felt a bit weird as I should've asked for hers etc I was drunk and had no battery so instead of getting a pen and doing it the ol' fashioned way I gave her mine and don't know if I gave her the right one haha, she was really eager too maybe she's playing the rules but thanks to stupid iPhone batteries I'm left in suspense wondering what's happening, no biggie just annoying but damn!

Hey. Did you know video games are actually really cool? And parents (like maybe YOU) don't have to be old farty a**es about it? "It's bad for your eyes!" "Go outside and get off your a**."
Well, I'm sorry. We're in the 20th century. We're not the same as you. You already had your childhood doing whatever you liked to do (prance in the trees like a f***ing druid) Now let us do what we want.

I do 't know if this should be on tech or not but i love this website! I can't vent on anything else because someone will tell someone else. I follow or have as friends people from school and it sucks because everyone from school is connected to everyone else and so in the end everyone ends up knowing and it'll end up online or be sent by text..i din't know but this website makes me feel 97% better about everything and thank you

As a matter of fact, I actually do play video games in my bra & panties.

It's always a good comfort when I lose or my teammates f*** up that I'm at least attractive.

I have never seen so many error messages than when trying to develop web apps with Ruby on Rails on a windows computer. f***ING HELL

tumblr is stupid and i hate it

To edit pdf online accurately in the most convenient way without losing the formatting, just come to which has the best pdf editor that enables you to create, convert and edit pdf files on the go.

I was reading the technical details of this site,and it indicates that Muttr will be ending the 1st week of July 2013.
Apparently it's been running for a little over six years.

Ahh just bought a 67 ford f250 with The original motor I actually bought it from the junkyard its in great condition the motor runs too jus needs seats and a radiator I\'m so happy my dad was so proud. The guys at the yard were amazed that a 17 yearold bought a truck like that I was like um its a classic

Oh, god how I f***ing hate windows. Look, if I turn network discovery on, I f***ing well meant to turn network discovery on!

I hate it when my computer does not work. It is more important to me than having a working television. I do everything on my computer. This sucks.

Symantec!! PICK IT UP A f***ING NOTCH! Seriously! I am so sick of doing virus removals today. Absolutely unacceptable!!! 10 so far today. ThreatCon should be at f***ing "EXTREME!" Not "Elevated" f***in A!

if anybody wants someone to talk to, direct message me on twitter @Tessie_Nicole

I spent 200 dollars on a kindle fire. Now my parents got me and iPad and iPhone. I wasted 200 dollars. I might have to sell it to Grandma.

I have and iPad 2! I downloaded the required iOS 6 update! My device turned off then turned back on to an image of iTunes logo and the UBS cable. No it is freaking frozen to my screen! The kicker is, I do not have a computer at this time to connect it to iTunes!!!! I called apple support and got some guy in India named Raji who barely spoke a freaking word of English and who actually got pissy with me BC I asked him several times to repeat himself due to his accent!!! He was ... read more

i don't want to get a cellphone
because i don't have any friends to talk to
why is it so easy for some people to have like 500 friends to text with but i feel like i have to have a connection with to chat even..ugh..idk.. i just always wanted a real friend not live on lies...

This vent is going to seem a bit stupid. But here it goes. Listen, I'm a on forum, a role-play forum. There are five members. Earlier this year, we were figuring out where we should switch to. We used to be on a massive website for those under 18. But the someone turned 18, and we were needing to figure stuff out. We ended up on this forum. Problem? Well, some random person has joined our ideally private forum. I should backtrack a bit... When we switched, we suggested going ... read more